Bush is a Communist

Bush is a Communist

let me know this but i wanna make you
aware george was the comics these nationalize more companies private companies think you’ve
got troubles as far as i know certainly in greater in uh… wealth does companies are in the words
if you go shoppin centralized all right now america might have more
nationalized private companies well they’re no longer a public event
actual ice by george w_ bush a communist then are russian doubts it’s unbelievable you can’t say i’m not
kidding he uh… just nationalize salute couple
weeks ago freddie mac and fannie mae their gigantic at their effect on economies valued at about a trillion dollars i’m fifty now that’s not there did not
affect missus did not their net valued us a little effect on the economy and he just have put up a he thought it
billion dollar loan to bail out the actually the largest
insurer and as such is the bailout weed block a
archie as a taxpayer’s congratulations you now the proud owner okay i g of american taxpayer dollars eighty percent to be actor sammy nine
point nine percent every eighty we are the majority shareholder now i don’t know what we’re gonna do
with it but we’ve got it it’s the is the new version of the cold power
rule if they break it revolt and that’s what’s happened that’s funny ’cause i’ll remember
conservatives and republicans hate especially about social as well but bath assurance all we don’t want socialized medicine in
america and what is tremendously ironic here’s
now not only insurance in the country that has not been nationalized is health insurance ’cause all the rest of the surest is
what the i_d_ cards their insurance company so the government can run all insurers
and some advisers that would be socialized medicine and george if you’re going to be such a
communist and by the way that’s what communist to
d take industries over for the government i mean look it up in the dictionary
correct me if i’m wrong in fact someone is already corrected it i call the socialists and a blog i wrote
on our web site on the enters dot com and several people including a guy who
had says it often kalispell rodin and said basically the actor is actually a
lot of socialists in europe and a perfectly reasonable people that
have you know different agrees on how much do you think the government
should be involved in different sectors of the economy its original position this is not original position this is a
or more communist decision where he is coming to nationalize okay i
just i think that company over for the u_s_ government that so we don’t take
eighty percent of the company for the u_s_ government now don’t get me wrong it’s not like
bush wanted to give certainly do it but is this fault yes was a decision
that was a slight with a situation now where if they actually goes on there they call it pull the whole economy down
with them it they’re too big to fail as they say
no one ever assembled and needs what it means is but all below so we have out there they’re not sit and actual money is not
sitting in the back so if you put in uh… let’s say account into the bank a
million dollars right europe that john mcwethy sporting event
you put in a million dollars bank but that doesn’t have a million dollars
stars and their balls as a general explanation of the whole
industry and assemble flood what they have as they have anywhere
between one to ten percent of that money and they know that nobody everybody’s a
guy come out one semester on three percent but if it does for these financial
companies go under want their hundred-percent back they look and evolve ago well we had
about five percent and that you have it economic catastrophe that’s why they’re too big to fail
that’s why we have to bail them out we also have to bail them out because
they screwed up and how do we get here had a big
screw-up well bush and john mccain they said regulation we thought it was speaking regulations and the republican party intel and by
the way some democrats as well and basic look look look when you get a
chance to deregulate everything right and they all just trust wall street don’t take too many ways replying invisible and and it’ll just to regulate the market
others bartleby terrific we can trust of the social contract and then today john mccain turns out
he’s amazing homework done because i think disposal but i think i
think you are right they got greedy at princeton dot coming well i frankly senator mccain you can
see that cover your day and it’s not because the people on wall
street there particularly worst people than anybody else are clearly more real
subcommittee that case but now overall they’re human beings and try to maximized their gains and their gains a lot of times are in
the short term what allowing them to take long-term risk that they shouldn’t take
knowing that they don’t not necessarily pay that money back how do they know how
do i know well balmy just happened they can’t arrest they made the money in the
short term and now in the long term woodstock with the rates and we’re having to pay for so as some
progress is saying is really true in this case what they’ve done is they’ve privatizing
profits and socialize the debt they own the profits and congratulations
to you now on the debt welcome to the new communism of the
republicans the that said you’ve that and if i a m you don’t own any right i
mean if you own a g and a civil war desperately to try to
set the cells so the thought to pay you back in which distrust of script it what what we
got you covered right but you’re is what i mean they don’t look at alone anything
is that you didn’t make any profit off of did you can check for magic when you can get your partners now of course we make any money we have stuck with the belt seats this is the reverse robin hood today they left the ranch they call the money
and then when it comes time to pay the bill they take it from the poor in the
middle class

