BOMBSHELL: Bernie To Apply Maximum Political Pressure For Medicare For All!

BOMBSHELL: Bernie To Apply Maximum Political Pressure For Medicare For All!

so Jake ugarov TYT asked Bernie Sanders how he would go about getting Medicare for all past so it's one thing to say yes I'm in favor of it nobody doubts whether or not Bernie Sanders is in favor of Medicare for all he obviously is but then the question is okay well how do we get from point A to point B because it's not enough to just be for it you have to know how to make it as likely as possible that we actually get it implemented let's see his answer here and then we'll break it down let's say you're president Sanders you got inaugurated and and you're in office and you push for Medicare for all you've said you're going to and I think one of your strengths is that people believe you when you say you're gonna push for Medicare for all but let's say Democratic senators put aside Republicans for now Joe Manchin Michael Bennett whoever they might be say no what do you do look what I have said a million times is that real change does not emanate from Washington DC or in fact on the president it emanates for the people and the role that I will be playing as president of the United States it's not just sitting in the Oval Office I will go to West Virginia which is one of the poorest most desperate states in this country and I will rally the people of West Virginia and I will go all over this country to demand that members of Congress and members of the Senate do what needs to be done and that is the pass a Medicare for All single-payer program and to have the guts to take on the power of the drug companies who are ripping us off every day and the insurance companies so the strategy of this president of a president Bernie Sanders which may be unique in American history is to get out of the Oval Office and go to the people and make it clear that we cannot tolerate a government which is owned and controlled by big money interests and that the only way we make real change is when millions of people stand up and fight back that's the president that I would be so if one of those senators or Congress people is taking money from pharmaceutical companies health insurance companies and standing in the way of getting health care coverage for every American you would pressure them and you would point out that systemic corruption or then pressure them they would see me in their home states look we are the only country major country that doesn't guarantee health care to all we're spending twice as much per capita on health care it's got to change 30,000 people a year die because they don't go to the doctor when they should so if your question is will I go to West Virginia will I go to Colorado will I go to any other state and rally the people of those states put pressure on the United States Senate yeah oh my god he gets it he gets it he's not just saying yeah philosophically theoretically in principle I agree to Medicare for all he's saying yeah I believe in it and I believe in it so much I will quite literally go do rallies in the states of Democrats who are standing in the way and who are not getting on board I will go to West Virginia I will rally in West Virginia and I will tell the people we are fighting for a Medicare for All system and your Democratic senator is not in favor of it how about you make them be in favor of it that's it he gets it this is the way to make them do the bidding of the people to make them actually do their job of representing the people this is the way there's another slight piece of the equation which he didn't say here but I think he probably knows it which is it's carrots and sticks you can also help out the people who say you know what I'm gonna vote yes I'm gonna vote for Medicare for all and listen man this is this is like the real nitty-gritty of politics how do you get stuff done and it's sometimes you got to be kind of Machiavellian and process of doing it so if that means even somebody who otherwise you you and I would hate guys if the trade-off is from Bernie Sanders hey listen Joe Manchin I was just elected president I have whatever the approval rating might be at the time sixty percent usually new presidents it's through the roof their approval rating so my approval rating is high I was just elected president here's number the number one thing on my agenda Medicare for all I'm gonna make this clear if you vote for it you will have my support you will have my backing and I will campaign for your re-election with you forget all the other okay you cast a bunch of horrible votes in your career Wall Street deregulation the list goes on and on if you do the right thing on Medicare for all you have my support if you don't do the right thing kiss your political career goodbye my approval rating is what sixty percent what's yours thirty eight thirty five you really want to play this game let's play this game it'll be me versus you I will actively support a primary opponent against you if you vote against Medicare for all but if you do the right thing their perks their benefits now that's you're not supposed to say that you're not allowed to say that but this is the way the real world works is that they're going to respond to pressure but it's not just you don't just get them through here's the negative pressure I'm putting on you you have to offer them also but if you do the right thing then their positives to it now again you're not allowed to say that out loud but this is the way politics actually functions so make their life a living hell if they vote no if they vote yes make their life wonderful and this is the only way to get it done because I Got News for everybody there is no like the idea that in Washington DC they're all well-meaning people who just have philosophical differences and policy substance differences you'd have to be so naive to believe that that cesspool of a rank corruption is just but the Honorable gentleman disagrees with me from West Virginia no it's not like that they don't have like their the number of actual ideologues are few and far between it's mostly people who are just kind of going with the winds and and their massively influenced by the Wall Street money by the big pharma money by for-profit health insurance company money and there's groupthink that goes on and oh you know how would we pay for it if we did Medicare for all and they just kind of adopt the lazy ass talking point arguments that have been that oversaturate DC so given that that's the case yes the only way to actually get this stuff implement is not through just rational argumentation that's what works on the public the public goes oh okay I see Medicare for all make sense you made the point it's logical yada yada but you have to do it through pressure you have to do it through their consequences if you're not in favor of it their benefits if you are in favor of it so we're gonna get this done we're gonna get this through whether or not you like it and one of the most important aspects of that is what he just laid out right there which is no I will make your own state despise you and hate you and view you as what you are a corrupt sellout gyoon if you don't do the right thing now compare this to not to pick only on Elizabeth Warren because she's certainly in the top tier of Democratic candidates but compared the answer Bernie just gave to Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Warren wouldn't even say in an interview with Jane cougar of TYT about a year ago she wouldn't even call out Jill Manchin Jenk threw a softball right down the center of the plate and she's like I love Joe Manchin oh god damn it oh god damn it so you think she's gonna apply that pressure that's absolutely necessary no she's a wonk and she's right really good on Tax Policy and Wall Street policy that's her wheelhouse but does she know how to leverage the power of the people and play politics actually get the end goal implemented not even close Bernie's indicating here that he does know so that's so important the answer he gave here is so important and I need everybody to understand just how important that is because even if you're right on all the policy issues but you're Obama esque in your approach doesn't matter you're not gonna get anything implemented so what that means is Obama had a a true belief in compromise and negotiation and oh my god I could just get them to agree with me if I talked to them long enough No so if you have that philosophy ain't gonna go anywhere Bernie's philosophy of I'm gonna make this tangible bitch that's the only thing that's gonna work so Bernie 2020 baby Bernie 2020

