Bodycam video shows Newburgh Councilman Omari Shakur threaten Police

Bodycam video shows Newburgh Councilman Omari Shakur threaten Police

DutyRon a Retired NYPD Detective back again with another video and today we’re gonna talk about a crazy
situation with a city councilman from Newburgh New York my home state New York
New York upstate New York acting like a fool with the Newburgh City Police
Department my name is duty Ron I’m a retired New York City police detective I
did 20-plus years in the New York City Police Department the largest Police
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the channel members and all my good friends Astro haterade Matty boy Sully
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broadcast and tonight we do have a doozy guys we have a doozy this one is coming
out of upstate New York in Newburgh a city councilman caught on officer body
cam verbally abusing the officer and also saying things like f the police
fight the power this is a person who has a long past criminal history was part of
the the Black Panthers in the he’s a 60 61 or 62 year old city councilman just
elected to the City Council in November of 2019 but he has a long criminal
history he did state time he went to jail for assault in the past and did
eight years in prison I don’t know how he got elected to be a city councilman
but I’m here to tell you that he is a city councilman in the state of New
York in Newberg in Newburgh New York and I cannot believe my friend Eddie shared
this story with me tonight on Facebook and I it it blew my mind
guys Kathy from Texas thank you for joining Sophia Howard all of my channel
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here he was a member this guy yes Madi he is a member I did a little bit of
research on them and this this guy is a doozy granted let me tell you granted
this is a very very high crime area low income you know a lot of people living
below the poverty line in this location where he represents but that is no
excuse to act like an utter complete total savage and that’s what he did
Leanne Lynn thank you hello nice to see you on this late yes I got a late start
because it’s Saturday and I know is with the missus we were watching some TV and
talking and I didn’t want to take away from family time so let me go right to
this let me go right to this story I’ll let you guys listen and I’ll share so
let’s get the party started you guys ready now I’m gonna tell you
there’s gonna be a lot of cursing in this there’s gonna be a lot of things
going on here not necessarily in this news report but you’ll get a good idea
of what it’s about so I’ll let this play a heated confrontation caught on camera
between a Newburgh Councilman and members of city’s police force
the video is dividing the community as residents to sides over who was wrong
and who was right news 2 l’s Carol Wilkinson has more Newburgh police say
city councilman Omari Shakur crossed the line as he sat in his white SUV on
Tuesday where the police authorities say Shakur was obstructing traffic and they
asked him for his driver’s license registration and proof of insurance this
police recorded video stretches on for nearly a half hour as police repeatedly
asked Shakur to comply police say at one point
Shakur threatened to run over one of the officers with his vehicle the police
officer was asking him pretty politely he was very patient there was he didn’t
escalate the situation the man in the car did escalate the situation the
altercation between the police and the City Councilman unfolded right here on
carpenter Avenue we spoke with one man who says he witnessed the whole thing so
he was only there for hot couples 1 or 2 3 2 minutes is that before that officer
pulled up an accident I’m gonna stop this for a second yeah so far you guys
should be disgusted already this is gonna be one of his buddies one of his
cronies if you will he’s gonna defend them and say that he did nothing wrong
d90 thank you for joining fire barry the fam says I lived in New Windsor New
Windsor is not too far from there so this is one of his cronies one of his
friends and he’s gonna say stuff to defend them to everybody I just said
that the gentleman in the car was in the right he didn’t do nothing wrong he was
just taking care of business so if this is taking care of business
this guy’s a retard I mean excuse the that word this guy’s stupid represent
the great people of the city of Newburgh he preaches hatred to the youth and that
is clear on the way he spoke to our officers on that day this is not the
first is a true racist and a horrible human being
the Newburgh PBA Police Benevolent Raymond Bryant Omari Shakur is a true
racist and a horrible human being and does not represent the great people of
the city of Newburgh he preaches hatred to the youth and that is clear on the
way he spoke to our officers on that day this is not the first time he has done
this to our officers it is just the first time that it made it to the media
in Newberg Carol Wilkinson news 12 Thank You Carol and Newberg’s mayor Torrance
Harvey says the incident is under investigation the video also getting the
