Blueprint For Radical Progressive Change From Ralph Nader pt. 3

Blueprint For Radical Progressive Change From Ralph Nader pt. 3

hi everybody welcome to the third part of our interview with Ralph Nader who's just offered this new book how do the rats reform the Congress it's a work of fiction it's very funny and right now he's gonna tell us how it is very doable for progress and for progressives to actually take control back of their government how do we do it here he's gonna tell us so tell people in some concrete ways how do we do what happened in this book and what's happening in France and you say it takes one percent of the people in each congressional district to make a real change in fact I've heard you say you did it with less so well how do how do concretely what could we do you start with 10 or 20 people and use ticket the local office of your representative and senator everybody knows their addresses they're usually in a federal building and if you can get 10 or 20 people with signs and then you say we want to go up the elevator and we want to sit and we want to meet with the senator representative they may say yes they may say no you try to get a little press you go on social media with your signs and it gets the attention back in the up on Capitol Hill then you print you have a letter with a good printing and you start collecting signatures for the Civic summons the Civic some is like a sheriff we're summoning you Senators representatives to a town meeting of our making on issues of our making and we have majoritarian support for a lot of these Republicans and Democrats are going to be in the audience and you better show up as I say so few people show up it's a town meetings choreographed by the politicians that a mere 500 legible email address occupation teacher mechanic lawyer whatever will get a senator to your Town Meeting that means your eyeball to eyeball you're not trying to email some void in Congress enough trying to deal with a flak or a PR guy representing members of Congress its eyeball to eyeball the most powerful lobby in the country do not engage in marches and demonstrations they eyeball every one of those 535 members laser beam they know everything about them who are their friends who they play golf with who gives them campaign money who is their doctor who's their accountant who what teachers do they go to who are their friends of friends who get their year and the two most powerful individual lobbies in this country do it not by marches of demonstrations by eyeball-to-eyeball personal lobbying under 530 and they are the NRA and AIPAC and they get their way year after year after year and there is a morning a few hundred thousand activists nevermind two and a half million which is 1% of the adults in this country we can do it on a hundred we can do it on a million in every congressional district they agree to spend three to five hundred hours a year that's what a hobby takes right you collect stamps to collect coins cars whatever you spend three to five hundred hours a year and you raise maybe two to three hundred dollars for your expenses as a hobby so this is a Congress watchdog hobby I had to call a Congress right Watchers the hobby to get people's attention but this is for real this is your tool of democracy this is the tool for what you want your country to be for you and your descendants so how do we so I live in California and we have a super majority Democrats with Jerry Brown as our governor and we're the fifth largest economy in the world and yet we don't have Medicare for all of the majority of the people wanted we don't have free college the majority people want it we don't even have a ban on fracking which is with majority people and we have a supermajority Democrat in it's California and Jerry Brown who when I was growing up used to be called a hippie and now he's in bed with the fossil fuel in the frakkers and so the answer your question and I've had the same comment when I talked to him on the phone I say you've got two-thirds of the legislature in Sacramento you got your background what are you waiting for the reason is that Sacramento is not surrounded by people it's surrounded by lobbyists and the second reason is the Democrats have safe districts sometimes they don't have an opponent for the assembly or the state Senate so there's no competitive democracy in California so they coast they take it easy right they don't have to worry about reelection you don't upset the insurance and the medical lobby oil gas fracking Lobby whatever they take it easy what this does it makes he says look the Constitution starts with We the People it doesn't start with the corporation and we the Congress we the people the word corporation doesn't even exist in the Constitution the word company doesn't exist in the Constitution the words political parties don't exist in the Constitution how come they control us because we're laid-back we're not grabbing the reins of we the power that we've delegated to Congress which has turned it and giving it to the Wall Street types we want it back and we've got the votes and the corporation's don't have the votes and the corporations have the money but that doesn't mean anything if we have the votes because the members of Congress want the money to get the votes and to intimidate any opponents just remember Congress is the smallest branch of government as you learned from your high school civics smallest grant branch of government the most powerful branch or making tax appropriation investigation confirmation of the three branches of government and we know their names they're not faceless bureaucrats so morale goes up we get a dynamism here and if you want to know how because I get people yeah we want to do this we don't know how Ralph well it's a great website we called rats reform Congress org you'll get how to do a summons how to put forth the proposed legislation how to do petitions how to dig into the background and campaign contributions a member of Congress all there it's very clear and simple and it gives you references if it doesn't have the material to overload the website but if you want to get the book you get no I autograph it for you you know I'll leave an autograph for you if if you like give it to your grown-up children or your high school students your local library which needs a just go to rats reform Congress dot o RG and stay in touch with us with that website we're not going to go away after we send you the book so it seems to me that it you know I like the idea I that's such an