100 thoughts on “Ben Shapiro: Trump, Democrats are playing a game of ‘hold my beer’

  1. " Hold my beer " mentality in politics is Derogatory!

    Definition of Derogatory

    showing a critical or disrespectful attitude.

  2. Cute. Little Talib's fake tears and handy tissue. And we're supposed to cry with her? Not today.

  3. Is it still "the power of the people" or power of our rulers, Congress? We have to ask career politicians to vote for term limits, thus ending their careers? And they get to vote for their own pay raises and wonderful health plans and $$$$ retirement benefits? How did we the people lose control?

  4. The "bad of the time" has NOTHING to do with the moon landing. Employment SHOULD be prioritized over going to space. President Trumps tweet were a well deserved counter punch. All of this has nothing to do with the moon landing😤😤😤

  5. Christian socialism is a form of religious socialism based on the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Many Christian socialists believe capitalism to be idolatrous and rooted in greed, which some Christian denominations consider a mortal sin.[1] Christian socialists identify the cause of inequality to be the greed that they associate with capitalism.

  6. I don´t think democrats even drink beer, they drink probably some disgusting home brew of 100% natural and ecologic plankton juice.

  7. Trump jumped in to make sure Pelosi would not be able to muzzle the bitches.
    He wants them screeching till next November.

  8. Could Trump be smarter than Shapiro? Humility is realising your not the smartest person in the room. I like Ben but I he should acknowledge DT has outsmarted them all!

  9. Nasty little Zionist turd Sharpiro back on Fox after he was exposed as a fool on BBC. Americans are dumber then Brits.

  10. What Trump has done is genius and even Shapiro doesnt fully see it. He has DELIBERATELY elevated the squad and they will become part of his election campaign rhetoric and a major vote winner for him. The top democrats HAVE NO CHOICE but to defend the squad and will be dragged into defending their madness

  11. Truth America" In an Attempt to Censure Scientific Data on Climate Control Trump is Moving EPA to Colorado in "30 days or lose their Jobs and Moving the USDA to Colorado or those Scientists will lose their Jobs and thus Their Research Numbers Because of The More Than "83 Regulations Rollbacks That will Allow Big Business Corporations to Dry up the San Pedro River in Arizona to Put A 28000 Housing development and Golf Courses in Benson Arizona population Approximately now "5000 People, New Project will Have To Pump the River, These moves will Also Allow Higher Radiation Limits. Watch MSNBC Jul 20, 2019 "Trump is Trying to Stifle Science. Watch TYT Jul 9, 2019" "Fox News Host Thrashes Trump" The Truthful Shep Smith Explains how Trump's "83 EPA Regulation Rollbacks effects Your Air, food, water and Climate Change Drastically. Trump's Budget cuts 2020 are Even Worst for Average Americans in the Attempt to Pay For The Tax Cut For the Rich All Of "Your Social Services Are Being Cut" "1 Trillion dollars cut in Medicaid, "845 billion in Medicaid, "225 Billion cut in Food Stamps and Snap which help Feed "45 Million Americans and Their Families That is an Average of Almost a Million People in every State, Pennsylvania '1, 879, 000 People in Pennsylvania, "1, 879, 000 People in Illinois, "1, 502, 000 People in Ohio, "1, 625, 000 People in Georgia, "1, 325, 000 People in North Carolina, "3,187, 000 People in Florida, "1, 047, 000 People in Tennessee, "3, 921, 000 in Texas" Etc. Trump is Also Cutting "207 Billion in Student Loans and Grants, Even Though Americans are already Carrying "1.6 Trillion dollars in Student Loan Debt Because Trump and His Billionaire Mar A lago Members an Appointees "Betsy Devos with her Student Loan Collection Businesses and Ties to For Profit Schools and Colleges, Betsy Devos has Already Been Sued By "19 States For Helping to Defraud Students out if $150, 000, 000.00 and Steve Mnuchin With Banking ties. Watch The Daily Show With Trevor Noah May 16, 2018" "Fraudulent For Profit Schools are Making A comeback Under Betsy Devos" "1, 467, 170 Views" "Read Forbes Aug 30, 2018" "Betsy Devos, Queen of Debt" "Watch TYT Dec 20, 2018" "Trump's Huuuge Tax Bill is a Total Hoax" "135, 981 Views" "THE DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS HAS PASSED A $15.00 an hour Minimum Wage, Republican Senate Will Deny It. Republicans Do Not Want To Share America's Wealth With You, They Want To Keep You Down, So you Stay In Credit card Debt, Pay Pal Like Services"Some with Loan Shark Compounded Interest Rates" They Know if You Make $30, 000 a Year, You Will be Less Likely To Need to Use these Services. The Billionaires and Millionaires will Make Less Money. Trump and The Kushner's do not care About Foreigners coming Into the Country They Have Been Selling Citizenships To Foreigners With EB-5 Investment Visas "500, 000 dollars gets a Foreigner and Their entire Family into the United States with a Path To Citizenship for Them and all Their children, and their children, And their children Etc. Trump is Gutting Your Government Protection on Behalf of Big Business insurance Companies, Once he Gets Rid of "The Affordable Care Act Legislation" Insurance Companies will once Again Deny Coverage for Preexisting Conditions, Something They Can Not Do Now, Since March 2010. Once Again Insurance Companies will be Able to Charge More than "52 million Americans $15,000.00 dollars, $25, 000.00 dollars or more For "1 Year of Needed Healthcare Insurance In March Of 2010 The ACA States No One With a Preexisting Condition can be Charged More Than a Person Who Is Not Sick" Once Again More Than "52 Million Americans will lose Their Homes, go Bankrupt Paying for Needed Healthcare for A Sick loved Ones. "Watch MSNBC Oct 23, 2018" "Fact Checking Trump Claim On Healthcare" "Read Money May 4, 2017" "50 Issues That Count as A Preexisting Condition" By Alicia Adamcyzk. Trump Insults Your Intelligence a Rally Yelling Lock Her Up and Showing You No Website Of Policies Because He knows He is giving Average Americans Nothing, Because Billionaires and millionaires would make Less Money On you. God Bless all Americans Truth is Verifiable by Multiple Resources by You On your phone and Computers in Minutes. Lies are Only Empty words and Can Not be Verified by You. Matthew 16;21-26

