California Democratic Party Openly Cheating Progressives Again

California Democratic Party Openly Cheating Progressives Again

we're excited to announce that eform scam is a proud supporter of the Jimmy Dore show for truly free legal forms that are really free go to a forums calm so our guest is here it's Maria Estrada hi Maria how are you I'm great I'm doing good now if you remember her she was running she rants again she run against Anthony Rendon he is the Speaker of the assembly in California and he was he was corrupt and he's the one who killed Medicare for all is corrupt just you do he still is and he's the one who kills Medicare for all so she ran against him and she did very well in the primary and then you lost in the general now in the way California works is they have everybody runs in the same primary and then the top to run in the general so that's how she was able to run against Anthony Rendon twice so but you're here and now because you're being cheated because you're running to be a delegate in the California Democratic Party right and so the less I want to want to tell people what happened the last time we did this so Bernie ran for president he woke up all the progressives and he said let's take over the Democratic Party so in January 2017 all the progressives came out in California and voted for their delegates to the California party and then we thought we took over because the progressives one way more seats than the corporatist so we're like hey we took over the Democratic Party except they also cheat and the state-level super-delegates overturn the will of the people and they cheated the progressives again so the Democratic Party in California cheated the progressives at the convention but it seems like this time they're not waiting for the convention and Maria Estrada was running in district 51 I'm sorry 63rd 63rd 63rd William I mean okay so tell me what happened I just laid it out about the corruption that's going on that the people that were running on the other state about half of them were elected officials we had mayors vice mayors and City Council members and school board members from all over the district so an delegates supposed to be an elected delegate is the third that is supposed to be people from the community that are speaking on behalf of the community not elected officials the fact that most of the slate consisted of elected officials already in the community and the fact that the speaker already gets 30 of his own delegates that he picks +6 every so that's the super-delegates weren't really elected those are hand-picked those are hand-picked unbelievable so so we're the third that gets elected and they they you know they robbed it from us so there were 542 ballots cast 22 people registered that day and you because I wasn't on the ballot for Executive Board the convener regional director stated that I could that they could write my name on the ballot so like he said it like three times and he announced it and it caused confusion because like we bring people in you don't know what that is you have no idea what it is you come in and you're trying to come in and vote so people thought that they if they were gonna vote for me they had to write my name on that ballot and they didn't vote for me for four regular delegates right so I got a hundred like 135 votes for regular delegate and I think I got a hundred and seventy-four for Executive Board and that was with my name not being on the ballot but it's against the bylaws to actually write a name on a ballot so that makes it invalid off the bat okay so let me just say again now I've witnessed this firsthand whenever there's chaos in a voting situation in all these favors the establishment why because the establishment gets to count the votes the establishments decides what's the number is so if there's chaos and all the rules aren't being followed and things look helter skelter that favors the establishment always and that's why it's like this oh your names on the thing and we didn't do that and we didn't do it in time and you got it uh-oh the slates not right and we didn't count it correct all that so all that whenever there's chaos that favors the establishment in screws progressive which is what's happening right now so so but but there's kind of a good result of that so you weren't on the ballot right so it turns out so you're not on the ballot and you protested and you submitted a immediately challenged it before I left there I challenged okay I emailed everybody a cat him that I could get my hands on then said you know this is not a valid right election and they agreed right not really I ended up having and they the regional director Sergio Carrillo said he would send me the voter list so that I could go through it one of the gentlemen that was you know registering people and said to me you really need to ask for a new election because this didn't this wasn't proper okay and anyone with half a brain would have saw that it was a bad election so you did so I they actually wouldn't give me the registration for him so I had to fly up to Sacramento a friend of mine from Santa Monica et Orenburg came up with me at 4:00 in the morning we fill up there and we sat across from each other and just typed every name in and I could just see there was people from Bellflower people from Downey people from Cyprus that were voting that you know aren't even in the in the district so I took those names and I went home and just went through Maywood because there's some people in May with that that when he's in in town he's things are most specific people in May with who's he okay the speaker so I went through there and there were nine no party preference five people that weren't registered on the registration rules and to Republicans so I told them sixteen out of forty people in this one city were not eligible to vote so it's safe to assume that that's across the board I don't