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100 thoughts on “Bush is a Communist

  1. repubs and dems are 2 sides of the same coin…both advocate more governmemt control over people and there money one group more then the other but both in the same direction. Libertarians however offer true freedom and liberty from government tyranny. How could anyone be against freedom? the 2 partys have us fighting each other over the crumbs and trivial agendas while we are pick pocketed by socialist buerocrats and thier state sponsered monopolies. wake up and demand freedom and liberty!

  2. I AGREE WITH you for once!

    He's a communist just like Obama.

    Now Obama is nationalizing GM and health care just like you said..

    Communists… ALL OF THEM

    "Fall of the republic" – watch the movie on youtube

    Democrat / Republican = same

  3. The big CEO's love big Gov because it helps to sqaush the competition…Gov mandates, laws, and rules make it so hard for the little guy that the only companies left are monopolies who give kick backs to both political parties while fucking eevryone else…wake up and smell the coffee.

  4. If you havent noticed the unions are just another group of crooks milking the foolish little guy while pretending to help him. Thats why the union bosses get CEO salaries and perks…just another side of the same coin…wake up and smell the coffee

  5. your employer granted you those things because it was the price of them doing business…if it wasnt worth it you wouldnt have gotten it with all the unions in the world. Unions arent all bad they are just another capitalist tool used by job consumers to get a good bargin. With no union and enough money you can buy health care, and all the rest…how?leverage! such as intelligence that sets you apart from those with fewer skill sets.

  6. but sadly The Unions and democrats and republicans have lied to those who are foolish enough to believe that they are fighting for everyone. Ron Paul only wants to put those parasites back in check and let real wealth spread to everyone via capitalism and technology with out these power brokers sucking off all the gravy while promissing the dull a few crumbs like health care, worker comp, maternity leave ect. wake up smell the coffeee.

  7. Because their national service earned them paid for health care. Just like food in the grocery you have to earn your keep. And the harder or smarter you work the more or better you get. Thats not only a rule of man but of all biological organisms. Thats why capitalism works so well…it is a mirror or biological reality instead of some greasy drunks wet dream..ie Karl Marx of "drinks on the house" socialism

  8. you can join the military and earn it for your self..or if your afraid of fighting for freedom you can just get your lazy butt to work and earn some health care either by getting a job that pays it on your behalf or you can pay it yourself out of your pockect but either way you have to earn it. Its not free and the government isnt or shouldnt be santa clause for lazy turds who demand free stuff for nothing in return. nothing is free including health care! Smell da coffee!

  9. why does health care cost so much?
    because its already somewhat socialized. 60 percent of liberal dead beats dont pay shit they call 911 and pay nothing. the other 40 % get the bill because of government mandates that hospitals must take everyone insured or not. so the bill gets passed on to those who actually pay for insurance…as more turds abuse the system the system gets more expensive until it breaks..and gov steps in to save what they ruined by rationing health for all as national HC!!

  10. You "did your due" well if your a vet which I am you'd realize that the socialized health care we had although sufficient was not nearly as well run as private healthcare on the outside. AND NO WHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION does it call for the general welfare of the people. That type of language is specific to the medelling constitutions of the former soviet union and other socialized countries like Cuba and N Korea. I care about our country and see privatization as the only solution to this mess!

  11. The constitution calls for equality of opportunity not equality of outcome. If there was no reward/punishment system in place for positive/negative choices in life then we start having the problems you see today such as 911 abuse and dead beats overburdening the best and freest health care system in the world. The VA and Military hospitals are a prime example of why socialized health care is substandard to private health care.

