Beto O’Rourke on Democratic Debates, Immigration and Why He’s Running for President

Beto O’Rourke on Democratic Debates, Immigration and Why He’s Running for President

-It strikes me that, you know,
from what I know about you, it strikes me
that you believe — you’re someone who thrives
in that situation where you can get
local with people. You can be in, you know,
bars or restaurants talking to them
in the places they live. As you prepare for
these debates, especially ones where it will be you
and nine other people onstage, and, you know, short answers,
is it frustrating to then take that same message that, given the luxury of a little bit
more time with people, you feel like gets across versus what you’ll be up
against next week? -Short answer is yes. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -It’s a very different
experience to try to package a really complex policy issue
and reflect what you’ve learned from everyone that you’ve
listened to in America into 60 seconds
and then to attempt to do that while nine other people are
talking over you simultaneously. And yet that’s what
we’ve got to do. That’s where we are right now. And my task is to come through
as strong and clear as possible to define this
as a moment of truth. You’ve got somebody holding mass
rallies saying “send them back,” four members of Congress
who happen to be women of color. Someone who is locking up kids
in cages. Someone who has the deaths of
six children who are in our care in custody on the U.S./Mexico
border on his hands, on our conscience. We got to stand up
to be counted right now. And I want to make sure
that we come through and this marks the best period
going forward for the United States
of America, that we stood up
to this challenge. We stood up to this bully
and we revealed ourselves to be an ambitious,
aspirational people, defined not by fear but by
our courage and our confidence and the resolve that we show in order to accomplish
these ambitious goals. [ Cheers and applause ] -I think one perspective you
have that’s really unique is, obviously, you know,
you’re from El Paso. It’s a border town. And can you speak to what we might all be getting
wrong about the border? Not just with how Republicans
have treated the situation there but how Democrats have as well.
-Yeah. So, El Paso, Texas, my hometown,
is connected with Ciudad Juárez, and they form the largest
binational community in the hemisphere. There’s 3 million of us
who are joined, not separated, by the Rio Grande river,
speaking two languages, Coming from these two countries
that form something greater than the sum of the people
or the parts involved. And El Paso is one of, if not
the safest cities in America, not despite, but because
it’s a city of immigrants and asylum seekers and refugees. So what so many people
get wrong right now is thinking that
Mexico or Mexicans or immigrants are a threat. Their very presence makes us stronger and safer
and more secure. And so if immigration
is a problem, it is the best possible problem
this country could have. It’s time that we rewrite
our immigration laws in our own image. Never again cage a child. Reunite those families
who’ve been separated. Free every single dreamer
from any fear of deportation. And this becomes a stronger, better, more successful country
for it. [ Cheers and applause ] -Alright. -Yeah.
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you. -Now, you know what’s gonna
happen, though. Now that you did that,
someone else is gonna use it at the debate before you.
[ Laughter ] -Gave it away. -I do want to ask, obviously,
it’s a crowded field. I do think it’s very early,
and certainly historically, what we see in polling now
is not borne out as the results of
any presidential election. We’re a ways out. But I think
some people have asked — you’re obviously this incredibly
talented candidate. Certainly those in
the Democratic Party said, “Look, you’re
a great Congressman. You came really close. Maybe the best use of you isn’t
here with everybody else because all
these talented people who are now putting
their attention, and obviously only one of them
can get a shot at this.” How do you — Do you ever have
doubts and think, “Oh, maybe this was
the wrong thing for me to aim for right now”? -No, I never think that. I’m doing what I feel is
the most important way for me to contribute to
this country’s success because I don’t think that
any one person is gonna defeat Donald Trump or bring this divided country
together again. I think it’s really
gonna take a movement, and a movement that doesn’t care if you live in a big city
or a small town, if you’re an independent,
a Democrat, or Republican. A movement of all of us. And more than 100,000 people have signed up
to join this campaign, to volunteer or knock on doors. Hundreds of thousands have
donated 5 or 10 or 15 bucks. We have the greatest volunteers
in the country working their hearts out
right now. And they all know that
this is a marathon and there’s gonna be highs. There’s gonna be lows. But through that,
we must persist, and it’s the only way that we’re
gonna be successful and secure that nomination,
defeat Donald Trump, and then meet the ambitions of
this country and see these
great priorities through once we’re in office in 2021. -Alright. Well, thanks so much
for making the time for us. -Thank you, yeah.
Appreciate it, Seth. -Stay hydrated out there.
Beto O’Rourke, everybody.

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100 thoughts on “Beto O’Rourke on Democratic Debates, Immigration and Why He’s Running for President

  1. Beto is a nice guy, but he doesn't stand a chance against Dotard. Especially if he lost to Ted Cruz, AKA "the wretched wolf man."


  3. What are you running on…what are you RUNNING ON…WHAT….IS….YOUR……………………………PLATFORM!? IS YOUR PLATFORM HAND MIMING?

  4. I wish if he ran to senate again, we need to win it or nothing will be pass , it is like Obama the second term so I hope many top tier democrats presidential candidates will do that. We know that 25 candidates couldn’t win the nomination so focus on the other important positions don’t waste your time.

  5. Why is he still running? I voted for him over Ted Cruz but this is a different deal. You still haven't talked about policy, he's all Grand rhetoric… Rhetoric that often doesn't make sense

  6. All this guy's doing is just repeating all the typical lines that you're supposed to say as a Democrat running for president. He doesn't even sound like he truly believes any of this garbage.

  7. Dude loses Texas Senate seat so… decides president is the next step? Haha, wtf kind of thinking is that? Dude should have ran for Texas Senate or Congress. Not gone even bigger. He has no experience, nothing is really known about him. He's not inspirational and is typical status quo politician. Dude gives pre prepared lines regardless of the questions.

