Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Talks Democratic Socialism | AJ+

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Talks Democratic Socialism | AJ+

I don’t believe that in a moral and wealthy America, people should be too poor to live. How are you feeling?
Can you put it into words? Nope. I cannot put this into words. You are from the Bronx, born and raised. You actually represent and live in the community that you hope to represent in Congress, when
we see all too often Congress members not even living in their district, like
your opponent. What does it mean for you to have effective representation like that? There’s been so many, especially working-class people in the Bronx that
are so excited. I went to my bodega last night and people were just excited and
clapping. I think it just means a lot to be seen and to feel seen and to feel
like one of you, a representative from your community that cares, that stays
there, has a voice in what’s going on. Most of your fundraising was small
donations and you refused to take corporate PAC money. Why was that so
important to you? I wanted to be a 100% accountable representative to my
community. I believe that the role of money in politics is really degrading
our democracy and hurting our ability to have effective government. There’s a lot
you can do without money. You can knock on your neighbor’s door without money.
You can make phone calls without money. And that’s just what we did for a really,
really long time. As this race goes on to the midterms, do you see a scenario where you’re going to have to start taking corporate money? And would you do it? I won’t. I am totally fine working with political organizations, but the
line that I want to draw is pretending that I am neutral in policymaking when
I’m taking money from one side that has a vested, for-profit interest. You’re running on a “Medicare-for-All,” free public college, a
federal jobs guarantee. Which is the top priority for you and how are you going to
pay for this? That’s always a question, “How are you gonna pay for it?” War is very expensive too and we never ask about that. We only ask how we’re gonna pay for
things when we’re talking about taking care of people. The GOP tax cut costs the United States $400 billion. You know what you could have done with $400 billion? You could have forgiven
every single federal student loan debt in America. That’s what you could have
done with $400 billion. We want improved and expanded “Medicare for all.” We want tuiton-free public colleges and trade schools. We want a green new
deal to address climate change. I’m an idealist in my goals, I’m an idealist in
my vision, and I’m very pragmatic about how I get there. I don’t believe that in
a moral and wealthy America, people should be too poor to live. I find that
to be an unacceptable state – that you can be too poor to see a doctor, that you can be
too poor to send your child to the school that actually gives them options
for their future. And I want to live in a society that does not fail people’s most
basic needs to live. And so that for me, it’s about dignity. You call for the abolishment of ICE, and I think a lot of people forget that ICE hasn’t really been around all that long. It was born
out of the so-called War on Terror. It’s been around since 2003, only. But what do you see as a replacement for ICE? I think that immigration should be safe. I think that we should grant people a safe and documented rite of passage. Republicans
try all these scare tactics and they go, “Oh, open borders!” Because they’re trying to incite fear. But what we really need to do is demilitarize a lot of
what’s going on in terms of the detention of people, which has been
happening for a very long time, by the way. And so I think that when we
talk about replacing it with a system, when you talk about really having a
system that is safe, that documents people effectively, that is also not
rooted in the discrimination that our immigration system was initially built
on. The first immigration law in the United States was the Chinese Exclusion
Act. The first law about immigration in the United States was, “How do we exclude a specific type of people?” And our immigration system has really kind of
evolved from that initial root, and I don’t think it necessarily has to
be that way. Days before your election you left New York and you went down to the southern border to protest these family separations that we’re seeing and
you said the moral character of our nation is on the line. Right now, the nation that we are living in is a country that, an administration,
that has committed international human rights abuses by separating children from their parents. That is being done in our name. Once something that extreme happens, we have to act immediately. Do you see any parallels between the Muslim ban and what’s going on on the border right now? Absolutely, absolutely. What the administration is doing is racializing
the fight over immigration and that is kind of stoking an increased sense of
bigotry in the country. And so there’s absolutely a connection. And that is why
I think we have to be in solidarity with each other. You’ve been outspoken in your
support for Palestinian human rights, which some would say is political
suicide for a New York politician, very uncommon for someone in Congress or
running for Congress. You called Israel’s response to peaceful protesters in Gaza a “massacre” in a tweet. Why was it so easy for you to see it that way? It’s just not about nationality. It’s about people who are unarmed who are killed.
If 60 people were shot and killed in Ferguson, if 60 people were shot and
killed in Puerto Rico, if 60 people were shot and killed in the South Bronx. It’s tragic. It’s tragic. You’re speaking directly to
working class folks. Do you think your message and yourself appeals to Trump supporters? Just because I may be aghast at the way that somebody voted, doesn’t mean that I’m going to permanently dismiss them. I’m a woman of color that
comes from a working-class, sometimes even poor background depending on the
year. And a vote for Donald Trump, a lot of times I could take it as a personal
rebuke of everything that I am, but I just cannot give in to that
because I still believe that there’s a lot of people that could be won over on
that agenda, on my agenda. Do you think we can talk about class without talking about race, and talk about race without talking about class? No, no. There’s this
false notion that you can separate these two issues, there’s a false notion that
you have to pick one or another, and it is patently false. This is the United
States of America. We have to confront our history. We founded our nation on an
economic system of slavery. That has evolved to Jim Crow laws. It evolved
into mass incarceration. There is no economic issue in the United States that
does not have racial implications and vice versa. You look at issues like
immigration, you look at issues like criminal justice reform, private prisons.
They all have economic implications. And the idea of saying, “Oh, we need to talk
about class and not race,” is to also erase the identity of many people. It’s not like only one class, creed, religion of person is working class. So it’s clearly a dark time for a lot of people in the country, especially young
progressives who have just been seeing you know a lot of doom and gloom since
Donald Trump was elected president. What do you say to young people to give
them hope and to get them engaged? Wherever there is a fight, there is hope.
When people stop fighting, that is when hope ends. And I think that’s what we proved on Tuesday, that no matter the odds, change
is possible in America and that our nation is never beyond repair.