attention of Orange County Executive Steve Newhouse who says in part quote
the police video from the city of Newburgh is very disturbing law
enforcement is a dangerous profession as it is and officials need to set the
example by showing them respect and support we reached out to Councilman
Shakur for comments but have not heard back and police
shocking that they have not heard back from councilman Shakur again this should
come to any law-abiding citizen as disturbing as an elected official
telling the police fu putting his finger up and saying fuck the police
Donnie color thank you so much for joining this is disturbing on many
levels I’m gonna play the unedited body cam footage it’s 25 minutes long so uh I
will move it along because there’s music he plays Spike Lee fight the power as
the police are writing him a summons he is gonna start playing
Spike Lee fight the power that’s what he does he’s part of the book was part of
the Black Panthers partying this these are people who this is a racist group
that have killed police in the 70s this Black Panther Party was anti police
anti-government and he was a part of it he also is a part of black lives matter
and he fights against the police continually he was one of these guys
that video recorded the police and said that they were always doing the wrong
thing always you know his son also was shot and killed here’s a disclaimer his
son I believe he was 22 years old shot and killed by the new Newburgh Police
Department in a blazing gun battle his son engaged in a blazing gun battle with
the Newburgh Police Department and was shot and killed he was shot in the back
of the head in a hail of bullets that he engaged in with the police so there’s
where some of his hatred also comes towards the police but what’s amazing is
he was elected as a city councilman and he’s representing the people all the
people of Newberg so it is what it is I’m gonna play I’m
not gonna play the music part because I don’t want to get a strike a copyright
strike so he’s gonna start playing Spike Lee fight the power and he starts saying
and singing fuck the police and you’re gonna hear a lot of cursing
here so if you’re sensitive to cursing Kathy from Texas thank you for coming
Sofia Howard all of my channel members of Pilon and hippie chick is here
definitely a piece of crap tea on says well said Ron thank you listen there’s
no fighting this and the the guy that I had only want to call him a gentleman
the guy that was speaking up in this news report defending this councilman is
just as bad as him if he’s saying that he did what he had to do you guys are
gonna see how professional the police acted and how tolerant they were of his
bullshit and you’re gonna see Lily Bell from Melbourne Australia welcome in
you’re gonna see what I’m talking about right now so let’s let’s cut to the
chase here guys all right uh let me segue off of this
let me give you a black screen for a second oh there’s a little bit of me hi
guys you got a teeny picture of me I just got
to go through a good little sensitive area on my computer let me cue this up
so we don’t have any trouble okay here we go all right so this is gonna be body
cam footage I’ll set it up for you real quick with this little teeny camera
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alright so what I’m gonna play is he was in a white SUV who was it wasn’t even
his vehicle this council member was in a white SUV
on Tuesday this week Tuesday that just passed and he’s in the middle of the
street on a phone and the cop came up behind them and whupped his horn like
hit the siren thank you him Adam oh how are you good
to see you thanks for joining the police officer was a detective came up from
behind and hit his siren to tell him to pull off you know he didn’t know who was
in the car he just asked him to pull over because he was in the middle of the
street a one or a two lane street very narrow street and he’s in his car good
evening good evening good to see you thanks for coming in it’s a you know
what thank you for joining um so the cop hit his siren once or
twice and then he got out of the vehicle and said hey could you pull the car over
and the guy basically you’ll see what happens I’m gonna play it now it’s 25
minutes long but I’m gonna I’m gonna get it right to the beginning and I’ll
scroll through some of the nonsense so what you’re gonna see is a
active in kind of some somewhat plain clothes but he was in a marked vehicle
who’s dealing with this guy and um and then you see a partner that came up with
the body cam a cop that has the body cam and the body cams rolling and then a
sergeant comes up so we’ll watch this together so that I’ll I’ll be pushing
this forward because we’re not gonna watch all 25 minutes but a lot of
cursing guys a lot of cursing so get ready okay so he said yeah the cars registered
to me he is lying the cars registered to his girlfriend it’s not even registered
to him but watch this gets even worse the language gets worse the guy is
talking to them with total disrespect and this isn’t a public elected official
