Are Fox News’s Gun Violence Solutions Better for Guns Than for People? | The Daily Show

Are Fox News’s Gun Violence Solutions Better for Guns Than for People? | The Daily Show

This weekend’s tragedies seem to have motivated
lawmakers in D.C. Some Republicans are proposing
new red flag laws to take guns from people who show signs
of threatening behavior, while many Democrats
are focusing on things like
universal background checks, renewing
the assault weapons ban, and getting
high-capacity magazines banned. Which makes perfect sense. I mean, the mass shooter
in Dayton had a gun that could fire
a hundred bullets before he needed to reload. Which is insane.
I don’t care what anybody says. And I know some people will be
like, “We need guns to hunt.” Yeah, but if you need a hundred
bullets to kill a deer, -maybe you should try fishing.
-(laughter) And while most legislators
are trying to figure out which laws will curb
future mass shootings, Fox News has chosen
to spend most of their time telling people that shootings
have nothing to do with guns. Starting with Mike Huckabee, who thinks we
shouldn’t have fewer guns, we should just have more God. It’s our cultural fault, and part of what we’ve done,
we’ve created a culture in which we’ve said,
“There is no God.” The common denominator
in all of this is not the particular weapon. It’s the hate inside the heart. It’s the loss of morality. It’s that disconnecting
from a God who values all people and who would never let me
do that to another person. That’s just not
how we’re hardwired, uh, from the Father above. Yes, according to Huckabee
and many people on the right, the real problem in America
is not access to guns, it’s a lack of access to God. So if people were
more religious, then they wouldn’t do
bad things. My only problem
with this argument, the whole God argument,
is that everyone seems to have a different idea
of what God is saying. Right? He says, like,
God and evil will never mix. If you have God in your heart,
you’re a good person. But think about it,
in the Middle Ages, the Crusaders said God told them to kill people
in the Middle East. Hell, in the 1960s in America,
white evangelicals said God told them black and white
people shouldn’t mix. So either people pick and choose
when and how to use God, or maybe God’s just so far away
he’s hard to hear. -You know?
-(laughter) Yeah. Maybe it’s the distance.
He’s up there like, “Love thy neighbor!” And people are like, “What?
Black people should be slaves?” (laughter) Like, I-I honestly don’t know where Huckabee’s
getting this from, because even in the Bible,
even in the Bible, people who are close to God
still do really bad things. Right? Like,
there’s the story of King David. He literally walked with God
all the time. Like, they hung out together. But that didn’t stop David
from killing a guy just so that he
could sleep with his wife. That’s in the Bible, by the way. David loved God but he loved ass
just a little bit more. (laughter and applause) Yeah.
Look at him in that painting. Look at him in that painting;
he’s going, (groaning):
“Oh, got to get that ass.” Look at that face. David’s nasty. So that’s Huckabee. “Leave guns alone
and get it to God.” Now, if you,
if you don’t think religion is gonna solve America’s
mass shootings, luckily, the Presidential
Advisory Network has another solution. Instead of fewer guns, they just
say we need more parents. These young men have no father,
no father at home. So you have to go back to some
of the institutions and ask yourself, what’s
different about America now? Nobody really believes this is about Donald Trump
or assault weapons. If only…
Young men are the problem. No communities,
no fathers, no mentors, no initiations into
personal responsibility. What happens
when boys are dad-deprived, is they don’t have
a male role model to channel their testosterone
constructively. (creepy voice): Why does
that guy sound so creepy when he’s saying that? (normal voice):
Okay, now, to be honest, I… I don’t think this is
the worst argument in the world. Right? It does help young men
to have a stable family life, but it’s also hard to have
a stable family life if your dad is getting gunned
down at a Walmart. Like, I would love for every
young man in America to magically have
a perfect upbringing that helps get rid
of their rage. But I have no idea how you’re gonna achieve that,
right? ‘Cause you can write laws
that will regulate guns. You can’t write laws
forcing people to have a good family life. What? Is it just gonna be like
a dad at the door, like, “Kids, Daddy’s decided to run
away with his secretary.” It’s like, “Actually, Dad,
the law says you have to stay.” “Ah, damn you Congress. All right, let’s go
and play some catch.” But as usual, the best worst
ideas on Fox can all be found in one place, Sean Hannity, prime time Fox News host
and neck with hair. You see, according to him, America’s problem
isn’t too many guns, it’s not enough guns. I have been calling
for a long time, every school, secure the
perimeter of those schools. Equip them with retired police
and military. I want guys to donate 15 hours. I think we could cover
every school, every hour, every day,
add a metal detector, and I think we’re gonna have
safer schools. Have one armed guard on
every floor of every school, all over every mall, the perimeter and inside
every hall of every mall. Now, that gives us a an
instant response opportunity that we wouldn’t normally have. Every hall of every mall? That sounds like the bleakest
Dr. Seuss book ever. “In every hall of every mall, “on every floor and every door, “we need a guard in every room
we’ll end up in the tomb. Good night, pumpkin.
Mwah.” “Good night, Daddy, I’m glad
the law made you stay.” (laughter) Look, man,
this isn’t a new idea. After every mass shooting,
Hannity and many other people say that having more
armed guards everywhere is the only way
to stop these shooters. What they seem to forget is that guns are everywhere
in America. Parkland had an armed guard
but he was afraid to go in. The country music festival
in Vegas had armed guards, but the guy was shooting
from the window of a hotel. And as for instant response, the police in Dayton, Ohio
responded to that mass shooting
in 30 seconds, less than 30 seconds, in fact. Think about that. That is an amazing job
by those police. They could not have done
a better job and, still, nine people were killed
in 30 seconds. So, like, I-I don’t think people think about this
the right way. Like, like Hannity
mentions schools and malls, but as we’ve seen, mass shootings
can happen anywhere. So are you gonna put an armed
guard in every Walmart, every movie theater,
every synagogue, every mosque, every church,
every office building, every bar, every nightclub,
every concert, every garlic festival? Huh? To have enough police for that,
you realize we’d all have to become police. Yeah. And I don’t want to be
a policeman. I don’t. I’m mixed.
It’s confusing. -The… Yeah.
-(laughter) The white half of me
would always be putting the black half of me over;
I’d never get anywhere. (laughter) And for me, the strangest part
of this argument, honestly, is this: Hannity and Fox News
talk every day about protecting
American freedoms, but if everyone in America
is forced to live in a world of perimeter fences,
metal detectors, and armed guards in every hall, then it starts to feel like
society’s living in a prison, and the only thing that’s free
is the gun.

