American Political Bribery & Extraction | The Real Ratigan

American Political Bribery & Extraction | The Real Ratigan

The entire premise of America– the whole idea, the concept of equal opportunity and the ability for anybody from any walk of life, in order to make a better life for themselves, to be able to deliver something that creates value for their community, for our country in order to make their living, has been completely subverted by a culture of political bribery, auctioning for access and ultimately extraction based on rigged political rules that why do you think people pay so much money for politicians in the first place? You think they’re doing that because it’s fun for them? Why do you think that the wealthiest people in this country– less than 400 of them account for more than 50% of all the political spending? What do you think they are buying? And what message does that send to the children of America that are told in the mythology that anybody can make it here and whatever you do, if you create value, you’ll create wealth for yourself, what happens to that myth when what is played out before us is not wealth engendered through ingenuity and investment, but wealth engendered through political bribery and extraction?

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One thought on “American Political Bribery & Extraction | The Real Ratigan

  1. Beautifully said and really describes the nepotism and cronyism the United |Kingdom where they even use the force of law against entrepreneurs (eg British Telecom used the Police in 1989 to try and extract ideas from start up ISPs when they had not even thought of it).Unfortunately our media are NOT peppered by decent people like Mr Ratigan we have nepotism and cronyism writ large.The revolution will have to be in America.

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