  8. I heard platitudes, saw abnormal use of hand movement and not one policy.
    Step aside, son. You don’t have a chance in hell of winning.

  9. Robert Francis O’Rourke should drop out and run for Senate, and don’t Bet On My Stork.

  10. 3:22
    "Historically what we see now is not born out in any Presidential election."
    Really Seth?
    Trump polling at 20%, July 30, 2015.

  11. The democratic party is so weak it makes me sick! If they run Biden it's almost a guarantee that Trump will win. Most Democrats are just Republicans in disguise. They only care about uber wealthy donors. Beto isn't any different! Never talks policy. He is another empty shill!

  12. You're against Medicare For All. You're a corporate tool that offers nothing. Not only that, you take contributions from Billionaires. You can't represent the working class and the 1%. #Bernie2020

  13. Beto spends more time pandering to the plight of illegals rather than focus on pressing issues that are affecting the average American. Illegals inherently pose a threat to national security and their illegal work and low pay suppresses wages for legal workers. Heck no to Beto and any other candidate caping so hard for illegals 😖

  14. Isn't this dude polling at like, 2%?? Can we stop indulging him on this stupid presidential run? He'd be better in the Senate or Congress.

  15. This guy is a 100%! Saw him speak last year here in Texas; his plans, passion and enthusiasm to unite us all through whichever avenue he can (whether in Congress, the Senate, or the presidency) are legit. I think he's going to do great!

  16. The Dems fixation with the presidency is not contructive. It will not matter much which Dem wins, if the GOP control key positions. We need more senate and state positions to change things.

  17. Dude you’re not that great of a politician. People loved you because they hated Cruz. Not even some Republicans voted for Cruz they just stay home or just voted for Abott and decided to give you a chance.

  18. Look up the New Democrats caucus in the house which he is a part of. NOT a member of the Progressive caucus. These are the neoliberals that hold no loyalty or allegiance to the Left. Who will say they are against war and for Healthcare for all in the election then will vote for war and against healthcare for all.

  19. "We must persist." ….and who among the Dems currently running is quite famous already for (nevertheless) persisting?

  20. Talking about unifying the country and defeating Trump is easy. What takes courage is to call out the causes of our societal problems, such as endless wars, medical bankruptcies, climate change, and economic immobility. I wish we had someone who would stay Focused on the policies they would propose to solve these (and other) problems.

  21. asylum mean socl assistance payments and not needed to fund employment sorry u do not lack government to rid of inconvenient leders

  22. I just can't feel any sincerity from beto, too scripted. First answer was way off subject from what Seth asked. Pete, on the other hand, – direct, precise, confident.

  23. These people are fixated on beto yall comments shows that you really like beto why watch what show he on if you dont like him focus on your candidate or your president geez so many people watching him that dont like him

  24. This guy is all talk. I don’t think he has any aspirations aside from winning. So how is he better than trump?

  25. Fake hispanic be proud of who you are I’m proud to be of Mexican decent
    This guy is irish decent but he goes by Beto

  26. The most inspiring candidate in speaking and acting on behalf of immigrants and asylum seekers – Beto has been living and breathing this struggle for years.

  27. The biggest threat to the citizens of the United States isn't immigration, crumbling infrastructure, healthcare or trillions of dollars in debt.
    It is career politicians. Democrat – Pelosi, Clinton, Fienstein – and Republican – McConnell, Bush, Laxalt do not represent me or you, they represent a religion or a political party or a corporation or themselves.
    Professional senators and representatives get rich, the majority are millionaires when or shortly after they leave office.
    "Elected official" has become a career and that career has corrupted democracy.
    Term limits in all elected offices is the solution.
    Meanwhile, every month, every year, every decade is just another groundhog day.

  28. Juarez is a very dangerous city & it has even fewer US citizens. According to Beto that's supposed to make it safer and better. This eunuch has an unhealthy Latino fetish. He records random videos of the city of Juarez

  29. Please go to and check out his policies. Comment sections aren't the best place to get facts.

  30. Love this man! Honesty, integrity, hope, intelligent, inclusive, wholesome, energy, a visionary, decency, a beacon of light….what we need in the next person who occupies the White House to take America back! Beto for President in 2020!

  31. Obama built the cages and was first to confine people/Children. Stop being selective on you protests HYPOCRITES!

  32. A predominantly Latino community of generations of Mexican immigrants who had to fight to keep their homes from being seized through emminent domain by Mrs. O'Rourke's tycoon real estate father.

  33. I hope Mr. O'Rourke realizes the old deal is not over. So sad. That Irish man glares with anger at Irish man! So be it.

  34. Quote form 9/12 debate by O'Rourke: "Hell yes, we're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47"
    Earth to O'Rourke…..Earth to O'Rourke….come in O'Rourke. What planet are you currently on please????

  35. What a pathetic demogogue and worm. He uses people’s irrational fears to undermine the the constitution of the United States and erode the personal liberty of law abiding Americans, all in an attempt to gain power and implement his destructive socialist policies. Which would prioritize illegal immigrants over this country’s own citizens.

  36. Texas Tuff. Lol ole Robbie. We know he's just in it fir the Always On Vacation lifestyle that he's enjoying from his supporters. Imagine, 47 years old four kids at home and your touring the country. Rad! Killer Dude! Cowabunga!

  37. 3:05 * god americans are soo retarded* they play us as fools men: turn off the ball games. Women: turn of the dancing singing tv shows. Y'all need tl wale up folks

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