have time to check this the fact that you didn't hold a proper election this whole thing needs to be redone immediately and and they said no okay so we all to submit a testimony then my friend of mine says her friends she forward their email our name isn't listed at all and my husband I voted so there was at least one sheet that was thrown out so they were probably more people that voted and they threw out those those so again so this is just the Democratic Party cheating progressives this is straight up Democratic Party straight up Democratic Party policy this is how they work this is how and so this idea that Bernie has that we can take over the party because he said we should do this and he said the Democratic Party in California is the biggest democratic institution outside the National DNC and watch the aggressive should go take it over so we showed up now twice and they're cheating us twice and Bernie isn't saying a goddamn thing about it yeah well I actually am over the belief that we do need to infiltrate that party because they are in control but I don't believe how's that going well if it's not that's the whole point is but how do you infiltrate a party that's bent on cheating you it's it's exposing what they're doing everything that happens I put it out there people don't even know who these people are I know then that's that again that favors the establishment nobody knows be polite take screenshots of their pic I don't know 20,000 people are even gonna watch this goddamn video I'm not even kidding okay this is not a sexy topic people don't even understand how what's going on and that's how they want it and that's and that's why we need Bernie or someone with his platform to say something about it but he won't say a goddamn thing about the party cheating progressives he's telling to join oh well let me put it to you this way Iran in a district where people don't vote and I got 41,000 votes and I spent $20,000 the speaker spent a million dollars he got 48 thousand votes and I had nothing so he had to buy those votes right so I'm gonna run again against him and I'm telling you that I I'm gonna forty one forty one thousand votes if I could get 41 thousand people in a community of people that don't vote we had a meeting in Lynwood a City Council meeting regarding the cannabis issue and half the people that showed up her students high school students who are speaking out against that issue because it is all over the place right people are getting engaged in Mike I could say in my community they are my goal is not to take over the party as a whole my poll is goal is take over my community whether I'm going for city council seats school board seats we're gonna run slates throughout that community because it's not just about an assembly member it's about everyone at the local level that is corrupt they're corrupt from the very top to the very bottom and unless you address that you can't address the top part right because the people that are in Sacramento aren't necessarily the on my school board using prop K money you know for other stuff that's not how it works I have four public records requests in four cities in my juice and I have attorneys involved because they're refusing to give me information that I asked for December that they're legally bound to give me so that's how far this corrupt I couldn't agree with you born I'm pretty vocal about my position and what I think about the Democratic Party a friend of Mines the chair of the arab-american caucus and he's in Orange County and he has the chair of their democratic county committee and a bunch of people there attacking him for calling out Chuck Schumer I agree with what he said and he's been attacked and all of this needs to be exposed there you know their position on Islam the fact that they're so tied to AIPAC I mean you have these delegates and I could tell you Mark Gonzales who's now the chair that Eric Bauman you know be thrown to the positionality CDP who's been to Israel they all been all of these delegates are flown to Israel don't post it and you have Anthony dyndns cousin actually writing welcome to the AIPAC family I mean this is how the party works it's like a mafia I told you this the last time was yes they run it like a mafia and so now let's talk about 51 well 51 they I actually when I was up there one of the candidates Janine Rhone was up there with me and she was taking sampling such pieces of the of the delegates but they had I mean they bussed people in it got very aggressive a woman slapped another woman after stealing her phone she took it back so that was Tina Desiree right yeah Tina and just I mean the unions were involved in their China I mean we had unions are not very Pro progressives well but see this is the problem is you had three slates and one of the slates had union members and progressives who ran against the progressive slate so we're actually kind of you know fucking ourselves by right you know running against each other and not not speaking so that in itself caused a problem so I actually just had a conversation today and then if you're feel that being tied to if I'm having people bust into my election and you're bussing people in your election and you're trying to say that your grassroots and you're with the the Union you're not grassroots unions are very much tied to while the Union heads are tied to the Democratic Party who are tied to the corporation right and they're the rank-and-file does whatever the Union lies a and that's the problem that's the problem like if you go to these Democratic meetings over the county meetings I mean whoever's in charge says something they clap like seals and you know yeah that's a great idea and it's like it's like a cultish mentality to be honest with you and it's insane to me I don't have patience for it I don't have I just don't have a lot of respect for it but I'm in it because I feel that this is a necessary