interesting idea if you get three to five hundred people together and give a summons to your elected representative but that you know what they've been pretty good at still denying us even when we are eye-to-eye with them and it seems like this thing in France really is inspiring me so it seems well it leads Jimmy at least them it leads to marches and demonstrations of course yeah important thing is it isn't just three to five hundred any people it's three to five hundred people who are informed who know exactly how to argue the case who can make a fool out of a senator representative on the facts they go back and they say to their staff on Capitol Hill you know I've never met people like this before they're not going away they told me are gonna be a thousand next time they told me if we want a petition with three thousand just give them a couple weeks they're not going to go away and we better have public hearings the next step once you do the summons so we want a public hearings and we want citizen witnesses from back home we don't want these choreographed closed public hearings like for Supreme Court justice and so forth blocking out people who may know something adverse about him because they want to ram the judicial nomination through so one step leads to another and I'll tell you a lot of people don't want to step forward because they think they're be alone but but when there are three five hundred people and they're well informed and they've got the goods on these guys they know who owns them it's a completely different s free to court to use the French phrase but in this book the people roar into Washington they surround the Congress in relays night and day with huge bullhorn saying we our agenda we've earned it otherwise resigned resign resign here these people outside the Senate chambers they're hearing this resign resign resign and there's a lot of other specific things for the citizens to do this is the first national television program where I'm featuring this brand new book and isn't it interesting is that it's Jimmy Dore he doesn't fool you it doesn't flatter you and it doesn't flummox you that's what these part that's what these properly pump pullout politicians do to win these elections they fool you they flummox you and they flatter you and if you don't do your homework it's in here and on the website rats perform Congress org they'll do it again again they're really good at it so that you know what this is talking about is the pressuring people even making the elected officials fear the people and a lot of people say that well right now like Maxine Waters is telling people who are opposed the Trump administration to confront them publicly do you have a position on that do you think that that is helpful well you know it can be abrupt and crude and that backfires you don't need to do that that's a sign of weakness you do it at these town meetings you do it by going to their offices with rapport with conservative and liberal people that really scares them by the way the members of Congress are still afraid of the people you know they may be in the pockets of the corporations but let me tell you they put their finger to the wind I've seen situations where remember Obama want one ask the Congress about sending troops to Syria instead of doing it unilaterally he said to the Congress we want you to decide ninety-five percent of millions of emails and letters and calls said no and both Republicans and Democrats said to Obama are you kidding no you see so they are they're still afraid of the people but they're more afraid of people who come back and come back and come back I mean there's there's got to be stamina behind the enthusiasm I mean do people know how to write a letter to their senator do they know how to put CC and put the names of their opponents the names of the media all interested parties so that the senator knows that this letter is not just gonna go to her his office is gonna go all over the country do they know how to ask three or four factual questions that will make the member of Congress go to the Library of Congress and get research and it comes back and he or she and the staff have to read it and get educated and send it back to you there are all kinds of techniques you can you can make them respect you when they respect you they will properly fear you if they don't do the right thing we've got a lot of right things that need to be done that or long overdue now well they don't teach civics anymore in school so I don't know if you know that so that's why people don't know anything as they don't teach civics anymore and you know you you make the point in the book we need to have people demonstrating back home while we have people pouring into DC and then you we get you get full-time people that emerge out of those that movement to then set up shop and Washington DC and and do all the work how do we get people demonstrating though that seems like in America they're not they don't embrace the demonstrations and their protest like they do in Europe or France it seems in America people get that they seem to get annoyed and kind of dismiss them well there are several things if you do one in a congressional district it can go all over the country on social media so it's not like the old days you have to use postage stamps and phones and so on so that's good that's one the second is if some great musicians and artists the cover here is by mister fish he's a genius I'm just look how clever this cover is the people and so on so we have musicians that brought a lot of people out in the 1960s and 1970s the anti-war civil rights movement the third thing is you and and this is very important is do not give up on your local television radios Asians they have so excluded that the public in the citizen they've cut the number of reporters a number of everything time for the people they often are in a building of a building with the antennas right this local TV just surrounds it an hour before the evening news and then see whether the Evening News said you know we've got to we've got 500 people here they want us to cover the local neighborhoods better they wants to cover a protest about some land scam and they wants to cover a hazard in our foods so just don't give up because you own the public Airways they don't own the public we're the landlord's and and the people are not charging anything for 24 hour use by the radio and TV stations as you know Jimmy yes it's free compliments of Congress and the FCC so we're the landlords they're the tenants and they don't