An Education on Political Islam with Bill Warner: The Crusades and Jihad

An Education on Political Islam with Bill Warner: The Crusades and Jihad

The bigger problem is, that when it comes
to Islam’s history and doctrine, we are profoundly professionally ignorant. It is astounding how much is not known about
this in universities and in churches. Hi everyone and welcome, this is the Apostate
Prophet. I’m here today with a very important person
that I’ve waited for for a long time. Dr. Bill Warner who has made very important
work in the recent years about, Islam especially about what he calls political Islam. He also made some very special work on the
topic the Crusades versus the jihad, and I also want to talk with him about that today. Let me just get to him directly so that he
can introduce himself and can start talking. Hello, Dr. Bill, how are you? I’m doing very well and delighted to be here
with you. Let me have a personal statement here. In my opinion, some of the biggest heroes
on earth are those who leave Islam and then speak to the public, and you’re one of those
people who’s a hero. Thank you very much! I appreciate that a lot. I want to come directly to your background,
one of the most important things to get out of the way. You are a part of the science community. You have a PhD in a in a science field. Could you tell us more about your background? Well, we need to go back to when I was a child. I was raised in a very religious family and
the kind of Christianity we practiced was very text-based, that is we were called bible
thumpers as an example. So, from childhood, early age, preteen, I
started studying the Old Testament and the New Testament, and so when I left home, one
of the things I did was, I became very interested in mysticism. And so, my first contact with Islam was with
a Sufi master, and that’s… So, I studied Sufism for about a year, but
there were some things about it that I thought were dark corners that they didn’t speak about. Later I would know these were jihad and Sharia,
so I left. But as a professor, much later in life, I
had many Muslim students, and I believe that to truly understand anybody you to know their
religion because religion shapes character, personality, morals, and even your history
and your culture. So, I read the Quran, I’d read it before but
only bits and pieces, so then I read the whole thing from cover to cover. Then I read the life of Muhammad and I went:
“Whew, we have a problem.” So, on 9/11, September 11th 2001, when I saw
the second plane hit the second tower, I said this is jihad, Islam is here, and so I decided
what I wanted to do was to vote my life to making the doctrine of Islam easily understandable
because I’m a scientist and I like to teach with the fundamental facts of the matter,
and that’s what got me started. That’s very interesting. I didn’t know about the Sufism part, because
I didn’t tell you about my past but I was indeed a part of this Sufi order when I was
a Muslim. Really? Yes. Who would have thought we would have that
in common? I didn’t know that about you. I was part of that for about three to four
years, decided to get into that, I was so much in love with it, and in the end I realized
it’s that there is just so much wrong about it and it’s not different from… it’s not
very different from what we call fundamentalism in Islam today. -Just the methods are different,
-Quite right. – but the beliefs, especially the belief in
Jihad and violence and the legalism of all of the Islamic fundamentalist part, is very
much there in Sufism as well. It’s not all about love and being sweet. That’s what I found well. It wasn’t really what you were doing professionally,
so what gave you the enthusiasm to get into this and to take this title and to enlighten
the world about Islam? Well, as I had read the Koran before, and
I’d also read the hadith and the Sira, I realized that these were almost impenetrable for most
people, that is they weren’t going to study them, and so I decided to try to put all the
doctrine of Islam together; the Koran, the Sira, and the hadith, in such a way that anyone
could understand it. I write for… a teenager in high school is
my audience that I imagined in my head because I want to make things very very simple and
easy to understand. To me, making the Quran understandable was
like an intellectual project, like a giant puzzle, and I was determined to, as I’ve said
to myself, crack the code, that is make this easily to understand, which I’ve done. So I saw the whole doctrine of Islam as something
that was worth an intellectual challenge, particularly as a scientist. One of the things that happens with me that’s
unusual is to do things like saying, there are 89 verses in the Quran which say that
Muhammad is the perfect model for all humans to live their life by, or 51 percent of this… I’m talking these for summary percentages,
because I write for a Western audience. My challenge was to make it very simple to
