Bill Maher on Obama-'Chocolate Jesus'; 'Limousine Liberal' Charity Events & Left's Speech Repression

Bill Maher on Obama-'Chocolate Jesus'; 'Limousine Liberal' Charity Events & Left's Speech Repression

Lamar has always been politically incorrect after ABC canceled the show of that very name a few years back he bounced back with an HBO program called real time where his sometimes caustic humor and unabashed liberal commentary are pleasing his fans and ticking off his detractors in taking the program to Los Angeles this past week I dropped by the studio where real time is aired and we're here in television city with Bill Maher thanks very much for letting us stop by and sit in these director's chairs literally television sit literally people may think you were just referring to LA in general but this is a compound called television City you have feasted for a long time on George Bush and Dick Cheney we're in a new era now on your program a while back you told the joke about President Obama you know who's superstitious about Friday the 13th Republicans they say the country is having bad luck because we let a black cat in the White House remember the audience reaction yeah well they boo me a lot when I talk about Obama why is that what does that tell you it tells me that we get a very super-sensitive liberal audience you know I mean this is one reason I always have trouble doing charity events I'm all for charity but the events you know it's always that limousine liberal crowd that just has their finger on the politically correct button you know they're just ready till it oh yeah I mean that's what that's what bugs me the most about liberals is that they just they object before they even know what they're objecting to are these your people bill no not when they do that I'm much more of a you know I'm I'm a free speech person and I would say especially on campuses in the last 10 or 15 years the repression of speech has come more from the left but you recorded as saying Obama is the new God meaning that he's difficult to make fun of them you know shying away I think I said he was chocolate Jesus but our comedians treading lightly with this president oh we have to stop asking that question well give me a good answer it's I've been answering this question media has to stop asking whether committee it's good deal Leno and Letterman and Jon Stewart skewering him well watch my show okay I do and that's why I get booed and you're willing to take those boobs absolutely unless you're getting booed sometimes you're not saying anything you're just you know confirming what your audience already believes them that's not really helping so you want to challenge people those boos are a badge of honor let's talk about some media coverage of some things that have been in the news swine flu I thought millions of people were supposed to be dead by now what happened I never bought it when it first came out I remember we said you know this is the latest non-event that the media is gonna hype you know Jimmy president said a great thing once about television he said the message of television is stay home and watch more television swine flu is very good for CNN wasn't it and the other cable networks everything and did they scare the hell out of people unnecessarily absolutely and you know there's a bigger problem which is that people don't really I think in this country understand anything about health I think the medical community is corrupt and ill-informed and I don't think people understand that this is a flu all flus come from animals they come from birds they come from pigs and you know that the regular flu which has a much worse publicist than swine flu apparently as you know kills you know tens of thousands every year it doesn't get much press doesn't get much press and what do you Kramer I'm trying to get in the mood here all right look as you know the answer is to have a strong immune system but that would involve eating right and you know adjusting your lifestyle or yeah all right Miss California Carrie Prejean you've had some fun with her she of course gave that answer opposing gay marriage in the beauty pageant why she been such a target well I've been such a target for me but you know she's unavoidable she's certainly all over the serious news channels and she shouldn't be but you know I don't even understand why the question was asked of her did we used to ask beauty queens these kind of political questions no but Hylton thought it would be a great question to ask perhaps get some aggression for something he feels about you asking about world peace but yet but hey I thought her answer not the answer at the pageant but later when she said Satan was trying to tempt me with that I think that says a lot about our country because you know here's a person who believes in Satan as does I would guess 60 70 80 percent of this country this dumb dumb country believes in demons and some creature with horns and a tail and a pitchfork who's gonna make you burn in a mythical place if you don't believe in an imaginary friend that's really the root problem of it isn't it but if since Carrie Prejean didn't ask to be put into this particular spot like she got asked the question she answered it especially could you make it fun for breast implants what breast implants