we’re gonna look at the Dubourg City website after this and I’m gonna show
you this is elected official just got elected in November of 2019 I need your license seeds to get on the
phone cause cronies nobody comes to help you see his cars in the middle of the park the car is on record he’s been
fighting against mr. Shakur the car can you do me a favor attending information
so we could be on our way not whatever you should set an example say into him you should set an example
to the community and he said you should set an example by getting the F out of
my face this guy is a low-life scumbag this guy is a street
thug that has been elected city council in the city of Newburgh New
York and it’s a disgrace if he’s not removed from public office I don’t know
I don’t know what what more does the mayor this the city councilman is
friends with the current mayor he’s friends with the current mayor he needs
to be removed immediately yeah I’m was a cop on the street between
first week and Broadway yeah Miller Fram frame says so what is
Newburgh gonna do about this but we’re going to talk about that in a minute
but this man should be removed immediately from the City Council
position that he holds because he obviously is a street thug he’s a street alright everybody pay attention here I
want to tell you you see the officer that’s standing in front of the car
right here you see this officer he now says that he’s gonna run him over and
this guy here the City Council guy tells this cop he’s gonna run him over dead he
bet the cop better get his gun out and shoot him get ready get ready for this
are you guys ready to hear this this guy is a complete psycho
he’s a complete psycho and he doesn’t belong in any type of public office
and I gotta tell you if these cops did anything in the reverse way they’d all
be fired so if these officers were acting the way
he’s acting I bet your bottom dollar they wouldn’t be cops right now did you hear that who you got out bitch
cuz I’m ready to go right at you this guy’s a psycho he’s emotionally
disturbed let me back it up just a bit just stop if you would just give us your
information we would have been on our way
do not give me suits right now the sergeant just comes up that’s the sergeant the supervisor right
there all right so just to clear the record
the camera and footages from the third officer is a body cam footage so this is
official police footage right here okay so now this is where I got to skip
ahead he starts playing Spike Lee fight the power he starts playing loud music
in the car and acting even more irrational as soon as the music comes on
I’m gonna fast forward it but I’m gonna get to a point where he’s playing the
music and he’s gonna put his middle finger up and say fuck the police you’re
gonna hear an elected official say fuck the police and if this is dis is where
it takes it to another level this detective just told on the sorna
he’s getting a ticket inside his car really laughs see his bed shaking his
head here shaken like a complete I’m fastball just precedes to play loud
music is complete so he’s waiting for the
ticket he’s I want to get to the part where he
says fuck the police you get the idea that this guy’s
emotionally disturbed he’s not playing able to fall back and he was totally
triggered totally triggered by this car stop where he look at where’s Cara
it’s an amorous Street this wasn’t a stop this is my car stop where he was
moving the cop was right behind them this white car the white unmarked car in
the back here was asking them to pause I want you guys to see how he pulls away
after he gets his ticket can you write this I think with Newberg one two three four let’s play the magic there isn’t a ticket he pulls away where I got that Armenia there’s a king on you you don’t get hit you see this community
now registers people war look please look he’s given up and that’s what I
wanted you guys to see it’s a city councillor give me my tickle to get the fuck out my
face that’s where you can tell hold on
the sergeant was there and sergeant took charge and they instructed them to
continue with the ticket at that point they decided that they weren’t gonna
take him out of the car I personally would have wanted to check him I would
have arrested him because he actually had a pushing match with the detective I
don’t know if any of you saw what happened here but he was he had a
pushing match with the detective this is a elected City Councilman from the city
from the city of Newburgh in New York so you saw the pushing match in me
personally I would have so you tease back with his fight power by the way when he used to do his
protests against the police which he did all the way up until the point where he
got elected as City Councilman when he used to do his protests against the
police that was his song that he used fight the power fight the powers that be
hello Tory Hartman thanks for joining this is a car stop from Tuesday of this
week in Newburgh New York upstate New York a Newburgh police stopped a city
councilman who was parked in the middle of the street exactly where this car is
