🇬🇧🔥 Brexit, Briefly: REVISITED! 🔥🇪🇺

🇬🇧🔥 Brexit, Briefly: REVISITED! 🔥🇪🇺

Hey, what’s going on with Brexit? Well, there sure has been a lot of political squabbling here at ground level. Let’s… …float away from all that for a look at the big picture. Up here it’s easier to see the one-two-three of the impossible Trinity. But first, quick British Isles primer: The United Kingdom contains England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. This last part of the United Kingdom shares the island of Ireland with the country of Ireland. This Ireland is in the European Union and
the United Kingdom is… Well, that’s the whole thing, isn’t it? Before UK voted to Brexit, the European Union wall encircled them all. (The wall isn’t literal, it’s a metaphor for the overlapping circles of EU institutions and border complications impossible to draw, so…) It’s a metaphor wall. Maximum Brexit is the exit where UK leaves to build her own wall separate from the EU and be like any other country. This maximum Brexit is the top of the Trinity, with a wall around the UK, which, following the border, would go straight across the Irish island. Hah—Oh, oh no… The books on Ireland, Northern Ireland’s and the UK’s long and complicated (and sometimes frightening) relationship are not tomes to be opened here. The much shorter and safer version is there used to be a wall between the Irelands but there was a lot of the violence and a lot of the troubles until on a very good Friday Ireland and the UK agreed there would never be a wall between them again, full stop. This, while it didn’t uncomplicate the relationship, at least made it nonviolent. A new wall plowing between them would break this vital political promise, thus UK and Ireland and even EU all agree: a wall here is super no bueno. No wall across Ireland is the second vertex of the impossible Trinity. Wait, why do we need a wall anyway? Oh, right: the maximum Brexit creates a land border with the EU. because UK is an island unto herself mostly, but not completely. So if UK says this is unacceptable and all agree *this* is unacceptable, then the wall could go… here, maybe? Ah, compromise! UK tries to march out of the EU but not everybody makes it. Northern Ireland stays in the EU (sort of?) on the other side of the wall while still being part of the UK, while the EU whispers into her ear that were she to let go and unite with Ireland, that’s cool with EU. Ain’t no thing, girl. Poor Northern Ireland. She’s on Ireland, but mostly thinks of herself as British, but also Irish, but could end up being the last part of the UK in the EU, while also having the right to leave the UK and join Ireland if she ever votes to. For UK, this situation means a wall inside the United Kingdom. No nation wants to create an external wall through internal territory. Thus, the final vertex of the Trinity: No walls inside the UK. Leaving Northern Ireland behind while staying connected to her also means some of those overlapping EU institutions can pass through the wall, making Britain’s Brexit rather less than maximum. Aaand political geography being what it is, that’s it for options! This, this or this, all of which the UK refuses. But you wanted the wall in a different place! That was like, your whole thing! None of these are acceptable. Thus the impossible Trinity where the UK must pick a side. Promising no walls means no maximum Brexit, promising maximum Brexit means there’s got to be a wall somewhere, and so, for a long time, nothing of consequence happened. Can… …you pick now? (sips tea) What if I put the wall… …here? But only temporarily. That doesn’t solve anything! That just kicks the Northern Ireland down the road until we’re right back where we started! So that’s what’s been going on with Brexit. There’s nothing as permanent as a temporary solution and ultimately, there’s no avoiding the Trinity. There’s three things… …pick two. [Music] You can go now. [Music]

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100 thoughts on “🇬🇧🔥 Brexit, Briefly: REVISITED! 🔥🇪🇺

  1. The British wall shouldn’t leave out Ireland, or cut in half, Britain should just kick the EU back to France. Annexation, the 1840’s and Cromwell were fun anyway

  2. youre only focusing on one party to this issue, the EU could also bend and modify which provisions of the EU apply to the United kingdom, and remove the objectionable ones

  3. guys! guys! i found a solution to the impossible trinity! the uk just cut ties with all of their allies, leaves nato, declares a reconquest war on ireland, and walla!
    ✔ max brexit
    ✔ no divided ireland
    ✔ no walls in uk

  4. A good and funny video with explaining the brexit simple. I enjoyed it and understand it better now, even when I followed it a few months.

  5. Yep. 🇬🇧's a dumpster fire now.

    I really think, though, that there are two ways for the UK to save face on Brexit. One is to have Northern Ireland be a de jure condominium, where both the UK and the Republic of Ireland share sovereignty over NI, and the other is to just cede NI to the Republic of Ireland altogether.

    Or, as 3:08 implies, the UK can just "kick the bucket".

  6. Why do people have a hard-on for walls when it comes to the Brexit backstop but condemn them when it comes to the US? As the UK can't have a wall-free border if it likes.

