Bernie Sanders Just Proved He's NOT Afraid to Be Bold on Medicare For All

Bernie Sanders Just Proved He's NOT Afraid to Be Bold on Medicare For All

a lot of the presidential candidates are being asked to clarify their position on Medicare for all and they're being asked to clarify specifically what they do about health insurance companies would you or would you not get rid of them now Kamla Harris at her CNN town home she said yes we should get rid of them which was the correct answer but less than 24 hours later she back pedaled and we're seeing more and more presidential candidates who purport that they support Medicare for all walking away from this standard position that we need to get rid of private health insurance companies which is problematic because if you support Medicare for all truly then you have an interest in wanting to get rid of private health insurers now I get that you're running for president and you don't want to ruffle any feathers you don't want to invite all of these right-wing attacks but if you support Medicare for all then you've got to explain it and part of the process in pitching Medicare for all is explaining that if we move to Medicare for all a single-payer type system there will no longer be a need for private health insurance companies now Bernie Sanders was recently on MSNBC and he was talking to Chris Hayes and he wasn't necessarily asked about whether or not he wanted to get rid of private health insurance companies instead he just said it himself and it was absolutely badass and what happened afterwards maybe incredibly confident in his ability to push not for somehow half measure but for Medicare for all specifically take a look there's lots of people running on Medicare for all but there's been some interesting sort of debate about what it means and there's sort of two different ways that people are talking about it now one is what your you've talked about a four year phase-in you lower it and you get Medicare for all the other is the idea of sort of a Medicare buy-in right so you don't say everybody's in the Medicare system you just say everyone has the option to you can obviously buy in at Medicare rates that's called Medicare for America there's a bill with that name of the house that is polling very well right now 51 to 30% whereas the the sort of more traditional medical for all the you support is is even what what do you think about that as an alternative why not sort of slide towards the system in an optional way because ultimately we have to recognize that the current system is incredibly dysfunctional and wasteful its goal is to make profits for the insurance companies and the drug companies you are not going to be able in the long run to have cost-effective universal health care unless you change the system unless you get rid of the insurance companies unless you stand up to the greed of the drug companies and lower prescription drug costs that's the only way that you could provide quality care all people I look at healthcare Chris the same way as I look at public education right same way a look at police protection fire protection all people get it regardless of their income it is publicly funded that is the most cost effective way to provide health care to all this is exactly what I want to see because if you allow these health insurance these for-profit private health insurance companies to exist within our Medicare for All system understand what you are inviting you are allowing them to corrupt our single-payer system because these for-profit systems are going to be greedy they're going to want a bigger piece of the pie and they're going to be bribing politicians and get them to chip away in national and privatized portions of our one day hopefully single payer system which is something that you don't want to do so the best thing we can do if we one single payer and we want to protect single payer is get rid of the private insurance companies it's not that hard to say that and Bernie did say it but expectedly what happened was right wingers decided to attack him and as a kind of gotcha the RNC posted a clip of his interview with Chris Hayes saying Bernie Sanders on eliminating private health insurance get rid of the insurance companies and his response rather than backing away like everyone else was to say you're goddamn right [Applause] that was brilliant and if you support medicare-for-all if that's essentially your number one issue bernie is your candidate because he's the only one who planted his feet firmly in the ground and demanded Medicare for all whenever somebody tries to offer some type of half measure he repeats Medicare for all if it's not Medicare for all he sends it back he's been consistent on this and he's the strongest on this because when he talks about Medicare for all he's unequivocally saying Medicare for all very clearly and I want you to think about what's currently happening so we've seen proposals such as Medicare for America by better or auric we've seen Medicare for all who wanted from Pete booty judge we've seen Medicare extra for all from the so-called Center for American Progress so we've got to be savvy enough to recognize what's happening and how the establishment is trying to play campus we're demanding chocolate cake and they're putting sprinkles on a turd and they're trying to sell that to us as chocolate cake when we can smell the shit so acknowledge that this is what they're doing here that's a horrible analogy by the way but just why did I pick that just acknowledge that that's essentially what's happening they're trying to take the word Medicare and they're inserting it into their non Medicare for all policies to get us to accept anything that would protect the profit incentive in the for-profit health insurance industry but what Bernie did here was he just said very clearly and loudly go fuck yourself now of course I'm paraphrasing he didn't say that but he's saying we're not gonna accept that health care in America is going to be driven by profit because health care the health industry in America should be motivated to cure sick people to get people the help that they need you shouldn't be profiting when people's lives are at risk when that poses a conflict of interest because I want my doctor to treat me full-stop I don't want them to have to worry about whether or not you know my insurance company will cover a particular procedure and really we're the only people in the modern industrialized world that do have to worry about this everyone else in the UK in Canada they've moved on to other progressive issues we're still having to argue for something that is a policy everyone else takes for granted essentially and it's not acceptable anymore when we say Medicare for all when you say Medicare for all if you're running for president then mean it and part of that means you accept the reality that having a single-payer system means that yes the ultimate goal is to do away with these for-profit health insurance companies they should be done away with because if you think that they should exist then you're essentially buying into this notion that I believe death panels should determine whether or not someone gets care and not their doctors don't accept the premise rejected from its roots and acknowledged that Medicare for all would in fact involve us moving beyond for-profit health insurance companies and that means getting rid of them Bernie gets this and that's why bernie is the best on this issue by a mile and a fucking half nobody comes close to Bernie on this issue I was worried that a lot of politicians who were running for president in 2020 initially would be able to dupe the left into thinking that they support Medicare for all but they've shown within a couple of months of the primary that they're not serious about Medicare for all even Elizabeth Warren it's not doing great on this particular issue so if you want Medicare for all then the only person who you can be confident in that will fight for Medicare for all itself is in fact Bernie Sanders and he made that crystal clear in this interview and standing by this statement he made and not running away from it that's important that says something

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33 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Just Proved He's NOT Afraid to Be Bold on Medicare For All

  1. No compromise on life and death situations. Humanitarian justice is Medicare for all. Not one step back. Bernie is the real deal.