set up and they asked them to move and this is what this is what this is body
cam footage from the police think he’s a man with superior justice they take their job is to bust
us up running around with the fingers on the trigger up against the wall spread
today’s now nigga after question they called obstruction
don’t answer dad you might be right there hold on a second
this guy is unhinged complete complete utter lunacy an elected official
representing the city of Newburgh says playing music
so loud Sperry everybody fuck this fucking ball is not anything
please boss by the way it’s not anybody you see time how long they make me see
you but they said I’m docking trap look on one they making me see you they do
this I know one time – well sue when you got the right one now because I
know the law fuck out my face the-dream meticulous will get the fuck
out my facebook bitch ass motherfucker she has said that state record 50 times
or more he should have been charged with the
soil economy that also is a violation not a crime watch how we can right so that ends it right there we
segue off of that so listen I I wanted to show you guys that because when I saw
it for the very first time and hello to everybody coming in hello to Tory
Hartman Maddie Sully all my good friends beanie boomer Thank You Dibble thank you
for coming this is a prime example of a politician an elected official unhinged
total racist against the police he called them pigs he called them white
KKK he called them everything under the under the Sun okay he was parked exactly
where he was in the middle of the street and the police car pulled up behind him
and whooped the siren and then he didn’t move he went over on his PA and said
pulled the car over to the right and park it if you’re gonna be stopped he
didn’t acknowledge the police it was a detective the detective got out the one
who has been dealing with him and you saw how the cars work he was right in
the middle of the street he was right here I’ll show you again he
was the car was right here right where my cursor is I don’t think you guys
could see it but um right to the right of this police car that we’re looking at
his vehicle was right where that cop was standing in the middle of the street so
it was completely unreasonable for him to do what he did so let me get one more
thing so you guys could see I want to show you one more thing about this
sico hold on a second I’m going to show you the video of this
guy before he had this incident let’s see if this is a video okay I want you
to watch this this is in this is in November of 2019 when he was elected to
City Council so let’s watch this this is him
in his glory so let’s watch the new words never gonna change until we change
so I’m showing I change with me new at large Newburgh City Councilman amaru
shakur takes a different tone today as a council person than he did years ago as
an activist the power used to be his mantra now it’s a little different and
it’s now fighting the power how can we make the power world Shakur began
recording and publishing police interactions with the public in the
early 2000s that sometimes led to fights between Shakur and officers and even
gotten him arrested a few times he beat the charges in 2006 his son Antonio was
shot and killed by police in what police called a shootouts Shakur isn’t bitter
we can’t change the past I can’t I can’t is not was not enough one thing we could
do about yesterday but we can work on tomorrow he’s already had meetings with
police chief Doug Solomon Solomon and Shakur both told me those meetings were
productive we’re in the process right now but we’re in a better process and
yes I feel the police department is doing better right now
Shakur says he’s also going to push for a law that would require officers to
provide their names and provide business cards during interactions with the
public he also wants to make body-worn camera footage more available how ironic
he wants body cam footage to be more available this clown this jag alone was
on body cam footage that he said in this report he wanted to have available
successfully hanging himself this guy is nothing more than a street thug who is
pissed off and has been fighting Authority fight the power as he says
he’s been fighting Authority since his young young ears
he’s been in prison he did eight years upstate in Clinton Correctional Facility
for assault first degree that’s either he stabbed somebody shot somebody or
cause serious physical injury to somebody and he did eight years so he
has an eight-year prison Bend and then when he came out he became a drug addict
and I’m not pointing blame because he’s a drug addict he’s acting irrationally
irrationally but he was a convicted felon and an admitted drug
addict and a rehabbed drug addict so this is City Councilman assumes the City Council seat this was
November of 2019 now he said the police are doing well right the police are
doing a great job she was the underlying behavior his deep
hatred for police it existed right now when he was given this video the
statement in November it existed 20 years prior he’s always had a disdain
