Abraham-Hicks • Deja Vu Means A Lot • Law of Attraction

Abraham-Hicks • Deja Vu Means A Lot • Law of Attraction

we told you there was trouble in this
room that is me my first question is deja vu I’ve been having a lot of deja
vu moments where something happens or is about to happen and I say I get a chill
and I know what’s about to happen I’ve seen it it happened twice today even
seeing you split on the screen saying I have decided I had seen that before
sometimes I can tell when I’ve seen it and it’s been so far back it’s you know
years other times I don’t know and it’s not just with big events it can be
something as small as I’m about to go to the bathroom let me grab my phone and I
already know what’s on my phone as a creator how does that work how do you
influence that because if I’m seeing things and obviously I’ve created them
how do I create these little nitpicky things first we want to say nothing else
would be logical for this reason since everything is vibrational and we’ve been
talking endlessly about this vibrational reality that you’ve created and so as it
manifests it could be accurate to say it’s old news by the time you allow the
manifestation of it a whole lot has already come together so the thing we
must want to tell you is that when you begin having those kinds of experiences
it’s a really good indicator that you are very close to the vibrational speed
of that broader perspective that’s the thing that Esther kept saying to her
friends as she was enjoying the unfolding of this beautiful castle deja
vu deja vu deja vu having experiences that she knew she had already had so
much had been in the vortex and she had been so close to the vibrational
proximity of it that as those events began to unfold it was evident to Esther
that on some other level she had already had the perceiving of it that’s what it
is the best part about having those experiences is the bridge that it makes
in your understanding that you have been creating on many levels
and that this now manifestation is just another one of the levels and as you
become more and more aware of what’s going on before it manifests then the
more pleasure you take in all parts of the unfolding of it the more conscious
you are of it the more satisfying the unfolding of it can be to you because
I’ve even seen that where you gave the example of Esther’s castle and saying
that the deja vu sometimes we have said this gathering happened before you
dragged your physical bodies here and it’s because who you are vibrationally
and who we are vibrationally people want to call that probabilities the only
thing that is probable about any of it is how vibrationally up to speed with
any of it you are so how much awareness you actually have of it that’s why when
you really get in the flow you begin to feel an invincibility and a sense of
well-being because you can feel how many pieces of it are all coming into place
to assist you in other words last night at dinner Esther was visiting with
friends staff they went to Esther’s favorite place and had really a
wonderful meal together and they’re just being playful and fun and someone was
talking about what their departures are and they were thinking about who was
going to ride to the airport with who and it’s a conversation they sometimes
have not always and Esther decided to get really playful about it and she said
because they weren’t mentioning where she was in the mix and she wanted to
know who she might be riding with and then someone said you’re not leaving
until 9 p.m. and Esther said oh that’s several hours
after checkout and that’s three hours after the Spurs game begins in San
Antonio something’s gone terribly wrong with my reservation which she made and
so she got back to her computer and looked sure enough she had booked
herself out on a 9:00 p.m. flight not a 9:00 a.m. flight well that wouldn’t have
been a happy thing to discover in the morning it was the perfect thing to
discover when she could do something about it and the feeling she had was not
oh what a foolish girl I am alone the feeling she had was things are always
working out for me in other words the conversation those who were involved in
it felt the naturalness of it but it was specifically to impart to Esther
information that she needed about something that she was not aware of in
other words she was having the opposite of deja vu she was having I don’t know
what though I’ve got my head somewhere it shouldn’t be but no matters because
somebody is always looking out for you in other words the universe knows what
your intentions are Elster had very clear intention she’s been visualizing
making that flight having that nice rest in that comfortable seat on the airplane
meeting with her family going over to the AT&T Center settling in playing a
really good team in other words Esther’s been thinking about that she can hardly
wait for that experience there’s no possible way that the universe was going
to let her miss it you see what we’re getting out or any of you miss anything
for that matter you are so well taken care of and there are so many ways to
get to where you want to be and when something is so clearly in your vortex
it doesn’t matter how many mistakes you’ve made along the way if your vortex
is clear and you’re living happily as Esther is something’s going to come to
show you where you need to be and so as you accept that Esther didn’t feel any
discomfort about her dysfunction not any because she knows how well tended to she
is you say I know in my vortex I have put my Empire there I go through too
much contrast for it not to be there I’ve had glimpses that’s a clever way of
putting it in I’ve had glimpses I know my company’s motto that came to me one
day what process can I do to realize more because I’m starting to think the
reason why I got the motto was to move forward with it
well that model was an inspiration in other words that was you being up to
speed with what you’re wanting and translating a vibration into something
that was meaningful but there is something really good that we want to
chew on with you here and that is so you get what he’s talking about
he knows the process he’s lived the contrast he knows he’s created a
vibrational reality and now he’s eager for the manifestation of it to begin
happening but the thing that happens over the years as we’ve been visiting
with so many of you wanting you to find that sweet spot where you are
visualizing what you want but not visualizing what you want to the point
that you notice that you don’t have what you want in other words it’s finding
that place and so recently is we’ve become really emphasizing the path of
least resistance and talking to you about turning the thoughts to things we
want you to feel the not just value or importance but the satisfaction of being
