Abraham Lincoln Re-election Speech

Abraham Lincoln Re-election Speech

In this election, I’ve never pretended that I was the best man in the country. But even so, I’ll remind you in this connection of an old Dutch farmer who once remarked to a companion. that it was not best to swap horses while in the midst of crossing a stream and this stream we are crossing together, as you know is wide and turbulent. and soon the world will witness that those who can hold an election during a civil war can also suppress a rebellion and when that has happened then the world will learn at last, that ballots are the rightful and peaceful successors to bullets when the shepherd drives the wolf from the sheep’s throat to the sheep he is a liberator but to the wolf this same act defines the shepherd as destroyer of all liberty. So it appears that the wolf and the sheep are not yet agreed upon the proper definition of that word liberty and that is precisely the same difference that exists today amongst us human creatures. you know I do not believe I have ever had a serious political conviction that did not spring directly from the Declaration of Independence have that document as it’s source of firmest foundation. there seems to be something said in those words that demands liberty not just to the people of this country but holds out that promise of liberty to the entire world. those words seem to promise that in due time the weights and bondage of servitude should be lifted from the shoulders of all men. and that all should be given a fair and equal chance in the race of life. That is the principle which must always endure that is the true basis of our enduring union that is the basic principle for which so many men have fought and so many men have died and now I want everyone to have an opportunity that is equal to my own. you all have through this free form of government in which we’ve engaged an open field for the full exercise of your industry, enterprise and intelligence. you all have equal privileges in the race of life. You know, a few moments ago I apologized to you for being late. now I see I’m late once again this time I’m late for my next appointment. So I’ll have to apologize to them for being late and apologize to you once more for having to leave while there’s still so much that needs to be said so much that still needs to be done for all of us. and God bless you all for coming.

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16 thoughts on “Abraham Lincoln Re-election Speech

  1. It's funny how people say that… I'm no expert on Lincoln but I know that at the time of his presidency many people hated him. The South did obviously but many Democrats in the Union did also, and even people of his own party were very critical of him. It just goes to show if we did have a "Lincoln" today we probably wouldn't see him in that way. It takes retrospect.

  2. Did you know Abraham Lincoln grew a beard after an 11-year-old girl wrote a letter suggesting it would help him get elected president.

  3. Ayubowan.
    "E PLURIBUS UNUM"( out of many, one. {SRI LANKA} ) Sri Lankans are a knowledgeable people. They comprehend the lessons of world history, a house divided can not stand. "With malice toward none, with charity for all, …. Pres. Abraham Lincoln. With the end of Her Civil War (30years/100,000 killed) Sri Lankans have a new breath of freedom. July 4th.2015 නිදහස් දින සුභ පැතුම්  Happy Independence Day
    America from Freedom loving Sri Lankans.

  4. The Supreme Court has already decided for you . The supper pacts now have control of your country very very sad good luck

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