Billionaires Who Own Republican Party Are Stopping Action On Climate Change

Billionaires Who Own Republican Party Are Stopping Action On Climate Change

Since Hurricane Harvey even formed down in
the Gulf of Mexico, the issue of climate change and how it affects hurricanes and causes them
to strengthen has been at the forefront of some media coverage. Not all of it, but a few outlets are actually
talking about climate change for the moment. It makes people wonder, when we have a majority
of Republican voters, a majority of Independent voters and a majority of Democratic voters,
who all support some kind of action on climate change and who a majority say that yes, climate
change is real and human beings are causing it, why do we still have not action on one
of the most important issues around the globe. The answer here in the United States is because
of the millionaires and billionaires who control the Republican party. That is 100% what is stopping any federal
action to circumvent climate change here in the United States. It happened during the Bush years, during
the Obama years and it’s happening at a fevered pace here during the Donald Trump years. Here’s how it plays out. Most of the wealthy Republican donors who
fund this party do not have a stake in climate change one way or another. They’re not fossil fuel interests. They don’t run logging companies. They’re just millionaires and billionaires. Some of them own casinos. Some of them own other corporations. Climate change isn’t necessarily something
they care about. They should but they don’t, but they continue
to fund climate change denying politicians because those happen to be the same politicians,
excuse me, who want to give them a massive tax cut, and that’s what they care about. That’s why they’re doing this. Yes, trust me, there are plenty of fossil
fuel interests like the Koch brothers who fund Republicans because they want to stifle
action on climate change, but it’s mostly that tax cut thing. Think about that folks. We have to suffer. We have to watch this planet be destroyed
because a few wealthy Republicans want to get more money back at the end of the year
in their taxes. Is that fair? Is that how this democracy should even work? No, it’s not, to answer the question. Citizens United, that particular ruling, has
destroyed America as we knew it. That’s not to say that millionaires and billionaires
buying elections wasn’t a problem before that, but Citizens United took it to a level that
we have never seen in this country, and it literally gets worse every election cycle. As long as these wealthy Republicans keep
funding these climate change denying politicians, we will continue to see absolutely no action
taken on the issue of climate change. Think about it this way. The majority of Republicans in the House of
Representatives today deny the existence of climate change or they outright say that we
should do nothing to prevent climate change, which is basically the same as denial. Why do people keep voting for these people? Well, it’s because they have more money during
the campaigns. They can afford to have more rallies, to run
more negative commercials about their opponents, and they have more money because those wealthy
donors don’t care if the planet burns down as long as they get their tax cut. They’ll be long gone before the real serious
effects of climate change hit the United States, so they don’t care. They don’t care about their children or their
grandchildren or their great-grandchildren. All they care about is putting a few extra
dollars in their pockets while they’re still breathing and the planet can burn down in
the process because it won’t affect them in the end. That’s why the United States is so far behind
the rest of the world when it comes to dealing with climate change and switching over to
renewable energy.

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79 thoughts on “Billionaires Who Own Republican Party Are Stopping Action On Climate Change

  1. And the billionaires that own the democratic party were pushing fracking all over the world.

    Personally, I don't like either!

  2. Wrong! It's the corporate class that owns BOTH Parties. Nothing much was done when the Democrats held all three branches of Government

  3. Politicians are only concerned with lining their own pockets with donations from corporations. The issue is, they also need to lie to the public to make us believe they are working for us in order to get our votes. People are beginning to see through those lies, so now many politicians don't even pretend any more. Instead they keep those that aren't part of the greedy establishment from participating. So now we are faced with bad and badder as choices because the system is rigged AGAINST the American public by the very people who are supposed to represent us.

  4. Because it is cheaper to declare a day of prayer than to actually do anything about it. How about a floating disaster tax on the 1% to fund disaster recovery after each one happens. Basically saying no fault but the wealthy have to donate when bad things happen.

  5. These bastards aren't wealthy enough to make a new planet or revive the people who have died as a result of their greed. When are these spinless politicians going to tell them to go screw themselves? What's the point in having all of this money if there is no place to spend it?

  6. Both parties have supported continued fracking, additional pipelines and drilling in the ocean. It is not just a republican issue. We need to move away from the two party corporate duopoly in order to create change. But first, we need to fix our fake elections that are controlled by voting machines that contain internal software that can be manipulated any way they want. Our elections rank at the bottom among western democracies.