in that comfortable feeling place of expectation so just before you and it
was really a wonderful precursor to this conversations we were visiting with our
friend as we were wanting to emphasize with him that there is a point in time
to begin specifically visualizing and you say it all the time and we really
want to say it right now timing is everything
so if you get more specific then your
vibrational frequency allows you to be a good translator then your specifics beat
up on you they backfire so it’s about being sensitive in other words those
feelings of deja vu that means you’re in that sweet spot and you’re actually
retrieving information before it’s even as the manifestation actually happens
you recognize that you’ve been there already
well hear how good that is to have been there already to have been there already
talk about expectation being in the right place talk about belief or knowing
being in the right place and so really what we are wanting to say to you in
response to this really important question is we talked some time ago
about scripting about actually telling the story the way you want it to be but
there is a trying to heart factor that many people began in other words you’re
going to really like this stay with us it’s going to make perfect sense it was
like trying to use the script to make it happen rather than receiving the script
because it had already happened can you feel the difference so if your intent is
vibration vibration vibration happy happy happy path of least resistance
path of least resistance feeling as good as I can feeling as good as I can
feeling as good as I can when that’s what you’re going for not making it
happen letting it happen because you understand the laws of the universe and
as you said I’ve lived so much contrast I know my vortex is full there’s no
question that is full but how do I get it out of the vortex in into the bank
how do I turn those thoughts to those things so this conversation is about
recognizing by the way you feel that you’re in that sweet spot and they’re
not making it happen allowing it to happen don’t make the images come to
mind let the images come to mind don’t write the script receive the script any
of you who have been in a creative process like art or music or Esther as
she’s writing books knows what that feels like when you sit
and try to write it as compared when you sit and it writes itself through you so
all of you are in this kind of creative process where you’re wanting to allow it
to in other words oh here we can give you the words really really well
receptive mode receptive mode the creative mode is the receptive mode at
this point in your game the creative process is three steps you want it you
sift through all the step you put it in the vortex of vortexes there
your source is tending to it it’s coming into vibrational fruition but to be in
the receptive mode means to be in that place where the idea occurs to you and
that’s the part that you’re reaching for now
not getting all the way over here just relishing in being in that place where
the ideas are occurring to you where the emotion is occurring to you where your
knowing it that sweet spot let’s call it the sweet spot of the receptive mode you
say and then as it happens you know that
feeling when you say oh I just got the best idea well think about it I just
received the best idea I was in the receptive mode I was tuned in tapped in
turned on I was up to speed the idea was already done you’ve had enough deja vu
to know that the idea had already come to fullness now it’s a matter of you
getting to be in on the translation of it you all think that you want
aha someone to create a wonderful reality and to give it to you and when
that happens you’ll be blessed admit it isn’t that sort of the way most humans
are looking at things someone has evaluated me and seen me as
worthy and they have created something good for me and they will give it to me
when I am worthy and we say it’s not like that it’s not like that it’s not
like that it’s that it does exist it has been created but you don’t want someone
else to do all the bringing of it together and then there it is you want
to be in on the ideas you want to mold the clay you want to feel the idea
moving around in your mind you want to experience the birth of that idea and
that one and that one you want to be in on every single part of it because
fruition and manifestation and demonstration all of that is the
delicious nature of this physical reality that you came to live in you say
you didn’t just come to prove your worthiness oh I’ve come to prove my
worthiness you came to incremental II choose it and align with it and feel it
and know it and revel in it and feel worthy of it and then to receive this
impulse and this impulse and this impulse so that when the full
manifestation of it comes you’re sitting right inside of this incredible whatever
it is and you’re feeling all the deja vu nurse of all of it in other words oh man
I was in it I was in it I was in it everything about this is my creation I
am the creator of this not just the blessed receiver of the
feel the difference can you feel the difference you knew that when you were
kids you wanted to do it yourself after the thing that she is most aware of
these days with her little kids she wants them to have the experience of the
creation of it

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8 thoughts on “Abraham-Hicks • Deja Vu Means A Lot • Law of Attraction

  1. It is so amazing. It confirms your place and purpose. It is an affirmation. It shows you are in alignment.

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  3. I've been having a lot of deja vu moments since practicing LOA. I have manifested so many many things on my list/vortex and it's amazing how it works!! I've received a text message from an ex lover,, and I felt that I have read it before. He was so mad at me for something that I did when I was out of the vortex, and I knew deep inside that it was going to happen. Even if I manifested this loss (something I didn't want), that I lost his trust somehow, I don't feel bad at all like I used to be when something like a breakup or disappointment would occur. I shifted my vibration, went on to do things that I used to do before I met him, working on making him more irrelevant in my life and making me more relevant to myself. This breakup was supposed to "devastate me" if seen through a normal person's point of view, but I don't feel that way. I am actually able to say, "life is good, nothing serious is happening here. All is well. Everything is working out for me!" Life is indeed good, I am appreciating sunrises and sunsets, the formation of the clouds, the hues in the sky. All is perfect!

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