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100 thoughts on “Are Fox News’s Gun Violence Solutions Better for Guns Than for People? | The Daily Show

  1. Trevor Noah! The balance of black satire and calm seriousness is just spot on. And I don't think he’s just reading a script. I think he MEANS what he’s saying.

  2. So Trevor get rid of all the guns that are in the general public's hands? WOW your a genius. Do America a favor and shut the hell up. Your not part of the cure your the cancer.

  3. Liberalism is truly a disorder. Guns exist, always have and always will. It is not the gun. It’s the maniac that decides to harm people with it that is to blame. For anyone to say that it is not a mental health issue to want to harm anyone who has never hurt you (most likely never met you), you are completely and utterly delusional.
    Blaming the gun for killing is the same as blaming the car for its operator driving drunk, or a pen for misspelling words or a spoon for making people obese.
    Wake up folks. Background checks exist for every single firearm purchase, unless it is done illegally. Here’s a few tidbits of info. Liberal judges are far too lenient on criminals who use firearms in the commissions of their crimes. So what good are more laws that aren’t properly enforced. And the second and most important fact is that when Bill Clinton signed HIPAA into effect, there’s absolutely no checks and balances on someone who does suffer from mental heath issues before making a purchase. They are asked several questions on a form and can lie, with ZERO repercussion because there’s no way to find out they are lying. So let’s amend HIPAA. THEN WE CAN TRULY MOVE FORWARD!!!

  4. Needs to check his history about the crusades. They were in response to the moslems killing and looting Christians. And if it's the guns, how come 60 years ago kids in highschool brought their guns to school and went hunting and target shooting after school?

  5. What makes you morons think that some maniac is going to care about/observe anti gun laws if they’re dead set on killing people?