step if I run as a green lot Americanos see greens as like old white hippies I mean that's just the reality I certainly appreciate the position that you're in and I understand someone who's working at the grassroots level doesn't have the ability to start a third party what I was saying what I'm saying about is we need to encourage people like Bernie Nina tulsi Roca all these people who are actual progressives who don't put to toe the corporate line anyway get the F out of that goddamn party because they let you take it over and that and but you again people like us with no money and no power we don't have that ability that with the ability the way you need to start a third party is you need to have a charismatic leader who's already popular and has power to to convince other people who are charismatic leaders and also have power to then start and that's how the Bernie's the most popular politician in the country if he started as no party they wouldn't I think it couldn't be anybody more unpopular than the Democrats and the Republicans right now straight strategically it makes sense to run as a Democrat just like a strategically for me and basically for you a DA but what he isn't doing is like that all of this stuff about Russia is nonsense it's bullshit he should have he calling him did you see the question at the CNN Town Hall last night they asked him they said why are you trying to institute Soviet style policies so again he presses exactly what this is so stupid I even if he pushes the Russia gate you're the progressive dummy they're gonna use it against you they always read bait the left and of course the red meeting about national TV and they're using that stupid scandal that he's propping up yeah and and the funny part is a fox was more respectful to ELISA that's exactly that's the reality of it they told that all those corporatist told them not all those guys like daily coasts and the dump they said don't go on fox news really yeah really don't go talk to half the country why because he might fucking convince them to vote for him well that's the last thing they want yeah of course well because you know I've made this point already on the show today I'll tell I'll make it to you that the Democratic leadership Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer near 10:00 they are to the right of Trump voters yeah right you know that I'm sure you know some Trump voters in your district and therefore Medicare for all and for free college and you guess who's not the Democratic leadership so the goddamn Democratic leadership is to the right of Trump voters well that's because they're hardcore capitalists I mean they're just I mean you got to call it what it is they're all for a capitalist system I'll be honest with you my my thought process with supporting Bernie is too full because not only because he's you know the most progressive right now that we have to settle for right but because I feel that I'm very tied to Mexican politics right I've been it was Mexico for oh but other words inauguration oh yeah I met with Congress when I was there I met with Congress and they flew up to Sacramento met with them there about indigenous rights and labor rights and they announced that neoliberalism is no longer going to be allowed in Mexico that the resources of Mexico have to go to the Mexican people first before they will go to the United States of Canada and I feel that if it if Bernie doesn't win and Trump comes in again or some neoliberal that they will try to assassinate him that's what I believe so I think that the best shot shaadi has it says succeed in as if Bernie Sanders wins otherwise there they won't go in like they're trying to do in Venezuela they won't do that in Mexico that's just not not possible but well they'll they'll have someone assassinated you know CIA I agree I mean it's not like that's not possible we know that that's happened so I mean that the United States the United States would knock off another country's leader that would never happen yeah but see that's that would be undemocratic Maria that's my that's my thought process and that's last why to me it's very important that Bernie Sanders wins III agree with you I think there's a lot more at stake than just Bernie Sanders no doubt you know what I mean no doubt about it I I think it's very important that you know we get a representative of the people at the very least in government we don't have that we don't have it right now and even the people who say they are like Barack Obama you know what that was that guy was he was Mitt Romney it was a his name is fernanda Snowdonia the congressman that I meant that we meeting with and he said he's the whitest black man that's ever been elected I mean he really was and if Lopez Obrador was successful it would it change the America's completely completely people don't realize that Mexico what's happened in Mexico is the result of a hundred years of neoliberalism it's exact undred years of socialism or progressive policies correct so I mean and he so his party he's a third party came out of nowhere yeah there are four years old four year old party and they take over the goddamn country so this idea that this can't be done is again it's a talking point and I'm not saying you should do it I'm saying we need a leader to do it and it's just never gonna happen it's just not gonna happen in America we're brainwashed at core the corporation's of brainwashes they own all the TV stations all the newspapers all the radio stations and we're corporate brainwashed and that's it fascist state it's a fascist state we're living at we live in a surveillance state I mean there is no freedom the Fourth Amendment has been taken away and so is your democracy and your and it's living proof you can I have a peacefully protest protest I was in Sacramento when Stephan Clark thing happened and a friends of mine were protesting and they were dispersing