01. Conversations about Landlord Tenant Law in Alaska: Introduction

01. Conversations about Landlord Tenant Law in Alaska: Introduction

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, I’m Ryan Fortson
and I teach Legal Studies at the University
of Alaska Anchorage. And I’m Dan Coons and I
practice fair housing law at Alaska Legal
Services Corporation. Ryan and I know that
laws regarding renting can be confusing
and that appearing in court facing the
possibility of eviction can be quite intimidating. That’s why we’ve created
a series of videos to help you understand some of
the basic principles of renting an apartment in Alaska. The videos are divided into ten short
segments about three minutes, each covering some of
the most important issues that tenants, that’s the person
who’s renting the apartment, might encounter when looking
for renting an apartment. You do not need to watch
the videos in sequence, and so feel free to watch
whichever video is most applicable to your situation. If you’ve come to this
website, you probably have questions about your
lease, or paying rent, or being evicted. But keep in mind that we’re
only covering the basics here. The law can be much
more complicated than what we are trying to
present in this short video overview. While we are both attorneys,
we are not YOUR attorney. If you have more
specific questions that are addressed here, you should
seek the advice of an attorney. There are also a couple more
comprehensive written guides that you might want to
consult. They are listed here and might also be linked
from the website you are at. If you want to take a look at
the legal statutes themselves, most of the important statutes are in the Alaska Uniform Residential
Landlord Tenant Act, which can be found in Title 34 Chapter
3 of the Alaska Statutes. Our hope is these
videos will provide you with a foundation for
understanding landlords and law in Alaska,
and to know what your rights and responsibilities
are as a tenant. Even if you are unable
to afford an attorney, the information in
this video should help you know what to
anticipate in court, or better yet, how to avoid
court in the first place. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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