1,400 Filipino soldiers versus 40,000 communist Chinese during Korean War

1,400 Filipino soldiers versus 40,000 communist Chinese during Korean War

what is going on guys back at it again
another video you guys know what is it’s your boy careful anyways man
so I recently the video about how powerful is the Philippines you guys
haven’t checked out go check it out go check it out anyways one of you guys
Jupiter what’s telling me yo Kevin you want to see how powerful the Philippines
are man there is history about the Korean War you know it says 1400
Filipinos versus 40,000 Communist Chinese during the Korean War man I
don’t know those numbers seem hella stacked man this guy show me how
powerful they are and how much heart the Filipino fighters got man anyways let’s
go check that video now let’s let’s go okay Wow the heart man
it’s the heart fine Chinese sustained okay they’re new ships I’m the bedside the another air force now oh wow they are building their airforce very experienced we shall beat them again oh man I did not know man those are some
crazy numbers man 1400 Filipino soldiers vs. 40,000
Chinese soldiers men and 7000 Chinese soldiers died lost their lives that day
when it defend a lie at only 24 Filipinos lost their lives man oh man
those numbers were so stacked against them but they held the line man I know
like I said the Filipinos have so much heart man so much heart behind them and
they’ll defend to the last one man they’ll defend for whatever cause great
cause cuz they’re fighters man they keep pushing forward man that is insane
numbers and I’m watching now how you guys are just continuously growing your
forces man your naval forces your air forces man you guys got so much like you
guys are like honestly you can’t mess with the Filipino because like I said
the army is growing they’re hot they have so much heart they
just don’t wanna stop man you guys don’t know when to stop like I did I watched
another video of the bat other guys checked out the basketball video man
when the Australians ganged up on that one Filipino and then everyone came and Oh looking Abed instantly jumped on him
and it was a big brawl man instantly you don’t mess with wood if you mess with
one you mess with all man that’s well they’re like they may be Filipino people
may be super friendly honestly the friendliest people in the
world but you gotta know how to treat you gotta treat them how you would want
to be treated in that honestly if you don’t treat them how you would want to
be treated you’re ready for a world of hurt man like seriously like it’s just
gonna all gang up on you put still man watching this really makes me think like
yo you may not meet they may not have the numbers they may not even have the
best technology or whatever man but they got heart and it will fight
till the end that’s it they’ll simply fight till the
end man they won’t give up and the plus is so trained and determined damn how
you gonna fight against that who ever is man let me know what you guys think
about this videos first time watching this cuz the war a Korean man I really
open my eyes to some things man and that’s just crazy and even now the
Filipinos building that Philippines are building their army and if I probably
you should have messed with them man I’m telling you should not mess with them
like Canada you know like you better take that garbage back anyways if you
guys enjoyed that video you guys know what do man hit that subscribe button
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100 thoughts on “1,400 Filipino soldiers versus 40,000 communist Chinese during Korean War

  1. Filipinos dont used tank & airplanes to beat chinise. we used tikbalang for land assult, manangal for air defense, kapre as sniper and for inteligence we called it barang

  2. My Grandfather served as a chinese soldier but he quit when Filipino soldier helped him. He left china and lived in the philippines and also married a filipina.

  3. Filipinos are seasoned warriors….tested in many times from Spanish regime ,world war 2,Korean war, aswell as conflicts between phil.govt. and NPA,and Moro rebels…Filipinos have the courage and the heart to fight till the end even they don't have enough and adequate military weaponry…

  4. Ya filipino is the best you know why cos when we are child our parents teach to how help each other what ever happen. Cos we we are one blood. Pak one pak all. When someone falldown we help it to stand up. Filipino is the best. And filipino is the number one example of fighting spirit or adrenaline rush always active Godbless. Sorry for my english basta Pinoy lang malakas. Mark my word idol. 🙂

  5. That is THE BATTLE OF YULTONG KOREA My friend🙂🙂. Filipino are brave. Problem are nothing. We have a brave heart but friendly my friend

  6. Filipinos are known for being friendly and kind, but don't dare to hurt them, because when they fight, they fight real hard with a heart. I find many videos of Filipinos being quiet and patient while getting bullied outside the country,. but when they fight back, those bullies got shook because they didn't expect that a small Filipino, are became that strong when they reach their limit.

  7. In event theres a war, i will volunter for the triump of the country… Win or lose. Dead or alive… Im not afraid, i have god for my country and family.. we filipinos shall not want..

  8. I think that Philipines are good at blending in with the environment around them they could even won or tied Vietnam

  9. Mr.President Duterte once said that if USA will help Ph vs China shoot them first and filipinos are at ur back.U wanna know why?Filipinos cant be in front line now because we are left behind in technology.If Aquino just didnt interrupt with Marco’s plan for Philippines,Ph is probbably one of the most richest country in the world.

    I’m not saying that filipinos cant fight.Hope u understand.

  10. Freedom from religion is a basic right in The Constitution. If others believe in the power of God(however He is called), then it is his right.
    What is not right is by calling them tanga bobo walang utak for having an intense belief in his GOD. Those obnoxious words rebound on the person who uses them!

  11. Those info are not true,The information aboyt our technology the only thing that is true in the video was the one im the world war 2

  12. No man shall ever succeed just for their lives but even for there country and culture…

    Sorry if my grammar is wrong i just decided to make a qoute. Honestly this doesnt make any sense

  13. Proud ako sa mga filipino soldiers natin at sa iba pang may nagagawa na maganda sa bayan at sa ibang bansa pero tangina lang, dami talagang may mga crab mentality dito na mga pinoy eh no? Daming mga nega sarap ipatapon sa ibang bansa na laging may gyera para mabombahan don. Kainis. 😒

  14. My uncle was on that war. They were the valiant Steady-On fighter troops left to face the overwhelming amount of enemies attacking the line. They never left the post while all other contingent troops from other countries had backed off. They are loyal ally. With God's grace he went home wounded but alive.

  15. when the British and Turks maybe filipinos were like this:
    British Retreat
    Turks Retreat
    Filipino no.1:Oy nagsisi-alisan na sila (theyre retreating guys)
    Filipino no.2:Pabayaan mo yan mga gagong duwag yan,mga Instik lang kalaban naten!
    (dont care about them,those are scared bullsh*ts,are enemies are just chinese)

  16. The philippines were of many suitors photo i need to tell you something i belong to philippines seriously amount of so this is 1 billion people

  17. Filipinos are strong they never give up they keep fighting. This made me proud of being a Filipino. We should salute the fallen ones.

  18. fact check:

    The Philippines sent a little over 7,000 men to Korea…

    The Battle portrayed in this video was the Battle of Yuldong which was recorded as a 900 vs 40,000+ Battle when the Turkish and Puerto Ricans covering the left and right flank retreated their posts, leaving the Philippine outpost in the middle to fend for herself…

    They actually had Artillery support during this battle so they were not completely alone…

    most of the clips on this video is fake…

  19. My old man Pfc Sabino Saturnino Cartujano, 1st Airborne Division, Philippine Army, volunteered in the Korean War, the Forgotten War. Philippine Expeditionary Forces to Korea, PEFTOK. Because nothing is stronger than the heart of a volunteer.

  20. Did you guys know the Philippines is the best because God blessed the Philippine and the war look 1,400 philipino army vs 40,000 chinese and who won the Philippines won because God love all people

  21. Us Douglas macarthur said. Give me ten thousand Filipino soldiers and I will conquer the world

  22. Kevo you know we filipino have a tag line called one for all
    All for one that why if you hurt one filipino get ready cuase you will beat up with battalion

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