Caller: Something Something Identity Politics

Caller: Something Something Identity Politics

Let’s go to our caller from the eight one
three area code. Who’s calling today from eight one three. It came from him. Hello? Yes, that’s you. Hey David. I’m calling to ask if you think that is gonna
be a riff forming in the democratic parties, especially in regards to the next debate between
people like Yang, clover, char, Gabbert, and sort of identitarian like who? Including Castro, who talk about, you know,
giving abortions for free to, uh, you know, men who think they’re women. Oh, sorry. What are you talking about? If you think there’s going to be a rift or
some kind of a no, I heard it. Are you, so hold on, I’m turning on it. Who the on Castro is an identity. What’s an identity, Marian? First of all, I shouldn’t have said identitarian. It’s not their own identities that they’re
concerned with. It’s, it’s, it’s a lot of their platform has
to do with identities. A lot of the rhetoric has to do with identity. Okay. And who Leanne Castro wants biological men
to have abortions. How does that work medically? He, he’s talked, Keith talked about um, providing
uh, abortions or at least he’s talked about transgender women, uh, in regards to free
health care and providing, you know, free abortions to them. How does someone without a uterus have an
abortion? That’s my question. Okay. That I’ve not heard that brought up and I
can’t imagine that that’s really a serious issue in the 2020 Democratic primary. Well, well that was just that, that point
is, that’s really my new shit that was just so I could exemplify kind of kind of what
I mean by, by, by people who embrace identity and whose rhetoric have to do with identity. The real question is, do you see a risk forming
between Yang and some people who are moderate like Gabbert or, or clover char, a risk for
him between them and people who largely talk about identity? No, don’t, I don’t see a rift forming along those lines. And also most of the candidates you mentioned
are going to be gone by the third debate. So I think they’re going to be non factors
in like three weeks. Yeah. The really key one there. The Yang. Yeah, I mean Yang Gabard and clover chart
there. And Castro quite frankly, is on the fringes
there. I don’t know that they’re going to make it
beyond a, the second debate. So I don’t think we’re going to hear that
much more from them pretty soon. [inaudible] and you don’t see, you don’t see
people kind of going after Yang, especially if he gains more popularity for, uh, for not
really embracing like, like, like really ubi goes against a lot of the identitarian stuff
because it’s, it’s, it’s for all Americans. What do you mean by identitarian? Um, I mean, maybe I’m using the wrong word
identitarian but I mean, people like, like, like the thing you were talking about earlier,
how commonly Harris used bill, he used that, that, that whole busing thing as, as a, a
club, you know, to bash over the head of Joe Biden. [inaudible] listen, I’m going to be totally, I’m going
to be totally honest with you. I think that you’ve got to reframe your understanding
of the Democratic primary cause I think you’re, you’re digging in niches that are completely
fruitless and, uh, I, I would just kind of like rethink my understanding of, uh, of the
slate of candidates. Before I go any further, I appreciate the phone call though. Great to hear from you. That’s it for calls today. Thanks to everybody who called and we will
take calls again.

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