32 thoughts on “Berlusconi at the European Parliament – eng subs (part2)

  1. Berlusconi thinks that because he is backed by the mafia he can do whatever he likes – well Mr. Berlusconi – very trivial you are – a pitty indeed that you rule an Europen country like Italy with sucha a historical record …

  2. poor italians ! hehe io stavo in italia ! era un paese di merda ! oure la gente non mi piaccono ! se vai a parlare cone le ragazze e prima domanda e LAVORI ? hahaha sono poveri da morrire !

  3. @reading70 hahaha ! oh poverino scuza mi se ti ho riccordato i vostri problemi !
    ma sweden is the best country in world ! u know that ! hehe maybe .

  4. @reading70 sorry ma guarda ke qesto e internet u r free ! its not just ur s problems ! pure io avevo problemi in italia and vostra governo mi ha spaccato il cazzo ho perso too much money in italia senza resultato . ! ok nothing then

  5. im sorry i italian and i have to admit that the way berlusconi behaved was completely and absolutely imbarrassing for me , dont get me wrong i love my country but i wouldnt go on and talk (brag) about it as if it were the most amazing and most beutifull country in the world i have also travelled around the world , been to a few countries and i can say that each country has its own uniqueness , he was also out of order when he said to mr schullz that he should be a nazi leader in a movie 🙁

  6. @MrEurocat ye really goes for all Berlusconi and Farage lovers. If you actually listen to what he sais you'll find he is one of the most reasonable elected european politicians. He is president of the European Parliament now and wants to give it more power in the EU which would strengthen its democracy, because this body is in fact elected by the people. Any opposition to his position is really non sensical and you won't hear much more than the non saying labels "Nazi, Socialist".

  7. Martin Schulz is controversial to many people within the EU nowadays partly because he is one of those who wishes to expand the powers of the European parliament (In this matter, for the record, I do not agree with him), but not only this: As evident of these videos, Martin Schulz is a brilliant orator and very direct and wry when it comes to deliver criticisms. Of course, people of sub-par intelligence such as Berlusconi and Godfrey Bloom cannot stand such a person.

  8. I cannot understand how some people admires persons who act like children. If you don't agree with Schulz, fine, I don't either, but why not respond to him in an intelligent manner? The only ones who can possibly be charmed by a behaviour such as this is people who, either biologically or mentally, are under 18 years of age. Berlusconi didn't even realise he was being laughed at when he went into his nonsensial rant about the historical heritage of Italy. You really admire such a guy?

  9. If all you knew what happened because of schulz and other German fascist scum you would change your tune, watch the UKIP EU debates and you will see why they joined forces and then Monti was given berlusconi's seat even by the EU council even though he was not elected nor were they who elected him just like what happened in greece after the election, Berlusconi still remains a huge critic of the EU and rightly so, Forza Italia, Forza UKIP, Forza Real Democracy of the people not German politicals

  10. That's not true man, there are italian that are racist as well as abritish that are racist but tell that every italian is racist is just bullshit.

  11. Italy if you want to know why your country was in such trouble, look no further than the corrupt clown you elected to the highest office in your country.

  12. I'm starting to worry about myself now  because in this occasion i have to agree with Berlusconi.
    who is Shultz to tell Italians what to do in our country?i call this a dictatorship

  13. But Schultz is perfect for such a role . Guy Verhofstadt and Pompuy could make a good showing too .

  14. Schultz hates Berlusconi cause he was democratically elected, on the other hands Schultz as president of the parliament has never been elected, he is a PARASITE i am so happy that england left, european union is WORSE than SOVIET UNION!

  15. SHULZ odia Berlusconi perchè lui odia la democrazia, Berlusconi almeno è stato eletto, Schultz non è mai stato eletto presidente del parlamento dal popolo europeo! l unione europea è peggio dell'unione sovietiche! gli italiani che appogiano schulz sono solo delle pecore, complimenti!

  16. As Italians, we could say he's a bullshit.
    Most of Italians hate him.
    But you know, in Italy some politicians look like this, they don't give a fuck about politics, about their people, their land. Renzi, Berlusconi, Monti, left or right, they fool us. And we can't do nothing. In Italy the democracy level is really, really low.


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