Axton vs OP10 Hyperius in under 1 Second | Borderlands 2

Axton vs OP10 Hyperius in under 1 Second | Borderlands 2

okay so what just happened well I'll explain this is my time trial run so it's a little bit different but the methodology for taking him down is still the same so I'm going to Agra hi Paris run out of the arena run back in and this is gonna I grow but then d agar him kind of canceling the fight even though it spawns the robots so we're going to use that we're gonna wait behind this pillar this is gonna draw the robots over to us so they can get line-of-sight we don't want them close to him because we're gonna be singularity around and we can't regrow ipiria so those that'll start the fight again so as they start getting close I'm just gonna jump out and group them all up just to make it easier to weaken them there we go and I'm gonna use an or flee you can use anything you want a PFG a top-tier Pimpernel fantastic weapons to use using the north wait here cuz of course it's quickest you technically only need to weaken one but they keep attacking you so we can all four to stop them from because we're gonna need to stay alive obviously there we go just gonna get my health back here as long as you're both health get your okay you can technically do this if you below health gate but it's way less consistent we need to use health gate to stay alive right so he's gonna wait over far hi Paris when the robots lower their shields thing to put it on someone and because hi Paris is alive in the world unlike some other aid bosses they're gonna put it straight on him which is gonna even in front of shield thir deploy turn number one to point them turret number two and there we go I love that onesie yeah we got a kill skill about Surratt's there and it's the antagonist that does this eight hundred and eighty percent damage on ricocheted shots which is just crazy I'm actually the chopper just to get the most amount of chance as possible and we even get a shredder fire for our trouble there so yeah thank you for watching and I'll see you next time bye bye

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25 thoughts on “Axton vs OP10 Hyperius in under 1 Second | Borderlands 2

  1. Yeah that's a real nutty set up, was this idea from maya's haderax reflect kill? Love seeing the Chopper being used.

  2. I have a quick question though, Mayas kinetic reflection can already boost the damage per deflection by 210% at most. So can she get this to work without the antagonist?

  3. It is a nice kill, but technically the clock starts when his health bar appears. So more than "under a second*

  4. I wish the Chopper was in it’s own rarity, like E-tech (BL2), Gemstone (BL2 Community Patch) and Glitch (TPS). So that way, we could have a Chopper for every type of gun.

    Grit is so OP!
    ~HEY YOU DIDN'T PAID THE 8 ERIDIUM DID YOU? ¬¬ I see your moves….

  6. Is that a Brachydios theme I hear OwO. Must have heard the slime boys announcement to world I’m guessing.

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