Alan Grayson Punches Republican Party In The Mouth!

Alan Grayson Punches Republican Party In The Mouth!

here comes on grace isn’t go on offense yes what’s gonna happen he’s going to stay there now if you end up just uh… you know it a little x dot pointe suburbs whatever you like smacks republicans them out okay is like uh… i got i got an issue with
how the republicans run government without further ado mister grace mr chairman i was surprised to hear a
few days ago rudy guiliani for mayor of new york say
that there were no terrorist attacks during the bush administration on u_s_
soil he later corrected that remark to say that there were no tears attacks on u_s_ solo president bush was
leaving the country except for just nine eleven only a terrorist attack on nine eleven and i realize that i was witnessing the
birth of the new for political discourse in the right wing in this country the exception exceptional exception exception that proves the rule or
disprove the rules the case today son expecting that the future will hear
from the right wing the claimed that no cities drown under
the bush administration except for new orleans and that there were no wars there was
started by mistake under the bush administration except for the war in iraq and that the bush administration added
nothing to the federal debt except for half-trillion dollars which
works out of fifteen thousand dollars for every man woman and child in this
country and that they respected all of our
constitutional rights as americans except when they didn’t i think that we all live here that the
republicans claim that the bush administration but as the economy quite
well except when they brought it to the break of national bankruptcy in fact will find that the bush cheney
administration was a complete success except for the fact that it was an
abject failure an abject failure in fact what we learned in watching them
for eight years is that the reason why the republicans hate government so much is because they’re so badass and there are those people among us who
lived through that terrible time and we’ll look back on it and i’ll say
the dole vote for anybody on the ballot absolutely anybody on the ballot with
one exception except that that person happens to be a
republican ideal the remainder of my time thank you
very much no very good race in here but let me tell you why that’s important because conventional wisdom in washington is what sets the agenda and that sucks and its unfortunately we
try to change it all the time but this is part of how you change it the conventional wisdom is all bushy
jadi deficit gracie’s make speeches like this to make
it patently obvious that him that they didn’t any friends that are away where you go
well it’s hard to tell you what do you say the republicans anika service on the
other side twenty four seven or trying to set the
conventional wisdom in washington that their favor they’ve been saying
inaudible date you don’t nylon doesn’t count on doesn’t count at unisa rick about window of allsectech
boat supports that that’s on an on iraq to train of the debt et
cetera again on the economy thing about how born that it’s is a cutie all bala
did the budget is all bombers the deficit o bomb is absurd bush kicked left a one-point to
trillion-dollar deficit when he left office at the beginning of
two thousand and nine when you have speeches like this light
grey says it helps at least pushed back a little
bit and even the the thick media washington
have a look at mango that’s a pretty good point so that’s why this week is not only and a good one that we feel you know
great about but it’s also important and uh… that’s why it’s great embrace
it happen

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100 thoughts on “Alan Grayson Punches Republican Party In The Mouth!

  1. Grayson is getting Punched in the mouth right now! I live in District 8 and Alan Puke Dis-Grayson is getting bitched slapped by Webster….. It felt good to Vote for Webster…… Bye Bye Dis-Grayson!

  2. The mighty liberal, (err…"Progressive"), icon,
    Alan Grayson.
    DEFEATED by "Taliban Dan".
    See ya Al.
    You phuckin pathetic, Cenk lovin, loser.

  3. @xxxmailbin

    I can absolutely guarantee that one day you will greatly regret your disrespect of Alan Grayson. He speaks for the middle class and did all he could to preserve it.

    BTW, you deserve to become part of the poor (as you inevitably will under conservative leadership), ASAP!

    The Conservative motto:
    "Steal from the lower 98%, give to the richest 2%, & offer no social benefits whatsoever!"

  4. @xxxmailbin
    Do you see what is happening in Wisconsin? Did you see what happened in Ohio yesterday? That is because of your heros! They are the ones destroying America. A pool consisting of mostly Republicans shows that 81% support taxing Millionaires more. 71% support ending the Bush tax cuts. 77% support ending tax loopholes and subsidizing of Corporations. 78% support keeping collective bargaining.
    These are issues that the Democrats support. Most who call themselves Republican aren't.

  5. @xxxmailbin "Grayson, nothing but a loud mouth ASS"

    Oh…, and all those Tea Party politicians aren't?

    "Pay your taxes chump."
    It is the Corporations that are not paying anything in taxes. What's more is they collect Corporate Welfare! The richest corporations (Gas Corps) in the US receive a sum of $750,000,000.00 per year in taxpayer subsidies. Just yesterday, the Democrats put a vote in the house on repealing those subsidies. Guess what happened? All the Republicans voted to keep it!