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100 thoughts on “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Talks Democratic Socialism | AJ+

  1. Keep voting for these solialist/communist/globolist pricks and the American Dream and this great country will be destroyed. Abraham Lincoln and the Founders warned us.

  2. The hardscrabble biography of Democrat Congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been called into question after the revelation that she grew up mostly in wealthy Westchester County.

    Though Ocasio-Cortez, 28, was born in and currently lives in the Bronx, county land records show her late father Sergio Cortez-Roman bought a quaint three-bedroom in Yorktown Heights, New York in 1991, when she was about two.

    It is an apparent contradiction with the candidate's official biography, which states in part: 'The state of Bronx public schools in the late 80s and early 90s sent her parents on a search for a solution. She ended up attending public school 40 minutes north in Yorktown, and much of her life was defined by the 40 minute commute between school and her family in the Bronx.

  3. We need to start making anyone who is elected have to take an iQ test…if theyre below a certain level they cannot serve in office….stop electing stupid people!!!

  4. Our public schools are absolute garbage, and the worth of the average BA/BS degree in state schools has degraded laughably in the past decades, so the solution is to pay everyone to go and enlarge the system to epic proportions? Brilliant.

  5. I don't want to forgive every stupid student loan fools took out for a gender studies degree. There is NO future to live for under socialism. And you can't have open borders and a welfare state – ever. Socialism always ends in genocide and starvation.

  6. "The GOP tax cut cost the United States 400 billion dollars." LOL Socialists believe the government is the answer to all things. Where does she think the 400 billion dollars come from? Some of that is in my pocket because "The United States Government" DID NOT CONFISCATE IT FROM ME.

  7. 2:07 I sort of agree with her except on immigration, but one question I have for her and anyone else who supports her is how the Federal government is going to pay for the programs she proposes?