understand. And let me say, having spent I don’t know
how many years in the universities, that the average professor does not write to be simple
to understand, he writes in order that you can appreciate how intelligent he is, and
so he talks only to people way up here to talk to each other, and I’m interested in
dealing with a common man. So that it was an intellectual challenge to
make this subject, which was difficult, simple. I really like that. I really like the entire idea of that. I’m trying to, kind of, do the same thing
on my YouTube activities, in that I’m trying to make everything very easily understandable
and concise. I think that’s the best way to actually inform
people about Islam. There is no use in talking big words, going
into lengthy explanations of things people are not ready to understand. So, I appreciate that very much. I want to come to the distinction you make
between Islam, Muslims, and political Islam. You point out very often that you are about
political Islam. Would you, could you define that for us? Well, when I read the sacred text of Islam,
Quran, Sira, hadith, I was impressed by something. I’d already studied Buddhism, I spent… I studied the Torah at an Orthodox synagogue
for a year and a half, for instance, so, what struck me about Islam as I was reading it
was if you read Buddhist sutras. They’re about how to be a better Buddhist
and the Buddhist view of the world, but when you read Islamic doctrine, so much of it is
about me. I’m the unbeliever, the kafir. So, I said to myself, since I’m outside of
the religion, there’s no way that I’m involved in the religion of Islam and yet Islam is
involved with me, so I call this interface between Islam and the non-believer political
Islam, because it is not religious, it’s law. I consider religious Islam to be the practices
that bring a Muslim to paradise and avoid hell. I want to come to something specific that
you did before, that I also have brought up at the beginning of this video. That’s the Crusades against the jihad. I want to watch this very quickly together. Whenever you’re dealing with an apologist
for Islam, or even a Muslim, and you bring up jihad, almost immediately they kick back
to you: “Well what about those terrible Crusades? Why, they’re the moral justification for jihad. I mean we’re just as bad as they are, so let’s
not talk about jihad, okay, let’s talk about the Crusades.” Well, whatever you’d like to talk about,
here are facts, and it turns out, I sat down and put together some work and I created a
database of some 548 battles that Islam fought, jihad battles against classical civilization. And this isn’t even all the battles, it really
doesn’t say much about Africa and India, Afghanistan, and all that. It’s primarily the battles against the Classical
Civilization of Rome and Greece. So, I created something which I call a dynamic
battle map, in which you have a display of the Mediterranean, and a white dot means that
this twenty-year period that’s a new battle. So, every time the screen changes, its twenty-year
period. And here it starts. Islam bursts out of the Arabian Peninsula
and immediately starts attacking the Middle East. And notice that it doesn’t take long until
they’re crossing the Mediterranean and attacking southern France and Spain. Most people think of Islam, they think of
Arabs, they think of Arabs, they think of desert, and yet here we see that Islam is
projecting power throughout the Mediterranean. Notice how the little islands of the Mediterranean
are getting hammered. The navy of Islam would attack coastal towns,
kill, rob, rape, and then take slaves. So, this whole battle map, as it unfolds,
you’re seeing slaves being taken. Over a million slaves were taken out of Europe
into the Islamic world. That’s something you don’t think about much,
but it’s absolutely true. There were over two hundred battles fought
in Spain alone, and we also see, however, on the East Coast in Turkey, that Islam is
trying to break into Europe. Now what’s going to happen is, in Spain, this
ongoing fight that lasted for 400 years, the Christians are going to push back the Muslims. But now, what has happened over in the East
is that Constantinople has fallen, and now Eastern Europe is getting hammered. The jihad now comes to Eastern Europe. It’s pushed out now of Spain. Northern Africa is now completely Islamic,
the Middle East is completely Islamic. This is all jihad, relentless jihad, and why
is it so relentless? Well, Mohammed was relentless in his jihad
and these people are good students of Islam. And so, it’s against the kafir, on and on. It was traditional that when the Sultan came
to power, the brand-new Sultan, he would immediately try to launch new wars because he was going
to be noted in his Islamic history as to how well he fought against the kafir. So, that’s what the jihad looked like over
that time period. 548 battles. But remember, when you bring up jihad, people