  6. @xxxmailbin

    Like it or not…, the Tea Party are Conservatives, only much farther right (meaning in the wrong direction) than the once moderate Republicans that don't even exist anymore. There is absolutely no one in the Republican Party that has not conformed to the Pro-Corporation, Pro-Theology, Tea Party bullies!

    It is Anti-American!

  7. @xxxmailbin

    They sure did…, and like it or not we all have to deal with it until you FoxPropaganda Zombie-pawns-for-the-Corporate-takeover-of-America-turning-every-non-Corporation-owner-citizen-into-slaves IDIOTS, wake up!

    A great many of them are now waking up to what they are clearly doing (Union busting, throwing taxpayer $ to Corporates, killing jobs, pay & benefits, etc.) seeing clearly that their interest is not at all in the US citizens, but Corporates only!

    You TP shit-for-brains!

  8. @xxxmailbin "The unions will collapse soon “I love it” pay your own way in life just like hard working Americans. Obama is not marching with you as promised."

    I have never been a Union worker. However, I am smart enough to know that without them there never would have been a middle class. Unions set the precedent on pay and benefits for everyone in the country, so without them you would not be making even 20% of the pay you earn now, nor would you have any benefits at all.

  9. @xxxmailbin

    If it weren't for Unions you would be living in a cardboard shack with no electricity. Your children would not be in school. Instead, they would be working in a sweatshop somewhere so your family can put food on the table. This is how things were before Unions. I'll bet you like your toys. Your cellphones, HDTV, computer, car, etc.. Well, you could say goodbye to all of them – without unions you would never be able to afford such extravagances they'd be too far out of your reach.

  10. @xxxmailbin

    National Survey: It has been historically and scientifically proven numerous times that Conservative surveys lie and that those people that fall for them are weak minded to be hypnotized into believing them.

  11. @xxxmailbin All other surveys point out that if the election were held today, Walker would lose in a landslide, and so would most of the Republican Assembly and Senate candidates that won. It has been proven that the TP winning politicians hold their offices as if they were dictators. Walker has already implemented the same illegal strategy with the security guards in the State House that he did in Milwaukee, you know the one that cost that city millions because of the illegality of it.

  12. @xxxmailbin

    Don't forget…, the whole Tea-Party movement was created by and consists of Sore Losers. Your stupidity will be your downfall. I'd start collecting cardboard now, before it becomes scarce. You'll need something to shield you from the cold when your Corporate mind-control owners make you homeless.

  13. @xxxmailbin

    BTW: the Rasmussen poll (the Republican one) took as many a seven different polls, all worded differently, in hopes to show that the public favored Scott Walker's desire to crush the Unions by denying them the right to collective bargaining. The best they could achieve was 39% in their favor.

  14. @xxxmailbin "Protesters in Wisconsin are mostly all white"

    That's a lie, and you know it. Maybe Fox is just using pictures from white supremacist rallies by order of the Corporations that own you, in the continued attempt to instill fear in you about the dreaded liberal. You FoxPropaganda zombies can't even notice the fakeness of their so-called "news".

  15. @xxxmailbin
    Fox goes to a reporter allegedly in the Madison Capital, he talks for a bit in literal silence. Suddenly the sound of an angry protest in the background is heard. It is so very obvious that the sound was dubbed in, yet the Zombies fall for it. What's more, they show a video of what's supposed to be angry Wisconsin protesters, but wait…, they aren't so heavily dressed for Wisconsin in the dead of Winter & the streets are lined with palm trees! You don't notice a problem there, Bub?

  16. @xxxmailbin "I’m praying for your ASS."

    Oh, God…, You're one of those religiously compulsive liars. What do they call them again? Oh, yeah…, Fundamentalists!

  17. @xxxmailbin "The drive by media’s job is to keep the middles class divided, divide African Americans from the GOP. Democrats get into office and throw you a bone."

    The Republicans, and even more, the TP's, speak and do nothing but degrade the African-American community. I'd say their doing a fine enough job alienating them themselves.

    Hey…, at least they are capable enough to get us (the US citizens) that bone. The Conservatives only want to take it back, and replace it with nothing.

  18. 1.2 Trillion deficit! Isn't it the house that passes the spending bills? Correct me if I'm wrong….I believe the president may place the bills before congress, then it's congress that has the final say by passing the bill…..and under both Bush and Obama, the Democrats had the power. Just a point to think about!

  19. Is this what we're paying taxes for? Why should the House of Representatives be concerned about what ever Gullioni has to say? Is this type rhetoric going to persuade someone to fix our economy or help make jobs available for the citizens or take care of the escalating price of fuels and food? HEY, ALAN GRAYSON, GET BACK TO WORK OR RESIGN YOUR SEAT!!!

  20. @jjammin1812

    You call me a Troll, and you're the one following my comments. You're an idiot, an Un-American TP idiot!

