14 thoughts on “Bill Would Let Green Card Holders Vote In NYC Elections

  1. You must be a citizen of the United States to be able to vote people in the city council know they're going to be out soon so they trying to secure other jobs everything today is giving people money that don't belong here in the people that do belong here and not even survive

  2. Green card holders are now and have been holding down civil service jobs in New York City how is this possible I have no clue when citizens are trying to find jobs non-citizens call green card holders are making $120,000 a year in a civil service position or with residency furnace still not full citizens

  3. Illegal aliens cannot vote. It's in the Constitution, something it seems some elected officials seem to forget. It's illegal to vote on, because it's against the law of the land. What is wrong with these ignoramuses?

  4. This is our very intelligent democrat leader.
    An undemocratic democrat.
    Bill. Go to Mexico city to see if you can vote.
    The only thing you've done as mayor is lose weight.

  5. I am not what is considered a conservative, but I do believe green card holders given the right to vote dilutes the rights that pertain to citizens.  Do not respond to me with jibber-jabber as I am still wondering how someone who can't read English is allowed to drive.

  6. NO! You need to ask the natural born Americans if we are ok with this. And I bet most will say no. I voted for Hillary btw.

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