that were so unusual here in LA no I just told you that to me the root problem is that religion is stupid and dangerous I'm not okay I'm not about the breast plants let's get let's get to religion is stupid all right because that's the bottom of it you seem not to be the most popular guy on fox news these days really you want to change I see this with Bill Maher for example though Mars become an angry bitter guy no he's an angry bitter guy that's called projecting that's called taking what you feel and giving it to somebody else I'm a happy single he's a repressed typical Republican you know just I'm sure just terribly sexually repressed and it comes out and all of the sorts of hatred and vile and bile you know bitter I'm why would I be bitter first of all our side one you know their side is in a wilderness like they've never been before so because a hatred I mean he is arguing for what he believes in well I know I don't you watch it I don't it's my job to watch everybody alright another Fox host Greg Gutfeld said one of the great things about Obama Greg Gutfeld he's on Greg Gutfeld he's on late at night is that a real name is this a trick question no no no come I would be here we gotta go – you're making up a fox newscaster it's okay I'll go on with it one of the great things about Obama is how it terminated the relevance of Bill Maher his shtick is now just a smirk in a suit are you getting under their skin I guess so hey when you when you piss off Greg Gutfeld I think you're doing something right who's Greg Gutfeld I know more about John and Kate than this guy do you ever tell a joke and you say gee you know I wish I could have that one back and maybe it went too far yes oh absolutely how often is that I never understand people who say I have no regrets like really are you human what are you mr. Spock you have no regrets ever regret every day how could you not live your life without certain regrets yeah sometimes I must say a nice thing about getting older as you regret less because you learn more and you get a little wiser but but yes I always have trouble sleeping Friday night because that's our taped day and as the night progresses after we finish taping uh oh yeah I could have said that better or I could I should have like went longer on this you know you if you're a perfectionist it's very hard to square yourself with the end of a tape day Oklahoma was out of ammo because they were afraid Obama and his negro army are going to come and get you hey you're still in my act reading back to you Bill Maher that's right that's right they isn't that something they actually this is it this is despite the fact that Obama has not said boo to his discredit by the way about gun control you see this is my point about the Democrats we don't really have a party that represents me or any progressives the Democrats really are what the Republican Party used to be I think the Republican Party which is a record low levels that should go away entirely the Democrats are what the Republicans used to be a corporatist party that represents big business and doesn't stand up for progressive issues and then we need a whole new party that is what the Democratic Party used to be because again Obama has not said anything about gun control ever since Al Gore lost Tennessee in the year 2000 Democrats have not had the job who stand up on this issue and but it doesn't it doesn't what's interesting is it doesn't stop these Yahoo's from thinking that as I said his Negro army is gonna come for your guns and then they're going to install a cabinet of shaft dolomite Blacula Cleopatra Jones is it harder for you since you obviously worked the left side of the street to get conservative guests through your program I don't know about working the left side of the street I'm more sympathetic to them but as I just said I'm not really a big fan of this corporatist democratic party that is in power it's just that the other party is super ridiculous is it harder to get a conservative guess absolutely and and and half the time when they come on after they leave they whine about it you know they come on our show and then they have to write a blog about how terrible it was that he's sandbagging me which is ridiculous I don't sandbag anybody you're supposed to be a speaker for a living you have a microphone talk if I said something so awful make me look ridiculous you have that ability it's interesting the women guests don't do that Ann Coulter never does that you're friends with things absolutely she never whines Amy Holmes she never whines it's the men in the Republican Party or such a girl last question for you obviously times are tough recession people losing their homes is it harder for a comic to get laughs in that kind of environment no I've had the best time on the road this year you know it's a whole new Act in a whole new era you know George Bush was as we all know comedy gold for the longest time I mean listen I don't not even a little bit but it's a pleasure to have a whole new crop of subjects to make fun of and there is no lack of laughter because it's Obama it's just a different kind of humor different targets you know bankers economic stuff but no it's it's a very good time for comedy it's very good time to be here thanks for thank you I appreciate you coming out

