2019 F-150 Anzo Headlight Assembly Installation

2019 F-150 Anzo Headlight Assembly Installation

look good and see better those were our
two goals when we swapped our f150 factory lights for Anzo’s headlight
and taillight assemblies while the factory lights are relatively stylish
they fell short of the light output we wanted and didn’t complement some of the
other upgrades we made to the truck so we went to work thanks to the
plug-and-play installation the upgrades were simple Outback we went with anzo’s LED taillights the d-o-t compliant lights combine a smoked lens with red
inserts within a black housing to create a more modern look
the LEDs provide increased lighting output for better visibility and safety
up front our headlights deliver the extra aggressive look that we wanted
they feature a sleek cool projector lens design and a distinctive C style clip
with amber and white functions and yes they are DOT approved for street use
anzo makes headlights and taillights for hundreds of applications so you can
create your own unique look shop ANZO USA at SummitRacing.com to see
all your options thanks for watching you

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