  21. @jjammin1812 "Why should the House… be concerned about what ever Gullioni has to say? HEY, ALAN GRAYSON, GET BACK TO WORK OR RESIGN YOUR SEAT!!!"

    Why should anyone be interested in anything Giulliani has to say? All his sentences consist of a noun, a verb, and 9/11.

    Just what seat do you want Alan Grayson to resign from? In your zeal to be "smart", your stupidity shines for all to see. Alan Grayson lost his seat to his TP challenger. Florida is a FoxPropaganda State full of Zombies!

  22. @jjammin1812

    Alan Grayson worked as hard as he could, and helped to pass many laws that will benefit you greatly. He worked very hard to pull your head out of your ass, but you really like it in there!

  23. @jjammin1812

    Hey, idiot. We still had the Bush tax cuts and two wars that Republicans were able to keep alive through filibustering. They were what added to the deficit. Taxes are necessary. If there is no money coming in, how can any of it go out? It takes money to run a Government. Anyone that doubts that is just an uneducated idiot, nothing more.

  24. @findthelight2000 The troll strikes again! Is someone twisting your arm making you respond? This is a sure sign of someone out of control lost in a make-believe world all their own.

    And, sense I don't follow Florida politics, I never knew he got voted out….but I can see why!

    I wasn't addressing you, shit for brains….so fuck off…eat shit….dildo breathe ass licker!!!

  25. @jjammin1812

    You were addressing me. You followed me here. You admit you are not a follower of Florida politics, so why are you here if not to be trolling?

  26. @findthelight2000 How I got here is IRRELEVANT! If you MUST KNOW, I WAS CHECKING OUT "TYT" due to a suggestion. This happens to be the first site given to me to check out.

    So, YOU REALLY SHOULD get over it, you ARE NOW A PROVEN TROLL !ONE MORE POINT OF INTEREST; GUESS WHAT, the fucking world doesn't rotate around you. And I didn't address you AT ALL IN the Fisrt Place. NO, it was YOU who sent the first comment to me.

  27. @jjammin1812

    I love it…! Half the time you want to tell people how they should live while you thump your Bible. The other half of the time you rage out in anger at anyone who doesn't agree with you, using the most filthy gutter talk imaginable. Where in the Bible does it say you should do that?

    BTW: I also love how you ran away from the "Ellen" video. Removing the worst of your messages so no one will comment on them anymore. When you're wrong in so many ways, you can't have the last word.

  28. @carolus1966 What the fuck are you doing here? Did findthedark invite you to come see the bullshit of this video or are you just here to troll me like he is? What the fuck is wrong with you people? You just can't leave me alone, can ya? FUCK OFF!!!

  29. @jjammin1812

    Yes…, I invited everyone from the "Ellen" video to join us here to experience your paranoid schizophrenia!

    It's hilarious!

  30. @jjammin1812

    Let me be more specific…, make that your Evangelical/Fundamentalist Tea-Party Paranoid Schizophrenia!

  31. If Grayson would have stuck to attacking fiscally irresponsible government agencies, which he was really good at, he probably would have gotten re-elected. But rants like this remind me of Ron Paul… they guy seems totally fine and intelligent, right up until he starts talking about aliens and lizard people. The world has one David Icke… we don't need any more.

  32. The Republicans just cannot admit when they have fucked up…

    Once they get an idea in their head, they stick to it, not caring how many lives they ruin…

  33. Its time that loyal Americans started dusting off their guns to shoot a few Tea Party politicians. Come on Democrats, show that you're just as nasty and fierce as the Republicans.

  34. He says that conventional wisdom is how we change Washington, but all he did is put down two politicians from the past, while doing nothing to further the agenda of current Congress. An irrelevant statement.

  35. Dear everybody,
    Not only do I love TYT, but also Alan Grayson is the freaking boss. There is nothing else to be said. EXCEPT: SUCK ON THAT CONSERVATIVES.

  36. right wing/left wing who gives a shit. Grayson and Paul are my political heroes because they both practice their oath of office by defending the constitution of the United States of America.

  37. It tells something deep about American ppl stupidy that hero like Mr. Alan Grayson wont get re-elected. He's one of the only politics (in USA) that rational non-US citizen would ever consider to vote for.

  38. Ummm you made a spelling mistake :suck on that REPUBLICANS. I'm a conservative in Canada, it insults me when people compare me to your right wing, you don't have conservatives in the U.S

  39. Alan Grayson gets real and tells the Rethuglicans a little 'bout themselves. Good for him. It's a relief that someone finally has said that the emperor has no clothes.

    Rethuglicans screw up everything with their malignant greed, avarice, faux-appeals to "patriotism, and scorched-earth political maneuvers."

    Intelligent republican are a true rarity — and there is very good reason why this is so.