  2. YES!!! Go Bernie! Let's win in 2020 before it's too late and we die of Trumpitis nuclear attack or climate change.God Bless him.

  3. This is a good show but it's an encomium for Bernie and
    we already like him.
    I prefer it when we all give someone a trouncing : especially Beto O'Rourke.

  4. On a less serious note, I want to see more of Bernie dancing. He was great on Ellen. Not sure if that's where the clip used here came from.

  5. No need to get rid of private healthcare insurers just don't give any tax payer money to them. Conflating the issue of Medicare for all with the need to ban private health insurance is going to make free healthcare harder to implement.
    We in New Zealand have several private health insurance companies and these work in well with our plubically funded health care as far as I am aware. The better we make public healthcare the less the demand for private health insurance.
    However, ideally we would have no private health insurance companies then the rich and powerful would not continually for cuts in our public system as that would be their only health care option in our country. Ideally this would happen with our education system as well.
    Getting rid of private insurance is to high a hurdle to aim for. Do healthcare for all well and then the insurance companies will die a natural death.

  6. I totally agree with Bernie's version of "Medicare for All"
    Just one question though – what do you do with all the regular people who currently work for private health insurance companies ??
    I mean, no one is asking that question.

  7. It wasn't a bad analogy. Making people eat shit with a smile is what the corporate establishment in the US has been doing for decades. It's why Fox exists. It's why big-name talk shows suddenly turn conspicuously anti-Bernie whenever he runs for anything. They want you to keep eating shit. The choice you all face is, will you? 🙂

  8. My God, if the Government can't even protect our SS Money why in the hell would anyone trust them to take care of Our Health?

  9. INSURANCE COMPANIES ARE STRUCTURED TOO EXTRACT AS MUCH WEALTH FROM THE COFFERS OF AMERICA, AT THE EXPENSE OF AMERICAN LIVES.!!! Charge as much as you can regardless of who dies. THESE ARE DEATH PANELS!! Doctors are threatened with expulsion for offering care the insurance companies don’t want to pay for!! Ask any doctor or nurse !

  10. If the right and conservative were for small government, the medical bill could be on half page. 1. Insurer can’t discriminate based on age, gender, pre-existing conditions. 2. List of minimum/essential coverage. 3. No annual coverage cap. Why they don't propose this simple medical bill?

  11. Btw, "private health insurance" =/= "for profit health companies". Health insurance companies, where they have a place (and whether they do or not is up to your opinion, if someone wants to pay for nicer hospital rooms or whatever) can, as BUPA is, be run not-for-profit. I just wanted to say that because it's something nobody seems to be understanding, it's not a case of "eliminate any possible role for the private sector in healthcare" being the only viable option. The UK has private insurance groups and the big one is a not-for-profit organisation (as I think we all agree healthcare should be). You could have a government system with for example charities or other nonprofit groups providing supplemental coverage, the problem is with life-saving healthcare being held hostage by a profit motive. Having a private "backup" system that better off people can buy into if they want more expansive coverage than the government system might offer or a perhaps a nicer experience than a state hospital for example can actually take pressure off the state system and reduce costs.

  12. A Medicare buy in is almost indistinguishable from the public option we had with the ACA already. I can’t afford that option, it would basically be me doubling my rent, which I already have a hard time making. Thank god I’m still on my parents insurance or I’d be fined for being a broke new graduate without job in my chosen field yet.

  13. Hold on! I almost spit out my coffee when Mike said "Pete Booty-Judge"… What did I miss? Who the fuck is this? Also, just yesterday I also made some form of analogy with chocolate cake and poop.

  14. I can’t explain this. But your voice is absolutely amazing. By the way I live in Canada and we have single payer but we still have private insurance to supplement it. So employers can still offer benefits, and you can still purchase private insurance, which supplements the health care that already exists…which pays for the extra stuff (that our single payer system doesn’t cover) like dental, optical, and prescription drugs.

  15. We need to relegate private insurance to the realm of luxury services. Where your famous face can insured; because, the truth is, anything can be insured. But, anything that is necessary for the continued existence of life should be covered universally. The 'Cost of Living' certainly' the 'Cost of Success' probably.

  16. It's not just the greed of insurance and pharmaceutical companies. It's the greed of providers. When your doctor is getting paid Medicaid rates instead of private insurance rates, you get Medicaid treatment. It's not just getting people in the door. I am sore from screaming into the void when they talk about just getting people in the door. It's about the treatment every patient gets once they're in there. It's about everyone getting the care they actually need.

  17. This Notion that there will no longer be a need for private health care insurers is False; there will be a line drawn as to what is necessary health care, and what is elective. There will always be a market for elective health care inusrance. Like "Oh i am super rich and famous and i need my face intact so i will insure my face in case anything might happen to it" the private insurance market will survive; however certainly more niche.

  18. Tulsi Gabbard has the same exact stance you lying sack of shit. I don't know what happened to you . Sad, sellout.

  19. The PERI study from UMass, the best study on MFA. allows for 120b to retrain and relocate the 1.2 million displaced insurance workers.

  20. Medicare for all but then make sure people are discouraged to use it but continue to pay the premiums.
    That is how it is in UK I hear.

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