5 Biggest US Government Mysteries & Darkest Undisclosed Secrets

5 Biggest US Government Mysteries & Darkest Undisclosed Secrets

It’s no surprise to any of us nowadays that the world’s governments keep things from the public. And no doubt, most of these things we do not need to know about and they would not need to share. But, there are some things they would prefer to keep a secret, because they would make you doubt their morals and leadership . Now we must not cause this to turn against our goverments, because countries with no government do not operate well. However there are things they do not let out that have surfaced or been leaked over the years, that are worth talking about. Like the huge billion dollar fund that comes from taxpayers’ money and goes into undisclosed projects every year. To the theories that the government is run by a handful of upper class people who control the entire population. Here are five of some of the most mysterious and interesting US government secrets. But do keep in mind that the most mysterious secrets would, of course, never come to light. The Black Nuclear Suitcase For the last few decades, whenever the President of the United States was away from the white house, as well as a calvary of security, would follow a black leather suitcase with a protuding antenna, that became known as ‘the football’. For a while, it was one of the many things the government kept from the public. But over time, it’s purpose became apparent and it’s pretty daunting. You see, the President is commander-in-chief of the US Armed Forces. Meaning, he or she is solely resposible for authorizing retaliation in the event of a nuclear attack. For this reason, when they are not near fixed command centers, everything they need to authorize such an attack is carried in the ominous black reinforced briefcase, that acts as a mobile hub for the United States defense system. As you can imagine the exact content of the case is a secret, but it’s said to contain three things. A small book on retaliation options, a book that provides information on sites where the President could be taken in the event of an emergency, and a folder with procedures for the emergency alert system. Any situation that the president needs to authorize the use of nuclear weapons, the case will be opened and a command or alert signal would be issued to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The President would then review the attack options contained in the case and make a very important decision. But what if the football was hacked or stolen? While before an order can be made for it, the President must first identify himself, in order to do this the President uses a special code printed on a credit card sized piece of plastic that is known as ‘the biscuit’. Which is usually on the President’s person at all times. The use of ‘the biscuit’ and ‘the football’ is thought to date back to Eisenhower, although it’s use as a means of identifing the President in the event of a nuclear attack was an idea from Kennedy’s era, when at the height of the cuban missile crisis, he was concerned about how his identity could be confirmed if he needed to authorize the use of nuclear weapons. But something they won’t tell you is that everyone makes mistakes, even the most powerful people in the world. And on numerous occasions the biscuit and even the briefcase has actually been lost or being in a position to have been easily accesible for anyone. For exemple, after the Ronald Reagan assassination attempt in 1991, his clothes were cut off him by medics and the biscuit was found a few hours later in Reagan’s shoe that had been put into a hospital bag. It was also allegedly lost by Jimmy Carter when he took his suit to the dry cleaner’s. And President Clinton who at the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal completely mislead the code for several weeks. If someone had obtained it and somehow had access to the football, there would be very little from stopping them launching the US’ nuclear warheads. But it’s not just the US who has a nuclear briefcase, the UK and other countries also have similar devices. Including Russia, who are in fact the only country to have activated it, in response to the 1995 misidentified rocket that was fired by norwegian and US scientists. So next time you see the President on TV away from the White House, just know that not far behind its the football and the biscuit which is no doubt in his suit pocket. Military drones are not as effective as the government claims. The use of military drones has increased dramatically over the years as their ability to operate remotely and carry out missions too anonymous, or dangerous for humans is a game changer. But you may be surprised by the lack of accuracy they have. And, if you have seen the drone protests, you know these drones have not been as effective as you would like to think. according to leaked Pentagon papers, death caused by drone strikes aimed at terrorists have caused an undetermined amount of civilian casualties. it’s claimed the US drone system favored by Barack Obama is unreliable, and although they are accurate in hitting their intended target, they are secretly killing many more people than intended. One example of this is it’s alleged that one of the drone strikes on Northeastern Afghanistan in January 2012 and February 2013, resulted