let us on they decide who quits who gets on and who doesn't and they get it free and laugh all the way to the bank why should we allow this it's our property we have our own networks our own radio and TV stations so we can have freedom of the press the truth coming out well so don't don't give the local TV any slack here they know they're excluding a lot of news locally and they're giving you a lot of fluff in endless weather you know the late evening news Jimmy I figured out once it's not 30 minutes so it's listeners it's nine minutes advertisement it's it's two minutes real news – three minutes real news it's nine minutes sports the the weather three segments you know you know they come on early and they say okay you want to know what's on the weekend stick around we'll be back and they start with some weather storm in Bemidji Minnesota coming with the maps you know it's crazy they don't cover the local area and it's just 30 minutes the rest it's comedy and so on and late night TV we've got to raise our expectation levels if we don't they control us they control us just by lowering our expectation level well that's the that's a big problem with social media was supposed to be the antidote to the corporate media but now they've learned how to well they just purged Facebook just / you know they say 70% of Americans get their news from Google or Facebook and Facebook just purged 800 pages some of them were just Copwatch pages that all they did was record police brutality and I say well you know if you're gonna be well if we need a revolution in this country and people need to get in the streets which is what needs to happen the cops are gonna be cracking heads extra hard and if you get rid of those cop watch pages and those people who monitor the police well then there will be nobody there so that it seems like and everyone seems to be falling asleep to this no one seems to be screaming about yeah you know for convenience convenience can destroy a democracy excessive for the convenience of Facebook and Google we have allowed them with our personal information and all that free not only to make a lot of money but to become the major censors the major censors of dissidents and of criticism the mother of all ascent in our country's history started with descent the mother of all ascent started with descent remember that in terms of our Bill of Rights started with descent to create ascent and give us all these rights in our Constitution so we've allowed them increasingly become more and more sensors because they're under pressure themselves you you didn't do this neo-nazi group you know and then pretty soon it's not just the neo-nazi pretty soon some else means not something else there are a lot of good national citizen groups as Public Citizen which I started common cause people for the American Way National Center for Science in the Public Interest pension rights Center Center for auto safety they would love these summons they would love these town meetings to give them the support from back home and you back home should love their expertise they've been at it for 4050 years not a whiff of scandal these are citizen groups that are supported by people like you you send in 2025 bucks and they hire staff and they Lobby Congress for safer cars and cleaner water cleaner air so don't forget you've got allies here but they need you more than even you need them yes we're big fans of Public Citizen here and we've out we've done benefit shows for them and yeah they do great work and you don't be I really appreciate you spending this much time with us before I let you go I just want to ask you a few more questions about third parties because Bernie Sanders his whole career was saying that we need to have right a rainbow coalition in this country and it has to happen outside the Democratic Party and as soon as he became a viable candidate he seemed to turn his back on what he said for 30 years and now seems to be encouraging progressives to join a party to be revolutionaries that is a counter-revolutionary party so what what do you have to say to all that what I just said that's the cruel trap of a that's the cruel trap of an electoral college indentured duopoly because he is set to people I don't want to be another Nader meaning Nader Green Party 2000 campaign and so he knows that he's not going to get media with a third party if he's on the Democratic primary debates he's going to get media if he gets media he can start raising money in small denominations in 2016 they average 27 bucks he raised two hundred and twenty five million he thought he was going to raise ten million when he started at the best so that's the trap and I don't blame him for that now if we see good people like Bernie having to fall into this trap either you play within the arena of the two parties Republican Democrat or your oblivion you're going to be ignored by the press you're not going to get polled you know I could raise money people aren't even know you're running then we have to break open the two-party duopoly and I've written books on how to do that and so I have other people and who knows you know I mean part of this rots reform Congress there's some enlightened billionaires who provided funding for a lot of these yes and let me tell you 99% of the billionaires could care less about a progressive America why you need is two or three there's a lot more than that so you you we have the three billionaires who fund the this you know uprising the now the billionaires that are considered on the left in in our culture now they seem to fund neoliberalism not actually progressivism would you agree so are we gonna have to even are we gonna have to rely even someone like Nick now I'm blanking on his last name how nur is how do you say he's named anyway he was the billionaire did that TED talk they got ban you know like he's good on stuff like the minimum wage but he seems to be in he liberal overall so are we really gonna need billionaires to fund us well not if we go social media and we get some mass attention the way to break through press censorship is to demonstrate you got power so I like if ten people show up in front of Congress they're not going to cover it if a thousand people you're gonna get coverage if fifty thousand people you're gonna get evening news network so it's all a matter of saying to the media you've been ignoring us one by one you're not going to ignore us anymore because we're in the tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands and then you'll get a lot of media but there