  12. every vet I know who had social health care chooses his own private health care..that tell you something! I have no problem with having a socialist HC so long as I dont have to pay into it. And so long as the gov doesnt ruin private HC with mandates as it is doing. truly private HC is much better as even cubas in inner tubes floating in to miami will attest. Castro took cuba by violence and force and public ignorance that a change couldnt get worse as it did. Cuba got change allright!

  13. The truth is I care more for the people then the country. The people as individuals are either free or enslaved by thier country..Its all a matter or degree and socialist countries enslave people under the guize "its for your own good" Thats why N koreans starve and Cubans are trying to escape to the less socialist USA in inner tubes. socialist countries keep their people in and free countries keep the hoards out…before you ruin america try moving to cuba for free socialized HC ask piggy Moore

  14. Idiot/terrorist? Now thats just sassy liberal commie talk! The UN is socialist propaganda head quarters. A bunch of tin pot dictators, commies and child molesters 100% funded by capitalist America. Sad but true. Those turds at the UN can cook the books any way they please but the real test of truth can be seen in the form of cubans trying to escape their socialist paradise that is Cuba. Ever wonder why the richest kings and billionares come to the US when sick and not Cuba or France…?

  15. The somewhat socialist government of batista was both corrupt and very much not a free market capitalist despite what the marxist have programed you to believe. Castro fooled the people into socialism and the evil dictatorship that exists and again this wonderful tropical paradise is so appealing that miilions have fled to Flordia to get away from Cubas awesome system. Some have even died trying to escape Castros heaven on earth..lmfao! Now thats change and hope you can believe in!!!!

  16. Oh yah I forgot that the mayo clinic was in the Camen Islands. Stop already you are making a fool of your self. LMFAO at you not with you!
    "If we dont get Socialist HC they we will get a horrible dictator who btw provides excellent HC" LOL 😉 What makes you think you will be allowed to continue getting your Medical Marijuana under Socailist HC??

  17. and now the socialists in china are acting very capitalist and their economy is doing better as a result. same with vietnam, and Norway which has a strong work ethic and strong property rights. england denmark and sweden however are beginning to suffer from too much socialism. Bush was just socialist light..you should have loved this guy massive spending he was just another republocrat. btw Nazi stands for national SOCIALIST in german. Id love to see a real libertarian in charge…we shall see

  18. Wrong again.you cant simply rewrite history to make your points. At some point you have to face reality. The socialist Nazis of germany had a well documanted history of socializing every thing for the Good of mother land "of course". If you actually knew what republic meant you'd understand that it comes from the latin res'publica or by the law. As opposed to Democracy which is from demogogue a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power

  19. And the first people the Nazi's attacked were the Jews because of thier strong capitalistic banking traditions. Which Hitler the demogoue or democrat associated with the banking debts owed to france and england via the treaty of Versailles. Democrats are good at exploiting class envy. The US by contrast at least used to be a republic via democratic election. Not a true democracy or mobocracy as some liberal might wish. Thats why 9 men cant vote to rape one women. Tax redistribution is different

  20. Just because you let someone retain ownership of something yet you control every single aspect of business and via mandates, taxes, regulations, controls ect. doeant mean you are no less a socialist who has taken over an industry? It just means you better at laundering the socialism. Are you starting see a patern with the socialists of past and present? If not you are either ignorant of facts or willfully commited to the evil that is socialim. Hitler and Stalin were 2 sides of the same coin.

  21. Hitler and stalin didnt need a capitalistic market full of unions the whole country in both cases were single national unions. Thats why Stalin called Russia the soviat UNION. Both just wanted to get rid of union competition. Yes libraries are quasi socialist and I am not saying that there is now place in the world for lesser degrees of socialism. Heck even the family unit is a socialist construct. But even the family can make like hell! when your young its nice to have a loving family..but ….

  22. Theres another thing about socialists…unlike mommy and daddy they dont love you. They could give a shit about you accept around election time..dictators not included. So if you think that daddy will save you from bullys like corrupt CEOs. Then you dont understand that they belong to the same club house…Not all CEOs belong to the Fuck You club but almost all politicains do and they are deeply in bed with the club Fuck You CEOs. They both fear competition when u vote with dollars or ballots!

