Atlantic: Mattis Found Trump To Be Of Limited Cognitive Ability, Dubious Behavior | Hardball | MSNBC

Atlantic: Mattis Found Trump To Be Of Limited Cognitive Ability, Dubious Behavior | Hardball | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Atlantic: Mattis Found Trump To Be Of Limited Cognitive Ability, Dubious Behavior | Hardball | MSNBC

  1. Limited COgnitive Ability, now that laughable!
    He doesnt have any Cognitive ability!
    he is dumb as a DUMPF TRUMPF full OF ROCKS!
    lOTS OF rocks, BUT NO sign of intelligence!

  2. Trump To Be 'Of Little Cognitive Ability'…and with an IQ of 193, it simply demonstrates that a person can only be so smart..? As for the character, when standing next to Father, everyone appears…DUBIOUS. Does everybody feel warm and fuzzy about your Presidential hopeful?? #MADOGCHARLEY2020

  3. Anyone with an IQ higher than a piece of broccoli is not surprised by this revelation. Only those who are dumber than Trump find this shocking. Trump doesn't have to be smart though, he just has to be smarter than his voter base.

  4. While it's certainly possible, Mattis in incredibly professional and that's just not the way he speaks. It's not about loyalty to the Commander-In-Chief; for Gen. Mattis, it's about Gen. Mattis behaving like and officer and a gentleman. He'll eventually speak, but I'm betting it won't come out as a bunch of vulgar insults.

  5. Epstein coverage, why isn't maxwell or wexner in jail? Why aren't the new covering it? Why does it seem so biased? do you want to hear news? whats going on in the world? I don't think you do. I think you clicked on this video and knew what they were gonna say and for some reason that keeps you calm or makes you seem better than the evil bafoon trump. You have no idea whats going on and how you are only shown information that is designed to shape your opinion for you. Trump lies yes! but you were always lied to just this time the people who lied to you also hate Trump and will call him out unlike any previous leader. Your apathy is ruining our nations. People need to ask for transparency in all forms of goverment and "Journalists" . It's time to start thinking again and looking at all sides before you determine what the truth is.

  6. This is not news. Trump has Alzheimer's and is mentally deranged to a criminal level. But he has an ability to gather psychos around him. His entire cabinet and most of the GOP are the same as he is.

  7. Lacking in cognitive ability and his dubious sense of morality = incompetence and dangerous, especially in such an important job.

  8. Really, why did it take a smart and worldly guy like Mattis this long to note Trump's lack of broad intelligence–or even intellectual curiosity–as well as his extensive record of character issues? There was plenty of evidence of Trump's deficiencies long before he ran for President.

  9. I don't support Trump. But you guys are all ridiculously idiotic in your comments. The people are going to stop believing you if you continue to lie. Just my two cents

  10. Mattis is not "Mad Dog" he is a Wise Guy but "The Donaldtrumpi" is the real MAD DOG now he Friends with "The Rocket Boy".

  11. if trump loses watch the economy go into the toilet overnight.liberalism is a mental disorder big time.bite me for prez.

  12. Trump's leadership questionable, I don't see any change coming from the left that is better. What I really don't understand is why this is considered newsworthy. People who used to work under me probably don't have good things to say about me either. I personally didn't think Bill Clinton was fit to be president after his flings as it was incredibly poor judgement and could expose our commander in chief to black mail and extortion.. "Eight-year old" really that is when I quit listening. Propaganda piece.

  13. Trump's favourite tactic is to slander his adversary's character; the irony is that he is every bit as venal and dishonest as he claims other people are. There are a lot of voters out there who are going to feel very foolish by the end of this Presidency.

  14. Typical FAKE NEWS LIES. Mattis DID NOT SAY 'limited Cognitive Ability' OR 'Dubious behavior'. MSNBC, as usual, cleverly mixed an actual quote with 'reports from sources' to make it APPEAR that Mattis had made the statements that were actually fabricated by MSNBC and attributed to 'unnamed sources'.
    The scary part is MSNBC fanbois that are not bright enough to figure this out . . . and they vote.

  15. This is not true on the statement of "Limited cognative ability, dubious behavior", see the NPR interview with James Mattis.

