100 thoughts on “Aunt Of Missing Teen Says Former Sister-In-Law, Lori Vallow, Had A ‘Fixation On The End Times’

  1. I feel like what whatever was being carried out of the storage unit was one in the kids bodies unfortunately. She killed her kids

  2. She took them to yellowstone people…. right now in Yellowstone there are more lava pools then ever. If she did something to the kids there they will likely never be found.

  3. I think this is fishy all of this could just be some kind of way for them to have a movie made so they can make millions on selling thier story

  4. My guess is she left them with cult members who believe the same as she does and their holding the kids hostage. They're probably locking in some basement somewhere being treated like slaves and forced to learn the beliefs of the cult. You hear about it all the time from those who manage to escape and you won't hear from them until they do the same thing. If they even want to leave by that time. Cults are notorious for hiding the kids of their members while their parents are facing legal actions.

  5. I’m confused, is this the sister of Lori’s most recent deceased husband? I can’t even imagine someone not telling me if my brother had passed. Didn’t the husband prior also die? And she mentioned this is her fifth marriage. Also the grandparents, who’s parents are they?

  6. What's the point of prepping for apocalypse if you'll be slowly rotting to death behind bars?? All the supplies in the world wont save her then.

  7. Lori married Chad 2 weeks after her brother killed her husband…so we know that had to be planned. Looks like body of boy being taken out of storage area wrapped up in something…seen on storage area video

  8. 👀
    Anyone have any information on this end of days, Doomsday cult ? An actual name of it or Facebook page, website anything.

  9. Ive had this feeling since I first heard of this case, that she has eliminated her children to spare them the terrors of tribulation. Thing is, if that's the case, this god, as she claims to be; appointed to help people in end times, IS WAAAY OFF! She is completely misled, because in these times, she is missing her own faith. We should never ever be so scared as to take a life, not ours or anyone else's. If she were truly being led by God or Jesus, she would have taught her children the value of faith, prayed WITH them, and put her fears in HIS hands. I would not want to be in her shoes when He DOES return!

  10. Wow she actually told their aint she was going to murder them…. and she did nothing. I bet she regrets that now. I feel like she should have done something at that point… jeeezz

  11. Makes me wonder why it's the ex wife's responsibility to tell his sister that her brother died? What's wrong with the rest of her blood family that they didnt tell her because that's whose responsibility it was.

  12. Sister In Law quote of Lori saying, "I'm only kidding. I never hurt my kids".. Well, she's in Hawaii begging The Judge to lower her 5 million dollars bail 💵 💵 💵. Lori, wanna make a plea deal, give them your children and you and Chad can have a happy ending.

  13. Nothing makes me more mad than when they kill kids. It makes me cry and have so much hate in my heart. How can you hurt your babies? How can anyone hurt children?

  14. I don’t see why they don’t just waterboard torture her until she tells the truth. I mean i know it’s illegal but, can we just bring it back for this one specific reason?

  15. The aunt seems like a very loving level headed person. My heart goes out to this family. They all seem normal except Lori

  16. I hope I run into chad 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👎🏼

  17. Sadly, being arrested and going to jail cannot actually MAKE her talk. Nobody can MAKE her if she doesn't want to. This whole thing is unbelievable. With her unorthodox beliefs there's no telling where these kids are. I pray that they're safe and sound, but chances are they're not. 💔

  18. How is she on her 5th husband when she married the one that was killed, roughly 18 yrs ago? Those other 3 marriages must’ve been extremely short

  19. The fact that her husband didn’t have a funeral and she didn’t tell his family who does that ?! And lack of empathy oh I know a sociopath!

  20. Yellowstone National park is know for the hot steam volcanocal steam could have probley out them there cops start looking there

  21. I could have sworn I saw a news story about a car that drove off a cliff into the ocean like about a month or two ago. The victims of that car were never found. Makes me wonder if that car relates to this case??

  22. Lori Vallow saying “that’s great”… when the reporter says people are praying for the kids! That’s guilt COMPLETELY!! I’m sick. I really hope that these children are okay. Please 🙏🏼 please 🙏🏼

  23. The scriptures say you may have one husband so yeah I'd be scared of the end times too and the way she acts towards her family reminds me of the teachings of Jehovah's witnesses when I was in that cult. Become a Protestant and you won't have to abandon your family and live in secret

  24. The scriptures also say we won't be going through the horrors of the end times only those who deny the Christ. This woman is brainwashed by some strange cult

  25. Grew up in an end times cult it makes me nauseous. Seventh Day Adventist and don't anybody tell me I don't know what I'm talking about. I won't let one in my house.

  26. This is just heart breaking….. As a mother, I couldn't imagine not knowing where my kids are. I know where my children are at every second of every single day, and they are 17 and 13 years old… Heartbreaking

  27. These people are so damn weird. I'm no fan of Lori Vallow 🤢, but if these people were so concerned about the children in 2018 why didn't they do anything ? All these people waited three months after the kids went missing to even speak up. If this woman is not lying, she waited 2 and a half years after she claims Lori said she was thinking of driving the kids off a cliff to say anything. That's not very responsible behavior. If anything tragic did happen to these kids, all of these people now running their mouths are equally responsible. Now that Lori Vallow has become a household name, Everybody who should have protected the children are playing the victim and weeping for the cameras instead of asking themselves how they contributed to the problem in the first place.

  28. This woman is just a cold calculated killer that should have been locked up a long time ago!!! Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ why are ppl like her able to breath and give life to kids I hope she gets whatever Is coming to hee

  29. They should stop giving these people lines to read bc it’s coming off as fake and people are gonna stop taking the case so serious after watching this

  30. As Dr. Phil well knows, some of our most seriously mentally ill attach to religion and religious themes (from the famous cult leaders to the common schizophrenia’s). Such an amazingly sad story.

  31. This show will not help find these kids! They are all just lining their pockets while they and that disgusts me.
    They need to water board the mother until she agrees to talk.

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