  12. The race to put a man on the moon was a great way for the military industrial complex to gain funding for military rocket technology and the potential for space weapons and bases on the moon.

  13. It has nothing to do with race it is completely about a clash of cultures. Most people I know have no problem at all accepting other races into their inner circles when they share similar ideals and values when it comes to life and raising your children.

  14. Impressive life you've lived Don. You are the best ever at something — being a worthless loser — despite extreme efforts to convince us otherwise.

  15. Ben Shapiro calling Trump's tweet xenophobic LMAO. What an idiot. Also, most people do like Trump's tweets for calling out exactly what most of us think.

  16. My people were building cathedrals and great cities while other parts of the world were living in mud huts and carved out stone….I like my people.

  17. So hold my beer bro I'm going to start s fight and ………. No I was playing with the whole United States of americans well being for a litteral syke is not a hold my beer

  18. What the Washington Post and other far-left propaganda outlets won't tell you or tweet about is which political party or who the group of people that perpetuated, condoned and in some cases, implemented the vile, racist and evil acts during that time, were… Spoiler alert: it's the same political party that Washington Post, NYT, CNN and every far left propaganda outlet currently supports: the Democrat party…

  19. AS ANY MARKSMAN WORTHY OF THE TITLE HAS ALWAYS SAID : ONE CANNOT HIT A TARGET THAT CAN'T BE SEEN ,, since the targets have been illuminated for all to see , i think anyone can surmise without a doubt what the outcome will now be ! ,, by the way HOLD MY BEER .

  20. " A funny thing happened on the way to the moon". Documentary utube
    Hint; WE NEVER WENT TO THE BLOODY MOON!!! Turned this off as soon as they started talking about it.
    We can't get through the van allen radiation belt that surrounds the earth. NOTHING get through and survive, not to mind, arrive on the moon…play in the moon buggie.. and get back on the tin can space ship.. back through radiation belt..to earth. This is old news!! Watch the footage of astronauts being interviewed when they first 'came back'…they look, guilty as hell.