for police and authority and that’s a fact and anybody that wants to wants to
argue that with me I would welcome you to leave me a comment down and below in
the comment section if you think that this guy is a good guy let me know
because I’d like to talk to you about it this guy’s a piece of shit
there’s no better term for it I’ve been down that hole with the own Police
Department we’ve been through the fight to power such as Vicki the protest and
we’ve been through that but now I’m wonderful it was in the Black Panthers
now I’m not I’m not a panther so the problem we focus on solution he gets
started this Thursday evening at the councils work session been an D spectrum
news that’s worth the listen one more time
nobody’s never gonna change until we change so I’m sure when I change with me
new at large Newburgh City Councilman Amaru Shakur takes a different tone
today as a council person than he did years ago as an activist the power used
to be his mantra now it’s a little different Shakur began recording and publishing
police interactions with the public in the early 2000s that sometimes led to
fights between Shakur and officers and even got him arrested a few times he
beat the charges in 2006 his son Antonio was shot and killed by police in what
police called a shootouts Shakur isn’t bitter we can’t change the past I can’t
I can’t is not was not know one thing we could do about yesterday but we can work
on tomorrow he’s already had meetings with police chief Doug Solomon Solomon
and Shakur both told me those meetings were productive we’re in the process
right now but we’re in a better process and yes I feel the police department is
doing better right now Shakur says he’s also going to push for
a law that would require officers to provide their names and provide business
cards during interactions with the public he also wants to make body-worn
camera footage more available haha that’s fantastic
this fantastic body cam footage more available that’s what he wants well he
got it and he is performing magnificently with the body cam footage
so congratulations mr. Shakur you are a complete jaga loon and you just showed
you true colors to the public now I want to see if he’s removed from office put a
1 in the chat if you believe that this subhuman should be removed from his City
Council seat I’m gonna put a 1 immediately I can’t even do it but I’ll
add a 1 myself this guy is a complete clown and it’s it’s just pitiful that
the people of Newberg voted this very person into this position so they
everybody in Newberg it’s a black eye for the community there goes the ones
yes the the mayor who’s happens to be friends with mr. Shakur is investigating
it the mayor is gonna have the final say
and I’ll just gonna I’m gonna bite my tongue for now but I will just say that
the mayor is personal friends with this jag alone and I don’t expect anything
fair and impartial to come out of that mayor but I gotta tell you that the the
Rockland County Prosecutor’s Office is looking at it Rockland County their
Prosecutor’s Office is looking at it and that’ll be they also hired an outside
agency to do a complete investigation of that whole car stop so I’m going to I’m
going to show you that let’s see if I have that right here I don’t but I read the article they hired
an outside agency to to conduct an investigation on the Sargassum hidden
buttons so okay this is a travesty of justice this is our politics gone wrong
the Democratic Party took over a new burg in November and this to me is a
direct result of you know the public being misinformed this is an outright
racist who hates police and there’s no sugarcoating it there’s no way to get
around anything but that I mean even with partial you know knowledge of
this you know we don’t have all the facts about this guy but I did a I did
my homework before I went live I did read about this guy’s past history and
it was not pretty it was ugly it was ugly guys so mr. secure is has a long
long history of fighting against the police of being in trouble with the law
and I questioned why and how he was even allowed to hold a public seat as a city
councilman so
at the end of the day buddy like this is not gonna help
anybody progress and move forward with police public interaction and police
public relations he is if anything I read in one of the articles that he has
youth groups where he teaches them how to with the police and how did to how to
not comply with police he’s this is a man who’s educating the youth of his
community on how not to comply with the public the police who keep Public Safety the writing’s on the wall I’m 47 minutes
live I’m going to end it guys everybody have a great Saturday evening I
appreciate each and every one of us being in here if you’re not subscribed
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on my Hamazon Affiliate I appreciate you guys much love and respect from my house
to yours I thank you for joining this broadcast god bless america
god bless the US of A I will talk to you soon peace and love and God bless the
rest of the world I’ll talk to you soon people