are a lot of closet radical multimillionaires they don't want to go first but you can get a few of them together they will bankroll because after all all these changes a lot of these changes Jimmy have been in Canada and Western Europe for a long time for Evans sake full Medicare for a while for example a higher medium wage you know paid vacation paid family sick care paid pensions that are better than the US and so on and so forth so it it's not it's not it's not radical stuff it's long overdue democracy stuff human rights stuff decent living stuff fair play stuff justice and access to justice stuff when you're grieved and wrongfully injured under the tort law that we have that's being crushed by these wrongdoers these corporations who want to sell us hazardous products and not be held responsible for their lethal effects so I think people just have to give themselves a chance don't give up on yourself so many you give up on yourself and you say oh whatever will be with me who my I am and nobody you're playing the game of the plutocrats and the oligarchs so that's the roaring back well as Chomsky tardis that's what they want you to think that you are you no one else is thinking the thoughts you're thinking because your thoughts are never reflected back to you in the media which is the success of this show is that we reflect back to people what they're actually thinking and feeling and their wants and desires unlike the corporate media you know these problems aren't local this isn't just the United States so this is going on worldwide with capitalism and neoliberalism you know look at Greece Italy Spain France right now so do you think that workers worldwide are gonna have to come together to get this done well because we're a world of nation-states it can sort of provide a global aura like the demonstrations in 1968 starts spreading out of the Sorbonne in Paris but it all it really has to be done nation state by nation state I mean that's the principle whether we like it or not protect her against global capitalism which people call neoliberalism Jimmy whatever you do drop neoliberalism the average person doesn't have a clue what that is it's global corporate – okay that you're really talking about it's just like people talk about climate change when I was growing up in New England that meant winter winter spring summer autumn climate change it should be climate devastation climate crisis climate right climate violence whatever climate I mean something that reflects the floods of hurricanes the fires the melting of the Arctic ice and the permafrost ending increasing extinction of animal species etc so let's call it for what it really is you know as Confucius said many centuries ago in ancient China how you use your language is very very important well mr. Ralph Nader I really appreciate you spending time with us is there is there a question that you I forgot to ask you that you wish I would have asked you yeah because the history of third parties in this country all these people were against the greens and against the libertarian whatever they they they're very glad that some people in 1840 spun off from the Whigs in the Democrat Party voted for the liberty anti-slavery party or they spun off and voted for the women's right to vote party or they spun off and they voted for empowering labor and farmers against the great power the railroads and the banks they're very happy about that aren't you but when it happens now suddenly you call them a spoiler don't use that bigoted word please well what I tell people is there will be a third party in America and it will happen if Bernie Sanders wins the presidency I guarantee you the next day the corporatist Democrats will start a third party and they will try to ice the progressives out once again that's how we're gonna get a third party in America that's viable that's what I think why do you think the Greens aren't viable because everybody who says they look at their programs say look at majoritarian support for the Green Party agenda how come it isn't moving well because it's excluded from the national debates and in the local debates so they can't get media exposure they they can't raise money from the fat cats they do need more energy they do they have to field more local and state candidates to build the support for their congressional and presidential candidates they have their own problems you know they've bicker and fight but the interesting thing if you look a lot of their agenda was my agenda and I left open this website vote Nader dot-org for the 2000 eight election Manago to vote Nader org you will see a lot of the green agenda and just ask yourself this is a majoritarian agenda Jimmy I know I mean this is this is how many suppressive obstructive restrictive hurdles they are in our so-called democracy that blocks a majoritarian agenda from even reaching the visibility of the American voter are you are you optimistic on the future yeah because pessimism has no function I learned that as a sophomore in university I was a little upset with the state of the world the nuclear arms race and that was a time they push put you onto the desks in elementary school for mock defense maneuvers and so on and I studied all the pessimists including Schopenhauer the German philosopher of pessimism and they didn't convince me so there's no alternative to adelante okay Ralph Nader's new book how the rats reformed the Congress and a great website go to rats reform rats reform congress org for lots of information on how you can get involved get in the streets hold your leaders accountable how we can take back Congress right because that's the important thing we need to take back Congress and well mr. Ralph Nader it's been truly an honor to have you it's always great to hear you talk you're welcome whenever you want if you ever need us to help you publicize something let us know we'll do it right away okay thank you very much you're very welcome thanks for your audience – okay that's reform Congress orgy if you like our content looking for ways to help support here's a great mug or a t-shirt or a thing you can get it right underneath there or you could become a patron to our show we give you hours of bonus material every week plus come see a live Jimmy Dore show go to jimmy dore comedy calm for a link for all our live shows and make sure you're subscribed I know it sounds crazy but they unsubscribe people from our show all the time and you have to click that Bell so they send you a notice when we drop a video thanks for your support