  21. Ben how was trumps tweet Zena phobic… Used to like Ben but he’s a low key trump hater. Can’t stand Ben anymore.

  22. I thought we disbanded NASA and defunded it… So how is this gonna work… Also can we please stop mocking the liberals/democratic psychos? It really won't end well and we are sorta looking like them right now… I'm a conservative I get it but, aren't we supposed to be apparently better than them in principal for the country? Not being literally them but with the W not the L? edit: seriously please lets not antagonize the party that has nothing to lose. and a lot to gain?

  23. can any of you trump supporters quote with evidence ( a video link for example ) what these congresswoman said that meant they hate america ? or are you assuming they hate america because they critique it ? or are you hopping on the bandwagon because the president said they hate the country ?

  24. Ben Shapiro is definitely becoming more centrist because he knows the blue wave is coming but he still needs a job lmao

  25. Not a very religious man but I pray to God that the Democratic party does not win another election for decades. Not until they stop this Socialism and anti American agenda.

  26. No where in the constitution does it give the federal government the right to use tax dollars to explore outer space

  27. The main problem I have with these Tweets is that many people, including conservative commenters, have seen this as xenophobic or racist and still fail to provide the WHOLE tweet. Racists don’t tell you to go back to your country AND THEN COME BACK after you find out what needs to be done to fix the country that “the squad” criticizes so often.. the main issue I have with this statement is that it grouped 3 American born citizens into the statement, which makes it inaccurate. I think Omar was the main target of that piece of the comment. I would strongly agree with that

  28. I wonder if they are going to memorize the studio where they shot the moon landing since they can't get through the firmament!!!

  29. It's amazing how you people can overlook the very reason they were able to orbit and return;
    Katherine Johnson
    The black woman Math genius .☻

  30. Instead of squad we should call them the "Squawk". That's all they do scream abruptly, or complain loudly. No real intellectual acumen there.

  31. Ben is right, Trump is his own worst enemy. He was a better choice that Hillary, that did not make him a good choice. This blind, rationalizing for Trump is no better that the blind zeoltry of Leftist extremists. Trump was elected because the majority of moderate voters who can swing either way thought the Democrats went too crazy. If Trump doesn't check his megalomania, those exact same swing voters who put him in office can easily vote him out, or vote in counterbalancing Democrats in Congress. Stop the blind devotion. No politician is a messiah.

  32. We are in the great USA. Anyone can go to the moon if they want to… that is if they are smart enough. If you or yours are not smart enough to do so, stfu and sit your asses down! No one wants you to represent us to go to the moon due to the Affirmative Action technicality.

  33. The four horse faces would melt if they touched the American Flag. They are just like Hillary, whom worship and mentored under Sal Alinski and his book 'Rules for radical's". True facts.

  34. Leave it to (of all people) the two faced Hypocrite Jeff Bezo's (Washington Post) to make the Moon landing a racist and gender issue. What a punk coward.

  35. I love the idea of private companies leading the new space race, let's do it !

    Hold my beer while and squad THIS !

  36. what do you mean 'turn over' the moon to the chinese?
    i'm pretty sure they have maps proving that the moon belonged to them since the tang dynasty or something.

  37. Only thing ben does good is flustering people into making argumentative mistakes, while making himself seem more correct and confident by talking fast in a berating style.

  38. Sadly, I have to say that NASAs government fund had to be cut due to our overwhelming debt and more things that are a priority at this time. It is a shame though.

  39. Private space flight is better and less costly. That is my guess based upon logic of other governmental agencies. Also it can be for profit, or there would not be any private space shots.

  40. Washington Post is realy funy becourse the Russians ( commies ) trie’d to do the same thing with man, women and with an international crowd all race and they didn’t get very far; or did they? Its so nice and suiting to win a space race!

  41. AOC has decided she's not a female. She would prefer to be called "she", or "it". Let's put those two together, and you've got the smelly rat badgers true identity!

  42. Trump's tweet wasn't racist Ben. The perception that it was is brilliant on Trump's behalf.

    In 1 tweet he got the Dems to push the squad back into the forefront of the Democratic Party and they're now unwittingly circling the wagons to protect them.

  43. Guin bluford and Robert McNair you should look them up before making this about race and understand these are human achievements

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