  40. Yea definitely, who wants universal healthcare? A lower unemployment rate? Lower crime rates? hahaha Americans love the idea of exceptionalism for absolutely nothing. Your country sucks the fattest cock on the planet. Keep getting fucked in the ass by your officials though 🙂 so sad so so sad

  41. Canada isnt even a country eh? You need the Canucks mate. Their energy resource and sound fiscally disciplined economy may well underpin your crazy fucked up situation.

  42. Wait until all the crazy GOP hicks start deserting the ship and realize that Canada is a paradise compared to their gun ridden anarchy.

  43. All Dumbcrats do is back a an unlawful traitor and gert the bum elected with illeagle voters and any slimy way they can.Bunch of scum bags and U are one also!

  44. So now Grayson can say that the democrats respected our civil liberties except for the NDAA, and Obama fixed the budget exept he tripled it. Its not just republicans.

  45. Slow down there Hoser! I'm from Michigan, and I love Canada, but the USA isn't THAT bad. I will admit though that if I ever find that Al Qeada is planning another major strike, I might send them the address of the next GOP convention.

  46. I am not anti American.Its a great country but the GOP has moved away from its origins. 50 years ago they were sane and the true descendants of Lincoln's heritage, but now they pander to all the worst elements in US society the NRA, Evangelical Fundamentalism, Anti secularism, Homophobia and Racism! Obama is not a socialist by any measure. I dont rate him because he is not tough enough on cutting defense spending and spending in general. Bill Clinton balanced the books, GW h fucked them.

  47. I can't argue with that. Proof of how much I like Canada is that I am not working to have them all forcibly removed across the border 🙂

  48. Have you been to Vancouver recently? Loads of Americans working there. We still have a house in Florida but I will sell it as soon as the market recovers.

  49. Sorry, that's a few thousand miles out of the way for me. Windsor, London, or Toronto are more in my area, and my West coast trips tend to be to Southern California where my brother lives. I hear it's a great place though.

  50. I worked in Victoria and Vancouver and lived there for 4 years before moving to San Diego and then back to the UK.Vancouver is beautiful but it is overcast there and its rainier than London (England) Are from Detroit then? Heard its rough there economically.

  51. I used to live near Lansing (about 150 KM) from Detroit, but I worked as a consultant for many Detroit area firms. Now I live on the "West Coast" – Michigan's west coast that is – in a town called Muskegon. It's a great place to sail – the Great Lakes are like oceans without the hassles of salt water.

  52. I have a boat here in England on the souuth coast.Its a 10 m Sigma but my 2 sons sail it more than I do now. I didnt learn to sail until I was 45.

  53. Never been to Michigan except one stopover at Detroit, but I ve been to Chicago a few times. I love Chicago Blues and prefer Chicago Pizza to New York's.

  54. it makes me laugh how every ones a republican or a conservative or what ever they are can we just be a human being first and for most

  55. There are a lot of the "mouths that roar" in D.C., including Rep. Grayson…The difference, of course, is that Alan, who lost his seat during the 2010 aberration, won it back, and has brought his bag of bombast BACK to the House floor…Too precious for simple words to describe…RIDE 'EM COWBOY! (works in Texas)

  56. somebody else turned my heater on for the winter sooo that does not count right, and i shouldn't have to pay electric bill sence that does not count right . haha!! Mr. Grason is killin me , he's not scared of none of them

  57. Basing what you think of the conservatives on what one conservative thinks … Typical for Liberals… You dont see us base what we believe about you guys on what one person says… Thats what access hollywood does every night at seven when they talk about celebrities

  58. @Senate_GOPs stop letting AIPAC ruin your re-election. Your fear of not honoring their pledges so they don't sick Hannity and Limbaugh on you is not as effective as all of America watching you be the #Stupidparty

  59. "You dont see us base what we believe about you guys on what one person says…"

    HAHAHAHAH! Really? You honestly can't be serious.

  60. You mean by running for an entirely different district that's skewed toward the Demokrats in the double digits?

  61. Republicans hate big government when it stops them from having their greedy/ crazy way. and they love it when they can have their way.

  62. The Republican / Democrat debate is a smoke screen..The Repubs and Democratas are ON THE SAME TEAM…See professional wrestling…Same thing, fighting in the ring and drinking together after work..All bullshit all the time..All geared to taking everything you got….


  64. He is a hero for the American population unfortunately, … every politician should act like Alan Grayson , acting under their Oath. We need to support that honest man all of us and in every countries.

  65. Yea 9/11 doesn't count as a surprise attack. Because for Cheney (and possibly bush), it wasn't a surprise. Sorry but I believe in evidence and the evidence for 9/11 being either an inside job, or being allowed to be carried out to go into perpetual war, is too heavy to ignore. I don't believe the moon landing was faked and other crap because to me the evidence doesn't stack up for it being faked. But 9/11 definitely has plenty.

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