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41 thoughts on “Bill Maher on Obama-'Chocolate Jesus'; 'Limousine Liberal' Charity Events & Left's Speech Repression

  1. "Message of TV is stay home and watch TV – swine flu was very good for …" – and so were wars, attacks, outbreaks of Ebola and bird flu and – mad cow? Any good at telling people not to – um, not likely! 

  2. I love and find it ironic that Bill Maher has always proclaimed and i believe him when he says (i'm not a democrat/liberal) but, he does vote and side with democrats/liberals 99.999% and i do love that.

  3. Actually enjoy watching videos of limos. Love the concept of riding around in a limo all the time. Luxury travel at it's best. Be nice to see more videos like this. Looking forward to returning quickly to see exactly what brand-new videos are published

  4. Maher thinks Democrat Party isn't progressive or Liberal. Really?
    They believe cutting tax subsidies to big business, they believe in gay marriage, they believe in gun control, they believe in affirmative action, they believe in opposing Big Business loopholes for rich people, and they believe in Abortion. All of which are Left wing, Liberal Progressive issues. There is nothing Rightwing about those stances. It is fair to call those issues progressive. I'd say the GOP is full of RINO's.

  5. How do you know? Are you his booker? Has he ever actually invited Ingraham, MonCrowley, and Miller onto his current show like he did his old one? I think it's more like Maher doesn't have the balls to have stronger debaters on. The problem is Maher, O'Reilly, and others, are now catering to a base & they hardly ever actually go head to head, but when they do we see how evenly matched they are ala Maher vs O'Reilly, Maher vs RonPaul, and O'Reilly vs Stewart. Just doesn't happen enough anymore…

  6. Bill says he has a hard time getting conservatives onto his show and when he does they whine about it… Maybe he should invite better and stronger opponents than the republican commentators from MSNBC who are purposely hired to look wimpy on that network and bring on people other than Ann Coulter twice a year. Would love to see him and Greg Gutfeld or Dennis Miller have a debate… but since Maher has caved to his liberal base that will never happen. His old show was way more balanced.

  7. Bill is real , cum lover , ass wipe , punk , liar , pervert , not that there's anything wrong with that …..

  8. lol jobs, clean, decent, LOL?
    Typical white American bourgeois liberal beliefs, and it is funny to me because you can't fathom the opinion of an outsider, considering that your statement is something you value (subjective) and holds no baring universally since it is vague and comical…

  9. Hey, its early August and school will soon be back session. God damn, you think you've discovered all the sex acts? Wait to see and hear what you learn this year in 8th grade.

  10. theres no doubt he said it. He got arrested by a jew and was probably upset and most definatley drunk, so he started making jew remarks most likely trying to hurt the guys feelings. It was a defense mechanism, hurt the guy thats hurting you type of thing…I don't think mels a racist, just messed up…Now i think we should just leave it at that and i agree we disagree.

  11. if the guy said what they say he said, he's a racist, period. the alcohol just helped bring it to the surface
    i think we should just leave it at that and agree to disagree

  12. Yes he did. He's allied with the nazi-socialist-islamofascist zionist axis that's full of those progressive scumbags who want everyone to have jobs and live in clean cities and decent futures for themselves and their children.

  13. id love to get wasted with Mel Gibson, are you serious, hed pick up the tab. Oh and you should believe in evil because it exists. Just ask the guy who got his face ate off by that other guy down in Miami, or that mother who killed and ate parts of her child.

  14. agreed, not evil, however only cuz i don't believe in "evil"…
    seriously, he's a good actor but not the kinda guy i'd wanna have a beer with…

  15. People ridiculed Bush more than Obama because Bush LIED and made funny gaffs and deserved to be ridiculed more than Obama.

  16. That's one of the problems with liberals.
    They think everyone else should just work for them for free.
    I was talking to an inlaw who kept insisting that health care is free in Canada. I kept trying to picture a prison camp with guards training rifles on doctors and chemists making them work for free.

  17. He's so right in saying you can't make fun of Obama without being deemed a racist. You can make fun of Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Bush (either one) et al – but, haevane forbid, you say one word (jokingly or not) about our current White house resident(s). At least maher is not afraid to push that Obama envelope . . .A comedic genius.

  18. Why is everyone so mad at the interviewer?

    His whole job is to ask tougher questions to the guests, he's not gonna just sit there and say "I agree with you Billl maher, you're wonderful" the whole time. What would be the point?

  19. Don't agree with Bill maher about everything, but I always like listening to him talk about this stuff.

    His view is interesting, cause he's left wing a lot but he has a conservative attitude in a way.

    And B9ill maher's right about the booing thing, it's so dumb to watch someone just say what they know the audience already agrees with, it's pointless (though sometimes he seems liek the one who does it too much)

  20. Democrats are evil, republicans are evil, obama is evil, bush is evil, bill maher is evil, bill oreilly is evil. politics are evil.

  21. @OingoBoingoMe right, your invisible friend jesus would make everything ok if he only had the power.

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