ACTIVATE Your BRAIN POWER for MANIFESTATION Success! Law Of Attraction Sensory Activation Meditation

ACTIVATE Your BRAIN POWER for MANIFESTATION Success! Law Of Attraction Sensory Activation Meditation

ACTIVATE Your BRAIN POWER for MANIFESTATION Success! Law of Attraction Sense Activation Meditation Your Youniverse (Law of Attraction) The Secret this guided sense meditation and
visualization process is a simple and powerful way to develop deeper awareness
and presence with all of your senses because we are sensual beings our senses
naturally turn outwards to the world but we can also go inward to access the
memories of our senses enhance our recall and sensitivity of them and then
use those mental senses to powerfully visualize new outcomes with practice
each of these techniques will create brain changing effects to your mental
sensory perceptions that grow them with exercise and enhance the way you create
your life with your mind let’s begin close your eyes and begin to relax your
body by focusing on your breathing for the next few moments take a deep breath
in and breathe out and as you do this let
your mind be one with your body in this moment put all of the thoughts about
what has happened or what will happen aside so your mind can be present with
your body and just focus on your breaths going in and out Just Breathe refreshing comfortable and
even breaths don’t worry about your technique just allow relaxing breaths to
enter deeply and then exhale fully now with your eyes still closed we are
going to activate your senses one at a time we will begin with your internal
visual senses in your mind take a moment to pull up your memory of the color red and try to fill the entire visual field
of your mind’s eye with a picture of the color red take just a moment to do this
now now can you imagine the color red in
different shades use your mind to attempt to switch this red picture into
different shades of that color don’t worry if you’re not able to do
this at first with practice it will become easier now use your mind to create images that
relate to the color red you might create an image of a strawberry or a bright red
firetruck let your mind assist you by pulling up
images of memories it has four things that are red and just enjoy that for a
moment now use your mind to switch back and
fill your entire visual field once again with the color red any shade of red you
choose and now allow that color red to change
to a shade of blue it can be any shade of blue that you want and once again try to change the shade
of blue into different variations or shades of that color if any of these steps seem difficult to
you simply practice the process of pulling up the memory you have stored in
your mind until it’s released to you effortlessly now create images that relate to the
color blue you might choose a blueberry your favorite pair of jeans or something
as simple as the sky let your mind assist you by pulling up
images of memories that has stored for things that are the color blue and just
enjoy that for a moment now let’s try something else in your
mind imagine you are looking at a field of flowers from a distance see that this
field of flowers extends out as far as you can see all the way to the horizon take a moment to notice that these are
different types of flowers in this field or if all the flowers are the same it’s
completely your choice from the span tidge point choose one
flower from this field of flowers it might be close to you or it could be far
away in this infinite field choose whatever you wish “ACTIVATE Your BRAIN” POWER for MANIFESTATION Success! “Law of Attraction” Sense Activation “Meditation” “Your Youniverse” (Law of Attraction) “The Secret” and once you have chosen a flower use
your mind to zoom in on it and focus on the details what colors do you see what shapes are the petals how did the leaves on this flower look is there anything else that you see on
this flower such as drops of rain maybe a small bug or some grains of pollen take just a moment to use your mind and
sensory memory to zoom in and back out or even circle around this flower and
examine it now we’re going to shift your focus to
your auditory senses as you breathe in and out
in your relaxed state intently tune your auditory senses into all of the sounds
in your current environment listen deeply to all of the sounds happening
around you how many different sounds can you hear what’s the farthest sound you can hear what’s the quietest sound you hear how about the loudest and can you hear more now than you did
just a few moments ago now concentrate your full attention on
one sound it might be a bird singing the ticking of a clock
the sound of rain or something else just choose one sound and allow yourself to
become totally absorbed in it for just a few moments now that your sense of hearing has been
heightened by consciously tuning into it I want you to try to imagine something
that may not be in the realm of your actual hearing at this moment using your
hearing sensory memory the memory that your mind has for specific sounds
imagine what the sound of waves crashing against the shore would sound like in
this moment just breathe deeply and use your mind to listen carefully maybe you can hear the sounds of the
ocean in your breathing and how your breaths moving in and out are just like
waves now I want you to imagine a different
sound imagine the sound of rain falling on your roof use the memory in your mind
to pull this sound up and listen as the drops land and hear the sounds they make
maybe it’s a light soft rain or it could be a storm with thunder in the distance
it’s completely your choice really attempt to access the sensory memory of
constant rain tapping your roof for just a moment now we are going to move on to the
sensory memories related to scent these are memories that your mind has stored
away regarding specific smells with your eyes still closed focus on the smell of
a rose and if you don’t enjoy the smell of a rose choose another flower with a
scent that you enjoy and then inhale deeply and attempt to smell the flower
as if it’s right up against your nose and then absorb yourself in the smell of
this for just a moment next using your mind come up with a few
