Automation, and Why it's Better Under Socialism

Automation, and Why it's Better Under Socialism

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39 thoughts on “Automation, and Why it's Better Under Socialism

  1. You pretty much argue that automation would be better under socialism for the same reasons capitalist say automation wouldn’t destroy jobs.

  2. Automation in capitalism is probably going to cause a major inflation which should naturally create socialism. After some political reforms people would be free to focus on their own passions.

  3. Hi. Slight nitpick- you said 'anarchy of capitalism' but i think 'tyranny' mightve been a better word.
    Anarchism gets a bad rep as is

  4. Sir can this plan be implemented on countries having very large population pools, majority of them being poor people.
    For example my country India.

  5. But wait all this leisure time and devising robots, isn't that that possible under capitalism? Perhaps we don't have to destroy companies and undermine the individual when capitalism can still be a plausible societal solution. I sense this is probably another socialist attempt to dissuade our logical mind into thinking socialism is the futuristic solution . Ain't convinced. Why refuse the fruit of individuality and opportunity that capitalism relentlessly provides? Oh and love it how capitalism is described in such an elementary manner.

  6. Luxury communism/socialism…. is this possible? Is a luxury communist society a true utopia? Could communism finally work?

  7. Because if automation replace humans, then there would be no humans to exploit, therefore the end of capitalism.

  8. And will never happen, at least not in this millennia, capitalism isn't showing any sign of stepping the brake pedal…

  9. Why would ppl be creative if there’s no pay off. Just curious cus your argument is very flawed and still requires workers to maintain the jobs you said will be gone. Plus you say all the automation is why we need socialism but we’re still years away from self driving cars and who knows if it’ll even be legal without someone behind the wheel. What’s stopping ppl from hoarding production for themselves and alienating everyone else the law. Cus under socialism the law is made by the leader and he may be your hoarder, you never know.

  10. Don't wanna be rude but you wont have automation under socialism. Should have named the video "Automation, and why it's better than socialism" <3


    … WUT?

    An anarcho-communist

    P.S. other than that it was a great video 👍

  12. No [Ism] instead a Resource Based Economy.

    Forget outdated concepts and move forward to something that's never been attempted before, because it wasn't possible in the past.

    It is totally unethical to keep money, credit, barter, tax or debt. When we have automation and autonomous technologies that are capable of doing the work.

    We could provide all good and services to all people without a cost.

  13. Socialists never automate. Why? 2 Reasons. There's no incentives because there's no profit. And most importantly they already have a monopoly enforced by the government. But you could say a co-op would automate. But your reason has a flaw. The workers could work 3 hours but get paid for 8 hours. That would only work in a monopoly. Because another Co-op would eat their lunch with lower prices by just getting paid 3 hours. So again no one would automate in socialism

  14. The problem with your logic is that it focuses on reducing work instead of increasing production. That misplaced focus is what causes socialist economies to become poor over time. The socialist-run businesses (or countries) do not stay competitive with the capitalist businesses (or countries). It happens over and over, but the socialists are always willing to give it another go because "…the other guys before us just didn't implement socialism correctly…."

  15. automation is amazingly beneficial, and the fact that it's a menace for workers is actually amazing and says a lot about our current situation; great point

  16. Capitalism is just an acronym for "let us bring back humanity to the primitive times of the stone ages and then abide away from science and technology so we can keep all our profit and money because Capitalism is human nature."

  17. All Capitalists are primitives that wants to bring us back to the stone ages because the silly Capitalists knows that technology and robotics would replace the working class including the private businesses and the other reason why their opposing automation is because their all greedy, corrupt, pigs that wants to keep all their wealth and profit. Capitalists don't even have brains or logic to know what is technology and science, that's why Anti-Imperialist Communism is being called 'Scientific'. The true agenda of Capitalism is that the poor would suffer and die all the time while the rich can enjoy with their wealth.
    Also a fun fact for every kid here to know, when Karl Marx said that Religion is the opium of the masses he did not meant common Religions that everyday regular people practice for spiritual morality like Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Taoism and Shintoism, he actually meant the Religion of Capitalism and the Bourgeoisie
    (The Religious people killed under Communist regimes were not caused by Communism itself it was caused by radical Secularism)

  18. So why would a co-op, or any worker owned business, want to let you join them if they can automate what your role would be?

    Any business, whether owned by a single person, a small group, or worker-owned, will be enticed by automation to replace people in order to cut costs. Socialism doesn't resolve this harsh reality. They won't take you if a machine can do your job better!

  19. Capitalism is not a long term system, at a certain point it all breaks down into dystopia unless properly managed.

  20. Capitalism is relative to the general populations wealth. Someone had to make the clothes you are wearing cheap enough for you to own them, for them to make a profit. If hardly anybody had a job, things would be made extremely cheap (with automation) to continue to make profits, and distribute goods by selling at very low prices. So, what you have said is just wrong. You quite beautifully understand socialism, but I don't think you understand why capitalism was so brilliant after feudalism

  21. Public sector(socialism) –> expenses, non-profit. (infrastructure, police,roads,fire department, administration, etc..)
    Constant value graph.

    Privates –> investments (everything that can get a profit, free market)
    exponential growth graph.

    The goal of most investments is to reduce expenses (public ones or not). When every expense will approach 0$ , humans will be living in abundace.

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