100 thoughts on “British Parliament to vote again on Brexit


  2. Wait, the first time UK voted on this was just a practice run ???… now what, they'll keep on voting until the sheeples get the right results that the masters want ???… until the globalists get their way ???… democracy is dead if that's the new way of doing things.

  3. Brexit is happening, regardless of this vote. This vote is NOT to decide if the uk leave the EU or not. It’s about the terms of leaving

  4. Um havent the Brits spoken and voted on this already?? Its almost time for a revolution in the western world people! ARE YOU READY TO DIE FOR YOURE COUNTRY???

  5. Okay, Ireland dug their grave a century plus ago just build the good dam wall, their is nothing wrong with it.

  6. Good luck Great Britain! The EU doesn't want to let you go! Also, good luck with all those migrants in your country—you know what I mean!

  7. I wanted to ask Ilhan Omar for a romantic Date. Apparently, she still has a thing for her brother even though they are Divorced!

  8. So that big vote they had that had world-wide attention is meaningless? Seems like the people spoke and now their government is ignoring them. Maybe it's time vote on a new government that will follow the will of the people. This is a giant unintended consequence. They had a vote they didn't think they would lose and wow they lost. They had no plan in case it didn't go their way. And now it looks like the intend to just ignore the vote.

  9. NO EU, NO EURO.
    Go ahead British PEOPLE and LEAVE the evil EU without deal.
    NO AGREEMENT is possible with the evil EU.

  10. Can't wait to hear Judah Roar!! Throw in Isaac's Sons & Joseph, Mannasseh & Ephraim and let's get this Party started!! 🦁🕎🕆♘⚖

  11. Never trust a politician what they have put forward is a fake Brexit the UK will very much still be in the EU with backdoor membership that is never ending. They're trying to sabotage & leave the door wide open to full re-entry sometime in the near future as soon as they reckon they can win another referendum.

  12. The people of the UK has just worked out they are no longer in a democracy, they are now authoritarian. The politicians can now overrule the result of any voting system by the people.

  13. Traitorous government this is why the US still have gun rights! Every polition in parliament should be shot barring those who want a hard Brexit! Makes my blood boil and my rage meter crack!

  14. This is thwarted hijacked brexit deal.. the people have already spoken. And yet, the communists still infiltrate the Conservative party and take over the brexit deal.. England is lost.

  15. This vote is for terms such as trade deals.
    Misleading article by Fox News. Again.

  16. lol Oh foolish Brits, I told you the communist NWO would never let you go without a fight. Bet you'll be wanting some guns now !

  17. They are unable to. Your host should look into article 51 regulations. They are well defined in the European constitution.

  18. The UK has no plans to leave the union. They lied to the people, they out right defied democracy. The will of the people is lost.

  19. Wow
    Ok! I’m sure this is also followed up with another Peoples Vote. Good Luck

    So has there been an actual fact found, and legitimately authorized to let the public discus. In particular the reasons of priority moving citizens, to vote leaving the EU

  20. Is this the political version of a do over from when we were kids playing on the streets. Lol. Now the people can vote … that first vote was a practice round.

  21. I don't like that vote let's have another one. Oh my God I don't like the new one so let's vote again. How dumb have the average Britains become? You voted on it. It is a done deal. Now you let the government nullify your vote because they didn't like what the people wanted. Why does Britain have a voter system anyhow? They tell the people to shove it if they don't like the results of the vote.

  22. Well…. the soap box has been proven non existent, thanks to Tommy Robinson’s arrests. The ballot box has been proven non existent. Too bad you surrendered your cartridge box. Here’s some advice. Just hand your ‘voting rights’ back to the bankers. It’s probably better to know you’re a slave than to think you actually have a vote, only to have it taken from you again and again.

  23. I never thought corruption and Orwellian rule could have happened in Britain. Was V for Vendetta a warning of this? I hope not. It force is to be used to honor Britain’s people, employ it.

  24. Trump said sue the EU and I agree. EU are not our freinds they hate nationalism we hate EU socialism make Britain great again

  25. We’re leaving the EU, not Sizzler. You don’t just leave without working out trade tariffs etc. This is what they’re voting on

  26. The globalist plan all along including that prime Minister may. They purposely gave her a bad deal so she can not leave the EU. They want to keep all there sheep.

