Bernie Sanders Is Running Again. Could He Win?  | NYT News

Bernie Sanders Is Running Again. Could He Win? | NYT News

An independent senator known
for his Brooklyn accent. “Real change never, ever takes
place from the top on down.” Populist message. “The level of wealth
inequality in America is grotesque.” And anti-establishment
appeal. “Establishment Democrats
don’t generate excitement.” Bernie Sanders is jumping into
the race for president, again. “Hi, I’m Bernie Sanders. I’m running for president.” In the 2016 primaries he pushed a democratic
socialist message, and he found a big
audience for it. He ultimately came up short. “I accept your nomination.” But many of his
ideas have lived on. “In a modern moral
and wealthy society, no American should be
too poor to live.” In 2016, he was the only challenger to
the Democratic establishment, but this time
around he’ll be up against a crowded and
diverse group of opponents. Some have adopted ideas
he made popular in 2016. “How do you feel about Medicare
for all?” “Medicare for all.” “Medicare for all.” So what are the
issues he made pillars of the progressive
agenda? A $15 minimum wage, tuition-free public college
and Medicare for all. “… health care is
a right, not a privilege.” But Sanders’s
liberal credentials may have taken a hit over
his perceived failure to address claims of sexism
during his 2016 campaign. He has since apologized. “What they experienced was absolutely unacceptable.” So how has Sanders taken
on President Trump? He’s been one of his
most outspoken critics. “The most dangerous president
in modern American history.” “Most people who observed him
would agree he’s a pathological liar.” Trump has returned
the insults. “Crazy Bernie.” “You know he’s always like
complaining, complaining, he’s jumping around, the
hair’s going crazy … lunatic.” So what are his chances? He’s near the top
of the early polls. He’s got some big advantages
over his opponents, including a small-donor
fund-raising list, a 50-state organization and
fervent supporters. He has major name
recognition and knows how to electrify
a crowd. “We are going to take on the drug
companies and their greed and lower the cost of prescription drugs.” But he could be up
against a base who are looking for a fresh
face to take on Trump, even if it’s on a platform
that Bernie built.

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100 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Is Running Again. Could He Win? | NYT News

  1. I've voted Green in every presidential election I was eligible to vote in,
    but if Bernie gets the Democratic nomination, I will vote Democrat

  2. About Bernie Sanders and the voters: "they are looking for a new face…" I thought Bernie was the new face and all the others are retreads, bad hyped Bernie impersonators. Why was such an unfounded comment made?

  3. Reminder: at this point in the 2016 campaign Jeb was considered a shoo-in for the GOP nomination. It isn't always a good thing to be on the top, you have nowhere to go but down…

  4. How many times do folks need to be told that socialism doesn't work. How many countries do we need to look at that have tried it and the devastated results??? I don't care who's on the socialist party ticket. I'm remaining when people would say no they are a lot of things but never socialist. To be called socialist ment doom. Now they got their butt in the air shouting it from the rooftop. Socialist wouldn't be caught dead in American politics. Because we knew what socialist was. Socialist.

  5. I’m undecided about him. But I like his chances. His policies aren’t ones I’m very educated on so I can’t say anything about them.

  6. Why do we need someone who will borrow Bernie’s ideas? Who can implement them best but the guy who came up with the progressive and humane policies. So right now we don’t need a fresh face, we need someone reliable and consistent like Bernie.

  7. Millionaire who gave up to Hillary, voted to have newborn babies killed after birth rather than give them to thier fathers or let them be adopted. Talks about poor when he is far from it.

  8. Bernie Sanders has an outdated vision for America let's vote for a canadite with ideas to help us move forward #yang2020

  9. Bernie Sanders He would have been a great president in our current time or in the past but his ideas are on the cusp of being good but not enough too much rhetoric and not enough explanation on how he will accomplish his policies and ideals no detail explanation just a blanket statement "this is what i'm going to do trust me". Sorry but America needs a candidate that is looking towards the future and the problems we will face a society and nation. America deserves a candidate that can represent both sides not just your base and sadly Bernie is just not enough for the present. This is coming from a guy that was all in on Bernie in the last election, his chance was robbed.

  10. Walden Pond is calling. Hey, Bernie! Go back to the hippie camp you were in during the sixties! Remember the commie group that kicked you out?