want to bring up the Crusades, so I also prepared a dynamic battle map of all the offensive
raids of the Crusaders. Let’s watch it and make a comparison. And so it begins. The Crusades enter into Turkey, in the Middle
East. Battles go on but aren’t there far fewer than
you thought there might be? And here we go, the last battles are fought,
and that is the end of the crusade. So now then, we can talk about some facts. Yes, there were Crusades, but notice, they
ended centuries ago and jihad is being practiced today. Jihad has been with us for 1400 years. There is no comparison between jihad and the
Crusades, certainly not a moral comparison, and when you’re looking at the Crusades, remember,
in one sense, all of the Crusades were defensive wars. Why? Well, as we saw in the first jihad map, it
was Islam that came out of Arabia and conquered the Middle East, a Christian Middle East. And so, the Crusaders were trying to free
their Christian brothers and sisters from jihad. So, there’s no moral comparison at all. The motivation of the Crusaders was to free
Christians, the purpose of jihad is to enslave the kafir. The next time you hear somebody talk about
all those dreadful Crusades, you’ve seen some facts about the matter, why don’t you pipe
up and tell him, you don’t really know the matter. Dr. Bill, I’ll make it very simple when I
saw this for the first time, I thought this is the best thing I have seen so far on the
Crusades versus the jihad. It’s very clear, it’s all perfectly visualized
so that even the least informed person can look at this and exactly understand what you
mean, exactly understand what was going on, exactly understand why the whole discussion
on, you know, “but we made the crusades” is entirely wrong. I want to discuss a bit further about that. Why do you think is it that people have this
idea, all the time, that Europe should be taken… it should be held responsible for
the entire Crusader story while the world is entirely ignoring the vast history of jihad
in the Islamic world that started before the Crusades and ended long after the Crusades? What we’re dealing with here is a lack of
rational thought. I’m a scientist, and so I base everything
that I can on facts. These two videos for instance were made when
I realized that I started doing some research and a lot of work had been done earlier, that
I dug out. I think there were 548 battles that I catalogued,
so then you have the problem of how you display this information. I came up with this idea of the dynamic battle
map. I also did this to educate Europeans and Christians
as to why they can’t go on at one condemnation of the Crusades, while there are things that
should be condemned about it, but I think the other thing is that there’s a diff in
the West, there’s been a war between Catholicism and Protestantism, and I think the Protestants
were some of those who brought in the “evil Crusades” idea because the Catholics…
those involved in Europe were Catholics. But now this is only a guess on my part. The bigger problem is that when it comes to
Islam’s history and doctrine, we are profoundly professionally ignorant. It is astounding how much is not known about
this in universities and in churches. You can go to a church University and you’ll
discover that they don’t teach anything about the death of Christianity, never mind the
Crusades. A large part of Christianity was annihilated,
and yet Christians ignore this as well. So, I found that Islam is the great subject
which has not been studied in the way that it should, by the common person. I would add to that from my own experience,
from my own knowledge, because I come from the Islamic world, I have lived in the Islamic
world for over a decade, that the Islamic world also has this collective spirit. The Islamic world always wants to come together,
never acknowledge their own faults, just as well in the case of Israel, for example, never
acknowledge their own fault, and wanted to spread this idea that the Islamic world was
always right and all the others were always evil. Because of that we can even see that in the
Islamic world, in a world with a thousand and four hundred years of violent bloody history
of conquest, people can speak about how bad the Crusades were. One of the things I’ve learned in dealing
with Islam, because we have to go back to Mohammed here, Mohammed was never wrong, the
kafirs were always wrong, and this is something that I have learned, and I’ve debated with
Muslims, and one of the things that I’ve learned is that Muslims are never wrong and kafirs
are never right. And I can’t really understand Islam because
if I really understood Islam, I’d be a Muslim. So the fact that I’m not a Muslim is proof
that I cannot understand it. Well, even if you understood Islam before,
if you are an ex-Muslim, like in my case, it suddenly turns into “you were never really
a Muslim, you didn’t really understand Islam, that’s why you left Islam.” It’s never their fault, it’s never Islam’s