  16. Killing Our Own
    Examine how the Dept of Defense handled Gulf War Illness before you trust them so much.

  17. What, did Mattis think he was going to do ?? …. change trump for the better or something?
    Mattis was just another stooge …

  18. What I feel let down by is The Dems when they said one of the first things they were going to do was look into trumps tax returns … A lot of People voted for them for this specific reason that they were going to look into trumps affairs and call him to task over them…Well, they bought their votes and we haven't heard a single thing since then. Pelosi put the kybosch on the Mueller Investigation so the Dems didn't go anywhere at all with that, now you don't hear a single word about it uttered by the Dems. …and they have more or less just given trump another four years due to their own lies broken promises and BS …. I'm more than disappointed at them, they are just another lot of Party before Country and the People.


  20. What I most want to know is how Disney World’s Hall of Presidents is gonna handle our heavily-asterisked Kremlin-appointed POTUS 45… maybe a conveniently permanent “OUT OF ORDER” sign, just around that one audio-animatronic puppet’s neck?


  22. When our Government System portrays itself as a Grecko-Roman World infant government, it cannot escape the facts that it is neither infant nor sustainable through slavery – without being subject to being treated like children for not moving towards solutions (instead of being others-blamers that call the secondary symptoms the only problem), but also being called out for those real pushes they make to force the people out of "this age" to go back, when they also refuse to "keep up". Trump's lack of cognitive abilities were his own choice, made out of his obvious "character" of dubious constant intentions. Trump never gave mindfulness to what he wants any given moment, let alone how he wants to task his ascertaining of his whims. Trump's business past is so bad that he spent more money buying up exclusivity rights on accurately reported bad press, than he spent on court costs and law firms to fight courts on his fixing (to at least building code) Trump Towers. Trump's expungement courts abuses to (again) take away his past court dealings – disregarding all appeals that still had legitimate standing, should have barred his being eligible for any party's nomination. With seeing the conspiracy-likemindedness of those from the Republican Tea Party Movement, it resembles (in byzantine actions) the last remains of the "Roman Empire." With what Trump spends on country club stops for personal enrichment – that's not Republican Connservatism! With the wake of personal economic detriment he puts to the government body with government shutdowns of record proportion and number – that's not representing Republican politics or any other party's politics, and with his pushed court mishandling to avoid Federally Mandated periods of exclusion of government, for his transgressions leading him to BE a registered Agent For A Foreign Principle, it's of no wonder that his brand of solicitation of crimes has lead some Navy Seals astray from defending The Constitution, and preserving domestic peace! Trump has been a "Say Anything" salesman all the way to being a "Say Anything" President, and I'd bet there's crimes much worse committed by him in the former compared to the crimes he committed for the latter. He's too "old a dog" to learn better tricks.

  23. Except Hillary would have been a disaster fools! And you want Biden! Your have a cognitive Impairment! Bought and paid for!JFK warned about this properganda by MSM!

  24. So very sorry about your awesome country having to deal with a sooooo unfit president (no capital letter needed here just like the one we have to deal with here in Canada 😡)while all this time all countries deserves a reliable person to represent all of us with respect to every country in the whole world showing maturity and support to all !

  25. Fake President! Then how many real ones have we had? Wasn't Bush and his wars fake, too? What about Andrew Jackson whose portrait hangs on Trump's wall? Any correlation to what is being done with caged people on the border? "Indefinitely?!" Where is the humanity in all of this?! Taking a photo with a Mexican baby rendered orphan by the shooting maniac in El Paso?! What about the caged babies deprived of their parents and adequate care? What is going on with them?! No photos with them and thumbs up, too?! Here is my thumb, fake President Trump! 👎 ANTICHRIST!

  26. What a bunch of crap!

    Once again, MSNBC hit an all-time low in the Nielsen Ratings in August, falling below Nickelodeon’s Cartoons, Home and Garden TV, ESPN, the Hallmark Channel, the History Channel, TBS, and others.

    According to the Nielsen Ratings, Fox News tops its competitors, averaging 2.395 million total viewers per day, while MSNBC has 1.66 million views, and CNN has under 761,000 viewers per day.

    The Fox News Channel is the most-watched cable network in total for both day and prime time, with almost double the viewership of MSNBC and CNN combined.

