BRII Challenge 5: Automating complex determinations for Australian Government information

BRII Challenge 5: Automating complex determinations for Australian Government information

(intense music) – It’s often said that data is
the oil of the 21st century, because it’s data, and more importantly, the information carried on that data which is going to be the
most influential factor in good government for Australia and also to empower
individuals in Australia as they’re living in an
increasingly digital society. But just like oil, good
data has to be discovered, it has to be extracted, has to be refined to make sure that what we’re working with is good quality, pure, authentic,
and reliable information upon which the future
of Australia can rely. And this is the role of
the National Archives. What we do at the National Archives is within the petabytes, the zetabytes of government data that’s being created, our job is to distill
that essential evidence of decisions and actions of government which is going to serve as
that underlying resource for the future of
Australia and Australians. And at the moment, it’s a
very labour-intensive process; it’s a very expensive process. We work with each government agency, we define those activities
that create the records that need to be kept, and we define the types of records in digital form that need to be kept and
preserved into the future. It’s labor-intensive, it’s expensive, and it’s prone to risk. We run the risk of losing
valuable information, irretrievably losing valuable information, so what we need, what we need is a much
smarter way to discover, evaluate, and preserve
just that information which needs to be preserved
for future generations. Now, I don’t want a search engine. The world is full of search engines. We are not talking about
another Google here. We’re talking about something
much, much cleverer, much more nuanced, much more
sophisticated than that. What we need is an executable robot, intelligent robot that can go exploring those lakes of data
held by the government, and actually evaluate that information, to make some really subjective
intelligent decisions about the value, the longterm
intrinsic value in information and to make sure that that
information is secured, pulled back into an archival resource for the Commonwealth of Australia, and that will then generate these incredible benefits for all of us. We’ll have a better government; we’ll have a better economy; we’ll have citizens empowered
by better information. Every government department
will be able to achieve incredible efficiencies. They’ll be able to delete the information which is not required, but make sure that they
are keeping the stuff that is required and is of
enduring value in the future. This would have international impact. I mean, these sorts of facilities are in great demand the world over. So, that’s the challenge, to come up with something which is smart enough, intelligent enough, and can be applied in
the government sphere to survey the entire data holdings of the Commonwealth
Government of Australia and evaluate and appraise that information of enduring value, to make
sure that it’s secured and protected for the future. (intense music)

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