Bulgaria: A Communist Story

Bulgaria: A Communist Story

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20 thoughts on “Bulgaria: A Communist Story

  1. Communism and communists are historys most depraved elements, perverts seeking to rape and rob from all. They even turned on each other in cannabilistic frenzy and have never sought forgiveness or reconciliation from the rest of the living. Communism is a killer gene to mankind every bit as much as cancer is to the human body.

  2. Haha yeah right just like the democracy nowdays. Jews run everything and the fucking US who pays btw 5 bilion per year to Israel want to control the whole world. The only ones who are able to stop these idiots right now are russia and chine (both communist because russia is a democracy only on paper)

  3. Bulgaria under communist rule developped extremely well. Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Cuba and especially CHINA as well develloped extremely well!! Democracy and the capitalism gives the control to the big industries and as in every democratic country, the rich become richer and the poor become poorer.

  4. I agree with everything you say except the part about Israel and Jews. PRC and Russia are doing the right thing in trying to block American stupidity in MidEast blunderings, I hope they succeed. But if at first you don't succeed, keep on suckin till you do suck-seed.

  5. It's not like there aren't historical records. For a committed communist everything was great, for the rest…well, it's their turn now. Whens the last time you had to stand in line for any basic neccessity? nuff said.

  6. well yes thats one of the few positive things about capitalism but at least in the communist rule you knew what you can and what you cant do. Back then you knew you had to keep your mouth shut, now when we have this famous "freedom of speach" people are prostesting and prostesting and end up being beated up by the police so it changes nothing. Plus democracy never existed because even in the US "THE land of capitalism, democracy bla bla bla" JEWS are controlling the country.

  7. Under communism EVERYONE had money to pay themselves all their basic needs (at least in Bulgaria).Every one had a car, a tv,house etc. everyone had a secure job and life was safe. the level of criminality was very low and there was nobody who could take profit of the poor like nowdays.Now the corruption is very common, the richer are getting even richer when people living a couple of meters away are starving. And they (Americans) think Socialism(Communism) is some kind of a creation of the devil

  8. Its not because of some crazy paranoiac (Stalin) who murdered milions of innocent people that you associate him with communism and think that normally under communism we murder people just like that.

  9. I think when an absolute is made from a detail i.e. "jews' one falls into error. There are alot more dynamics and variables occurring than just the Jewish factor. Socialism, as an economic policy, does not work, years of planned economies throughout EEurope,SU,PRC,Cuba, provide ample illustrations. Protest in the West,get a head bashin, maybe, and then sue the cops.Under Soviet times one would get a headbashin and forced labor. Sue them?! LOL.America is now ruled by regulation and ignorance.

  10. Why do we allways see in the hollywood movies ARABS being terrorists, being the bad men or the same with russians.Why dont we for ONCE see a jew(zionist) being the one who receives 5 bilion per year from the US for Israel, being the one who takes the land of the palestinians and who killes them like killing 10000 civilians for 2 israeli soldiers, being the one where in his Talmud is written "That all property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation." and stuff like we all shoud serve them.

  11. No country is immune from brainwashing or propaganda elements. In the former democratic West there were multible sources of info but in the totalitarian East there were just a few, and they were all organs of the State. So yeah, former commie nations have alot of reality-checking, certainly unqualified to offer any objective counsel or critique about America.

  12. The former commie nations are a lot more qualified on America than Americans them selves. Here most of the news are coming fromRussia who offers the truth because they have nothing to hide. America's ABC news and The NewYork Times are again controlled by the jews and are always giving false information. For example go see Wiliam Rodriguez's story who survived the 9/11 and who said to the ABC that before the 1st plane crashed he heard 2 explosions but the ABC news cutted this bit of the interview

  13. Warning! A lot of backwards uneducated Eastern Europeans in the comments section still foolishly believe communism was good (slave mentality) and spewing forth anti-American propaganda! Funny, each one of them would love to drop their hammers and sickles and come here to the U.S. and take a shower.

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