  27. Now after being PSYCHOANALYZED BY MEDIA, more 'JUDGED BY MEDIA'. Propaganda RULES/LIES/DECEIVES—– see HR 5736 , and wake up more people about the TRENDS OF TREASON YOU WITNESS EVERY DAY

  28. Trump has this one figured out for you, just relax, and let him do his job. And then, you've got the same folks who say Obama was better…better at funding Iran.

  29. Host, please quit interrupting your guests and give them the opportunity for their answers. And get the interviews with these people that have left WH and put them on the spot.

  30. What's happening in the White House with this President scares me a lot. He's endangering our troops with his security leaks as well as alienating our allied forces. Climate change etc he doesn't care. Get him out of office now before he does something we can't ever come back from.

    General Mattis never made that comment, one of his aids who was willing to speak to the left-wing Atlantic magazine made the comment. MSNBC, yet again dredging the sewage of news journalism.

  32. That was a calculated arrangment on trumps part. He wanted people who knew less than him, which is hard to imagine, so he could do whatever he wanted without being harrassed. & he could order them to do his criminal & unethical dirty work.

  33. When the Surgeon General gave the President a MCA test, (Montreal Cognitive Test), he was trying to tell us something. This dude has got early stage Alzheimer or some form of dementia.

  34. Remember that comment about the adult daycare center. He needs someone who has some balls to shut him up but I hope they don’t. Let him continue to dig his grave deeper. Seems as if every time he opens his mouth he commits a felony and I don’t think he is intelligent enough to know it or maybe he just thinks he can get away with it

  35. Gotta get the beverly hillbillies out of the WH. PAB is a danger to America..He's talking phyco, he's totally lost it. Hate, more hate, putting people down, caaking people kies every single day. I can't wait for the day I don't have to hear his voice and see his ugky face, and boy he is ugly..Ekephant man was handsome, not dough boy


  37. The highest duty of a public official, in the US, is to the people of that country and its laws, the sworn duty of the president of the United States is to protect the people of the United States
    Donald J. Trump does not understand this.

  38. Here is the problem, # 45 is in way over his head, you can tell he has no idea of what to do. He has no vision of the future good of America. He only sees the now and how he looks to others. How he can try to make himself look like the hero he will never be. All his past words and actions are proof of that. No Donald you will never ever be a good or great president. That title was taken by Barack Hussein Obama.

  39. Problem is that Trump attracts dysfunctional people the way the porch light attracts insects. The best known of these critters is Stephen Miller, his immigration point man. Trump thinks the worst anti immigration thoughts and Stephen works his damndest to make it happen. I wonder how many more of these creepy crawly night critters Trumpy has gathered around him. That’s the scary part.

  40. Drumpf is crazier than King George III, and that’s saying a lot. George’s advisors kept it under wraps, too. Get him out. Now. Please and thank you.

  41. Anyone else think that if Congress doesn’t move quickly on impeachment that a sniper will pick him off from a tower. Inside job. Must remove him somehow before he gets us all blown up.

  42. Considering the fact that the obstetrician threw out the baby and kept the afterbirth when Trump was born, ol' Donald is doin' purty good.

  43. No kidding! Just ask Trump, he is a stable genius, or belongs in a stable. That's where they house jackasses, correct? Trump is the chosen one!

  44. Boy, the Obama holdovers are leaking Foreign Leader conversations like a seive. Endangering National Security to set up a duly elected, sitting President. Two Democrat CIA Whistleblowers? Sounds like a Coup. The Dems & Media are lying trying to control Public narratives for DEM votes & Faux impeachment efforts. PAID Sore loser Media agents & DNC talking point mouthpieces are hindering a President in tandem

  45. 60+million Americans voted for this man, the Republican Congress knew exactly what they was gonna face. I'm not a bit surprised. Trump revealed his hands many times over, he has been playing the card game and Russian roulette with this country from the beginning.

  46. Trump the great destroyer Russians put him in so he would end the united States there just waiting like vultures in trees along with China

  47. mr. Mathers is doing nothing for us all he's doing it it's behind closed doors he needs to speak up in public to let us know exactly what he went through so I'm not too keen on giving him or kind of praise,

  48. ADDERALL or SUDAFED? Hard to tell, isn't it? Maybe both, huh? Wouldn't be the first time. The creep's a bigger mess than you know.

  49. It only goes to show that the mentally challenged (repulsive) trump followers are as stupid as Trump! Follow the leader!

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