22 thoughts on “Aversions Crown – Partisan Deconstruction (NEW SONG 2011)

  1. I almost died laughing when I seen big time rush in the related videos. Youtube is a bitch ass.

  2. @7dayspking Yep, but I know some bands that have some pretty good growls. Like you said, Aborted is great. Benighted is also awesome.

  3. @neckface413 death metal fan??? hmmm i love a bit of death metal but i also enjoy death core unfortunately for you theres not alot of bands in the death metal genre that growl like this or gutteral this good if the gutterals are good for you closest comparison would be putrid pile or if you like the growls aborted?

  4. @CloverfieldMonster95 they need more gutterals and squeals decent growls though some gutteral growls as well

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