✅ Clinton DEM Politics always ANTI-Black in results name one positive clinton thing for blacks

✅ Clinton DEM Politics always ANTI-Black in results name one positive clinton thing for blacks

now I am a conservative but I am a black first conservative I am NOT a Reaganite Reagan was terrible for black men Reagan was terrible for black men Reagan was a Democrat who could not get elected a governor tried to get elected twice didn't happen and he went over to the Republican Party only so he can get elected Reagan was not about us Reagan is the one who created the who undid Jimmy Carter's a welfare program where you had to have two parents and Reagan was the one who made it to one parent Reagan was the one who made it you can a single parent can get Earned Income Credit Reagan is the one who really did a bad thing on the black community even though he promised to help cook the bad black community he tripled the debt in two years that's documented that's why I'm not a recognized but I am a conservative from the teachings of Edmund Burke and John Adams I am NOT a Reaganite with that said the Clinton Democrats the Clinton Democrats are the most evilest people I've ever seen in politics ok these are the people who took the saxophone Bill Clinton saxophone lub on the Arsenio Hall Show and they began to turn against black people systematically these are the people who undid the former crime bill and recreated a new crime bill along with the Patriot Act see I knew my politics I know my historical politics I'm not just a person sitting up here making up stuff I actually am quoting policy these are the people who did all this stuff you never had cops rolling around using the FBI portal to run your place to try to find a reason to lock you up you had cops waiting for you to actually do something improper on the now cops rolled around trying to take your car so they can get revenue so that the City Council can be happy and give them a check so it's a lie when an officer says he doesn't have quotas because he's trying to justify his check every week with arrests mr. research man this the most this is a real video cool than donate drop five dollars on it Clinton everywhere Clinton Democrats have gone I'm not talk about the regular Democrats I'm talking to Clinton Democrats everywhere they've gone it's been crooked against black men Clinton went against Egypt did Egypt get better no it got worse Clinton went against Libya and she brought back slavery she don't care she don't care she don't care but all the women want to vote for her just because she's a woman just because she's a woman let's vote for her just just just because it don't matter what she's doing against black men and even some of the black women or like it don't matter what you're doing against them black boys I don't care this is how mrs. Clinton brought black brought back slavery help the Arabs the Arabs who said you Muslim just like me my brother you're Muslim now let me enslave you it ain't no brotherly love over there in Libya not with the Arabs the Arabs are the KKK out there the Ku Klux Klan Arabs don't be mad at me you see it slavery in 2019 brought to you by Hillary Clinton everybody attached to Hillary Clinton debbie Wasserman Schultz all of them should not get in nowhere now I know some of you anti black female dudes some of you anti black female goons are gonna say well what about this person and what about that person she was part of Clinton no she wasn't she didn't even get around Clinton now she may have supported Clinton's policies I gave you that well well that's the policy okay I gave you that but she wasn't attached to Clinton at the time but okay let's castrate her too but when you castrate her replace her with a guy or a woman or a woman who is blackmail first thinking replace her with a guy that wants to be part of the what wants to see black men have more investigators for the EEOC know your politics when you get on these panels and speak how dare you be a black man with some balls and not no logic not no education not know how to speak about historical concepts why are you the only one on show after show after show after show saying you the greatest person but you don't have any education oh you know stuff because you hear other youtubers say it and then you pencil it down and then go research it yeah I mean you know that but make sure you know your stuff my point is saying all this we can say I'm against Democrats we could say I'm I'm down for concern for Republicans but I'm a conservative independent and more people are following my message on being a black first conservative independent you didn't hear this stuff before you didn't hear this before you had a lot of people a lot of popular people you know mr. research I'm just getting into this conservative stuff but uh it seems like the way to go for me for sure but make sure you're conservative independent make sure the Republicans can't count on your vote either make sure the Republicans can't count on your vote either ever ever it makes sure the Republicans can't count on your vote either make them come talk to you black men because guess what black women are getting more power in the Democrats and if you notice they don't make black men speeches they make women only speeches so guess what's next for you you a fact is a true statement it can be proven an opinion is a belief or feeling it is a person's thoughts it cannot be proven so remember facts are true statements that can be proven

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3 thoughts on “✅ Clinton DEM Politics always ANTI-Black in results name one positive clinton thing for blacks

  1. Hello mr. Research and happy Fourth of July. Hope you had a great holiday. I am surprised you did this video. As a black Republican since 1990. I have found that black people have made excuses for the racist history of the Democrat Party and its current leadership. As has already been stated at Congressional testimony it was the Democrat Party that passed the black codes, Jim Crow laws and it was democrats foot on the necks of black people. The Ku Klux Klan was the military wing of the Democrat Party. Many people can complain about Republicans. And I do as well. But I also know my history. The Democrat Party has never been a friend of black people.

    As far as the clintons go. It amazes me to watch black leadership either in Congress or unelected leaders make excuses when white liberal Democrats work to prevent black people in general but specifically poor working-class black people from advancing.

    I thought black people who said there was a "black and brown" coalition we're actually race traitors to black people. I thought black people who said "white homosexuals had the same struggle as black people" we're also race traitors to black people. I was born and raised in Sacramento California. Graduated high school in 1979. So I know a great deal about California its history and its politics.

    25 years ago I call myself pro-black. But today pro-black means something very different. And I no longer call myself pro-black. I call myself black, working class, first. What helps black people. Not what helps an individual greedy blacks who are successful in this majority-white Society but tells other blacks that they can't make it. See your black athletes and black music entertainers and actors. They make a great deal of money from white people. But they don't want to tell other blacks that they also can be successful.

    And I wonder just how much money they may have donated to help working-class black people in our situations???

    I had never heard of Nipsey Hussle until he was murdered. But what from my research has told me is that he was far more effective than some of the richest, wealthiest, the most popular black entertainers and athletes today.

  2. What up Mr.Research?
    The Deamon-Crap and Clinton are Daemon but black folk and specially black women are stuck in Demo- Crap plantation.

    Black women are libéral but the thinking black men are conservative.

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