  23. Because it is precisely Government intervention that has done our present HC system harm while Private industry keeps it barely the best in the world. Private Insurance is quazi-socialist. As in the pooling of money in a social account for medical emergencies. Gov mandates take all incentive for deadbeats to contribute out of the private sector. The normal competition that drives excellence has also been regulated out of insurance and medical industries. We already have national HC in 2 forms..

  24. ..1 example is military which by all accounts is substandard to private. the other is when the poor call 911 for everything from a hang nail to a shooting. I know because I work in emergency medicine. 19 out of 20 carry no insurance so the people who try and contribute must pay the difference to drug seekers, system abusers, and really dumb people who are multiplying exponetially. This is killing the system. The hospitals are terrorized by lawyers and gov politicians who are clueless.

  25. In countires with socialized medicine people die while waiting for medicine because of the long waits and rationing of services. But they have to fudge the numbers and cover this deadly fact because the politicians would be hung out to dry if they admitted this. I personally have witnessed the death of children as adirect result of politicians pandering resources because of waistful socialist programs. The deaths are not reported as such instead they go down as natural causes.

  26. senario 1 all pts who claim chest px get paramedic transport and cardiac work up. The patient is 35 drug hx no job no insurance. mandate and fear of lawsuit forces over 10,000$ in services cuz bum wanted morphine. Child has asthma attack mom spent wellfare on crack instead of medicine. med responce not available because of new chest px legal gov mandate. Child dies. Asthma blamed for death.next…..this is what gov does and you want more of the same..I could go on about how the welfare…

  27. ..welfare destroyed the motivation to work and ennables drug abuse so well. But You would just argue that we just dont have enough socialism. even though socialism is what makes people dependant and not what motivates them to contribute. Medicine is not as important as food everyday..and yet we dont attempt to socialize food. private industry feeds the world and starvation is only found with corrupt government intervention. and so it is with medicine. the gov is the problem not the solution.

  28. Of all the regulation the Gov does to screw of private HC ask your self why they dont regulate the pre existing cond clause. If they truly wanted to help people youd think they would do that. I think insurance should be higher for drug and alcohol abusers, and smokers but the gov wont let the insurance do that either. btw sometimes private FDs work fine in rural areas. They even have volunteer depts where they pay nothing. So blanket socialism is not a 1 size fits all as HC will be!

  29. I am all for socialized HC is we could all have the freedom to opt out and the government removed all its mandates from private HC and allowed free competition across state lines. It would be like letting people out of social security if they were allowed to invest in mutual funds…even with the current economy people would leave SS in hoards because the savy investor knows better. But sure leave in the socialist options let them compete against true free options and see what happens..!

  30. The only differnce here is that people in private insurance are rapidly getting screwed by gov mandates that are impossed in on private hc and in essence what everyone hates about Private insurance is that they are being socailized already and it sucks because a small amount of people are paying for a shit load of dead beats through these mandates…which is expensive…so after ruining private insurance the Gov comes in and says we can fix it by doing more of the same and socializing it all.

  31. If your for true choice then we are in complete agreement. The only problem is as with all taxes I dont have the option to opt out…unless I have that option I really dont have a choice..now do I?

  32. so they are going to lift all the mandates that private hospitals have to treat patient who have no hc and pass in on to the rest of us who work and pay into the system? Excuse me if I fail to believe that. I would be for a social HC system that provides bare bones minimum with new doctors or doctors who are near suspension ect. After all you pay for what you get. We dont give drug addics and alcoholics fee food at a 5 star restraunt. Other wise theres no incentive to be productive humans

  33. I believe we need to reward hardwork, smart behaviour and wise and frugal decisions. While leaving some punishments in place for destructive, harmful and selfish behavior. Stupidity and laziness doesnt need to be rewarded or encouraged. These people are actually multiplying exponentially while the working class is becoming over burdend. and over taxed.

  34. I dont believe in the strong consuming the weak I believe in not perpetuating dependance, poverty and crime by creating a system that enables the worst people have to offer. The welfare system as it is not only does more harm then good it is growing exponentially and ruining the entire economy. With out any tough love we end up with a well intentioned hell on earth. I work with the poor and see the direct result of social welfare and it is an evil way to strip peoples motivations to succede.

