100 thoughts on “Buttigieg’s brother-in-law speaks out against Mayor Pete

  1. Ha ha like any family is completely functional. Also all families have something that they are either not proud of or unhappy about. This is not relevant, I rather hear from the people that work with him and are from this town. What matters is his actions. What they do not what they say…..

  2. Buttigieg is now being investigated for establishing an immigrant I.D. system in South Bend to alert illegal immigrants to pending ICE raids. The system was discovered after Judicial Watch requested information about the program.

  3. Fake brother in law. Read Leviticus and Romans 1 . Besides the obvious, Buttjizz ran South Bend into the ground and the black people living there are PISSED at him. He has no business being mayor much less President.

  4. Take brother Pete out to a Chippindale revue. He couldn't think ill of you ever again! Pete is ok…just accept it.

  5. Is America going to vote This man having a husband? Is that the Picture of two men as husband and wife the American Votes want for their children? No, never Will I vote for buttigieg.

  6. The church would be so much better off without such pastors. One would think Chasten’s homelessness was ever in any way central to Pete’s narrative… My condolences to Chasten and Pete for having this dumb faker for an in-law. Good job done by the interviewer.

  7. I think Lara is above her pay-grade giving family advice to anyone, due respect…….and I am NO FAN of Mayor Pete….

  8. Ladies and gentlemen please take a look at this guy! This is what JEALOUSY and a false BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN looks like!! What a sad excuse for a human being. And then he ends it by saying “Trump 2020” He’s a joke!!

  9. I know Ryan, he was a youth pastor of our church. Ryan told us three years ago how strained the family relations are especially since he became a believer in Jesus Christ. I had no idea that Pete Buttigieg is his brother in law. When we saw him and his wife in July he would not even mention it. Ryan is very humble. All Ryan is interested in is the gospel and his family. He is a fine young man, great father and a wonderful brother in Christ.

  10. Throw your family under the bus, to make another false narrative. Mayor's are not qualified to run the nations government, anymore than that community organizer activist could. Is his city rat infested?

  11. Chasten said his parents had a problem at first then acceptance. Chasten choice to leave was his. His brother is a pastor and a Trump supporter. Thanks Laura for holding the pastors feet to the fire. Some brother, good for Chasten for leaving when he did.

  12. We don’t have to worry about this Weesel. He will never be president. His personality is definitely weak. No character there!

  13. Really now… Does anyone really think the Socialist Democrat , active homosexual, anti-2nd Amendment , TAX raising wannabe Presidential Candidate has a chance in getting elected ? Really ?

  14. Laura was rediculous toward this guy. It could be asked why did he go on this show if he loves his brother, but it also goes why did she have him on if she didnt want the story. Laura has zero reason to treat this guest like this. He is trying to clear his family name on her program and she scolds him for coming into her house after invited. And the line from laura about chasten, that he is who he is at this point is telling. I think Laura had a big bowel of alphabet soup 🍲 for breakfast. This interview was worse than oreilly interviewing liberal WTC victims back in the day. At least she didn't also call him a pin head. Completely unwarranted.

  15. so pete is a homosexual? is that what im getting here? and calling himself a Christian? wow! sorry homosexuality is not accepted in the Christian faith! you cant be a homosexual and a Christian, sorry!

  16. He's for abortions late abortions!! I don't know one Christian that would be for abortion! Sorry dude I don't believe a word you're saying.

  17. Sorry folks but ‘smiling’ Pete should be called ‘Smarmy Pete’ no matter his life style. This guy is just a ‘friendly Dork’ not presidential material in any ANY WAY,,!

  18. Not too impressed with Ingraham's interview on this. She comes across with frake impartiality as well as a bad lip job. She's weird. I see why she's not married and it's wrong for her to adopt children without a man present in her life.

  19. It's funny how you wanna listen to Mayor Pete's brother-in-law but when Stephen Miller's Uncle sisters brothers came out and said that he is a horrible racist and his family as nothing to do with them you couldn't listen to that but you'll do anything you can to say something about a good Democrat and you back Stephen miller disgusting pigs you have no idea what morality is but wait we'll have a new president and you'll be a Democrat and you won't have anything to talk about will make sure you can't lie you fucken liars

  20. ahhhhh ! I wrote to fox news and told them that Mayor Pete will make trump head spin !! funny how since, they don't stop talking about him and badmouthing him !!! IT'S ALL LIES PEOPLE !! Mayor Pete is great !!! this guy must have a grudge against gays !!!!

  21. Wow his brother came from a normal family and of course the politician in the family is the liar
    Typical Democrat corruption
    Good for his brother voting for trump

  22. Why would this Politician want to use a tactic that vilifies his own family sounds pretty low life especially of its not true

  23. He supposedly a preacher. I guess he is one of the preachers that preach hate. I love my brother but I will throw him under the bus to free myself of him. Nice brotherly love at its best. I bet he does not speak for the rest of his charming family.

  24. So ridiculous. Chasten himself says that he wasn’t kicked out, it just wasn’t comfortable for him at home right after he came out and he chose to couch surf with friends and sleep in his car for awhile until his mom got in touch and asked him to come home. They have a great relationship now.

    And Pete wrote in his book about Chasten’s family and how they welcomed him warmly from the first time he met them.

    No one is spinning a tale of family rejection or bitterness.

    This guy obviously just disagrees with Pete’s politics and is doing why he can to undercut the campaign.

  25. So he's just another hate filled bigoted religious nut who disowned his own brother because of his ridiculous beliefs in man made imaginary zombie gods.

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