❤️ Bring yourself back in alignment everything is energized 💜 Abraham-Hicks (LOA) Law of Attraction

❤️ Bring yourself back in alignment everything is energized 💜 Abraham-Hicks (LOA) Law of Attraction

well when we said that the the point
that we were making with these things that take a while I’m coming about we
were we’re just wanting to compare how fast they can come about conceptually or
emotionally in relationship to what it takes to Esther finds that anytime she
is willing to set aside the time that the book comes relatively fast but the
editing process isn’t fast and the back-and-forth with the publisher isn’t
fast and the publisher getting it into their system isn’t fast and the printer
printing it isn’t fast and the bookstores being willing to buy it isn’t
fast and the bookstores actually getting them on the shelves isn’t fast in other
words there there are a lot of pieces that will come together and of course
there’s no rush in any of it but compared to your ability to just see it
and revel in it which is instantaneously the manifestation of it isn’t fast so of
course you’re accurate anytime something doesn’t continue to move along is
because something has gotten a little bit of out of whack vibrationally but
you can re-energize it by re-establishing your appreciation of it
and all you have to do is remember how you felt when you hatched the idea in
fact this is really something worth talking about and we are really
appreciating your bringing it into the context here because because always
really good always in the building of this initial grid there is power that
gets watered down as you get distracted but anytime you bring yourself back to
that initial grid you re-energize or reactivate that power that was initially
there Esther’s daughter Tracy when she was a teenager was in California while
Jerry and Esther were in Texas and she would come to visit them and frequently
tried to time her visits with an Abraham gathering and she would say to her
mother I’m coming for my Abraham fix and it lasts for weeks and months after I
come and then one day Tracy called and was in California and she was
discouraged and and uncomfortable and almost depressed and she said I really
need to come for a visit because I’ve lost my my
of this I’ve lost my I’ve lost my groove I need to come for another fix but there
wasn’t a time that was available for her to come and she was just sort of
complaining about it and Esther said well why do you want that and Tracy said
because I still want to feel good and Esther said well what do you mean and
Tracy said well like when we were in Austin last month and and Abraham was
saying something and Tracy said I don’t even remember what they were saying I
just remember that it felt so good and I knew it’s so strong and I just wanted to
jump to my feet and yell yes and Tracy said oh wait a minute
the feeling just came back remember she didn’t have to get on an airplane she
didn’t have to travel she just had to remember a moment in time when she felt
that way and remembered it with enough detail that she reactivated the feeling
within herself again and so that’s all you got to do you just have to return to
your grid which is always there and always stable and always pure and always
balanced and then as you reestablish your balance you reestablish your strong
point of Attraction and off you go again only you go off you go again from your
newer stronger more more evolved point of Attraction I can already feel it yes
thank you very much yes wait wait wait all the way back keep
coming this finger points at so many people at
the same time sometimes we point over there and they come from over there it’s
very very odd we’re about at the end of our time so we will have a brief and
powerful conversation um first I would just would like to express my gratitude
it’s very deep and it’s changed my life I have two questions and there one is
about negativity and another is about abortion and is there it doesn’t matter
where I start peep what matters most because we don’t have much time
okay um the negativity question has come bigger recently because it must and as I
learn more and more about this process and how to see the world I feel a lot of
the old negativity and that was in the past of my life keeps coming not to
haunt me but it’s just kind of like it’s like this basis and so when I think
about welcome when we talk about this grid you you have your point of
attraction is a sort of grant and so it’s logical isn’t it that if you’ve
been hanging around in that lab that things would come to confirm it
absolutely I think totally get it yeah and and I keep thinking missiles and why
did I come here and bring all that like I don’t understand like why I created or
where but you see that that’s a source it matters that’s a sort of a question
that’s a sort of question that that beats you up be it you it’s like
clubbing yourself about the head and neck with that kind of question because
because what it’s saying is is why would I do this thing that I do not like and
instead of just doing what I like it’s not going there at all that all true but
if you when we talk about the value of the contrast and we talk
you see you couldn’t even experience you couldn’t even have the experience of
negativity if you haven’t expanded through that contrast so the fact that
you have negativity really in your perfect words is irrelevant because you
have expanded and that’s what is relevant
it’s what’s relevant to us and it’s what could be relevant to you but you’ve got
to make it relevant you’ve got to make the expansion relevant and you can’t
make your discomfort with contrast relevant at the same time you’re making
the expense in other words you can’t have it both ways so if you are
appreciating the contrast which caused the new clarity and you’re focused on
the new clarity then in time you just sort of make peace with it we really
offer a lot of stuff to you over a long a period of time we never we never stop
offering this sentiment to you in different ways that you never get it
done so you’re always going to be standing in the place where it could be
better and until you make peace with the fact that you are eternally expanding
you’re always going to be bummed out about the expansion that hasn’t taken
place yet and that’s why we want to get you to focus on this grid this emotional
grid because it’s possible to have instantaneous success on every subject
in the world but then that comes right back to the subject of this discussion
which is negativity so let’s hit it let’s let’s hit it really strong wait
wait wait let’s hit it really strong right here because we’re going to finish
this segment with with this statement if you can accept that the only reason you
feel negative emotion is because you’ve expanded and the larger part of you took
the expansion and the physical part of you the conscious part of you hasn’t
taken the expansion then you can revel in the expansion instead of the gap I’m
sorry could you sit again understand here’s another way of saying it
when Esther feel and we said it the other day when Esther feels negative
emotion she almost always says to herself oh my inner being doesn’t agree
with what I just thought that’s my and my inner being who I’ve accepted as
holding the knowledge that I strive for so this negative
is simply my guidance my blessed guidance to let me know I’m off track on
this thought and so when you think about it that way then it’s like if guidance
is a wonderful thing those little bumps that they put on the side of the road to
help you know you’re drifting or help you know you’re drifting into a lane
it’s not punishment it’s not saying you’re stupid you’re stupid you’re
stupid you’re stupid you’re stupid get sane might want to do something

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