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  18. 🙋Hello Duty Ron, family and friends. Beautiful day in Northern California. 🌞 Wow, firstly the police officers who conducted this stop did so professionally. I now understand the police have a long history with this person. I, too, find it incredible with his felony record that he was elected into public office. He seems pretty comfortable using his position as a city councilman to expect "a pass" to say and do whatever he pleases. On standard job applications, here in California at least, there is a section which asks if you have been convicted of a felony. Some folks find getting a job difficult after being released from jail or prison, and this guy is now an elected public servant. I've seen dashcam videos of other elected officials expecting "a pass" bc of the position they hold in city and even state government. Outrageous abuse of power! Thank you again Duty Ron for highlighting this incident. I look forward to updates as they become available. Have a fantastic Sunday everyone ✌ Love and Respect ❤💙
    God Bless America 🇺🇸

  19. Ha! What a fine example of a an elected official. Wow! People actually want him in office?!? So many people pull this BS anymore. So tired of everyone thinking they're entitled!! The police are being more than patient… Ugh.

  20. I've sat behind people sitting in the middle of street, talking etc. So many times! "They" think that they are entitled to do what they want, where they want, when they want & we are to sit & wait.

  21. There is something wrong with this man Newburgh is a crappy town any way so this is what they elected he hates the police that is obvious and was trying to provoke them

  22. Did I just read that correct above that The PBA said that Omari Shakur is not even his real name? The fact that he has the song Fight the Power in his vehicle ready to play whenever he gets pulled over by the police is very telling.

  23. He thought he was going to be productive. Lol! Idiot and a idiot on steroids. He actually had a chance to do good for his community and blew it. Karma is a bitch, Loser. And the town has a Mayor who makes this decision. Wow. Thugs in office.

  24. Sent an email to the Major saying this idiot needs to be removed from office, and I do not live in NY. Omari
    is a disgrace to the City of Newburgh. I live in the People’s Republic of Commifornia. Used to live in Point Lookout, NY

  25. I missed the live chat again! Thanks for the rerun. This is disgusting. Hatred should never be tolerated and when you are representing a city, you should be neutral to all, no hatred and no disrespect.

  26. There are shitbags on both sides. But you need to have your friends make the polls this year!

    Thanks for your service and enjoy retirement… I worked alongside Ladder7 crew at WTC. Retired now from Mass


    A shooting in Brisbane city.
    Police ask for man to drop weapon.
    Man had stabbed a tourist.
    Man does not drop his weapon and is shot.
    We don't have many of these incidents…but they are becoming less rare by the year.

  28. He's lucky I'm not a cop – I would have hauled his ass out that car and charged him with disturbing the peace, illegal parking, and a crap taste in music.

  29. Had I been that Detective, he would have been in handcuffs for disorderly, refusing a lawful order, failure to identify, driving without a license, assaulting a P.O., terroristic threats, and official misconduct for invoking his city creds in commission of a crime, oh…and let's add interfering with police operations

  30. LOL…I also just read…In his statement/apology he claims (lies) that the detective who first approached him made a comment about his son- who was shot by cops in 2006 when his son shot at the cops. But conveniently, he says the officer didn't have a body camera. But it's funny how he didn't mention that even ONCE in the entire time he was berating the officers. So we are supposed to believe that the a cop said something about his son, that set him off, yet he doesn't mention it even ONCE when he was threatening them. Typical lies from these type of activists.

  31. Funny…. on his YouTube page, he is standing in front of a very nice, modern Mercedes as if it’s his car. Turns out, he doesn’t own a Bentley …lol

  32. Sir… they DID hear back from him. He made an apology/lie sayin it “wasn’t really how he is”. Then, to negate that BS apology, he then lied and said that the first officer said something about his son when he first came to his car window, and THATS what “set him off”. Even though this city council guy didn’t say a single word about a cop saying a damn thing about his son during the entire time he was threatening them and berating them. Wouldn’t u think that he would have mentioned it at least ONCE if the first officer made fun of his son in the beginning? Especially if that’s what “set him off”?…..Of course he would have said something… he would want that on video as some kind of evidence. Problem is…. this low-IQ individual didn’t think about it until AFTERWARDS when he realized he had to make up some kind of excuse that took the blame off of himself

  33. I do think it’s adorable that you think he will be removed from office. They know the outrage they will receive from his type in the community. They know the protests that will ensue… they know the potential riots and property damage that will ensue. There is no way in hell they will remove him from office….. especially since he is buddy-buddy with that Mayor

  34. I still can’t get over the fact in his “apology” he claimed the first officer said something about his son since he wasn’t on camera. How convenient… and so curious he didn’t mention it once in all of the entirety of the video… he didn’t mention it once in the entire interaction. Obviously a lie to place blame on the officers

  35. Try that crap down here in the south I’ll bet yo ass will be in handcuffs faster than you could blink. I know if i was that was me he’d been taking a ride by now !!!

  36. Lets see here i saw plenty of reason for an arrest 1 ) assault on a police officer,2) disobedience to the police, 3) public disorderly, breach of peace.4) loud music, improper parking ,ect ect

  37. This POS should have been arrested for interfering with a police investigation, breach of peace, threatening and assault on police for pushing the officers hand and more charges on top of that including towing that vehicle. I would have not pussyed around with this POS and I would have locked his ass up. And you know he would have gone to hospital first because he was going to put up a fight. That's OK he'll wind up like his dead POS son.

