Brandon Haugrud – Political Science Undergraduate

Brandon Haugrud – Political Science Undergraduate

My name is Brandon Haugrud. I am a
senior, studying political science. I’m originally from Houston ,Texas. I didn’t go straight into college. I actually served five years in the
Marine Corps. I really got to see, close hand, the effects of foreign policy, the realities of third world poverty,
and that really got me interested in
politics, and I knew after my military service, I wanted to study that in
college. My first year of college, at the University of
Minnesota, I knew the political science department was quite
distinguished and well-known around the country because of their faculty.
I also learned that there is a course taugh tby former Vice President Walter
Mondale. I think it says a lot about the reputation of the department and quality of education they offer. Students who are
looking at a lot of different majors, and the College of Liberal Arts, I would tell them to
take a second look at Political Science, because no matter what
they wanna study, they are gonna touch on it in political
science. There are classes on monetary policy and the global economy. Political
philosophy, we learn about early political philosophers. Every discipline is used in political science. The best
advice I can give to a first-year student is take challenging courses, take things
that you don’t have a lot of background and familiarity in, because that’s the best way to grow. Get to know your professor, go to their
office hours. Invite them out to coffee, it’s a great
way to get to know your professor and gain valuable mentoring, which can
lead to opportunities and research. These are men and women are also going to be
writing your letters of recommendation. A really powerful letter is going to be
from a professor who can speak to what you did in the classroom, how you
performed on your exams, research opportunities
that you’ve worked with them with. Absolutely pursue internships. We’re right
next door to a large metropolitan area, just down the street from the state
capital, so there’s great opportunities in public policy. My degree in Political
Science has really prepared me to become a much more
efficient and persuasive writer. I’m interested in
pursuing elected office. I’d really like to get
involved in municipal governments and represent people on city council. The writing
skills, the critical thinking skills, the creative problem solving skills.
Those are all skills that I’m gonna continually use every day

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  1. I was there with Brandon in 2006 in Fallujah, Iraq. Best damn driver we had, tweaking on rip-its from the cafeteria and somehow keeping us on the road after being awake for at least 48 hours. We were shot at, mortared, and I only ever got into one fight with him after my nerves broke (I never apologized for that, contact me for that one). I can't put into words how proud I am of him. It brings a smile to my face to see him doing well. Maybe I'm dramatic, but I wouldn't be alive right now, nor would Dan or Jordan if not for Brandon. I'm so happy to see you alive and well Brandon.

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