Cake Mixing is Communism

Cake Mixing is Communism

Welcome to Naughty Politics. I’m your
host, Brad Lee. Today we’re gonna talk about cake. And justice! And just us, cake.
Nobody’s around and I was thinking–NOM! On February 8th the Colorado State
Senate Republicans did something that rattled Colorado civil rights leaders. They voted to withhold funding for the Colorado Civil Rights Division and it’s
Commission. The reason? Because the CCRD is layers deep in a court case that
climbed all the way to the Supreme Cake of the UNITED CAKES OF AMERICA!
Wait. Supreme Court. United States. What is wrong with me? The case is called
Masterpiece Cakeshop versus the Colorado Civil Rights Commission and
it’s a telling tale of a Lakewood cake shop owner who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple due to his religious beliefs. The owner’s name is
Jack Phillips and here’s a photo of him in what I imagine to be a gentle
interrogation to find some cake. “Where’s the cake, Jack? “We know you have cake.” “I don’t have any cake!” Mr. Phillips declined to make a cake for David Mullins and Charlie Craig, seen here thinking about–Love. Probably love. Not
everything is about cake, peop–Wait. Oh, they were they were thinking about cake. When Jack turned down the couple’s request in 2012, they filed a complaint and the Colorado Civil Rights Commission found that discrimination based on
sexual orientation had occurred. The commission filed an official complaint
and the judge agreed that discrimination occurred and ordered Jack to, as my mom used to say, “STOP IT!” Jack appealed the decision until the cakes went all the
way to the Supreme Court. Both sides argued their cakes in December, and then
two months later the Senate Republicans voted to withhold funding from the CCRD
and its Commission. Their reasoning? Well, Republicans haven’t been very clear. First it was because they wanted more info on the case which started in 2012
and has gotten extensive national coverage. Then it became about reforming the Commission they want it to have a greater business presence, even though
two of the seven commissioners already represent business. And they also want to
tweak how commissioners are appointed allowing both parties to have a say. But
commissioners are currently appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate. Both parties already have a say. Essentially Republicans are holding the
CCRD’s funding hostage to gain more power so they have more control over
who’s on the commission than the governor, a Democrat. Republican senator Kevin Lundberg, seen here wishing you’d stop talking
about your cat, said, “I have no intention of pulling funding for it I have every
intention of seeing it function better it shouldn’t be a commission that’s just
focused on a couple of special interests.” The “special interests” Lundberg is talking
about are the interests of people who aren’t white, straight, and Christian. It’s
no surprise that they’ve accused the commission of being biased against
Christians because to them the court case fortifies the narrative that
Christians are under attack. “Oh– I’m being told that we’re going live to an
attack on Christians. I’m not saying Christians can’t be
discriminated against. They absolutely can and the CCRD is there to protect
them too. But what this boils down to is the Republicans’ attempt to protect
religious freedom as a mechanism to discriminate. “BA! BAAA!!” Religion based
discrimination isn’t new the belief that God wanted the races separate was used
against racial integration and interracial marriages in the 60s. Religion was used to justify the firings of single women who got pregnant and
for barring their access to birth control. And now it’s being used to deny
same-sex couples access to service. And cake! You MONSTERS! The Colorado Civil Rights Division is now up for a “sunset review,” which might be the most romantic
way of saying they’re assessing if it’s still needed. “Wow. Look at all those
colors. Do you think the CCRD should still be a thang?” I do. And if you agree, I’ve listed some ways to get involved below. This Naughty Politics episode has
been brought to you by a very cake-infused Brad Lee. Thank you for watching.
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why. I don’t know how to say this but, I love you… WHAAT?!?

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4 thoughts on “Cake Mixing is Communism

  1. Love this! They're important to me as a gay woman, as someone who knows that Black lives matter, and as someone who sees folks with intellectual and developmental disabilities being ignored by city, state, and national governmental bodies. Can't wait for more content, Brad!

  2. YAAAAAASSS!!!!! MOOOOOOOOREE!!! civil rights are hella important to me because as a citizen, and as a human, i feel it's important for me to engage in my responsibility to my neighbor. i want to be someone who echoes the voices of the marginalized and disenfranchised.

  3. Great video, Brad! Civil rights are important to me, because my wife and I are an interracial couple. Good humor throughout the video, too!

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