  38. If this was any other guy he would of been handcuffed and jailed!! What a great person to have in office, glad it’s ther in not here, he needs to be terminated from his council position yesterday…. all he did was stir more shit up with the race war America has going on still…. fire his ass… crazey, what is everyone afraid of ,

  39. This city councilman is the harasser not the police he belongs back in prison unless he cleans up his act. I understand that there are good cops and bad cops and it seems like the cops are the good guys and the councilman is the bad guy.

  40. I am curious if NY has laws against disturbing the peace? We have them here in my state. I can assure you if someone was acting like that and playing music that loud the police would haul him in for disturbing the peace. I find it amazing that he is not being charged with that. Squealing wheels in my state is also called "display of power" Police will ticket you for that as well. NY must be very laxed when it comes to laws.

  41. He doesn’t represent anything good for any people. Nip him in the bud like we should any other trash. Not political views but racist bull crap.

  42. The guy has a history of drugs and violence, family members being killed because of the life they choose.

    He lacks education and needs direction, possibly some mental illness. Bi polar and such…

    Taking all that into consideration, it is obvious that he needs extreme therapy and a position of city council is not something he is capable of.

    My issue is that people and you included sir, with all due respect, are very quick to call the guy a lowlife scumbag piece of shit etc…

    I would never condone this behavior. This guy is not mentally capable of rational though, but crucifying the guy doesnt help anything.

    They need to order psych evaluations immediately and assess to which degree they will handle him.

  43. He said over again,, Arrest me!! He's Begging to be arrested,,they would've been justified,an should've arrested the guarbbb

  44. I’m 301 Duty Ron. Sorry was back to work today after being away and the flu . Had to get rest last night .🤗🤗 your such a positive presence on Youtube my friend

  45. I feel like I have seen situations like this in which someone gets hurt by a car passing by or this man hitting an officer with his car. This man is putting people in danger in addition to lacking the concept of respect for law enforcement. No person deserves to speak to anyone the way this man spoke to these officers.

  46. The Restraint the Officers showed is commendable.
    Let's Hope Karma & Justice catch up with this one soon.
    He needs some old fashioned stick time IMO.

  47. Ron I wonder if you have watched the most recent city council meeting for the city which was posted on YouTube. Shakur’s own mother gets up there and defends her son; talks about how police in Newburgh stop black people and call them the N-word and beat people up, as if that’s what happened to her son. (She mentions having video but doesn’t present anything) GTFO here lady. Not surprised how her progeny turned out when they are essentially raised by radical extremists.

  48. I remember how racist he was when he was on Broadway trying to get his clip board signed, I was going to sign it but he pulled back said "nah I'm good" and walked to someone who wasn't white…SMH very rude about it.

  49. Good commentary from Ron, unique and knowledgeable perspective. Also watch PragerU, Ben Shapiro, Michael Knowles, Candace Owens, Bridgette Gabrielle, pretty much everything on Daily Wire, also watch John Haller from Fellowship Bible Chapel in Ohio doing a prophecy update every Sunday afternoon, Marco Quintana from Devore Truth in CA, Bill Randles from Believers In Grace in Iowa. This is the lawlessness that the bible says will be a prominent marker of the end times.

  50. I don’t understand why didn’t he get arrested disorderly conduct or something you cannot talk to our police officers like that there is no respect should’ve been arrested anybody else talk to a police officer like that they would’ve been arrested

  51. @DutyRon All he wanted was an altercation and he clearly wanted too start a situation that would bring himself notoriety in {his deranged community}. I believe if they did actually arrest him it would bring a Community of hatred against the Police. The police are clearly fighting an up hill battle of absolute noncompliance and racism against law and order. In Australia we have mandatory roadside alcohol and drug testing I wonder what the outcome would have been on that day? His hatred is now ingrained in his whole inner being and it manifests in a real ugly way #1 Remove him from office before he does any further damage too your community. Much Love and Many Blessings too you, your & are {You Police Family} 🤗🌸🤗

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