BioWare Says Dragon Age 4 Will Force Political Agenda In Narrative

BioWare Says Dragon Age 4 Will Force Political Agenda In Narrative

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28 thoughts on “BioWare Says Dragon Age 4 Will Force Political Agenda In Narrative

  1. Even though this video is meant to be really about the Dragon Age 4 comments made by the creative director, I felt I really needed to include the numerous past instances that EA as a company has gotten political leading to failure after failure. I also really wanted to touch on how DICE disrespected the real heroes who fought in Operation Gunnerside…

  2. It's because they're convinced that political trends=sales. They're delusional and rather than accepting reality they believe that of they cram politics in our face, we'll eventually like it.

  3. Next we will have red headed overweight disabled bisexual transgender women autistic flat earther woman as protagonist.

  4. Bioware: Hey we know we just fuckin tanked Anthem and are a bunch of fools who don't even listen to our own community but hey here's a new Dragon Age for you all to buy guys!!

    Guys? Guys where did you all go..?

  5. Not offline single player? Don't mind co op…but your making a Anthem with dragons in it? They not out of touch….they on a different planet……that is only kept alive by a constant influx of other people's money. Online micro transaction hell is eas vision for all their games. BFV live service is a joke too..they release constant rubbish and we still only have 9 conquest maps…avoiding all EA games now.

  6. New rule , if u want to inject politics in gaming , your fired , gtfo with all and every bit of politics, we dont want sjw left wing , right wing and any wings un less there cooked and dipped in bbq , games are just that games, not new not political stands or political statments , stop pushing bull shit ass agendas in to games and ruining them

  7. I honestly find it hilarious that so many people got butthurt over the Battlefield V thing. Take your "historical inaccuracy" outrage and shove it straight up your arses, people are always outraged about everything these days. Unless you were actually PART of WWII then you really don't have a god damn thing to say about it one way or another. Learn to enjoy things and quit being a bunch of crybaby bitches all the damn time.

  8. You know what people want in their fantasy-land dragon-killing save-the-world adventure game? real world politics. Fuck off, Epler. We want various flavors of magically suplexing darkspawn into lava geysers.

  9. Dragon age has always had politics in it between elves and humans that’s what their referring to yes it’s pulled from real world ideas it’s how you stay present and up to date I don’t understand all the hate these people get as soon as they put a woman or person of color in a game here comes all the hate it’s stupid and tired I mean honestly if you don’t like that type of stuff there are other games to play kingdom come deliverance had an all white roster a few people complained but it wasn’t made into a big deal like this Mortal Kombat and other games it’s like Jax’s ending was such a big deal it ruined the game I mean big deal they made the game so they can make it how they want either buy it or don’t some people do care about historical facts but most people are just mad because they’re prejudice and hateful some off this stuff that developers get hate for us so silly and stupid the man said he wants to make the world a better more caring place by using his talents as a game developer is a great thing that’s his way of giving back why knock someone for trying to do something positive that they’re working on you’re not helping at all but complain about someone else trying to make a difference this world is so full of negativity and hate it’s sad I’m ex military and I didn’t see this much hate overseas it’s truly sad!!!

  10. To keep it real, I think this is less about politics and more about marketing. Buddy's fronting the title of a triple-A studio's flagship franchise. I'm not saying Epler's fake, but all this is doing is creating hype which will lead to revenue elsewhere. Probably not where sales are concerned (who knows?) but definitely through advertising. Minority representation in media is awesome and important, and people who are pressed about there being as many women of colour as white men or even the inclusion of a single transgender character in their favourite game need to chill… but that's not what's going on here. That's just the surface. EA and BioWare are only concerned with propagating a "political agenda" as far as it proves lucrative. It won't with right-wingers, fair, but there are enough popcorn progressives out there who will lap it up.

    Again, that isn't to say that developing consciously inclusive content isn't a valid and meritable pursuit. I deeply believe that it needs to happen. But I'm far more likely to give my wages to progressive indie developers who believe in their projects and do the damn thing for the love of it. EA and BioWare aren't the ones. Activision Blizzard are not the ones.

  11. I think saying WE is out of touch is just about the best description I've heard in a while. As for Bioware they've had the same crunch time problems since they were making the first Mass Effect. I know because I shelled out the 5 bucks or whatever it was for that Mass Effect final hours thing. It fricking tells you that they didnt set the storyline of the first ME until the last year! It also explains the weirdly not cannon trailer for the first game you watch on the Xbox One or find here on YouTube

  12. Well, to be fair I was never gunna buy it anyways because it was gunna be a live service. So making it woke is no loss on my part. But good luck guys

  13. I didn't like the last couple of Dragon Ages due to unreal blood splatter over EVERYTHING…, I use to let my daughter play "certain" sections of the original Dragon Age and DAAwakening.., but the last couple I couldn't even play it whilst they were around. I have no problems with blood.., but "WHY" must it be over everything.

    DAI was boring and I actually never finished it because of this.

  14. That's a real shame, would've loved to play another dragon age. Other fantasy roleplay games will come along tho

  15. I agree that this is off to a rocky start, but I wish you would’ve included you hadn’t played inquisition earlier. Dragon Age 2 was a failure for the most part, but Inquisition did go back to its roots and was a phenomenal game. They way Bioware went back to what they did right, is what gives me hope for the next game.

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