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42 thoughts on “BOMBSHELL: Bernie To Apply Maximum Political Pressure For Medicare For All!

  1. The first step should be campaign finance reform to help prevent candidates and incumbents from crumbling under the pressure of these companies that would otherwise be contributing to their election.

  2. When I watched the interview, this was an all-star moment for Bernie. He crushed it with this answer. Bernie is a fighter, he's been a demonstrator, his feet have walked the pavement of activism. With Bernie, we will have an Activist in Chief.

  3. America chooses wrong president in 2020
    -deserves all the suffering you get. Global warming/ endless wars affect the whole world, elect a centrist or republican at your own peril…

  4. I'm hoping Bernie can accomplish the same thing for climate change policy, but this seems like a one-off tactic since it hinges on Bernie throwing his support behind anyone who embraces M4A.

  5. Neoliberal Democrats will hear this and make a quick calculation and decide they rather see 4 more years of Trump than face a president Sanders backed primary challenge. That scares them way more than Trump destroying our democracy, planet, and soul.

  6. The only thing I disagree with is, I don't think Bernie Sanders's initial approval rating will be all that high. It won't be as low as Trump's, of course, but unfortunately, Sanders gets squeezed both the political right and centre; it won't be like Obama when a bunch of us were infatuated for no real reason. It's going to continue to be an uphill fight for Bernie Sanders even if he wins the presidency. Sanders himself seems very well prepared for that – he's been fighting uphill battles for decades – progressives and leftists should be prepared for it too.

