Brexit highlights: parliament votes for amendment on replacing Irish backstop

Brexit highlights: parliament votes for amendment on replacing Irish backstop

The ayes to the right, 318.
The noes to the left, 310. [Cheering] The ayes to the right, 318.
The noes to the left, 310. So the ayes have it.
The ayes have it. It is now clear that there
is a route than can secure a substantial and sustainable …
[Cheering] Substantial and sustainable
majority in this House for leaving the EU
with a deal. We will now take this mandate
forward and seek to obtain legally-binding changes to
[the] withdrawal agreement that deal with concerns
on the backstop, while guaranteeing no hard … No return to a hard border between
Northern Ireland and Ireland. And my colleagues and I
will talk to the EU about how we address
the House’s views. Simply opposing no deal
is not enough to stop it. The government will now
redouble its efforts to get a deal that this House
can support in light of defeat of the
right honourable member, the leader of the opposition’s
amendment, I again invite him to take up my offer of the meeting
to see if we can find a way forward. Mr Speaker, if this House can
come together, we can deliver the decision the British people
took in June 2016, restore faith in our democracy
and get on with building a country that works
for everyone. And as prime minister,
I will work with members across the House
to do just that. Could I say that we are prepared
to meet her to put forward … [Noise]
To put forward the points of view from the Labour party of the kind
of agreement we want with the European Union
to protect jobs, to protect living standards
and to protect rights and conditions in this country. It’s exactly the offer
that was made last September, exactly the offer
that was made two weeks ago and I look forward to meeting
the prime minister to set out those views to her
on behalf of my party.

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40 thoughts on “Brexit highlights: parliament votes for amendment on replacing Irish backstop

  1. So the British Parliament is the mouse that roared. It's a pity then that the EU has unchangeable regulations about the treatment of vermin.

  2. Total waste of time. Why do we British continue to believe we are a world power? Total denial of reality. The EU will not move on this and quite right too.

  3. I seriously wonder if Westminster and the EU truly understand the hornets nest they're poking at in Northern Ireland. Brexit has serious economic consequences for everyone, it could even have an impact on the world economy. Everyone's painting it in simplistic terms, Irish and EU intransigence or British political chaos, depending on your views. But basically, Brexit has come down to Dublin and the DUP coming to some agreement on a Backstop. What kind of idiot would pin their hopes and economy on that.

  4. What a mess. They should have negotiated the terms of withdrawal and made these available to the UK public BEFORE having a referendum. Poor decision by Mr Cameron, monopolized by people mis-representing the facts on what withdrawal would involve. Why not ditch the stiff upper lip and start again ?

  5. The Conservatives have decided for a long time that it's a deal only on their terms or its no deal. This means of course Brexit with no deal is inevitable unless the government falls.

  6. U know what….time for us all to learn the hard way. Time to crash out! No point in getting a deal now. They wanted brexit , they drag us all to this so let's give them the true clean brexit they wanted, let's see how they like it!

  7. Wto will be good for U.K. only long term solution to surrendering the pound to a euro
    Gatt will protect U.K. till they sign their deals

  8. Give the people of N Ireland a Border poll vote then you British will see if you need a Backstop or at least it will give you a time line to the end of your united kingdom.

  9. That went better than expected, people saying Brexit is a mess, I disagree, we are following a democratic process. We were offered a very harsh deal, now PM has a mandate to challenge. If EU are not willing to re-open no deal will not be the end of the world. Short term pain for long term gain.

  10. I think the question at the moment not about Norway plus or Canada minus, but the choice between Venezuela or Somalia. Empty shelves or total disregard to international laws(being a pirate). How did we get to this mess and where is an exit door from this mess…

  11. Britian Laughing stock of the entire world….The EU are not renegotiating a deal that you have already agreed and signed. Britian what is wrong with you people ?. Your not a powerful country anymore and the misery of a no-deal Brexit is exactly what you deserve now. I mean it is what you voted for. I don't take any joy from this…….I hate politicians and remember in a year from now who's responsible.

  12. The EU membership have been united since this began, but the cracks have begun to show over the past two weeks with Poland and Germany hinting at the idea of a fresh deal with the UK. May has now got something at least resembling a mandate, which makes us slightly (just…) stronger than before. On the face of it things may look the same but I feel the EU will budge now May (finally) has some backing. Interesting times. And still better than any TV soap opera…

  13. Brexit: May goes back to Brussels but EU says nothing has changed ►

  14. So, reading between the lines I take it that the EU, especially France and Ireland are personally interested in a No-Deal exit, well, they would be.
    No contract or agreement is finished until it is finished, ask any businessman.

  15. I'm proEU , but I really wish UK out of Europe without a DEAL . After 7 years of nuclear economic winter , EU31 will welcome UK to be member again but without special treatment . The pound will be as worth as toilet paper …

  16. Charles de Gaulle once said the British harboured deep-seated hostility towards Europe. The British should not be allowed to join the EC and would be a problematic partner if they did join. De Gaulle was proven to be so right.

  17. The solution requires a broader Brexit, one that includes Brexit from Ireland. There's no other way to do this without a hard border. Ulster is an unhealed ulcer.

  18. Pathetic…the UK parliament sounds like a bunch of peasants, dressed in expensive clothes. How the mighty have fallen..

  19. If this is EU the less we have do with them the better . For near a 100yrs the Irish government have waged an undeclared war against the UK using the IRA as it's instrument . Hard brexit . An end to the farce of the good Friday agreement. Sinn Fein/IRA walked out of it 2 yrs ago at the behest of the Irish government.

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