fault, it’s always my fault and your fault. So we agree. Yes. One other thing I want to come to is the subject
of slavery. You have brought it up in the video already,
but I think it’s a very interesting topic. I spent a lot of time on my channel talking
about that. In the West we spent a lot of time focusing
on the Transatlantic Slave Trade, on how white people, how Europeans enslaved black people
or enslaved the world, while actually, if we look at history, if we study history carefully,
we can see that the Transatlantic Slave Trade was something pathetic compared to the slave
trade in the Islamic world, that started, again, long before the slave trade in the
in the Christian world and ended also long after the slave trade in the Christian world. First, let me say that the university that
I taught at for eight years was historically a black college and they were very sensitive
to the concept of slavery. The only theory of slavery that was taught
was the evil white man on the wooden ship. That’s all that was allowed to talk about
the origins of slavery. Once again, I had an intuition that slavery
was much more endemic than just the evil white men on wooden ships. There is, by the way, an excellent book that
has been written by John Azumah, who is an African, who has written on the effect of
slave… how Arab, he calls it Arab Islam, something on slavery in Africa. I bobbled the ball there and I don’t really
remember the exact title of it, but there are now books which go into clearly the fact
that it was Islam that was the slave trader. Let’s go to directly to the Sunnah of Mohammed. Mohammed had white slaves, black slaves, Arab
slaves, he had sex slaves, he wholesaled slaves, he bought them and sold them wholesale, he
tortured… he prayed while slaves were tortured. Mohammed had personal slaves, we know that
some of the slaves in his family were black, because of the hadith. So, what we have here is the fact that Mohammed
was a slaver, and so, therefore, it is totally the Sunnah of Islam that slavery is acceptable. So, there was slavery on the north coast of
Africa, there was slavery on the east coast of Africa, so Islam is deeply involved in
slavery. I think the last slave market was closed in,
official slave market, was in Mecca in 1962 or 1964. By the way, here’s an interesting thing: Do
you know what the highest price slave was in the Meccan slave market? A white woman. And why do we know that the she was the most
desirable? Well, Muhammad’s favorite sex slave was described
as Mary who was fair of complexion — White. So, therefore, it’s the Sunnah Muhammad that
the best sex partner is a white woman, so, if we’re going to understand slavery in the
world, we have to understand Islam. Now, by the way, there were more slaves. Islam is not responsible for all the slavery,
because when you for instance view the Native American tribes, they also had slaves. Every civilization had some form of slavery,
whether serfdom or whatever else, where powerful people can get poor people to do rough hard
dirty work. Just like we haven’t fully faced the history
of Islam, we have never faced the history of slavery, and so I find that… I find forbidden knowledge very attractive
to me. That’s the reason I study these things I think
I’m not supposed to. Since you made such great points about the
history of slavery, I want to add just a few things: It is historically recorded that in
the Islamic world, especially among Arab slavers, slavers should hesitate in converting those
slave nations to Islam, because in Islam you can only take someone as a slave, or according
to Islamic rules, according to Islamic law, you can only take someone as a slave, if he
is not a Muslim, and if he becomes a Muslim, then he gains a right of quick emancipation. The slavers knew that all along and that’s
why it is historically recorded that the slavers always prevented so-called slave nations,
black Africans, from converting to Islam. And this shows us that there is absolutely
something wrong not, only with a slavery in the Islamic world, but in Islam that caused
all this mess with slavery. Another point I want to add is that it’s also
historically recorded, and I believe you can confirm that, that the Islamic world was also
widely involved in the transatlantic slave trade, that we nowadays only want to blame
on the European man. I want to jump from here into another topic
which you love very much by now, I believe. How did we get here? Why is it that every critique of Islam is
demonized, why is it that a non-Muslim man, a non-Muslim person, who hasn’t been a Muslim
before, who criticizes Islam is seen as the big bigot, as a racist, as a xenophobe, a
hateful person? For example, just to point out, you are listed
by the Southern Poverty Law Center as among the inner circle of anti-Muslim bigots, although
when you look at your work, you basically just make presentations about Islam. How did we get here? I don’t know, I’m actually very careful. Let’s use our discussion that we’ve had here