  6. What hes sayin is back in the day . Ther was more moral values installed in your childs life . Now we make excuses and give our kids pills . When that dont work , we give em more pills ! And then we go , wow that kid wigged out ! Didnt see that comin ! Ther wasnt add or adhd back in the day . Ya got outta line , the old man put his foot in your ass ! You figured out right n wrong at real young age ! Now if you look at your kid wrong they know they can call the cops and the parent is in trouble . Ther was accountability back in the day ! Now thers NONE ! All these fools are breaking the law comey , nadler , pelosi . The rights held accountable . But the left gets a get outta free card . Unless your on clinton cartel list like epstein was ! Just my opinion , no one needs ta freak out . Id be all for armed gaurds in our schools ! We dont enforce the laws we have now . More laws not getting enforced definetly will not help ! 800,000 kids a year disapear in the US ! We need to start looking out for our children ! Dont matter if school shootings or epstein and the clintons .
    MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. WOW!!!? This sounds like wtf is happening in the Black community and we don't go out and shoot a bunch of people eating sandwiches at a mall or dancing to fucking Tim McGraw. These are white men who had everything in their favor and they still couldn't function. That's a waste of white supremacy; your great great grand daddy is appalled and upset at the waste of the Jim Crow years.

  8. The problem is a CORRUPT Government with an INSANE Fiduciary, having a BLACK BUDGET equally as Large as the Nation DEBT CLOCK, run by SOCIOPATHS who want Communist Core Education, Fascist Corporations who want open borders for Cheap Labor, Eugenics Government Healthcare to decide who gets Aborted + who gets Euthanized, and FAKE NEWS so noone even knows which toilet to use.
    The Goal is AGENDA 21, run by the Communist JEW Mafia, with 5G Mind Control and 24/7 surveillance.
    The recent barrage of HOMELAND SECURITY's FAKE FF MASS SHOOTING "DRILLs" started when Government Agencies were required to attend the Las Vegas Massacre DRILL with 60 Crisis Actors; even Steven Paddock was on the CIA + FBI Payrolls. Then the Virginia Beach HOAX was a Government Facility who's Government Employees thought it was FAKE because they were between MASS SHOOTING "DRILLs". Parkland High School's FAKE SHOOTING "DRILL" went LARP after weeks of training. ALL of that EVIDENCE was Contradictory, but David Hogg appears to be Adam Lansa of Sandy Hook, which was decommissioned in June 2011 for an ASBESTOS Citation, and the Locks were removed from the classroom door knobs, Leaving SHARP Metal exposed for 6 + 7 yr/olds to receive SERIOUS injury.
    The Skinny EL PASO guy with a toy gun in the Lobby was wearing Brown Cargo Pocket Pants, then the Cops arrested a Fat guy wearing Beige Khaki Pants with NO pockets or blood splatter.
    Our Government is as FAKE as the Jeffrey Epstein fiasco.
    The 9/11 FF ATTACK could not have happened, without Bill Clinton BANNING assault weapons + disarming Military Personnel by decree.

  9. The fact that millions watch FOX news and actually believe this bullshit is absolutely beyond me. The same people that smell dictatorship behind health care are arguing that it would be a good idea to have armed guards and metal detectors everywhere? That is the most idiotic idea EVER. Sean Hannity is literally mentally retarded.
    Also, with an armed person inside every school the danger is increasing that school kids get killed. You would need millions of armed guards and who could guarantee that not one of these guards would be the next mass shooter? If we would be able to sort out all future mass shooters without doubt none of these mass shootings would happen in the first place.

    So basically these total morons on Fox are telling us that the solution for mass shootings done by american citizens is to place already heavily armed citizens everywhere? That is the same as fighting a wildfire with gasoline. On top of it these idiots blame lack of faith. Yeah right, because religious people never harm anyone? Tell that to the people who were stoned to death or beheaded or thrown from buildings by the Taliban or IS! Tell that to all the children who have been raped and tortured by priests and nuns! Tell that all the gay people who have been beaten up and killed by religious bigots! Tell it to all the people who have been killed or were terrorized by christian identity groups!

