Bob Woodward Lectures Sean Hannity on Journalism

Bob Woodward Lectures Sean Hannity on Journalism

welcome back to Hannity President Obama's first term was filled with countless scandals that we've exposed right here in this program but the so-called journalists in the mainstream media they chose to ignore them now some of them include the botched Fast & Furious operation the disaster is half a billion dollar loan to Solyndra and other quote green companies and more recently the Benghazi cover-up so the big question I have is will the media continue to turn a blind eye to the administration's missteps over the next four years joining me now is well-known to be an investigative journalist wrote the best-selling books the book the price of politics Bob Woodward is here I have a question can you name a single time in this campaign which has been long its but takes a long time to do these campaigns where Barack Obama directly was asked mr. president you said you would cut the deficit in half in your first term you gave us six trillion dollars in debt how do you explain that I've looked I can't find it can you remember any time that's that bad yeah I cannot directly but you know you were talking earlier on the show about realism and this line that somehow the mainstream or liberal media did Romney in and really was helping Obama I just don't think comports with the facts can I give you some examples if you can stand it I I can stand it but it's very good but I want to say one thing before you get to your list I promise I won't stop you if the president said I'd cut the deficit in half in my first term and then gives us six trillion in debt and he said Bush was unpatriotic and irresponsible for four trillion in eight years the fact that he can go an entire election Bob and not be asked that question to me is media it's it's not only bias it is abusively so and it's frankly dereliction of duty well well first of all I agreed that there should be aggressive questioning and accountability of the president of all candidates but look the most memorable event in the last six weeks in the campaign was the first debate October when Obama did very poorly the mainstream media the liberal media whatever you want to call him hammered him for it in fact it didn't let up until maybe a day before election second point the fact checkers like Glenn Kessler at the Washington Post my newspaper did a great job and people have analyzed me and he was hard on Romney hard on Obama giving him four Pinocchios for something that's in my book where Obama and one of the straight said on sequestration which is an awful word automatic spending cuts Obama said it's just not true hey look this wasn't my idea the Congress came up with it I have chapter and verse detailed meetings whose there and it was all a White House idea you know I'm and I will concede your point on the Washington Post Pinocchio's distributed kind of evenly there was some good there was some good work there I'm not there's some excellent work all right but but if you didn't see the first debate is a total complete knockout even the president admitted it I'm not sure I give him a lot of credit there in light of this that we don't know to this day where the president was what he knew about requests for security before during why he'd wouldn't acknowledge it's a terror attack after why CBS steve Kroft held the tape till the day before the election that proved that what he said was a lie and we don't know fast and for why did our government give guns to gangsters drug dealers criminals we've yet to get an answer to that okay look I'm all for getting answers and for getting to the bottom of it and digging into it let me just give you an example some people close to Romney a couple of weeks ago just showed up at my house and said they had somebody in a very sensitive position in the US government who was willing to meet with me and give me information about Benghazi right points were broken the guy didn't show up he finally showed up and he didn't have anything where he had any first-hand knowledge he said you ought to talk to this person and that person and and so forth so oh I bet you would look at people are getting into it but let me ask you this what do you we don't know where the president was on the night of 9/11 when this happened we don't know what he knew he denied for two weeks what was what we know our state department watched in real time according to this was at land mass inconsistencies and unanswered questions the Washington Post editorialized on this and said we really ought to get some answers and we are that's my agenda we didn't and you know you can't write if you don't have anything but when I work on one of these projects or books it takes months in years I know develop the sources and get the documentation anyway my third example if you'll bear with me is coverage of the economy every time the unemployment number was bad or the story about the growth of the economy and how anemic the recovery was was covered incessantly by the mainstream media the economy was the number one issue because that data was was filtered through us I would give you one correction on that and I'm not trying to be nitpicky or parse words with you that if the media did point out and did a better job of pointing out it's the labor participation rate were that which Obama inherited in January 2009 the real unemployment rate is 10 point 7 percent they never they never gave the context to my satisfaction but I know oh god I have but you make some points but I think Benghazi fast and furious and not answering very direct questions about the debt and deficits I think the media failed the American people okay here I'm in bottom line for me and I think you would agree for this is the thing we should worry about the most is secret government concentrations of power in the White House in Congress and the CIA you if federal reserve that is were those people who are running those institutions are not held accountable so we need more aggressive tough stuff liberal the liberal blogs will beat you up for even coming on my program thank you for being here Bob Woodward okay thank you appreciate it Pat Buchanan Juan William

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38 thoughts on “Bob Woodward Lectures Sean Hannity on Journalism

  1. Sean Hannity whining about the biased media. The greatest propagandist of all time. Give me a break. Who started it all. Fox.