words to describe how this flower smelled to you was as sweet did it smell
beautiful was a heavenly white or exotic with each descriptive word you are
building a strong association in your mind to the scent oftentimes sense will
bypass our conscious mind and make it a sense that we rarely use in our
visualization processes by using descriptive words you add meaning to
specific sense and therefore build your scent muscle ACTIVATE Your BRAIN POWER for MANIFESTATION Success! Law of Attraction Sense Activation Meditation Your Youniverse (Law of Attraction) The Secret now take a moment to imagine the scent
of fresh-baked cookies again inhale deeply as if these cookies have just
been given to you fresh out of the oven absorb yourself in the smell for just a
moment and again come up with a few descriptive
words to give an account of how the smell affected you or made you feel you could pause this part of the process
if you choose and introduce an array of different scents that you prefer some
suggestions might be a pine forest fresh ground coffee chocolate essential oils
or fresh-baked bread now let’s pull up your sensory memories related to taste think of a food that you like and
imagine putting a bite of this particular food in your mouth just let the spite of food be in your
mouth for just a moment try to experience all the things about
this particular food that you might have missed before because your mind was
somewhere else feel the many different tastes of it what is the texture what is the
temperature how many different flavors does it have breathe it in as you are experiencing it
let it melt into your mouth and as it does let your mind merge with all of the
sensations that you get from it you may even imagine swirling it around
in your mouth with your tongue and tasting it in the different parts of
your mouth stay with these sensations and awareness for another moment
enjoying it from within again you can pause this process now and
try this with as many foods as you like to enhance your sensory memories of
taste a few examples of different flavor profiles might be something savory such
as your favorite pasta dish something sweet such as your favorite egg and
something tart such as a lemon or a lime now we’re going to move to the sensory
memories of touch in your mind bring up an image of an animal you like and then
use your mind to imagine your hand petting this animal feel how their fur
feels as you move your hand back and forth is this animal soft or is there fur
course maybe it’s a bit prickly or feels kind
of wiry what happens if you run your fingers through the fur how does it feel if you just slightly
graze your hand across the top surface of it what sensations can you feel against
your skin enjoy this awareness for just a moment now let’s try something different think
of touching something that might be rough against your hand like the bark of
a tree imagine moving your hand along the tree bark feel the details of the
rough surface and how it feels against your hand become aware of how bumpy or
grainy this is to your fingers and the palm of your hand now imagine that it’s cold outside and
that you’re wrapping your body up in the softest warmest blanket you’ve ever felt feel how this warm blanket feels as it’s
wrapped around your body notice how comfortable it is and how it makes your
body feel to be draped and it’s warmed now we will move on to the last sensory
memories of movement take a moment to imagine lying in a hammock in a
beautiful place of your choosing and use your mind to sense this hammock
gently swaying with the wind use your mind to gaze down at your feet
and see the sway feel just the slightest of movement of
your body going from right to left left right over and over again repeating
itself softly just imagine swaying gently for a moment
in a calming and repetitive way ACTIVATE Your “BRAIN POWER” for MANIFESTATION Success! Law of Attraction Sense Activation Meditation Your Youniverse (Law of Attraction) The Secret now use your mind only to imagine
standing up and doing an exercise you might choose jumping jacks or going for
a run feel the movement of each of your
muscles as you do this in your mind’s eye feel each time your arms move and each
time your legs move become aware of how your feet feel
against the floor beneath you and imagine how the air moves around
your body with each movement you take now imagine you were in a car with the
convertible top down on a beautiful day and use your mind to sense accelerating
forward and how the wind feels as it blows through your hair now fill yourself rounding a curve and
how it sways your body to one side until the road becomes straight again and now feel the movement of your body
as you imagine you were going up a hill climbing higher and higher up and now feel yourself level off as
you’re on a flat surface again and then try to create the experience in
your mind of going back down the other side of that hill feeling the wind
against your face until you are back on level road again and then once more just experience the
movement of going forward with the wind against you for just another moment this journey through your senses has
allowed you to experience heightened sensory perception by recalling your
sensory memories once again your sensory memories are the memories that your mind
has stored based on your physical experience that comes through your
senses you may now choose to gently open your
eyes and gaze softly at the world and then allow your visual field and the
perception of all of your other senses to open up in every direction to the
world around you remember that the best results will always come from practicing
this process as a daily routine you can also increase your success by taking
moments out of your day to use your senses consciously choosing things to
deliberately focus on with each one of your senses over time you’ll notice that
your experience changes and it becomes richer as your senses become more open
and the more you practice the more you will notice that going into creative
visualization at will for manifestation purposes will be much easier crisper and
much more effective ACTIVATE Your BRAIN POWER for MANIFESTATION Success! Law of Attraction Sense Activation Meditation Your Youniverse (Law of Attraction) The Secret