today. Have I said anything bad about Islam or Mohammed? No, I’ve just said this and that, the other,
that is they’re factual things that it can be determined. Anyone else can reach them. I think the reason we’re seeing this use of
it: when I was young, my parents taught me that calling names was the lowest form of
argument and it was usually the argument given by somebody who didn’t have a good argument
to make. I think one of the reasons that the left calls
people like me a racist, hater, bigoted Islamophobe is, they cannot defeat me in logical argument
because they don’t know any facts about Islam at all. I have known leftist who will defend Islam
with vigor and then turn around and speak bitterly and hatefully about Christianity
or Jews. There is a peculiar thing here in which the
Muslim is always seen as the ultimate victim, and people like me who simply say here’s the
doctrine they’re following is… I’m a bad person, and so that’s the reason. So, the Southern Poverty Law Center is the
ultimate name-caller if you will. They don’t have to address my logic, they
don’t say “you know, Bill, when you talk about this, this is not true”, what they
say is I’m a racist. By the way, as a former Muslim, can you tell
me, did you lose your race when you left Islam? -No. -Did it change? -No. -No. But this to me is a great tragedy. Let me explain to you why it’s tragic. Our civilization is having two cornerstones:
One is the ethical cornerstone of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you,
and so this is a what I call a unitary ethic, in which all people are treated by the same
code. Our intellectual cornerstone is critical thought
rational thought, fact-based reasoning. I see us losing our fact-based reasoning and
instead resorting to the lowest form of logic which is force and screaming and calling names. Antifa is the new intellectual model, I’m
afraid. If we cannot agree to do fact-based reasoning
and not interrupt each other and scream and then just act like adults, this becomes a
normal thing. But what we’re seeing here is a childish behavior
on the intellectuals, and the worst of them are in the Universities. Well, I just keep I just keep fighting. So do I. I just started. What would be your advice, your personal advice,
with your work, to the Muslim community, to Muslims who listen to you, to Muslims who
stumble upon this video? Study your history on a fact-based basis,
and then learn who Muhammad really was, learn what his Sunnah really is, and then understand
the contradictions in the Quran. Well, what I say to anybody is, if you’re
a Muslim or not, you need to know more about Islam, you need to know more about Allah and
you need to know more about Muhammad. I’m a teacher and so I advocate knowledge
as the cure for ignorance. Thank you so much, Dr. Bill. I want to talk lastly about your books. You have written a lot of books about Islam,
mostly also books that are very concise, which I liked very much because that’s always something
I’m looking for in terms of educating people. Could you give us a summary about your books,
about the topics of your books? Well, basically all my books are about Islam
and that has three different currents. I published two different lives of Muhammad,
and there they may change only in their size, that is when you… my simple Quran is about this thick, and the
two our Quran is about this thick. What I discovered is that people are intimidated
by Islam and so they figure “well, I can’t understand this”, but if you give them a
little bitty book, they go “well, I can understand this”. I don’t criticize Islam, I don’t criticize
Mohammed I just say what he did and what he said. I don’t criticize the Quran, I just say here’s
what it says, and it has these contradictions in it. So, I say to Muslims, you need to know more
about Mohammed you, need to know more about Allah, and I say to kafirs, you need to know
more about Mohammed and more about Allah. I have a very uniform plan. I love that. Finally, Dr. Bill, do you want to say some
last words to my audience? My last words on my channel are always “stay
away from Islam”, but that’s only me, so. I would say to our audience that we live in
perilous times. There’s big shifts that are happening, and
then we need to deal with facts and dealing with it, if we’re going to talk about immigration
instead of being all soft in the head and soft in the heart. We need to look at the facts of the matter. I’m a scientist I believe in fact-based reasoning
and I encourage everybody to do the same. Beside that it’s fun. I agree. Thank you so much, Dr. Bill. I absolutely loved this conversation. Thank you very much for joining me, and… -Thank you! I judge interviews on how enjoyable the interview
was, and I think in this case, it was a good interview because I enjoyed it. My theory is, if we’re enjoying ourselves,
the audience will enjoy us. Well, thank you! You’re a wonderful person. To my audience from me: stay away from Islam.