    I guess in the next 20 years or so we will have a new civil war in the US. These evangelical white supremacists on FOX and Breitbarth are pushing too hard for a final conflict. Mark my words.


  11. Interesting: An appeal to donate time to a job that involves potentially being shot. An appeal to donate teaching time would be useful too, right?

  12. You see how when they shoot up schools walmarts things of that nature they come with the bs they didnt have a father at home type of bullshit well news flash your not the only race they dont have fathers but we aren't shooting up schools or walmarts nightclubs so come off that bs Foxs news is one of the ass backward news outlet on the planet stay justifying the wrong shit they know it be the wrong thing to say but they rather put that lie out there

  13. "These young men have no father at home." Um, okay, what about the thousands of orphans we created all over the world?

  14. Foolish liberals who are trying to read the Second Amendment out of the Constitution by claiming it's not an individual right or that it's too much of a public safety hazard, don't see the danger in the big picture. They're courting disaster by encouraging others to use the same means to eliminate portions of the Constitution they don't like.

  15. 1. So, disturbed kids are taking guns to school and killing teachers and classmates. We better make sure kids can’t get guns.
    2. So, disturbed kids are taking guns to school and killing teachers and classmates. We better find out what’s making these kids want to kill, fix that, and then they won’t want to use guns to kill teachers and classmates.

    See what I did there? Which statement makes more sense? Don’t bring up politics. Don’t refer to statistical data. Don’t nervously look at your cell phone. Just read the two statements and be honest with yourself. We can do better. We’re smarter than this. WAKE UP.

  16. The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles

  17. Bringing up the Crusades is terrible taste. Trevor I want to believe you're better than this. Yes, guns should be controlled but you come across as an ignorant ass here.

  18. Trevor, Trevor…you don't understand hunting.
    You see, out in the woods, there are entire gangs of evil Bambis, just waiting to pounce on the the unprepared hunter. Hunters absolutely need that firepower….

  19. "Secure the perimeter?" That could only add to an oppressive atmosphere in schools, and would further the mindset- among adults in authority and the kids themselves- that teenagers are criminals. The people on FOX aren't so old that they've forgotten what being a teenager feels like, are they? I don't think they're really considering the psychological impact this would have on young people, who are really there to be students, not under armed guard or inmates on lockdown.

  20. As a psychologist, it deeply pains me to hear mental illness again and again being brought up in the gun debate. Maybe preventing people with mental illnesses from having access to guns would decrease successful suicides, but it won't affect mass shootings. Saying that mass shooters are mentally ill is not a clinical description. It's merely a declaration that if you were to kill someone, there must be something wrong with you. We can all agree that SOMETHING is wrong, but to blame mental illness is irresponsible and stigmatizing. So that something wrong might be dangerous white supremist ideas or an online community of hate, but it's not mental illness. Ultimately, guns are the problem. Guns are made with the purpose to cause bodily harm, and the fact that they are so accessible is incredibly disheartening. Will my school be next? Will it be the Target where I work? Maybe the anime convention I go to, or the movie theater, or the grocery store? To be an American right now means living with a constant background fear of gun violence. Everything you do, everywhere you go, you have to be ready to run. You've gone over in your head how you would escape various situations. You feel an instant rush of fear any time you hear a balloon pop or a heavy object dropped. The feelings I have surrounding mass shootings went from anger when I was younger to hopelessness now. I try to elect officials who I think will do their best to protect us, but nothing gets done. So what are we to do?

  21. Yeaahh… If you need 100 bullets to kill a deer you either suck at hunting… Or you're appearently hunting some kind of Super-deer.

    Occam's Razor would point at the first alternative.

  22. I would like to introduce a game for gun program where youth turn in their violent video games to a local police station for a safe-making fire arm

  23. Not letting leftist, communists, Muslims and those that vote Democrat have firearms and almost all gun crimes would stop. Other types of crimes would rise as human nature is what is. But firearm violence would be very low.

  24. In the Philippines a 3rd world country most schools don't have armed security guards and yet we don't have problems with mass shootings.

  25. All bullshit solutions! Take care of your people! Give them access to regular food and medical healthcare. Stop broadcasting all these overhyped and dramatic "news" with all the carchases and gunfights (I really don't get why carchases are still a thing!). The news in america put people to fear. All the massshooter thought they were doing good, because they heard so many bad stories about the muslims in the world (also from Mr. Trump) that they decided to do something about it. THAT is a major problem!