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15 thoughts on “ACTIVATE Your BRAIN POWER for MANIFESTATION Success! Law Of Attraction Sensory Activation Meditation

  1. βœ…To learn more about how and why this meditation is so effective, and access more sensory awareness techniques, watch this video ➑️

  2. Once you use repetition of positive words and thoughts, your subconscious mind has no choice but to accept it eventually. It’s time we change our program in 2020! Love to all πŸ™πŸΎ

  3. I just want to remind you that all is possible!!! There's no desire too big for this universe and this universe loves you and conspires to give you what you want β™‘

  4. Thank you Universe…!!! I owe my gratitude for everything I have. Thanks a lot for this peace of mind. Thanks a lot for good health of mine ND my family. Thanks for everything.

  5. Mam, I Know you are very knowledgeable but please for Indians make short video especially related to the brain, I know it's hard to confine important information but if possible make it…. one of your subscriber (Mohit).. thank you..

  6. One very powerful thing I have realized along my journey is that our expectations are becoming the reality we see. These expectations are beliefs that are so ingrained in us they have no choice but to show up. It is essential that we reprogram our subconscious minds by doing what brings is the most joy and peace while letting go of all the people, places and things keeping us down. This is the most efficient way. Peace.

  7. It's good to be doing and thinking a very simple thing while meditating. The word meditating is sort of run down. Its rest for the mind. What happens after rest? You wake up.
    Because you've temporarily let go of everything. True "awakeness," or whatever people call it, is whatever you make it. Because you realize things are the way you have made them out to be. And at any moment you could be implementing new ideas into something useful. But to learn to truly appreciate our time here, because we are the experience itself. I stand in aw of everyday skies and landscapes and trees and my own body and structure and capabilities of things I or other do or think. Dont choose sides in life. Conflict at one level is harmony at another. Just ride the good waves when they come. Wait for the right pitch and dont swing for a homerun if all you need is a base hit.

  8. Hi, I went there, but I don't know why my body was always in very tight place however I seen very wide place front of my eyes, I saw the sky and the and the ocean and I saw a lot of flowers into side of me. And yeah I ate many kind of foods as sweet cake desert limon and l felt the past in my mouth it was a really sour, I run very little because I felt pain I couldn't do it, then I had all m; animals gatherined my hours my dogs my cats my birds all I teach them I felt their fur it was real. Thank you very much for your beautiful meditation, I love you and your sound πŸ‘πŸŒŸπŸ˜˜.

  9. Why would you do red first? You loose a portion of those listening bc they have either ascended beyond passions and blood or have negative connotations of red.

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