  7. Corporate politicians, whether they be Republican or Democrat, are a cancerous influence that have reduced this country to a kleptocratic oligarchy. And we need to purge them as quickly as possible. Starting with Agent Orange Twitler himself.

  8. Climate change is of course an issue but what is F-ed up is the damn cloud seeding bs that totally screws with mother nature. Let her do her job and stop adding to the mess we already have. Type this in search "trans pecos weather modification association seeding report august 24 2017" that is Hurricane Harvey the soul harvester in action.

  9. Ironically Mar a Logo may feel the effects very soon. It is situated on low ground in an area frequently hit by Hurricanes

  10. United Citizens fucked up America. The one that gets the most donations from corporations always wins. It's why Sanders lost.

  11. No, the republicans DO care about THEIR heirs and genetic heritage. A critical aspect to income inequality. Future generation accumulate of savings passed down is an unprecedented level(the top .01% own 90% of the wealth which is why their kids will bee buffered from most any serious events. Got a helicopter in the back yard ready to go any where, with doomsday bunkers under their 5 million dollar summer homes sitting on a beautiful mountain side peaks. Its economic discrimination based on systematic(law) frequency

  12. How much profit will there be when the planet and its resources are destroyed? Greed will be responsible for much of this.

  13. Going vegan is the best thing one can do to help slow down climate change. No need for the government to go vegan

  14. the only fix to America, let alone the world, is the abolition of capitalism, and in america's case, the disintegration of bourgeois democracy with the void being filled with a government – political economic system – which is socialized to the fullest extent, where all are included and non are alienated from the processes of society. Humanity can only be saved through this, if we fail, humanity days a numbered.

  15. This billionaires don't push for climate change inaction because of tax cuts. They do it to cut costs. Those assholes know climate change is real but won't do a dam thing about it because it will cost them to update their shit to modern day standards and future standards so people aren't poisoned due to their greed. Like in Houston where the chemical plants have been spewing their toxins everywhere due to their disregard for preparation and the well being of Texans and the world.

  16. Are we SURE that GOP black-hat hackers aren't aren't scamming elections nationwide? Why don't we have hand-marked ballots hand-counted in public like the Founding Fathers intended?

  17. I disagree; its neither billionaires or bible thumpers blocking action on climate catastrophe. Its the DENIERS who know its grave, but won't admit all life will be extinct in under a decade, perhaps just 2-5 years per – 7th lesson video. When Americans recognize we have less then a 1% chance of dodging the extinction bullet, then we'll take action; which will be far too late.

  18. Declaring Climate Change (Global Warming) is real would mean the GOP and their billionaires would have to do something about it. They would much prefer tax cuts.

  19. Americans have been brainwashed to not care about themselves much less any other living thing, like a planet FULL of living things… republican, democrat, it's all the same old bullshit killing life and making it OK!!!! CRIMINAL ON THE REST OF EARTH BUT the poor american brainwashed it's cool to kill things… and there is your problem earth… I say blow America off the face of earth quickly so at least you can save a majority.

  20. this video is the most ill informed non science partisan post i've seen in a long time. when 30,000 scientists and engineers sign a petition saying the science is NOT settled why would you promote the spending of hundreds of billions of tax dollars on a nonexistent problem that you can do nothing about.
    even if you cut co2 levels by 83% it would only affect the temp by a small fraction of 1% over the next 50 yrs.
    how about we spend some money on research that IS NOT tied to making SURE co2 is the cause of climate variability

  21. Climate change deniers are uneducated and ignorant.
    Furthermore these careless morons don't care about the livelihood for the future generations. They don't care about pollution, they like $ over their children.

  22. We should take action on climate change, but there is no "we" except with death and taxes. Enjoy the choice made for you by an electoral college.

  23. Where are they going, Argentina, Antarctica ?? They 're pooch too. They're sick sociopaths that need to be stopped, and quickly. You know the old saying, cut the head off the snake or it will bite you.

  24. Not to mention how they are decimating all sentient beings with whom we share the planet. We have no right to destroy all of them, too! It's all so obscene and depressing.

  25. Leftist version of global warming is totally fake science. Junk science is very religious. It's is a scam to steal money from hard working taxpayers in the form of subsidies that go back into their own pocketst very conveniently. The grand clown, fucking clown stick Gore has a superfat carbon footprint because he knows his false religion is just about suckering drones out of their money.