  8. 400 billion dollars in tax break will pay for 1.5 trillion dollars in student debt. Her student loan debt argument is wrong. There was no muslim ban and Republicans are not racializing immigration that would be the Democrats. It's not about nationality that's what fascists say.

  9. (2:13) – Tax cuts don't "cost". Government spending does. Despite the tax cuts, federal REVENUES are actually running HIGHER this year than last per treasury data. The increase in the deficit are the result of increased government spending. These politicians, Republicans and Democrats, continue to spend more and more regardless of our deficit and have been doing so for decades. (2:05) The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are expensive. Somewhere around $6 trillion since 2001. Now this Democrat wants to add free healthcare at an estimated $13 – $20 trillion estimate over 10 years. Free college at $5 Trillion over 10 years. Plus college debt forgiveness at $1.35 trillion. And she promotes a government jobs guarantee program that pays $15 bucks an hour… forget the cost of this one, how many people quit their jobs to enroll in this government program? Employers would be forced to pay more; yay right? But of course they will simply pass the cost on to everyone (inflation). Not to mention what "jobs" does the government plan to pay all these folks to perform? I suggest this "idealist" get a grip on reality and work hard to STOP GOVERNMENT TAKING AND SPENDING instead of saying, "they spend 6 Trillion on that so why not spend 30 Trillion on this". If you think taxes are already too high, just wait and see what happens if this 28 year old achieves her goals. Bye – Bye USA.

  10. (5:39) Ok, now I see why she is promoted by the Qatari government – "innocent Gaza protesters" – This is a simple lie by Hamas and Cortez at 28 years old doesn't understand anything so she bought it and is helping the terrorist organization by speaking out on their behalf. The lies support the stated goal of Hamas: the de-legitimization and destruction of Israel. Hamas itself has confirmed that 80% of those killed in their violent riots were members of a terrorist group, not innocent civilians. Several more of the fatalities were claimed by Palestinian Islamic Jihad. They were paying $14 a person or $100 a family for attendance—and $500 if they managed to get injured. Hamas forced all of their commanders and operatives to go to the border dressed as civilians. Way to be a leader Cortez.

  11. Oh this video is too much, "clearly a dark time in the country for a lot of people… especially young progressives… who have just been seeing, you know, a lot of doom and gloom since Donald Trump has been elected President…" ha When people stop fighting that's when hope ends? I would suggest when you stop trying to divide the country on intersectional lines for political gains THAT'S when hope BEGINS.

  12. 5 billion dollars for a useless wall…. AOC is the new political order! Love you!

  13. She's from million dollar neighbourhood Westchester, not from the Bronx. She went to Yorkville high School. She can't debate, and choke when challenged. I do hope she wins the presidency because the price of commodities will sky rocket.

  14. This thief doesn't realise that the $400 billion belongs to others who earned it, not the government. She expects one group of taxpayers to foot the bill for students who enrolled in overpriced university degrees. Let the students parents pay off the college loans rather than expecting other taxpayers to bail out the students.

    "Green" energy won't do a thing to stop the climate from changing. It will only put more taxpayers money in the pockets of well connected green energy corporations. This thief doesn't realise that the poor in America are better off than most people in Latin America where she hails from. Most poor people in America have food, housing, plumbing and toilets, a car, a television, a mobile phone, Internet access, heating and cooling. If she wants to help the poor she should go to a socialist country.

  15. Maldita guerrilera take her to Venezuela take her to colombia to see if she’s so fond of her bs socialism stupid people

  16. The UK has socialized medicine yet there are still people too poor to live. In fact, there are so many unemployed and working poor it's outrageous. Having "free" stuff doesn't fix anything, it just creates more poverty through taxes.

  17. This little socialist needs to be shut down now. She would definitely shun anyone who voted Trump. She is a bigot herself but she cannot see it.

  18. Cortez is another one of the Liberal Radical Socialist in today's sick-minded leftists spewing ignorance to the masses.

