Bach - Brandenburg Concerto in G major BWV 1049 - Sato | Netherlands Bach Society

Bach – Brandenburg Concerto in G major BWV 1049 – Sato | Netherlands Bach Society

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34 thoughts on “Bach – Brandenburg Concerto in G major BWV 1049 – Sato | Netherlands Bach Society

  1. Can‘t get enough of it all! Pure magic
    Thank You so much for ALL of IT (BACH)!
    Just watch also the attention the violin player behind Sato is paying….

  2. OMG, I want to hug all of them. what a cool bunch.
    PS, I have never clicked on google ads but I clicked on one advertising your channel and subscribed. Keep up the advertising game.

  3. Thank you for this refreshing performance, felt like I heard it for the first time – once again. Only nine players, but so much music!

  4. On the whole, I find this group quite promising.  The violinist in this performance, while a technical wizard, is not sufficiently careful maintaining the natural rhythm of the music.  And so, while I think his colorful rubatos in the third movement worked quite well, I found that his approach in the first movement simply contradicted the music; in fact, even the recordists seemed a bit perturbed by his performance in the first movement.  However, as I said, he is obviously an excellent violinist and the group is certainly worth watching.  Their Bach Cantata no. 54 is excellent, as is their opening chorus of the St Matthew Passion … I need to hear the rest when I can.  So far, they get a B+/A- from me.

  5. To try to get cohesion and unity is what this concert is about. A violin, two pastoral flutes and a percussive harpsichord: The most impaired instruments trying to play a theme done that bounces between the three different instruments. In that is what the genius of Bach is revealed here! The best of all is that his dammed chiquichiri never appeared here!!!! Yuppy!!!!

  6. Beautiful! 😀 Oh, I miss Heiko and Siebe! 🙂 I studied with both (Recorder and chamber music). Greetings from Lisbon. 🙂

  7. the violist in this part gives an extraordinary performance
    brandenburg concerto nr 4 for recorder : i love it

  8. Too violent character, not Bachlike cause of the characteristics! It's like a evil Bach. But instead it should just be taken with free spirit & joy of God character of Love & Peace. Because that is what the music says, not war or a challenge, fight, etc. Plays good however, but not peaceful enough, therefore there is no real truth within the music of peace, it's like driving a Mercedes & feeling or showing the impression of as if you're driving a Rolls Royce. No, it doesn't work that way, so don't convert other personalities while playing to a such music which has a true different meaning behind it! It shall never ever be anymore differently interpreted then what it traditionally belong to! Just because it is a very sacred musical masterpiece! & it shall always remain as original as possible!!

  9. I find the ritardando on some of the notes by the violinist in the first movement contrived and misplaced in what is otherwise a great performance.

  10. This is hard work… and yet the sound is fantastically light! Possibly the best rendition of #4 that I have ever heard.

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