  11. Lol, I love how being out of line with the social justice machine is a factor now. "That one time Bernie did that one thing we sorta didn't like is really going to hurt him." lol. This is why Dems and the left can't compete with the right in this country. The left falls in love, and the right falls in line.

  12. Bernie Sanders 2020
    Bernie Sanders has energy and stamina for just causes – healthcare justice, economic justice, environmental justice, social justice

  13. Your interview with Sanders was extremely biased toward the regime change war neocon policies; here is a rebuttal:
    Status Coup. Thanks!

  14. Just think for a second If it had been Bernie in 2016 would Trump be President? Now who do you vote for in the Dem Primary?

  15. this hag has been in congress for how many years? how can we expect this guy to change anything… he doesn't even understand current problems today

  16. Bernie is the angriest man I have ever seen running for office. There can't be anything good that comes from him. He wants your money, all of it. You'll be losing if he wins. Why don't you socialists just move to Venezuela instead, and leave he rest of us alone? KEG🇺🇸TRUMP🇺🇸2020!!!

  17. Him and biden are both to old lol, have we come to this wanting a senior citizen as president, lmao

  18. Bernie cares about regular folks. He wants to end the wars and use that money here at home with an infrastructure bill. NYT – out of touch and loves corporations. They can't stand the thought of the wars ending. They want to slander Bernie, hoping Biden will be their darling pick. That way Trump will win again. They can get another huge tax break. NYT all about big money.

  19. He’s running as a “socialist “ therefore he will lose..I don’t hate the guy but he should of known that the majority of Americans won’t be on board with that. It doesn’t matter if he attached the name “Democrat”. He’s promising a bunch of free stuff that in reality is just going to be taken out of our taxes…no thanks.

  20. Bernie Sanders or as Michael Savage calls him, the seltzer man. What do I think of him? I think he’s way too radical. But I do agree with what he says about Donald John Trump.

  21. The ultimate Russian Colluder! "progressive populist mantle" – in other words, "Lazy people who want free stuff."

  22. A horrible job in telling the tru by the NYT. You a shallow vessel of what you could be. Please, consider journalism!

  23. Hey, NYT, did the Clinton team write that piece for you? I stopped believing the NYT in 2016 when "economist" and "Nobel Laureate" Paul Krugman called Sanders' economic plan "Voodoo." Economist Gerald Friedman thought otherwise. If you need toilet paper, ask Krugman for his Nobel Prize.

  24. Hey, Bernie! You were in diapers the Nazis invaded Germany ! You had a long career in US government. Now you're in diapers again. How does that feel?

  25. Bernie can't control his Bernie Bros supporters. Not a good look compared to the respectful courtesy of Andrew Yang's supporters.

  26. I can't wait till he loses again in 2020 😂 America will never be a socialist country. Capitalism is what made this country successful

  27. I'm all for Bernie, but I'd just like to see him talk more about the spiralling Debt of 22-plus trillion, and what he'll do about it, if elected. He talked about the tax breaks for the rich. What about the result? Would he be willing to raise taxes on the rich, and cut military spending, like Bill Clinton?

  28. I will vote Bernie Sanders or write Bernie Sanders. Those are my only 2 choices. Votes need to be earned and they should never be given.

  29. Bernie is great, but his policies are outdated and he's old. #Yang2020 is already uniting the country with his positions and policies. He's Bernie without the socialism. He's working for ALL Americans. Look into him!

  30. I love how Trump calls Bernie crazy and insults his hair. It's simple, he cannot come up with a simple answer that diminished Bernie.

  31. I voted for Bernie Sanders last time and I’m voting for him again this time. This man is for the people. He’s been waiting for it for YEARS. This man is dedicated and will go out guns blazing. I want him in office.

  32. It's interesting to contrast the difference in the comments between the 'Bernie Bros' and those that are anti-Sanders. Those that support Bernie are, mainly, positive and articulate.
    Those against Sanders seem to be consumed by hatred, and eager to blame somebody for something, apparently because they have different views. They also appear to have a tenuous grasp of history, spelling, grammar and reality.

  33. He'll die soon enough anyways, look at him he looks like a dying breath, something left in the crock pot for too long

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