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    They know nothing, but they act like they know everything. I'm one of the witnesses.
    Crusades, a lil bit reminds me of my experience. They always playing as victims & blame everyone else for any problem they cost…

  15. thank you AP your discussion is very useful, but unfortunately we are Indonesian don't all understand English. We mostly understand westerners as colonizers, do not understand the values of Western life rooted in the gospel. hopefully with the videos from AP and CP and DW through you tube, they can compare their ideology with Christianity through their common sense

  16. Excellent video with two great minds, very civil and educational, thanks for the upload keep up the good work!

  17. When Islam is the minority, they crusade for Human Rights/Religious Freedom…..but when they are the Majority, it is Against all those Rights. and only Islam is permitted.

  18. Please research the founding of USA 's Marines who were specifically founded to protect the passengers ships which were crossing the Atlantic and huge amounts of goods and slaves beinv taken by muslim slavers …they were relentless for 200 years ..the U.S.Navy Marines took them to task with steel ships and hardware…end of threat ..fact..please explore and flesh out..Islam supplied slaves to Jewish markets from Argentina to Conneticut …another story .

  19. In my recent debate with my muslim about Israel Palestinian conflict friend he just called me fascist and Zionist.

  20. I mistakenly made a negative comment on your channel awhile ago! I was wrong and offer my most humble apology!! 😊

  21. Islamices use the crusades only to excuses that evil the the Islam do to Middle East to Christians. Even the,moron does not believe themselves those lies.

  22. God Almighty says 🔥 the whole world will rejoice at the downfall of the califete it will last only 42 months the beast will have authority until Jesus Christ himself 🔥 will destroy it and cast the Antichrist into the lake of 🔥

  23. The califete and the next Holocaust utube video see Islam is the enemy of God Armageddon news video 🔥

  24. This bill warner guy is a phony, not the sort you want to be cosigning. He's not qualified for any of this.

  25. Ridiculous statement by apostate prophet that white Christian slavery was pathetic compared to Islamic slavery, all slavery is evil

  26. There was no golden age, Arabs took everything from Persians, Hindus, & Greeks translated & took all the credit.

  27. Muslims After Conquering West Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, South East Asia And North Africa Wanted To Expand Into Europe.

    Asia And North Africa Became Islamic Hubs Between (7th Century AD – 17th Century AD).

    More Than 80 % of 50 Asian Countries Are Islamic Eg. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh , Maldives, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Indonesia, Brunel, Malaysia, Kyrgyzstan, Khazakstan,Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan,Turkmenistan, Turkey Etc

    *{Crusaders Saved Europe By Halting Muslims}*.

  28. In North Africa even today, there are Lybian slave traders. It's has been in the news. Slave trade is alive and well.

  29. This has been a FANTASTIC discussion. Consice, coherent and above all factual. Give me facts anytime. Thank you Apostate Prophet and Prof. Warner.

  30. While I do love your work Apostate prophet Professor Bill is either wrong or grossly misleading people as many of those battles listen as Jihad were actually just raids and conquests undertaken by individuals of significant influence in the Muslim world. The invasion of Spain was simply a raid by Muslim’s that due to Visigothic infighting and politics lead to the collapse of Christian kingdom to the Muslim raiders this was not Johad and if your going to identify that as Jihad why are all the Christian wars not considered crusades especially since many were undertaken with both the blessing of the pope and with actual intent to conquer and convert the people in those lands. Mr Bill has failed to mention The Northern Crusades Christian soldiers authorised by the pope’s over a series of wars to convert or exterminate remnants was of Germanic pagans who were at peace, The Holy Roman Empire Crusades Pope sanctioned war to wipe out heretics who preached the church had to much wealth and The attempted sacking of Mecca by Christian crusaders from the Crusader state of the Kingdom of Jerusalem which mainly attacked peaceful traders some of them Christian and pilgrims primarily for the ability to obtain great wealth from the looting of their corpses

  31. Its all about the money and riches. It has always been. Lets be honest. whats keeping islam ticking today is the US middle east policy. It pays to keep the status que in the middle east. Saudi oil money stays in US based banks and in return Saudi gets to promote islam in the west which makes them more money in the way of "hajj"(islamic pilgrimage to mecca) It made 12 billion USD for them in 2018. Its a billion dollar marketing campaign that comes in the form of islamic mission!!! Everytime youtube bannes an ex-muslim channel or stoppes advertising on their channels it makes me think 😒

  32. Wake up unmuslim, this video said the truth for all the Christian, and the Christian countries and other race and religion of different countries that is the past and the today fact in Europe and in the Cristian country Europe and Canada and Australia and The USA

  33. All religions should stay private. But let's be honest. Convinced minds(most of the religious people) will eventually force you to acknowledge their religion and convert you to their beliefs.