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20 thoughts on “Blueprint For Radical Progressive Change From Ralph Nader pt. 3

  1. What a beautiful spirit, full of optimism even at his age and after so many battles, having confronted and witnessed so much corruption and ignorance. Absolutely beautiful and inspiring human being!!

  2. The media ignored 100,000 people at occupy wall st for 3 weeks. Then they smeared them until winter defeated them.

  3. Ralph Nader the ONE of the best presidents we never had and who should've been elected four times over, a brilliant human being and terrific him being interviewed by another wonderful human being Jimmy dore 🙂

  4. Except a large swathe of the Green Party, who could be out there doing this, would rather be defeatists promoting ridiculous conspiracy theories about "faceless" entities controlling everything. Nader is right – it's Congress who have the power. They control the Federal Reserve. They regulate the economy. We win back Congress and we win back the country.

  5. Nader makes my brain tingley. Such an intelligent man. I do not regret voting for him. I do however regret NOT voting for him and getting sucked into the fear mongering after 2000.

  6. Nader is correct. I will take it a step further. Create a "Rebellion or Alliance to Restore the Republic" sort of organization. Start taking advantage of popular culture. Look at the Oscars, they are using the Avengers to plug them. The establishment jas weaponized pop culture.

    Its time for progressives to weaponize pop culture. Take a look at what is trending at number 1 or close on youtube and Twitter. If Naders vids and Jimmy and Kyles reach those numbers we can start dealing real pressure.

    We should be trying to get pop culture heavyweights like Kendrick Lamar, Cardi B, etc. Progressives need exposure and we arent going to get it in the news media.

    If history has proven anything is that pop culture is extremely accessible. Imagine if we got the Avengers actors plugging progressive valus and real news during something lile Avengers: Endgame.

    Either we truly mobilize or its going to be bloodshed.

  7. Fucking hell YES! WE OWN THE AIR WAVES. Let's go out and be landlords and remind our tenets what is owed muthafuckas.

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