ready to leave and the police came and funneled them in on a bridge and you know tied them all up you know with the zip ties all it's 10:30 at night left them out there for four hours cold and it was clergy you had minors you had people in wheelchairs attorneys all arrested and they do anything wrong so if you're peacefully protesting and the police are treating you like that you know at a certain point you're gonna say I mean violence is gonna have to come to play because if you're not doing anything wrong and they're treating you that way you're gonna have to be more aggressive in your approach of how you're gonna handle stuff like that well yellow vests need to come to America there will be no change electoral until we get a lot even if Bernie Sanders somehow manages to overcome all the cheating and rigging it becomes the nominee or the president they will just screw him harder all the Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer will join with Mitch McConnell and and they already have they already acted they have done no push back against Trump they've done no push back he got more federal judges no these are fast-tracking as judges oh yeah so what we're gonna have to do is going to get yellow vests no matter if Bernie wins if Bernie doesn't we're gonna have to get a yellow vest in here because the establishments not gonna let go this idea that if Bernie wins they're gonna all of a sudden they're gonna let go they're gonna fucking let go they're not letting go of government so when do you see what they did to trump you see what that P tape and the dossier and the endless and the bullshit investigate they're gonna do the same thing the birdie then because this is all made up because Trump was saying things that the deeps they didn't like about our foreign interventions in the military-industrial complex into one you can't take us out of Syria Afghanistan you can't end these war what are you talking about you got a we got a fuck this guy and they did and he turned tail and Trump is now all for it he wants to go into Venezuela he wants to go into Iran he's not getting this out of Afghanistan he's not getting this out of sir he pulled pointed Josh God Bolton and Elliott Abrams he's on board with the with the military-industrial complex Trump now he's not saying that stuff anymore so no matter who gets elected the Bernie gets elected and if you push that it wasn't the Republicans I see put one that they're they're the ones that are more positioned for the military intervention look it looks like it that's how I see yeah so either way we're gonna have to yellow vest it and so everybody get ready to start working out now and get in shape because we're gonna have to get out in the streets now you're talking crazy something really quickly you know I sit here and I have never wanted to run for office why did you run why are you participating in this I think it's it's just tell them tell them fucking tell them Maria fucking let them know who you are honey because the the condition of our communities are you know it's dire it's unacceptable and it's just that to me that that they've been you know there was a time where Chicanos fought for a place at the table to be represent our communities and and now we have our communities being represented by our own people and their fucking us over and they're selling us out and and it's unacceptable we need to recognize that like I've said it isn't white Republicans in South East LA and South Central running our communities it's black and brown people Democrats that are beholden to the powers that be into dirty money and they've allowed our communities to be deteriorate and unfortunately they're they're poisoning and killing us is what they're doing and no one is being held accountable and no no agency no government agency is doing anything to protect these communities we just had a explosion at a refinery they've been 10 explosions since 2007 twin city well it's Torrance but it's all South Bay and all through the Alameda corridor so you have people that are ingesting all this stuff and children that's going in their lungs and then you have people that are you know all of a sudden they have cancer they have no idea well you've been being poisoned for years and years your entire life the whole time you've been there and they are not giving us resources to to be in a position of power where you know you're representing a community that has that many health issues and environmental issues and to be the one man that has the power to give them health insurance and that you pull that from them and you take that on that's disgusting and that's exactly what's happening in our communities yes and these people need to be held accountable from you know Jimmy Gomez in the 34th congressional district to rendang to Christina Garcia to Manuel Santiago I mean these people they'll support one thing and everybody's all jumping on them but the fact is is overall their policies and you know I've been horrendous they're they're killing us and like I said it's not Republicans doing this so we need to wake the fuck up and people need to open the fuck their eyes and see what's happening and and we need to do something about it and if it has to be me and my community speaking up and speaking out then that's what it's got to be so I'm going to show you a video now this is the video this is from Tina Desiree Berg right now I follow her on Twitter this was sent to me by someone inside the progressive wing of the Democratic Party and this was from a district 51 now they're gonna have to do a redoing the re-election to 51 cuz the the cheating was so blatant and so let's watch this I haven't seen this yet it just got sent to me do you support Medicare for all wyndi does it Wendy does not support Medicare for all is that a progressive stance right because we don't support overturning prop 10 our overtrained Costa Hawkins she didn't