  35. we live in a non zero sum society when you punish the rich and middle class you punish the poor. when you reward the rich and middle class you reward the poor. This may seem counter intuitive but it is a mathamatical fact and has been proved by nobel lauterates using game theory. Even economists miss this fact some times and is why we have so much socialist pain and poverty in the world. Theres no pie of wealth to redistribute. nonzero sum says you just bake more pies instead of fighting 4 crums

  36. ask your self why China is doing well…because as a communist country it is acting very capitalist as is india. I said nothing about the strife of the rich only that you might think you are punishing them but you are punishing the middle class. Bush was also a socialist in his spending and taxing. You should love Bush because as republicans go hes just another democrat. Thats why I say both parties are 2 sides of the same coin just as the Hitler and Stalin were both super socialists.

  37. Do you even understand non zero sum theory. It is an undeniable mathematical fact like 2+2=4 The Democrats think 2+2=3 and the republicans comprimize and think 2+2=3.5…they are both wrong and if you think the world is anything but nonzero sum then you are wrong as well. And if you are not willing to accept The biological factors that drive the poor to stay poor then you are doomed to make thier lifes a well intentioned Hell..that I witness sadly on a day to day basis!

  38. You think you really care about the poor as if your some sort of champion of them. Well get off your high horse and see the results of your socialism..the horrific damage that these programs cause is unacceptable. people think they can just throw someone elses money at the problem and it will go away..wrong it feeds the problem and increases it exponentially. I wish people like you would actuallly get out and work with the poor. I do and I understand them and what hurts and helps them..!

  39. No country in the world has ever become pure Communist. Pure Communism, is a classless, stateless, democratic, socioeconomic system, in which property is shared. The U.S.S.R. was Socialist. Just about all the terrible things that have happened in 'Communist' nations are because of dictators and totalitarianism. Totalitarianism is not Communism. Communism is meant to be democratic.

  40. @PavedStones That still doesnt change what I said. we are not zero sum, If you punish the rich you punish the poor. However their is such a thing as dooling out justice in an equal and "socialized fation" That means someone like bernie madoff or other wealthy people shouldnt be able to buy thier way out of the law. In this regard the government has failed. The sec also has failed to police short selling.

  41. @PavedStones So the problem is not capitalism rather it is a failure of the socialist governmet entities to do their jobs policing corrupt people taking advantage of the freedoms inherent in a capitalist system. The government entities that have failed us then ask for more power over capitalism as a whole when they cant even do what they were mandated to do in the first place …that is stop criminals. The result more regulation on good people while the bad continue to escape justice.

  42. Socialists create problems in the free market by tampering. The free market responds in negative ways. Rather then admit failure the socialist tamperers site the negative market response as a reason to intervien more. Clinton puts higher taxes on CEOS, CEOs take lower wages and take stock options in lieu of payouts. CEO's control stock boards and make all the rules. CEO's become corrupted by tax policy and are thus encouraged to rape companies.

  43. ha ha ha ha i realy hope that you don't beleive what you spew you could be comitted as sociopath but you know and i know that your lieing right

  44. ok, i think the big difference here is that the communists in the rest of the world took over private industry as a means of MAKING money. The US govt took over private industry because the failure of those private companies would, given the same management, spill over into the lives of the public (higher taxes, loss of services and goods, etc).

  45. conservatives must die… i hope we have aother civil war… the south with their guns and bibles, and the north with predator missles and satellites :)… then we can see who wins in a fight, faith or knowledge

  46. @wheelchairbum it doesnt matter where the satellite is launched… they are controlled by the central government who you would have to fight in a civil war… im progovernment… saying that bill clinton would rebel, is like me saying guiliani would fight the republicans just cause hes from new york… and the government owns predator drones, the north wouldent lose any foot soldiers lol

  47. Wait, if he says it's bad that George Bush bought AIG and purchased an industry, why isn't he mad about Obama buying GM? Hmmmmmmmmm…?