in the deaths of 155 people, 136 more than the 19 that were the intended target. That is an unacceptable loss of innocent lives. However, these casualties are still classified as militants killed in action, despite there being no evidence of them being involved. The problem is, most of the drone attacks are conducted of signature strikes, meaning they will kill someone who looks like a terrorist without any hard intel or identification that they definitely are. This is one of the reason that it’s said 98 percent of all people killed have not been high profile or any real threat. but most interestingly these drone strikes were not only killing innocent Afghan civilians, but causing the civilians to resent the United States for killing their friends and family. In fact, the 2010 Times Square bomber, Faisal Shahzad, said his main motive for the failed attack was retaliation for the us drone strikes on innocent people in Pakistan. Like an anti-drone protester says, for every bad guy, and in turn usually civilian killed in the Middle East, ten more bad guys are created as result of resentment. At the end of December 2011, Pakistans’ army chief stated they would shoot down any US drones that entered the Pakistan airspace. Although as of 2016, there are still many drones over there, scanning the ground for suspected terrorists. The Invisible Government it’s long been though that the government is controlled by an unseen, invisible group of people who run the countries, mainly the United States for their own selfish purposes, and not for the good of its citizens. I’m sure you have though about this before, but, apart from theories, is there any evidence to suggest this is actual happens? While it’s alleged that high-profile political leaders, and even former presidents, have acknowledged d this is the case, And, this goes back to Andrew Jackson in 1829. Since then, at least 10 former US presidents have spoken out about an invisible, behind the scenes government, who secretly run the United States. In a quote from 1913, president Woodrow Wilson said, “some of the biggest men in the United states, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it. George Washington also famously indicated in one of his speeches, that the Illuminati wanted to separate the people from their government. The last president to speak out about this so called invisible power, was John F Kennedy, in his infamous secret society speech, where he told of a highly efficient machine combining military, diplomatic, intelligent, economic, scientific and political operations, whose preparations were concealed, and mistake buried. today, it’s thought the invisible government is made of up several agencies, known as the intelligent community. and they conduct espionage, plan and execute secret operations, and ultimately make all the decisions, and shape the lives of the American, and world citizens, operating behind the scene of the elected president. it’s also believed by some, that the presidents are just the face of it all, and simply something for the public to look up to, when in reality, it doesn’t matter who is elected, because they are not actually in charge. this was pointed out in Donald trump’s presidential victory speech, which some say seems much different from his usual speeches, and sounded somewhat scripted, and lacking in Donald’s personality. so is the government, mainly the United States, controlled by an Illuminati-type group of people, who oversee and control everything? It needs a documentary, but until then, what do you think? The government is watching you. In 2013, former CIA worker Edward Snowden, revealed something that has been the talk for many years. he leaked classified information from the National Security Agency that there are many global surveillance programs that track and monitor every citizen in the US, and also the world. he said, that there are a handful of individual agencies, one of which is called PRISM, that have gained access to all of our internet communications from the largest web companies on the planet. and certain keywords, such as “kill” or “terrorism” will flag upon their systems, and they can then go from there on how much information they want to find out about you. Now the problem with this, is that its actually illegal for them to do this. as a violation of the 4th amendment, which grants people their own security. But in reality, we already know this, and have all questioned whether everything online is tracked. But there are some things you may not have thought about that could be getting used to track you. Take smart TVs, for example, which can apparently listen to everything that is said in the room they are in. And some even have warning in the small print of the instructions, not to talk about anything sensitive in front of the TV. Seriously. In fact, I bet you’re surrounded by tons of items the government cold use to track you if they wished. Like, the Xbox Kinect, the tracking devices fitted to cars to reduce insurance premiums, and even some toys Just a few years ago, the then CIA director, David Petraeus, said this : “items of interest will be located, identified, monitored,and remotely controlled through technologies such as radio-frequency identification, sensor networks, tiny embedded severs, and energy harvesters, all connected to the next generation internet using abundant, low