  19. This shit cant work. It doesn't work, this is why we study history. There are just too many examples of how socialism has not worked in history. In fact, it has NEVER worked…. ever…. Venezuela is a failed state now because of it. I get a lot of you supporters see things through an urban lense, but the urban life is one that is shored up by the rural (republican) world. And that world exists as it does because it is directly rooted in nature, growing and harvesting food that is sent into the city for one… You just cant give people hand outs, because where are the hand outs coming from? What happens when you no longer have anyone to take from anymore? We already know businesses leave when you tax too much. So then people wont have jobs (no money), there wont be any place to buy food at ( grocery store cant afford to stay open), the farmers cant grow crops to send to the grocery store ( farmers are barely surviving as it is…. very quickly our system would collapse under socialism… please see that.

  20. "The republican tax cut cost us $400 billion."

    Not quite, here's a neat web page with all the tax revenues by year for the US (first link) and GDP by year with major fiscal events noted (second link)

    Looking at this page you will note tax revenue for 2015 ($3.25 T/$16.9T or 19.2%), 2016 ($3.27 T/$17.39T or 18.8%), 2017 ($3.32 T/$17.66T or 18.8%), 2018 ($3.34 T/$18.05T or 18.5%), 2019 (~$3.422 T/~$18.61T or 18.4%). I have added US GDP from the prior year for a reference point of the tax base available. 2018, would have been the first year when the republican tax cuts would be in force. So, what do we see? A $20 billion tax revenue increase from 2017 but a decrease of 0.3% of revenue relative to GDP when compared with 2016 and 2017 relative rates. If we assume (which would be dumb but for sake of argument) that all income growth occurred in the same income brackets and income types in 2017 and 2018, that would be an estimated tax revenue loss of $54b (13.5% of the AOC estimate of $400bn).

    While it is important to recognize tax revenue relative to GDP isn't quite so straight forward and the fringe benefits/detriments of tax cuts or increases are not possible to capture with limited information, the point is to demonstrate that a tax cut (or increase) does not cause a direct and proportional increase or decrease to tax revenue. Therefore, it would be foolish to calculate the net loss to the US gov based on the estimated tax rate on individuals devoid of all other factors, as demonstrated by the actual tax revenue to GDP numbers.


    What does National Socialist German Worker’s Party mean? Is it different from “Democratic socialism”? Only in semantics. A Democracy is mob rule, which is why America is actually a constitutional, representative republic, not a democracy. A representative republic protects the minority from the majority, whereas a democracy is the rule of the majority. Leftists get caught up in words, getting tripped up over “National Socialism” as opposed to “Democrat Socialism.” But it’s just that. Semantics. So when Hitler ginned up hatred for the Jews, he could get the mob to agree with him. He could get the mob to believe him. There were no representatives to stop Hitler. He was one man helming the desperation of a majority of people. See the difference?

    A lesson history has repeatedly taught us: Capitalism produces prosperity and lifts people out of poverty while socialism inevitably results in privation and misery.

  22. Look at what she is planning to do. It is no different than democracies that went to socialism, then dictatorships, in the past. Hitler, Lenin, Chavez …the same program and the same result will ensue. In the end they have a VERY few enjoying lavish life styles, no upward mobility, and the impoverished masses they claim to represent suffering the most. Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it. There is no free lunch. Never has been and never will be.

  23. GO GIRL! She’s the future and more like her are rising up. It’s scared the crap of Dumb Trump Stone Age followers and short sided minded people. These are the people are controlled by the wealthiest, Corporate lobbyist.

  24. I stand with the judge, America is great because of our legal system but the Muslim organizations in the USA are trying to exploit our Government system like they have done in other counties that they took over and now they are doing the same here in the USA. It is a known fact that Muslims do not like how we live in the western society so when someone challenge or when people voice out their concerns they will call it racial profiling because they are Muslims and good people like Judge Pirro and others will be rebuked. The Muslim are staring a race war and it will not matter what race you are, they are getting the blacks against the whites and once that is over with they have us right in their hands. I do not listen to anything that Omar puts out because she and the other ISIS human disposals when they ask for forgiveness repent or second chance, those are hardcore determined terrorists, Islam and
    the Quran is full of hate, violence and hypocrisy.

