100 thoughts on “A Big Sister Gets Her Revenge – Law & Order: SVU (Episode Highlight)

  1. I feel sorry for the girl her to realize she was a part of this pedi’s game of puppet she literally ruin her family too. The father may never see her as his daughter but only a killer ready to strike again not to mention the poor youngest sister of hers too that followed the pedi’s order

  2. Hey everyone it wasn't a butter knife! Didn't you see the serrated edges when she laid it down? It was the kind of steak knife that all diners use.

  3. Law and order is garbage now. Lmao is this just a woman's show now?

    Easily worse then the acting on lifetime 😂

  4. So she already killed an innocent man, her own father no less now she just stabbed someone else in the face in broad daylight cause she's jealous of her little sister. I hope she gets locked up for a very long time. Evil witch.

  5. What she did was an ancient Spartan move. Abusers (including rapists) got marked by the woman of the house.

  6. I watched two videos from this channel and now I see all these videos in my recommended and I can’t help myself but to watch

  7. I watched this three times and the dude never admitted to anything he couldn't explain away in court. The detectives have nothing. Not only that but they were throwing an emotional compromised kid to root out a pedo, they got no real incriminating statements. They threatened the wellbeing of a kid by encouraging this sting, failed to get actionable evidence, and someone got physically hurt in this ridiculous attempt of a sting. In other words they failed. I like how Olivia is judging the situation like some judge of a music competition. "Let's see what the kid can do." Ope, she stabbed another guy. "Don't get involved. She's improvising. I'm interested to where she takes this…"

  8. do you know how hard you have to stab someone with a butter knife for it to completely penetrate their skin

  9. So the whole time you messing with the baby sister, had the girl kill her own because she thought the DAD was raping the lil sister whole time it was YOU. Damn this was deep

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  12. "We're sisters we don't have secrets." Clearly did because her sister lied about her father and covered up for that scum.

  13. The guy is a pretty good actor. I was utterly repulsed by his creepiness by mid-way through this video, and that was before I knew what he had done.

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