  48. I can't stand this guy because he thinks all conservatives are like bush.

    Most believe privatization of all industries.

    I would love to chew out Cenk

  49. i hate gw bush, but this thing isn't totally his fault. him having the government take over the failed companies, those companies failed on their own and they wanted a bailout. it's not like they were successful and wanted to be left alone and then the gov unilaterally tried to take them over.

  50. The central idea of Bush's ideology is self sacrifice of the masses for the sake of his ideology. He wanted people to sacrifice themselves at the neo-conservative altar (both going to war and paying for the war). This is very much like communism.

  51. Nationalization has nothing to do with Communism, either Socialism, Cenk
    Aspecialy if goverment that "nationalize" it is a PRIVATE PROPERTY of banksters.

  52. If you're a conservative you'll most likely identify with communism and if you're a liberal you'll most likely identify with socialism. I would rather all of our government officials be moderates with impartial judgement. The more radical you (far left or right) are the less reliable you become as an impartial judge. Frankly, I'd rather have highly evolved artificial intelligence rule the world than any human being who has ever lived. At least then we would have a chance at fairness.

  53. Cenk is a hack, but Bush is definately a socialist/communist. Not really a difference tween the two. And the people love to have it so.

  54. @apocryph5 so true.. how do these libs miss this.. or should I say.. they do not want anyone to know it..

  55. @BraveActivist Conservatism in USA is far from the real deal. Conservatism in USA is just free market capitalism with some add on bible nuts.

  56. @breedofdavid socialism influenced Marxism. Again TYT show how hypocrite and ignorant he is, AIG and other companies were already nationalize since the 90's. Particularly the banks and the contract made with financial services and federal reserve to control are monetary dollar value. That is why nobody did not see the collapse coming until happen.

  57. @BraveActivist Politicians are like children, they get strange ideas that doesn't fit with reality and then they refuse to let them go. They should be held accountable for the consequences of their actions.

  58. @BraveActivist Essentially they started to call themselves conservative when the left turned against them during the Vietnam war.

  59. @BraveActivist The turned against interventionism and war during the Vietnam war, and then they went to thr right.

  60. I am waiting for their next video called "Obama the ultra-Communist", hopefully we will see it soon, are we?

  61. @breedofdavid The thing WW3 is coming whether we want it or not. Stage of the game, it does not matter who is in power that will start the war, it will matter who will finish and hope it will be someone who be victorious as well bring people together after wards.

  62. @breedofdavid i don't think Nukes would be used the countries that might will Iran if they have working weapon. Another do not think it would be as destructive people might think. The reason people think it will be like in the movies. It will be a long war that will go on for decades, most of that will stalemate.

  63. @breedofdavid I don't claim to be smarter than anyone, I'm just saying if you want to be taken seriously don't shroud your argument in a blanket of drivel and conspiracy theories.

  64. I love how this jack off says 85 billion like its the biggest number he's ever heard but when Obama throws around 400 billion like its candy its suddenly okay to spend that money. Typical liberal hypocrite.

  65. okei, barack obama, (i kinda get it) but come on, BUSH?!
    In America, if you don't think like the state, your a communist.
    george w. bush is a self centered, nihilistic, fascist

  66. Exactly, even the neo cons are "communist" I would say socialist aka LEFTIST! One inch to right of democrats. This is exactly why this country is going to hell. We have no conservatives. Just leftist panders.

  67. This has got to be one of the most idiotic things I have heard yet. I am a communist myself and this guy's understanding of our aims is typical for a liberal. Communists aim to create a society in which the working class in power over the means of production and private property is abolished. This means factories and land are democratically controlled and in the hands of the people. Bailing out companies means helping your fellow capitalists to prevent an economic crisis. how are these nationalized companies in any way controlled by the people. And there is way more to communism than making companies common property. I'd suggest you read Karl Marx if your head isn't too clouded with bullshit liberal ideas of free market capitalism.

  68. Obama is a "Comum"nist too…

    He believes Muslims were in charge of the Renaissance,
    these people for the last 2500 years live from rain water…

    Islamocommunism is more dangerous, than anything else of the planet.

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