  25. "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." – Winston Churchill

  26. This needs an Arabic (cc) option, translation of this would help the Arab world understand American better.

  27. She's rich. She lives in a above average neighborhood. She does take corporate money. We don't live in a democracy.

  28. Socialism will be payed with violence and blood the same way we pay for war. I'm a man of color but I won't let her have her way.Viva America

  29. We make the wealthy pay instead of the poor! Pretty simple! Oh, by the way, let's have democracy in the workplace where 25 to 40% of all corporate boardrooms are workers! Yeah…Isn't it ironic that the Pentagon gets trillions to make war on the poor in poor countries and the poor in our country are the ones being asked to kill the poor in the poor countries. The richest people should be on the front line with an M-16 in their hands and the poorest people should make the decisions whether to go to war or make peace.

  30. AOC , as an American woman (who probable has never gone without toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, milk, bread, electricity, water like Venezuelans go without EVERY DAY under the "democratic socialism" of Maduro) thinking she knows what socialism is about IS LAUGHABLE IF IT WERENT SUCH A CYNICAL SLAP ON THE FACE OF THE SUFFERING 95 % OF VENEZUELANS WHO WANT TO GET RID OF THAT EMPOVERISHING AND ENSLAVING SYSTEM THAT OPPRESSES THEM (AND WHICH AOC AND SANDERS REFUSED TO CONDEM , WHEN ASKED TO DO SO BY REPORTERS RECENTLY). Venezuelans trusted in Hugo Chavez 20 years ago when he said his was "a new socialism, a new and democratjc socialism of the 21st century." ; and how did that turn out for those gullible and reckless Venezuelan voters that put the deceiving and ambitious "democratic socialust" Chavez in power…? People who believe in AOC's lying BS should realize that "those who are ignorant of the true history of the past ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT", and for sure they will daily go without toilet paoer, shampoo, soap, bread, milk, electricity, water in their houses too….Note: While all this was going on in Venezuela ( under " democratic socialist Hugo Chavez , and is still going on under his "democratic socialist" successor Maduro) Hugo Chavez's daughter was living THE VERY MUCH CAPITALISTIC LIFE OF A BILLIONAIRE IN THE USA ( In New York of all places)AND SHE STILL DOES TO THIS DAY….I guess that even in "democratic socialism" SOME AE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS. PLEASE MY GOOD PEOPLE , DON'T GET FOOLED BY THE VERY AMBITIOUS, BUT ALSO VER CYNICAL " "democratic socialusts" BERNIE SANDERS and AOC (and those calling her shots)) WHO ARE HOPING FOR SURE BANKING (and literarily cashing in) ON THEIR EMPTY PROMISES (that like in Venezuela and Cuba NEVER MATERIALIZED AFTER DECADES OF TRYING SOCIALISM) Sadly for US these politicians are the proverbial "WOLVES DRESSED UP IN SHEEP's CLOTHING"….

  31. i cannot beleive how far left amarica is going. it has been a slow drip, drip, drip towards it in the last 30 yrs, but is now poised to make the big leap of faith into socialism. in some ways, america has improved over the last 30 years, eg seems to be less crime but that might be perception. in other ways, eg how cut throat health insurance is now, health insurance scams, america has gone downhill. socialism though, will not improve things. i grew up with socialism and nobody ever had any money to do anything. if the government looks after you, they also control you.

  32. She completely ignores the need for personal responsibility. Is it wrong to have to work hard to improve yourself? You don't get a six pack by eating McDonalds for every meal. You earn it. Why is it wrong to work a part time job and go to college? Why should I have to contribute my low middle class tax dollar to fund an 18 year old's college tuition when he/she isn't motivated enough to work AND study?