  2. How amazing is it to hear hannity say “ Will the media turn a blind eye to Obama” as he became blind AF since trump became president ! If Obama did any of the stuff trump has hannitys head would literally have exploded !


  4. Hannity! Why don’t you talk about something that means something? You wouldn’t exist in any real workplace! You and your drug addicted buddy, Rash Limbaugh. You’re no Catholic, you’re just a gabby cretin that stirs shit up for no reason. No one with brains listens to your idiot shit!

  5. how in flipping hell can US live with such an idiot as hannity in the picture. trump should make him member of his government, he is absolutely stupid to the mark to get the job. wow what a poor shit of a "journalist"

  6. Ha! Hannity is such a pathetic extreme right wing hack. Here he is railing about Mr. Obama and Benghazi and the national debt. A "REPUBLICAN" led congress exonerated and cleared any wrong doing or malfeasance by Mr. Obama and Hillary Clinton of Benghazi! It was even on the cover (of all papers!) -THE WALL STREET JOURNAL! Hannity is ranting about Mr. Obama and the national debt but yet today we do not hear that same outrage and histrionics about TRUMPS OUTRAGEOUS NATIONAL DEBT! No huffing and puffing and ranting! Why????

  7. Hannity how stupid is stupid , YOU ACCUSE "OBAMA" OF ALL THE FUCKING MISTAKE OF THE UNITED STATES , THAT WAS IN CONTROL BY THE REPUBLICAN PARTY FOR MORE THAN 10 YEARS , so , are you saying that Obama was smarter than all the Republican party , LMFAO , YOUR , a co-pilot in a plane , in a nose dive , QUESTION ; HANNITY how do you protect stupid ,,,,,,, that's long enough , ANSWER : You Lie , HANNITY IS A PAID LIER , a true snake , I'm just saying ,

  8. If you can't see that that is an honest adult talking to either a child or a shill, please don't procreate.

  9. The Bengazy mess was never covered up. It was thorougly and ruthlessly investigated. As we all know. hannity lies.

  10. Who lectured whom ? It is clear now how the issues raised by Hannity were under reported ; especially the complete picture of underemployment and labor participation rate. Facts are facts until you allow the media to whitewash them to support their bias and slanted narrative.

  11. Hannity 's going to TRY and debate professional journalism with Bob Woodward. Quick! somebody get butter for my popcorn. Not since abbot and Costello 's "who's on first" have I heard a more hilarious setup.

  12. Why dont they all just say it fox people that Obama is wrong simply cause his black lol if they just be honest people might just give them credit even though it's just stupid hatred talking points

  13. I'm a democrat and I never lie cheat or steal. I want the world to be a better place. I want to have a good, fun life and take care of the people around me, especially the people who need a little extra. I work for a living 6 nights and don't have insurance a retirement or paid sick leave. I am 60. I went to college have two kids and an ex-wife. Life can be hard. I believe that we should love one another and do the right thing. Take care of the Earth… and you FOX people etc, please stop calling me a bad person, it's not true. I'm kind of cool and kind actually. Where does a cow take a vacation? Ber-mooo-da!

  14. Funny how he has no problem with his boss racking up a few more Trillion in national debt. And how long did it take him?

  15. the man is a waist of skin and is no journalist, he doesn't seem to ever get his facts straight,he's just plain dishonest and a real ass. i wish someone would take him off the air

  16. Scammy Ssannity has one mission:

    to destabilize America’s democracy with daily hate rants full of 1/2-thrue-quack and complete smears against — consumers or, the working classes of the USA — as if they are a liability to our nation — the Scammy Ssannity mission is complete destabilization to bring the democracy to the landfill of American politics and, then install a dictator to protect the corporate mafia and install FOX as the only nationalized news forecaster of the new dictarship of America.

    Question: how can this be ? This is SO Anti-American . . . The FOX charlatans will destroy themselves . . . as people wake up and DO THEIR OWN THINKING — seeing beyond the sleezy vitriol of the cripto fascists at FOX.

  17. Poor Bob Woodward. Great job exposing the Old Criminal Richard Nixon,but… The Washington Post is a organ of disinformation, treason and outright lies. The democrats you knew are long gone and the new democrats are propogating disastrous policies and a course that will destroy America.

  18. Sean Hannity: the utter simpleton who was completely played by the Internet Research Agency to such an extent that he actually re-tweeted their bullshit.

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