support prop 10 is a progressive she did not it sounds like they're having a conversation or a debate about who on this slate is more progressive and what they support and what they don't support and it sounds like some people don't like to hear that the person calling themselves a progressive actually isn't supporting things like the repeal of cost of hawkins which is the rent control bill in the incur in California okay so let's watch a little bit more than again I haven't seen this before so I don't even know what this is this just got sent to me and they by someone who I know inside the Democratic Party said this would be a good video this woman assaulted her with the camera grab the camera from her and then start screaming dole hat go grab my hand like that the person assaulting the woman with the camera starts yelling doughnuts so that's like the cops stop resisting right that's what that woman's doing okay my god first of all she would have been arrested I would have had her arrested but laughter you see the slap is not hurt yeah and she didn't press charges well see I would have defended myself and then I would have I would have done both yeah she didn't well this is unfortunate part is there was a conversation that was had and a woman said you know latina said you why progressives come here in our neighborhoods and try to you know tell us what we should be doing which in part I agree with and then she said we had a bunch of elderly people coming in on a bus that we you know got them engaged in this election and you guys were intimidating them and harassing them recording them and and you know who do you think you are and you guys are a bunch of racist and and then I said okay stop I said I let it I let it play out for a little bit and then I said to myself this is the the the being the race card being used at the very wrong time so I said to her I believe that we do need to record this because the Democratic Party has corrupted fuck and if we don't they're gonna they're gonna say deny that they ever did any of this so for one we have to record secondly I said um so you went and brought all these elderly people on a bus right and you didn't to help them participate in this process I said so do you always take them out on outings do you take them to the movies or different events or just when you need their vote for something when you're lying and manipulating them and and telling them to come vote something and they have no fucking idea what they're voting for because at that point you're using elderly people and you're manipulating them I go in your exact the kind of fucking shit that I'm fighting against yep you're the kind of people the kind of Latinos that you mean are a bigger detriment to our communities than white people the Republicans and then anybody else I said so don't tell my friends that they're fucking racist when it's you're the one that's using your own fucking people to win this election and that's what I don't tolerate so at the end of the day is that that's what this is about it doesn't matter that she's Mexican or white or black or whatever these are not fair elections and if you're partaking in that corruption then I have no respect for you and we we should she would have grabbed my phone she would have got be done it's real simpler all right please and I also know I talked to Todd Jones correct and Todd mentioned when we had all gone out on a Sunday and we went to do our voting for the delegate correct and he was in there and he was filming they asked him to stop filming because at that place they didn't even understand that the rules and policies allowed him to film it's a public event it's actually they can Kurt well part of the bylaws actually states that the Regional Director has to take every effort possible to notify every Democrat in that district at the very least an article newspaper ad and so I said hey did your and everybody's like what are you talking about go that's in the bylaws none of them ever did it uh-huh because they've never had to of course again it's the Democratic Party is corrupt at every level yeah and the idea that they're gonna let someone who represents the people and do anything inside that party is a pipe dream and you know even if Bernie gets elected president they're all gonna work against him anyway so that but still we have to work for Bernie we have to try it we have to do what we can but what we really need to do is get yellow vests out in the street and nothing's gonna change until it happens until they shut capitalism down they're not gonna break up Google they're not gonna break up Amazon they're not gonna break up Goldman Sachs and Bank of America until yellow vest shut shit down and you're not gonna get Medicare for all you're not gonna get free college you're not gonna get a goddamn living wage you're not gonna get money that's being spent on bombs being put back into our communities like it should be that's not happen until we actually get in the street and shut shit down and that might not ever happen we met for whatever I'm in the country that was that was started founded on a violent revolution yeah and we can't even peacefully protest anymore look what France is do it for God's sake they used to have guillotines and look and they never forgot their heritage we forgot ours and it's because we let the motherfuckers who are killing us control all of our media and all of our politicians next live Jimmy Dore show is June 5th that's a Wednesday and Hermosa Beach comedy club in Hermosa Beach California go to jimmy dore comedy calm for a link for all tickets we might be coming to your town and if you love the show please become a patron please support the show we give you hours of bonus material every week and please click that bell and make sure you subscribe to even if you think you are already subscribed they unsubscribe people every day just check thanks for your support

