12 thoughts on “Brief Guide to the EU Common Agricultural Policy

  1. POOR FARMERS I don't get any subsidy why should they? If they don't like the game get out ! They have killed our bees with insecticides buggered up the hedgerows all for money!

  2. Setting aside land instead of growing our food makes the nation reliant on others. If the EU 's policy was that of prosperity why do they also tell the fisher men and women to put the fish back into the sea?? – and then allow some other nation to come and fish at pleasure in British waters??

  3. the cap has been a disaster for ireland – internally speaking. Out of balance, no fairness, no transparency, viability abandoned, no hope for new entrants. Environmental issues sidelined.
    Tax payers not allowed to know

  4. Irritating music.
    re WW2 bit. Had we not declared war on Germany we wouldn't have had the food supply problem. Well would we ?
    I want a subsidy for not running a Rolls Royce or owning a private jet
    Thank you very much

  5. this was excellent dude lol tomorrow i got an exams on EU affairs diploma of agriculture.this really pin points the very main points

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