Are we Allowed to Join Political Parties?! Sheikh Abu Ishaq Al-Heweny

Are we Allowed to Join Political Parties?! Sheikh Abu Ishaq Al-Heweny

As some of the Prophet SAW’s wives asked Him,
“Could we perish with righteous believers amongst us?” He said: “YES, if malice (evil doing) spreads!” The qualified ones alone with no one else with them.. if you want us to verify what I’m saying, I will… All the political parties in the Muslim countries are a disease that affected our Muslim Ummah. Every single political party put Islam aside
and made their own program if they were to rule. As if Allah SWT didn’t reveal a book or send a prophet. Every political party has its own views on life politically, economically, and socially; and has no relation to Islam. Today, if we were to read the Qur’an and read the authentic ahadeeth (prophetic sayings) and understand today’s world through them, we will acknowledge that the only qualified ones to rule our Ummah and bring back its honor are the knowledgeable scholars. Whereas the others are being used to serve the people’s “eternal” worldly gains. And I’m not disqualifying all the subjects
and sciences (military, medicine, business)… The knowledgeable scholars are the only ones that would lead people to reformation and righteous doing. Allah SWT says: “..the All-Merciful, ask an expert (knowledgeable one) about Him.” Don’t ever ask an ignorant person about Allah.. When the fitnah (trial) occurred between Ali RA and Mu’awiyah RA, Sa’d Ibn Abi Waqqas RA sided with neither, left Madinah, and settled in a far area called Al-A’qeeq. When they asked him (Sa’d) about his situation and why he didn’t join in and side with one of them, he said: “Our condition and the condition of our brothers are like a group of friends walking on a path, as they were walking, the path became dark, and didn’t know where to go. Some said it’s on the right, and went; others said it’s on the left, and went. But us, we said we won’t leave the area until the path is clear. After the darkness cleared, we were on our initial state.” Therefore, there isn’t a disagreement between the whole group that where we stopped was the same (right) place. Those who went right, made an educated guess and may have been wrong. Those who went left, made an educated guess and may have been wrong. But we, without doubt, are on our initial state (the right way). The initial state that the Prophet SAW explained: “The best of people are from my century, then those that follow them, then those that follow them.” (3 centuries) As we reform ourselves, Allah SWT will enable us in the world. Based on this, we must not ignore out brothers and sisters in Gaza, and rather help them with all means. And we are commanded to do help them in all ways we can. And we know that even though the trial is
very harsh, we will be victorious. Don’t count your dead because that will weaken you. We all feel the hardship everyday! Our dead are in paradise and their dead are in hellfire, if they die on their kufr!

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3 thoughts on “Are we Allowed to Join Political Parties?! Sheikh Abu Ishaq Al-Heweny

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