cost, and high powered computing. That pretty much sums it up. But, how about this: the FBI director James Comey covers his webcam with a piece of tape, just in case people are spying on him. This kind of goes back to the “higher power above the government” theory, because if the FBI director has to do that, then he must be conscious of someone higher, breaching his personal privacy. However, probably the biggest invasion of privacy on unsuspecting user is through their mobile phones. Government officials have the power to seek all previous call records, even if the user is not suspected of any unlawful activity, and with the AppleTouch ID, they also have access to your fingerprint. this type of surveillance was made illegal in 2015, but don’t think for one minute that it’s individual to the US. All the countries are taking part in some kind of data tracking and civilian surveillance. n fact, the German government got into some trouble in 2002, When as system error cased a phone number allocated to the secret service,to come up on many people’s phone bill. Now all of this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and may not be as sinister as it sounds, since its main purpose is to catch and prevent criminals. but, just don’t think that if you use a computer, a phone, or anything that can be connected to the internet, that you have any kind of privacy. the Black Budget I’ve mentioned the US Black Budget in a previous video, but I wanted to explore it a bit more, to find out exactly what it’s used for, and why the government is so secretive about how much money is set aside for this mysterious budget for classified operations. I just mentioned that whistleblower Edward Snowden disclosed the mass surveillance program, while this in turn led to details of the black budget being released. With some $50 billion is used to fund what’s called “Black Projects” An this was money that, until the Snowden case, had rarely been mentioned to the public. And hasn’t been discussed since. So, what is it? Well it’s a highly classified military defense project not publicly acknowledged by the government, the military, or the personnel working on the projects. The fund is apparently split between 5 agencies: the CIA, the NSA, the national reconnaissance office, the national geospacial intelligence program, and the general defense intelligence program. The bulk of the money apparently goes to the CIA and NSA, both of which are in place to warn about critical events, and monitor people in an attempt to combat terrorism. the other three agencies have a smaller budget, and are said to be responsible for stopping other countries from producing weapons of mass destruction, preventing cyber attacks, and defensing against foreign espionage. Examples of black projects that have been unintentionally declassified are the Manhattan project, the B2 stealth bomber, the f-117 Nighthawk, Area 51 and other similar operations, and more recently, the long-range strike bomber. A little bit of information was published in 2013 about the black budget, but despite requests, the Obama administration has not released any of these details since then. So it’s only insiders who know exactly how much has been used in the past, and what exactly its being used for. The administration did release its aggregate request for non-military intelligence agencies of $53.5 billion dollars for the year 2017. But no other details were given, so we do not know they could be using this ridiculously large amount of money for. Many believe that Donald Trump will be more forthcoming with how much money is being pumped into this mysterious black budget, and what exactly is going on. But for now it remains a secret. So that’s 5 US Government Secrets, some of which are pretty dark, and others like the nuclear briefcase, are just really interesting. I hope you’ve enjoyed, and let me know if you trust that your government has your best interest at heart. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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    Haaaa, made you look, CIA dude.

  37. The President is the face, he's not really in charge. Part of that "invisible government" is visible through lobbyists. We all know the rich and 1% have the real power, because workout money and capitalism America would be nothing. It's not really a secret, we don't know who exactly are I charge, we just know it's true.

  38. No Mr. Trump is the only president who's standing against those pawns of Illuminati ,

    Hilary Clinton is the face of Evil Illuminati!!

  39. Isn't the song playing during #2 from one of the Fallout games??? If not, it sounds extremely similar to one of the tracks from either New Vegas or Fallout 4. Also pretty sure I've heard Fallout music in some of your other videos too, which is fine with me because some of the tracks fit perfectly with the mood and subject matter of your videos

  40. Great video. I bought the DVD American made Tom Cruise film about Barry seals n CIA. Watched it n the next day on my complete separate tablet I was recommended a video about the CIA n Barry seals…. no record of sale for DVD n watched it on an old tv n DVD player no Wi-Fi connection nothing n randomly next morning I'm recommended a YouTube video about the same story amongst UFO's n Bigfoot videos….wdf

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