Agriculture minister talks canola spat with Chinese counterpart | Power & Politics

Agriculture minister talks canola spat with Chinese counterpart | Power & Politics

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22 thoughts on “Agriculture minister talks canola spat with Chinese counterpart | Power & Politics

  1. Canada🇨🇦 exports rotten canola in China🇨🇳 and trashes 🚮 rotten garbage to the Philippines🇵🇭! How's that, eh!? 🔥💥😡

  2. Honestly, Canada is too nice and naive…to china and America. it is the only China on earth who become worse while other countries are having trade wall….you could have replaced agriculture market share of US, yet end up losing huge choke of share instead….Look at India and Vietnam etc…. even mexico is doing much better job jezzzz

  3. You chose a sugar coated guy as your leader then the sugar wears off. Later you found out that the next door big mouth hypocrite is his master. Then everything starts to go haywire.

  4. I CANT EVEN LISTEN TO HER!! WHY so timid, do they have ANY idea what they are doing? WHO IS OUR BEST BUSINESS DEAL MAKER AND WHY ARE THEY/HE/SHE NOT OUT THERE MAKING DEALS? It sounds to me like Me Bibeau and company have tea and say 'it sure would be nice if you could take some Canola someday.. how about we meet next year and chat"? *I HAVE ZERO FAITH IN THIS TRUDEAU GOV

  5. Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau should not be the one to blame here. The whole incident was caused by the arrest of Madam Meng, CFO of Huawei. Canadian law enforcement agents made the initial mistake with the arrest and off course the security agent (CISIS) support such a terrible mistake. Now it would depend on the Prime Minister Office and the Justice Department on how they would like to have the issue forward. If Madam Meng was released from Canada ASAP, those 2 arrested Canadian would be deported from China and possibly China will shift their agricultural orders from USA to Canada. Otherwise Canada would continue to suffer sanctions from China without any actual assistance from its neighbor, USA.

    If I was the Prime Minister, I would talk to Justice Department to have Madam Meng free and send the Canadian Embassy in China to apologize with The Foreign Affairs Minister of China to waterdown the issue. Further actions (study the opening of Huawei equipment, cultural exchanges, Chinese Food Fair thruout different provinces…) to repair the relationship would definitely change the ideas of China authorities and move the trade, economic and culture development of both countries in many years to come,

  6. Oh dear, in what kind of world does he live? The chinese have accumulated enough people, wealth, history and power to act however they want. Canada is being extremely entitled and the ones who are going to be paying for this are the average canadian.

    On the other hand, why does the minister says that the situation with China is 'completely unacceptable', are we 100% that those 2 canadians are innocent? I bet the chinese say that it is 'completely unacceptable' that Meng Wanzhou is detained, so?

  7. Well you need evident about canola seed that sounds good so the Chinese need evident of the Huawei that you make accusation of security risk ,if you can provide that then the Chinese can also provide the evident of canola.

  8. What a creep Trudeu and all of the lies. CBC news is all propaganda, people wake up and do the research yourselves on everything.

  9. This two-bit punk Trudeau dares invoke "demokracies"? Tell me, since when is piracy acceptable? Worse, Ottawa has no cards to play with Beijing without risking significant economic damage. You people should stick to curling. Oh, BTW, pick up your garbage in the Philippines, you phonies.

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