2: Why We Need Social Movements

2: Why We Need Social Movements

okay most of us in the movement are looking at activity or action things that are happening all the time all the time as us all of you know some educators like Paulo Fred and others have talked about that education is not what you're doing you're doing but there's a process of reflection yes or no and that process of reflection and action reflection and action reflection and action is what creates praxis does that make some sense or creates learning great well some of us in the movement work are sometimes unaware or in autopilot mode around how we observe the movement this is very important because the whole presentation to this how you are aware of movements we are unaware or we're an autopilot and because we're an unaware not a pilot our behavior is reactive okay that isn't me sometimes it's good reactive sometimes back react the problem is that sometimes you don't know which one to use but it's reactive we react react react of course this doesn't just happen in movements it happens on life yes or now there's patterns that we want to change but we're unaware of them so how do we change everywhere I know we're right so this is important second piece well what's the opposite awareness and if you have awareness and you have mindful action but most of us are not cultivating the discipline both in the mind in this spirit in the body and in an emotions to be able to be aware is movement work or activist work or social justice work highly stressing yes or no raise your hands raise your hands come on I'm doing also talking you can at least participate highly how much awareness do you feel that we need a little bit or a lot a lot we must cultivate awareness and with that we have mindful action ok now let me give you a second why I'm not calling this theory but observation I want to tell you why because of the way that we have schooling today ok and because of the way that we've been pretty much given one model of schooling predominantly from Europe what it has happened is that we are confusing theory with wisdom what do I mean by that we confuse that because we hold up theories just a perspective and understanding now in academia you can debate who has the truth but sometimes there's one or two or three truths are you following me on this because there's this debates going on we do not observe anymore we're not aware we go to academia says give me an answer let me purchase your answer let me go to your movement training Carlos let me ride you I'm not asking you here to purchase my vision and movements that's not the plan what I want you to be aware of movements because what we need is more perspectives but for that you have to be aware and you have to observe the reason why I say observe is because our ancestors used to observe all the cycles of the Stars some cycles of the Stars lasts longer than a lifetime is this true or not of course sometimes to get the moon and the Sun to align in a particular axis it takes 200 156 years to go through that think about that when we're thinking about creation and the pyramids and little stuff because when you're thinking about cycles like that you need at least two to three lifetimes to see at least one and then you need at least another three or four to see another one that is the power of continuing observation that's why I say there's a great tradition because we're not observing all together we need to serve individually and collectively that's why the learning an observation needs to be both okay and that's part of what we're gonna talk about today boom that path this is important because it depends where you're at sometimes in social change you start this way you start as an individual and you are either directly affected or you care in their in your value sense about an issue and what do you do tell me what do you do when you care about an issue like this what do you do at the end of it at the beginning what do you do go ahead sir you look for like-minded people what else you're thinking about it great you think about the issue all the time you get obsessed by it right and what do you give to the movement at that time as an individual you give your time what else what is it you repulse on Facebook like crazy then your family's disowned in you because you're spamming them the whole time yes welcome to my life right but as an individual you put your resources individual resources into the issue correct you put your voice you put your feed you show up to things does that make sense you try to contribute as much as I can if you stick in the game for a year or two or three you realize something this is an important realization not everybody goes through this is that you know what the hell we need an organization you notice that either you're part of an organization and the organization doesn't work very well that's anybody experience we're gonna show you something work great thank you for lying about other things to somebody like no never know I want to work with you I want to have with you they go to an organization they need they know that they need an organization some of them have an organization some of them don't have an organization but why do they need an organization because they realize that they don't have enough power or enough support they need more people and they begin to realize that this activists and social change think it actually takes a lot yes or no so it's like we need an organization we need an organization okay whether it's a small group a collective a large institution whatever is the form of the organization and then they spend a few more years working at the organization to be coming here for one c3 you're saying I hate you if I go once if you which era what they do but there to work in at the organization organization right and then most people don't have this break to but some people do they have a break through they need a movement they realize that the problem that they're facing right now I start and I said you know what it's an individual I wanna solve that I'm getting kicked out of my neighborhood in East Boston because of the rent money because of the gentrification I go I go to meetings I speak about it I talk I try to gather my like-minded people I do my research and I cannot change things and I can maybe I do a little bit of change but I cannot change things I cannot change then I gonna say you know what we need a neighborhood organization then we build a neighborhood organization and then we try and we try and sometimes we have breakthroughs yes or no we win some things then we realize well we got housing for 50 people it's in that great yes or no it's amazing I would love right now to have 50 more houses for people right now but does that solve the problem yes or no all right the problem is like this at the surface level as an activist you're trying to do then as an organization and then you realize wow this problem it doesn't require just an organization it actually requires all the organizations in East Boston and in the city of Boston to collaborate together to have a larger movement so that we can tackle the real estate industry holy guacamole that's the whole or thing yes or no okay why do I say this distinction most people say they need a movement but they don't actually behave like they do why is that because which one is more important if you