  7. I got it! Just split up Northern Ireland into East Northern Ireland and West Northern Ireland. ENI goes to Ireland, WNI goes to the UK. Problem solved, you’re welcome. /s

  8. I live in Northern Ireland and my grandfather sighed the good Friday agreement, I’d hate to see his legacy go down the drain.
    We need a people’s vote! There has to be a group of people who didn’t understand what leaving would mean and I believe a new vote would show that the UK as a whole has changed its mind.🇬🇧🇪🇺

  9. Why does the UK want to leave the EU in the first place? Like, actual stated reasons, on the ballot itself if possible, not just politics I can't understand because I don't live there? What was the EU doing that the UK found so egregious as to just leave? Seriously out of the loop here.

  10. The solution that bypasses this all entirely Give Northern Ireland a separate government similar to Canada, Australia etc, no "wall" between the Irelands but still no "wall" between Northern Ireland and the Uk as it's still under British rule and for things like transportation will still be remarkably easy. Id go into this more but I have zero actual impact on this whole thing so why fucking bother?

  11. Update:

    The will of the people is only considered when it aligns with what rich people want apparently. In order to escape EU's laws on rich people and taxes for the wealthy, the elites of the country are straight up doing a coup to stop the democratic process and force a no deal.

    Good job leavers.

  12. I hope the Scots realize that they never were in such a strong position when it comes to European support in history.
    With Ireland remaining in the EU the Scots make a very good chance of becoming way more independent for the English than ever before. Maybe that would be a good way to let the english wake up and make them realize their days of international glory are over. So please, dear Scottish people, get some euros and start using them now. Within a couple of years you will be able to buy England.

  13. I think those faces should be switched. EU isn't really pushing UK to "choose something", in fact it is pretty comfortable with UK asking for more time again. It is the UK that stands on a verge of brexit deadline with no decision made risking a socio-economical crash of a no deal and keep on asking EU to accept technical solutions that are all perfect except for the fact that they don't exist. EU stands pretty cool on it's initial position.

  14. 3:15 'There is nothing so permanent as a temporary solution'. How wonderfully apt. The British imposed 'temporary' partition of Ireland is almost one hundred years old. It's just great to see it come back to haunt Lloyd George's and Bonar Law's beloved Tory party. I always smile when I think of BoJo's 12 billion a year Sterling beggar economy colony in someone else's country.

  15. Brexit was devised at a specific time to kick start the media in to a blood frenzy which in turn numbs the populace to any and all political lead pipes to the head that will be swung by "Boris" and or "Corbyn" . So will ensue an age of total paranoia and mistrust as never witnessed before in the Beautiful United Kingdom [ well maybe a few times in the past ]……actually come to think of it lots of times [sad face]

  16. I feel like another one of these is due to explain wtf has gone on over the past few days, as worryingly (No offence intended to cgp grey, just British government) these videos have been far more informative than anything the government has put out

  17. God and my class mate call me weirdo for watching politics instead of stranger things
    Dude open your eyes this is the Ultimate Stranger Thing/ Sherlock/ Star Wars ever
    You’d be missing out on life if you didn’t follow politics

    God I laugh so hard in this video I feel like my head is spinning

  18. Actually this can be solved if NorthernIreland leaves the UK
    They don’t have to join Ireland just leave the UK
    It’s simply and I think the NorthernIreland majority wouldn’t mind leaving the UK
    Or does this seem to much?

  19. Or the UK could leave the E.U. while allowing freedom of movement to those who hold Irish passports…. Anyone ever thought of that?

  20. CGP, you miss the correct solution, the wall is in the channel and its Ireland that gets fucked. Want to know how this is so? We say that unless the EU and Ireland agree to this the UK will not allow Irish trucks through the UK territory, a week later the Irish economy is in tatters.

    Ireland must follow whatever the UK does to avoid ruin this is a lesson from history so it must request its own special relationship with the EU to allow maximum Brexit (the only option the UK has). The quicker everybody realises this, the better

  21. Just do it as us Italians did with Trieste after the war: NOBODY can get in… unless you're Italian or Triestino. Then you can get in.
    The "wall" will run through Ireland, but it's permeable to Irish and Britons only: all the other will just have to get the usual treatment at the border… someone said "New Caledonia"? 🙂

  22. I feel like this is divine Justice for how Britain handled drawing borders in the Middle East when they decided to get out.

    Oh, how the chickens have come home to roost!

  23. My solution for Ireland is that the border is open between them to freely travel across but only for British and Irish citizens

  24. How about just allow Ireland to be Ireland completely and not just partially? That's not to say it should be forced on the residents of northern Ireland, though if the queen was to declare a vote restricted to the residents of northern Ireland as to wether they want to maintain their Providence with the UK, then it would make things simpler. Yes there's a high risk that they would vote to leave the UK, but shouldn't that be a decision they have a say in? Also if they voted to maintain their Providence in the UK, what is Ireland really gonna do? Isn't Ireland's biggest concern the sense of being partially occupied. Admittedly I'm not too familiar with the politics across the pond and the history thereof, so I'm more then open to criticism.

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