Blair Longley (Marijuana Party of Canada) — Priorities

Blair Longley (Marijuana Party of Canada) — Priorities

The chances of the Marijuana Party forming the government of Canada is less that winning several lottery jackpots in a row and instead
we barely survived by operating in a decentralized way where each candidate is free to articulate
their own opinions. Therefore, you know it’s kind of hubris
to talk about what our first priority would be if a series of political miracles happen. Obviously we would like to genuinely legalize
marijuana, so it was not criminal in anyway. The bogus legalization that’s happened is
actually in many ways increased the criminalization. It’s made the fascist plutocracy worse by
having a few large corporations dominate legal cannabis. The biggest Canadian cannabis company is now
owned by an American alcohol company and there’s many other little antidotes like that about
how obscene and disgusting the so-called legalization is.

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