  26. We do need more parents to take responsibility for there kids and stop expecting the government to raise them for you and also y'all need to stop trying to take everyone's guns because criminals want to break the law why should the rest of us suffer

  27. Its very logic to say, HAte comes from within. Doesn't matter what you going to use to manifest it. In Israel, they use Knifes< do you wanna ban knives!

  28. I do not understand this second amendment. If you have the right to bear arms, what is to stop someone from owning a missile launcher, artillery, rocket propelled grenades, armed drones? The limit will always be arbitrary, those who wrote it only imagined the weapons of their times. In this light, I do not understand the arguments of second amendment activists.

  29. I just posted where Noah was taking about this.. I said gee what side are they going to take..any side thats against Trump haha here he is…bowing down… to what they tell Noah to say.. way to kiss up

  30. Fuck you comedy central for letting this damn idiot have a show and even worse hes a lame ass liberal motherfucker doesnt even have a point on a damn thing he says 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  31. I disagree with all of these folks. Trevor Noah included. I gave my solutions in a video.

  32. Mike Huckabee is now promoting God, while he is perfectly acceptable of his grisly daughter Sarah Huckabee Sanders lying to the American people for Trump? GTFOH!!

  33. Make it easier to carry. Maybe more people should be armed? Unless I was shot first I'd be responding in about 2 second. Gun violence is a shame, to say the least, but giving away our only protection from tyranny is not the answer. This has always been set in stone as the NUMBER ONE reason for the second amendment.

  34. Where is this no father in the home 🏡 argument coming from? Black youths are called thugs and every name but their own when they steal to feed their family because there is no father in the home. It’s all their fault.

    Bur white youths shoot up malls and schools and it’s poor them, there was no father in the home. Which is BS.

  35. Way more questions rather than answers. it's hard to get our minds around the myriad of possibilities rather then focusing on the solutions.

  36. I like how people still equate the the issue with hunting as to why we have the rights that granted to is in our constitution

  37. Fake news about the crusaders. The reality was that Muslims where trying to take over the world and Christians stopped them. Thank God. Sharia law sucks. God bless America.

  38. Ok then Fox News. If you complain about young men having no fathers then get rid of the military. Children loose their fathers all the time, when he is deployed on some operation in the middle east for a made up reason, and then is blown to pieces by an IED.

  39. If a gun does not matter and the problem is only with young men, I am not quite sure how will Fox News reporters feel when they are being pointed at with gun by an old man.

  40. Crazy assholes with guns,You american people are totally out of touch with reality of real life,come on hurry up and kill each other already

  41. My dad wasn't there and you never saw me on the news committing murders. What's the real thing that ties all those guys together? 🤔

  42. Loss of morality? I want to know what religion the two fuckers are. God is such an abstract concept, and Trevor’s right it’s all about perspective.

  43. Trevor Noah is so brilliant. He just made those fox news people look stupid. Actually they are all stupid except Mr. Smith who is the only reasonable guy there.

  44. I think its cute how liberals routinely bring up hunting when discussing firearms issues. There is nothing in the 2nd amendment about hunting. Not a fuckin thing.
    The 2nd amendment is about protecting america from humans who would do us harm.
    Of course right now the most dangerous thing in America is a fat orange wrinkled cheeto and we elected that 70 year old baby, so maybe guns dont serve much purpose in the 21st century.

  45. 2:02 or allah saying "kill all non-muslim"

    Funny how the cherry picking work with Trevor Noah.

    Sad because he is talented otherwise… but his leftism is sometimes upsetting

  46. good on you for Shining more light on the mess that is the bible, or cathlic doctrine. nearly everyone knows the story of David and Goliath and it's morale, but very few draw to connection to the evil bastard that was King David.

  47. Hannity’s argument doesn’t make sense. The Dayton shooter was able to kill several people under thirty seconds before he was shot and killed

  48. As a man who grew up without a father….
    Bullshit my mom's was always their for me she taught me morals it's how we act upon or emotions parents can't change that

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