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26 thoughts on “California Democratic Party Openly Cheating Progressives Again

  1. "This is the race card being played at the very wrong time."

    You can't have it both ways. There is no "right time" to play the race card. The race card is a memetic power play for culture, it only works on anti-racist people, which is the wrong people to play it on, racist people don't care and so it does no good to play it when it's valid.

    Politics is downstream from culture.

  2. This is what happens anytime you centralize control. You create a large self interested hierarchy. The only way to flatten a hierarchy is through peaceful competition, you can't fight the hierarchy with a bigger hierarchy especially when they hold a monopoly on violence. The only way to fight this is to flatten the hierarchy. You can't have it both ways.

    The power is always with the people. As long as people poventially favor forcing their culture onto other people aka imperialism, the people will always create corrupt hierarchies. The opposite of that is federalism or if you take it further is anarchism. Anarchism doesn't mean chaos, from its Greek roots it literally means an = without, archy = rulers, without rulers. The democrats and republicans support having rulers, rulers over all America, they're both nationalists, they're both inherently corrupt. Once you pick a ruler and recognize the authority of a ruler, you don't get to pick whether they are corrupt.

    Medicare for all and a minimum wage are ideals based on enforcement through violence, otherwise you wouldn't need laws or support from the state. YOU are creating the corrupt hierarchies you're fighting.

    "The beginning of wisdom is calling things by their true name."

  3. "When you make peaceful revolution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable." -JFK (dope president)

  4. Great points but is the use of the f*%& word really necessary. There is a whole dictionary of words that can convey the same message. You are intelligent people. Please raise your level of play.

  5. Wow, this woman is a modern hero for her community. Full respect to her. I feel like such an armchair critic in comparison.

  6. The yellow vest is…not paying Federal Taxes! because, if enough citizens do it long enough, we can bring the corporate oligarchy to its knees!

  7. If the DNC cheats Bernie again and backs another corporatist shill, I vote we all just write his name in, if only to give the finger to the DNC.

  8. The Constitution was written by propertied white men. That is the US political heritage and the working class has been fighting against these "masters" ever since.

  9. The establishment will do everything it can to do to undermine the Left; this is not a reason to give up.

  10. Bernie will be cheated again, according to Jill Stein. This time the trick will be "the second round of primaries", where they will hand it over to the superdelegates who will hand it over to the corporate candidate.

    This is according to Jill Stein. She was right last time.

  11. The yellow vests protests in france have not changed a thing , beside some people lost their eyes , their hands and a few deaths !
    The governement of france , the tyranic dictature , controlled by the jews , is getting worst and worst ……

    Forget the revolution , that was a long time ago and it was manufactured by the freemasons .

    Forget the france revlution when they took out the only thing , that can change something for real , the guillotine !
    Today the frenches are coward , they don't want violence , they are sweety pies with the cops that gaz them and dismember them pretty much ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

    SO what do you expect from Peace and Love protests ๐Ÿ™„

    Today the yellow vests have been infltrated by some establishement imposteurs AND those bunch of morons can't even see that they are anioulated ๐Ÿ˜ณ

    I had some Hope when the protests started , I completly lost it now ,I realize I was always right when I said that the frenches were a bunch of jerks ๐Ÿ˜ก

    I thought for a while that I was wrong BUT today I realize how right I was ๐Ÿคจ

    You should read the comments of those scums !
    I cant believe there are worst morons than the americans BUT there are ๐Ÿ˜€


  12. I absolutley LOVE the Jimmy Dore Show! I have to say though that I can't get on board with Bernie. I was a delegate and I no longer can get on board with the two party duopoly. It;s a scam. We mut get a viable third party in this country.

  13. Jimmy, are you ever going to address the Blue States pushing for MANDATORY vaccination without exemption? ARe you allowed? If you look at a chart of states mandating vaccines, they are all democratic states. The Pharmaceutical lobby has bought the democratic party. Californai, Washing, Oregan Nevada, New York ect… all simultaneously pushing for mandatory vaccination without exemptions, Forced Mandatory vaccination is against the Nuremberg code. No medical procedures without informed consent!!

  14. If you want to yellow vest protest don't forget to wear a class 2 or 3 bullet proof jacket, pepper spray and pepper antidote, water proof goggles, and a $50 taser from Big5 or other sporting goods store. If you're brave get gas masks, ambush police like a jar of olives and pants the law enforcement people shooting tear gas so they can't get their weapons and get a crowd to sit on them.

  15. why in California are you wasting your time with the Democrats join the Greens or Peace and Freedom and take over municipal and state government

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