  26. The People have the power yet they have no backbone. If they did, they'd exercise FreeDA

  27. "Climate Change" is just one more hoax for giving our worst criminals – our politicians more power. It is just like the "hole in the ozone layer", overpopulation, Sandy Hook, Orlando and many more farces perpetrated on the people of this country – and the world.

  28. So glad we didn't sign onto the climate accord.
    Impacts from climate change are happening now. Ecosystems and human communities are currently being affected. These impacts extend well beyond just an increase in temperature. They are happening in the United States, and across the globe. Multiple sectors of our our society, spanning across regional boundaries, are being affected. Already impacted are things that we depend upon and value: water, energy, transportation, wildlife, agriculture, ecosystems, and human health.
    Across the country, changes to water resources are of critical concern. In some regions, particularly in the western United States, drought is an important factorconditions are critically affecting local communities. Less snow accumulation in the mountains is important in the West and Alaska where the snowpack stores water for later use. In the Midwest and northeastern states, the amount of heavy downpours has substantially increased over the past few decades. In many regions, floods and water quality problems are likely to be worse because of climate change.

  29. Human beings are not causing it, it is COWS 700 BILLION of them polluting the earth with their emissions, check it out folks they are ten times no mega times worse than anything we can do.

  30. If they're so convinced that there's no climate change, they'll be proud to put their names on a list so they can take credit for their stance, and so we'll know whom to hold responsible when the shit hits the fan.

  31. There is absolutely no excuse to not support climate change action. But the reality is America is controlled by the corporations that dictate government policy. We are not a democracy and never have been. Climate change will destroy America over and over again in different regions. Finally, when enough people have died, our useless government will be forced to respond to the outrage by hundreds of millions of survivors. But even then – it will still be business as usual, they will continue to find a way to turn a profit while pretending 'action'. Of course it will all be far too late (and already is, heavily documented on my blog). This is exactly what has happened to date. It is unlikely to change until we get rid of both political "parties" and stop their screwing around, pretending to be effective leaders. The only place both parties are leading us is to the brink of Hell (under Trump, it will be to the depths of Hell).

  32. Either it's a revolution, and not only in the usa, or it's chaos when the shit hits the fan. And it's happening in the next few decades at most, maybe not even 40 or 30 years, as the changes have happened faster than the (by essence incomplete) models have predicted.

  33. They think that environmental protection will hurt the economy? It will do the opposite! It will save the economy, AND it will save the planet! Two birds, one stone! How can Republicans possibly be stupid enough to deny that?

    Climate change denial is like picking up a one dollar bill, lighting it on fire, and expecting it to transform into a hundred dollar bill. When it burns to ashes instead, repeat the process on the next one dollar bill, expecting better results, etc. That's what the GOP is doing to the very thing that they claim to be protecting.

  34. Well capitalism in senile Milton Friedmans mind is all about turning everything into a commodity, and commodities costs money and are as such for the rich. The rich have always hated democracy but it is in the US that their struggle has paid of. Politicians turned into clowns with Reagans entry into politics and the Drumpf is a natural clown.
    Good luck in changing that

  35. We don't have to watch the planet be destroyed, but until people in the first world have their lives collectively decimated by climate change they won't do what's necessary to stop it. The only possible way forward is through revolution. The legal system won't get it done. Reforms won't get it done. This ultimately comes down to a power struggle between classes to decide the fate of humanity, and right now the capitalist class is winning and will only continue until people accept what needs to be done collectively.

  36. Exxon has played a major role in confusing the public on this issue. Their company actually did the first meaningful research on the greenhouse effect of burning major amounts of carbon. When their own company scientists came back with the findings, the people in charge of Exxon made the decision to suppress the information and spend millions on a public relations campaign to debunk the information their own information they knew was true.

    Don't believe me? Read the stunning expose in Scientific American magazine, a highly recognized non partisan source

  37. Since temperature is going up, it should include the term global warming. There is no indication that the temperature will go down in the future. Climate change relates to mercurial formations of weather patterns.

  38. funny how you blame the wealthy when the average people are the one that voted for trump. americans are so stupid arent they?

  39. How about Lord Monkton and his study … He is not from America … And plenty of other scientist …. You people say we are about to kill out the polar bears yet they say there are record numbers …. ??? I need real proof not you saying it is so …

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