  27. texas, california and alaska next to leave usa? 🙂 come on guys fight for "independence" and "freedom" too you'll see how well you end up!

  28. non respect du peuple et bien allez les anglais vous allez passer a la caisse pour engraisser des cochons . il y a un de vos compatriote député qui a dit a la tribune que c était des gens malhonnêtes qui ne payaient aucun impots , mais s avaient donner des lecons?.

  29. Parliament will do everything possiple to rig the vote and ignore the British people's desire to dump the EU!

  30. They are just going to keep flooding the West with low IQ 3rd world immigrants until voting goes their way forever. The irony of black and brown people voting themselves into slavery through socialism is proof in itself of the low critical thinking skills.

  31. It's dead on arrival. The ERG and DUP just announced they aren't supporting the deal, because the AG has said that it leaves no legal way out of the backstop without EU approval. Well, that's the end of that nightmare…forever.. Nana na na, na na na na. Na na na, Good bye.

  32. There's a war brewing thanks to a great ongoing awakening! The "chosen" elite deceiving us know that we are about to throw off our shackles, and threy are scared shitless for good reason! Our Almighty Father works within us all, and will very soon put an end to evil forever! Count on it! The signs are everywhere! One just needs to look! Stay strong in your faith and don't be afraid! Followers of Yeshua Our Saviour will never be deserted or conquered! Amein! Peace and love everybody! <3

  33. Majority of people voted for brexit. Now they try to stall it, until people forget about it. The city dwellers want it, the country folks dont.

  34. They would be better off to leave EU in any conditions. Their economy is large enough that they wont suffer.

  35. British citizens: “We vote leave”

    British Gov: “na, how bout revote”

    (British Gov uses illegal vote to stay)

  36. Its funny how you guys are making fun of the UK about having elections until they get their favored results, the issue here is after the first Brexit vote, the younger people voted no on leaving while the older people voted yes, and after the yes voters actually looked at what the EU did for the UK, they wanted to have another vote and were denied by the British Parliament. Now a while later the Parliament has realized their fuckup and are now wanting a vote again which the people originally wanted, after the government realized how much of an utter mess Brexit has been.

    Look up CGP Grey, they easily explain why Brexit has been impossible and has been delayed constantly.

  37. Bye Bye ..UK… So what's your problem.. Ohhh… it's an ECONOMIC DISASTER… you dumbass conservatives. So just remember to bring your passports.. for business, study, travel, investments, residency OUTSIDE the UK… and good luck.

  38. I'm confused. How is it possible for a country with nuclear weapons to be "trapped in" with a group of other countries? :/

  39. LMFAO it's not going to happen you guys are going to have to have a civil war… Don't worry it's not that bad at least it will be better in the end some fortunate that a lot of good men and women will have to die so hopefully it will work out

  40. The people already voted for Brexit and theyre ignoring people and revoting? I personally am skeptical of brexit deal, a new democratic world organization needed. A NWO.

  41. Pay attention, kids… different continent, same leftist tactics. Dishonesty, obfuscation, manipulation… "Let's just keep lying to them, maybe they'll get tired."

  42. thanks to a useless socialist based education system where everyone wins a prize, half the country now have an IQ lower than 85 and are easily manipulated by dark forces, so its causing problems. when they are not voting for more sweets, they are stabbing each other for prizes. they now mostly live in chicken shed rentals too. its been funky for almost 15 years. i had to leave 5 years ago – it was cramping my style and ruining my brand.

    (i mean look at the dumb comments below).

  43. Fox News people are DUMB as bread. People trusted Theresa May but apparently, she was too dumb to make a plan for Brexit and now people are scared to leave with no deal which would damage their economy. Even people that voted for Brexit now don't want it anymore. Fun fact, Europe has nothing to do with this.

  44. Dear idiots,
    The uk is leaving the eu on the 29th. The voting is not to reverse this decision. It’s to leave with mrs May’s deal, or leave with no deal at all. Either way, the uk is leaving.
    The results of the referendum two years ago are NOT being ignored.

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