  34. You study NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER and you study ISLAM, you will always understand that both synonyms of each other.

  35. In the West nobody talks about the history of Jihad because of postmodern sensitivity towards minorities. The only consolation is that they do talk about the history of Jihad in the Middle East… to tremendous applause.


  37. The countries that fought and resisted thr Islamic/Ottoman invasion should NEVER forget history. Or its horrors will be repeated (For example the Spanish seem to foget the need for Reconquista)

  38. Put all that dots together alone in India and multiply it with 100 ….thats what happened during Jihadi ivasions in India.

  39. The Big Lie: a religion that endorses Slavery,Rape, Murder and Terrorism as a method of Never Ending Expansion is a religion of peace. Wow.
    How is this a religion? Allah is a Demon, Muhammed was his lackey and Islam is the Chariot of Evil: travelling from country to country, raping and murdering. Truth is stranger than fiction.
    Problem: our enemies have a great deal of the World's oil supply.
    Slavery: Arab eenslavement continues to this day. Ask any Philipino, they'll tell you stories about Phillipinos in Saudi Arabia living in slavery.

  40. Mashallah ! Millions of people are coming to islam fastest growing religion in world ( not my words wikipedia says )
    Even tho these type of people saying truth also millions are coming to islam. Here my doubt is the millions of people are the real fools or these type of people are really fool 😂😂

  41. This is how many of today's countries are Muslim – by being invaded and vanquished by bloodthirsty Muslim marauders.

  42. Thank you for awekening me. Wonderful how I never know or realize or maybe just ignorance about that fact and data of that war. Kind of you both for clearing the view.

  43. Οκ… the more you refer to 9/11 the more you lose your credibility. We know what happened that tuesday morning. I am as anti-islam as it gets but there is no fucking way 9/11 was a muslim thing.

  44. I've been following your channel for a while now, and I just HAVE to tell you that Dr. Bill Warner is absolutely correct when he says that you are a hero! I imagine many ex-Muslims are afraid of getting a fatwa on their head (or they already have one or more), so I think it's pretty brave what you're doing.
    I just wanted you to know that was an amazing, truthful compliment that he gave you, and he isn't the only one who thinks that of you.

  45. does bill's crusade battles only include the first three crusades? cos they were the big ones but there were 9 overall (not including the reconquista or northern crusade). in all fairness after the 5th they weren't very notable at all outside of small periods of history

  46. How erudite and warm and eloquent Dr. Warner is.
    Can we all adopt him as our father?
    Also, AP, hey here‘s somebody whose teaching qualities are something to strive for.
    I wish you to be able to put his boots on when he‘s gone. Which should be a loong time from now!

  47. 1/ Nasrany Christian, you worship dead man The body of Jesus, your Lord, is dead. The real God doesn't die.
    2/ Nasrany Christian Million of murderers because of Jesus talk in bible , slaughter them in front of me.
    3/ Nasrany Christian millions of prostitutes because of the words of Jesus in bible songs of song

  48. Stop invoking 911. It discredits your message. Everyone in their mother knows those buildings were turned to dust. Show me the 4, 6 ton, titanium alloy engines. You can't.

  49. Hey AP, you are the best, not because I am Christian and you are exposing Islam, but because you have the courage to expose lie. All religion need to be exposed, it is only then that people will know to seek a relationship with God and not running after a religion, because I believe as a Christian that God is a relationship and not a religion, and any religion that does not welcome criticism is not from God, because God is not affraid of questioning He want people to question so he can provide answers.

  50. The guess on the protestants and catholics is wildly off. The reformation which birthed protestantism was in the late 14 century. The crusades were basically done by the beginning of 1300. So catholics were the ones doing crusades. Since most of europe at that time was under the catholic church. But nice video

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