    Bail-outs suck and rarely pay off.

  33. AOC needs to know what Socialism is before pretending to know what Socialism is even Bernie Sanders failed to pay his Staff $15 dollars an hour.

  34. Make a rule that parents money and assets cant go to kids. Every kid study and should work to get their own position in the the society. We are living in dictatorship of rich men. Capitalism is just a mask.

  35. Of corse a Jihad channel has this evil woman on .
    The squad is dismantling the Democratic Party and a good portion of America .
    Wake up people .
    Do you not see the connection with Islam and Democratic Socialism ,
    It’s designed to weaken and divide the country .
    And this idiot is just a pawn

  36. A socialist who lives it up like a “Haute Burgeoisie”.

    How wonderful.



  37. A Latina in the US that wants to change the US in the country her parents once fled. ALL, and I mean ALL socialist states are FAILED states. Cortez should know this better then everyone. Just look at Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, just to name a few failed, latino, socialist states. It's like the Muslims in Europe. They come in, enjoy all the welfare, all the democratic freedoms, and then they create politic parties that democratically want to change the EU countries into their own home countries that they themselves or their parents once fled. It's ironic. I'm not racist or anything, i'm just noting that we allow people into our western countries that don't want the best for us. Our countries are not perfect, but these outsiders that come here want to change it into something that is FAR worse. And they use the elite leftists to achieve this, calling everyone that disagrees a racist, fascist, xenophobe and a sexist if they don't agree. Multiculturalism has failed, and we should not allow more outsiders with different views to our continents (Europa & America). If this continues things WILL get very, very, very bloody. The majority will rise just before it becomes the minority and we will get our countries back. Capitalism, freedom, nationalism, religion and patriotism are the cornerstones of our nations for hundreds of years. These things made us great, and now outsiders come here and want to destroy everything.

  38. If the democrats enact extreme gun control and socialism, the American people may wage a straight up revolution.

  39. How does 60% or so taxes make me less poor? I pay less for privatized health insurance and college tuition than the extra 30% tax hike. Your garnishment of wages and redistribution makes everyone poor now. Who's gonna pay my mortgage and car payment and car insurance if I only bring home 1/3 of my wages for life. Not to mention I'll be out of a job soon afterwards when your welfare state and huge government spending slows our economy to a halt. I guess we will just have to do what scandaniva did and dismiss socialism and reform policies to a less regulated free market and cut back entitlements for the betterment of our people

  40. The only reason America is wealthy is because of capitalism. Ask anyone who's lived under the boots of communism they will all tell you it's a nightmare they hate it

  41. You can't bring a great country like America down from the outside without guaranteeing your own destruction, it can only be brought down from within by slowly poisoning the minds of its citizens and causing resentment and self-loathing.

  42. The US is not a democracy. It is Federal Republic. And for good reason. No one wants mob rule. AJ+ go peddle your globalist agenda somewhere else. You are the enemy of freedom and liberty.

  43. So this is the video PragerU is so afraid of. Its all political bullspit at the end of the day. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen and put your money where your mouth is.

  44. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez makes me a mixed-race bisexual libertarian think of vote for Donald Trump
    that crazy communist lady is that bad

  45. Why should rich people should paid more?!
    Coz safe country with democracy and human rights is attracting the money growth and had stable economy
    So this country had lush environment for investment so as rich you should give back
    Socialism is not about free stuff everyone paid highe taxes

  46. I can’t wait to starve and live in a shit economy. Hey don’t worry my misery is gonna end since the world is gonna end in 12 years am I right? ʅ(◞‿◟)ʃ

  47. The problem with this is that democratic socialism doesn't include Trump voters, who are also part of the working class. It doesn't adress them. It rather dehumanizes or dismisses them, which I think is utterly wrong and counterproductive

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