  7. One way to deal with (my opinion) Republicans is by passing an amendment to prevent them from cheating people out voting because they don't wanna lose.
    If you look at it thats unconstitutional. Making it hard (preventing) someone from voting wether your Republican, Democrat, or independent its unconstitutional to do that and should stand against it.

  8. Hmm idk if Bernie would offer to campaign with Manchin but perhaps not be outwardly call him out. Besides if Bernie wins the state the clock is counting down on Manchin. Also it would reset the power players arms policy in the DNC, DCCC. Pay go gone, strong arming challengers or venders done. The progressive dominions wil fall, Dinos will go extinct for the 2nd time.

  9. Is agaisnt the dems running agaisnt incumbents? Bernie isnt taking any seats but forcing them left on policy or be replaced

  10. I'm not quite well into US politics, but aren't presidential candidates chosen in primaries by the same corrupted corporatist crooks, who aren't in favor of all of that what Bernie represents??? According to this assumption, I can't see him being sent into the elections anyway.

  11. Other countries have figured this out already…. we're still arguing if it's even possible. It's fucking embarrassing.

  12. Bernie is a true fighter. Fighting with the people, for the people. That's what the president should do in an ideal world.

  13. Kentucky must vote out Mitch Mcconnel and South Carolina must vote out Lindsey Graham in 2020 to make medicare for all to happen,,,,if we don't vote them out we are screwed,,because they made it clear,,that they would do everything they can to block the American people getting medicare for all,that the people badly need.

  14. Liz is poltic player and I doubt left ever forgive her for not supporting bernie against corrupt hillary in 2016

  15. Does anybody realise that if this man becomes president he will be the most likely to be assasinated compared to all previous presidnets?
    I mean the secret service will have to work triple overtime or sth…
    Think about it. He wants to rally people in the states of democrats and get them to make their senators to change their positions. I mean for those who spent a few millions to get those senators elected, it will be a huge money loss, if he succeeds. That would make some of those who think that money fixes everything, have him "fixed"…

  16. Fact: Medicare pays all providers less than cost of care. This will destroy the healthcare system and bankrupt all hospitals. Bernie is bad with math

  17. This is great, but my fear is that Bernie Sanders will focus completely on Medicaire for All, while letting the military industrial complex go unchecked, that he will make a choice, to pick his battles, and that our mass military terrorism will continue.

  18. Right. There are any number of things that one is "Not supposed to say" in America. But you (and some others) are nonetheless saying them. Some of the comments to the videos, such as the one from some person with a purple logo — or whatever it's called — are distressingly idiotic and misinformed. That's what we're up against, I'm afraid. You're ruffling feathers, Kyle, and we can't have that, now can we? Yes, we can; and moreover, Yes, we must.

  19. No other candidate would even consider doing this. If Bernie isn't president in 2021 then we will lose out the greatest chance to improve America in decades.

  20. From my understanding, Bernie is gonna go rally and make people either
    1) Pressure the stupid Democrats to do the right thing
    2) Vote them out

    Its a great strategy, and pretty sure he can get all his agendas in place by 2022

  21. How bout you mention rigged elections first. Otherwise we would have universal healthcare already😒

  22. Exactly. You demand the people give you a mandate. Bernie might thus need to wait until 2022. But that’ll be worth the wait. Could be historic.

  23. Why no matter what he has my vote even if he has to run as an independent. I see what was hidden from me in 2016 no hillary 2.0 with joe biden we need someone who will rock the boat in washington and truly drain the swamp. Someone who's untouchable to the special interests and lobbyists and superpacs in DC

  24. This is why FDR & LBJ (for all their faults) were probably the most effective Dem Presidents at getting their agendas passed.
    They would roll their sleeves up and what they had to do, and were willing to get dirty to get a bill passed. Even Nixon admired LBJ as a political operator.

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