believe in a movement the movement of the organization the movement the organization must submit to the will of the movement doesn't make some sense because the movement is your your the organization's for the purpose of activating the move in all the little organizations but when your organization is individualize are saying no me me me me me it's my it's my organization it's my needs I was a long time I got a meeting with major stakeholders from whom one major mym not gonna reference the movement because because you know I don't want to put any movement at there but I was in with all the core players so there's an observant people talking about their plans and at the last end of the meeting people started to schedule the next meeting it was interesting to see this process because in the last hours people debated whether the meeting was the real work versus not the real work this meeting is not the real work this meeting is that people are debating now what people say those things but what's underneath underneath is that people think that they can win on their own because if I don't need you then what would I coordinate with you I only coordinate with you because I need you so most people think they need a movement but they don't really accept it okay that's why most people don't have the breakthrough let me tell you activists or individuals go through the same thing they don't submit to the organization Mee Mee Mee Mee Mee Mee Mee Mee Mee Mee Mee Mee Mee Mee nobody saying that they should not be individuality in here and here and here nobody's saying that but I'm saying you have if you're having an insight strategic like that you need more people you have to give your resources away people would always ask me Carlos but that organization you spend six years building would you would you give it away I've said I will give it away in a second if I can win on my issue in a heartbeat I'll tell you about we spend years no I know I spend years building up to it but what's the point of the organization so to remain a life forever or to actually have successful now I'll do the last one but most we're not even going to get to this but some of you after being in movements when you look at the best social change leaders I'll tell you about this but it's tradition you know it is that one movement which else playing how long a movement takes one cycle which to me takes five to 15 years holy guacamole to do multiple cycles you need a tradition either to be part of a church or to be part of a tauren of tradition whatever the tradition is you need a larger infrastructure to sustain the movement work for a lifetime most people cannot understand movements because they drop by the third year so you can never see a cycle most people can never part tradition because they don't even do one movement and they don't commit to a lifetime of social change we have people that still are trying to change the world by saying to Mormon I go to my normal life they don't understand that there is not such a thing as no more life because the world is so screw that there's no normalcy anymore there's no going back anywhere we actually have to change the world that's the only way to have safety because it we're in such a dis balance with everything so that's the path and when you're looking at movement books and research and until there's a great tradition of social change there's thousands of books about strikes about boycotts about civil resistance about organizations about all turns there's thousands of books and if you ever want to reach that we have a little library here you can always come and read for free for us okay yeah please come we're trying to revitalize so just coming hangout is we want to make this your house but when you look at all the movements and you read about their stories and you read about their main problem there's one problem that everyone is always bringing forward one problem and that's a problem of a strategic capacity one problem every single movement is trying to figure this out even today how do I become more strategic to figure out the problems that I have you have a lot of problems but the strategies are clearly not working we don't have right now in the country a movement that is wide enough or movement of movements large enough to be able to create the change we're looking for that's just the truth but what do I mean by strategic capacity by a strategic capacity we mean two things doing the right thing at the right time that is all we mean what does doing the right thing at the right time means okay well I explained to you I had an aunt we're an immigrant family and she with her hard labor bought a house in 2007 she did the right thing yes or no but she did it at the wrong time and she paid a price for it so when you do the right thing at the right time your rewards are multiplying but when you do it at the wrong time you lose everything this is very important so the whole presentation today is about what's the right thing and what's the right time just to give you every movement is and trying to answer this question so let's talk about the right time okay so what I mean by social movements number one I'm not gonna go through everything because of our time but movements go through a 5 to 15 year cycle of life and death this is important to understand ok 5 to 15 years what do I mean by that is that when you get your movement started and when you finish your movement it's at least 10 years most of us an interim movement from the beginning enter in the middle or in the end there's various parts but if you actually measure the different movements on their seasons you will notice this big pattern it takes a long time to build a social movement and when you look at the greatest leaders when you look at Baker or Lobby you look at Gandhi or you look at Mandela right whether you agree with their politics or not but when you look at their skills one of the core traits that they share is that they've been able to have multiple cycles think about this if you're learning how to cook and you cook a meal way by the third by by the middle of the meal you abandon the meal you never knew how I make one meal yes or not but by the time you make one meal takes you 10 to 15 years so by the time you finish your one meal movement you're ready are like holy welcome home they made all this mistakes because I have no clue how to do the first cycle are you follow me on this so our proficiency in movements is very complicated just to give you a sense particularly if you don't have a long view does that make any sense because the cycle is so long and and individuals and organizers or leaders abandon most movements at the third of the fourth year they abandon them because they don't see the success or they have a different expectation of what the timing of the movement is okay so that's why it's very difficult again it's not a single organization but rather a multitude of organizations coming together to move an issue forward an issue is the problem the movement is trying to solve it's a collection of organizations okay and then we can talk about this but we've been separated through levels individual organization their base the movement itself and the public how the whole country relates to the issue there's oh it's very complex we're gonna break it down in a second okay

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